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Jon Norman

Jon Norman is the Senior Pastor of SOUL Church, England. Having led small and medium sized staff and volunteer teams all over the world, Jon is passionate about equipping and empowering leaders. This podcast aims to equip leaders from all spheres of life. Podcasts will drop on the last Thursday of each month and keep your eyes out for special guest bonus episodes.

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In this episode Jon shares openly with former Blue Peter & Sky Sports presenter Simon Thomas about his new book Unmasked. They discuss how this book is for everyone & how it is time to removed the masks of Fear, Shame & Guilt from our lives. The book is available now on Amazon. 

Apr 29

33 min 1 sec

In this episode Jon speaks candidly with Norwich City & Netherlands Goalkeeper Tim Krul. They speak candidly about leadership lessons Tim has learnt over the years, such as leading through a low point & bringing through the next generation. 

Mar 25

17 min 49 sec

In the latest episode of the Jon Norman Leadership podcast, LIFE Church Leeds Pastor Dave Niblock speaks to Jon in an honest and vulnerable interview. Sharing some incredible leadership lessons, Dave unpacks a range of topics and questions based on Integrity to help you in your leadership. 

Feb 25

17 min 9 sec

Episode 12 helps us tackle the feeling we have all had "I want to quit!" You can keep going!

Feb 9

13 min 1 sec

As leaders so often we are expected to have all the answers, to bring solutions and to lead with clarity. This is all important, however it is also important and ok to ask questions. The best leaders, ask the best questions. Asking questions will help us get to the right answers. As we end 2020 and approach 2021, what questions do you need to ask yourself as a leader?

Dec 2020

23 min 19 sec

For the majority of leaders 2020 has been our toughest year yet and I know for many ‘Leading on empty’ is a reality for how you currently feel. For this episode I want to help you identify some areas in your leadership which need to be addressed and are going to help you get back on track, in bringing back the positive energy.

Nov 2020

16 min 33 sec

In the latest episode of the Jon Norman Leadership podcast, Zoe Church LA Senior Pastor Chad Veach speaks to Jon in an insightful and faith filled interview. Sharing some incredible leadership lessons, Chad unpacks a range of topics and questions which will leave you feeling full of faith, hope and optimism for your leadership

Oct 2020

28 min 57 sec

As leaders we must fight to rise above mediocracy, this is not something which is going to help us grow, our teams grow and ultimately our organisations. We mustn’t develop a fixed mindset for where we are, rather look to a growth mindset, always looking to develop and move forwards. As many of use face difficult times due to a global pandemic, it’s time to rise above mediocracy.  

Sep 2020

17 min 16 sec

Turbulence can strike from anywhere, it can turn our plans and strategies upside down, however as leaders we know we will come through it. We need to look at ourselves and ask ‘how’ do we want to come through, ensuring that we lead well when it hits. In this latest episode Jon tackles turbulence head on, giving you practical content to help you and your teams.  

Aug 2020

18 min 45 sec

In this bonus episode Jon is delighted to host his good friend, Jake Humphrey. Jake is the lead presenter on BT Sport, is co-founder of production agency Whisper TV and has his own award winning leadership podcast, high performance.   A dynamic and gifted leader, Jake talks to Jon about a number of leadership lessons, which I’m sure will bring lots of value to you and your sphere of leadership.   Details on the High Performance Podcast can be found: YouTube Apple                           

Aug 2020

25 min 30 sec

Pressure can come in many forms, often crippling leaders decision making and stops you performing at the highest levels. In this episode Jon looks at three ways to lead under pressure.

Jul 2020

20 min 6 sec

In the latest episode Jon provides five keys to equip leaders as they start to re-engage with their staff. With many organisations bringing staff back from furlough or in some cases physically back to the office, this episode brings a practical and positive approach to this new season of working.

Jun 2020

20 min 51 sec

On this bonus episode we hear from Norwich City Football Club Sporting Director, Stuart Webber. The canaries play in the Premier League and Stuart Webber played a leading role, as against all odds he helped the club reach the pinnacle of professional football. Stuart speaks personally about how he is ‘leading in the unknown’ through this C-19 pandemic.

Jun 2020

19 min 26 sec

In this bonus episode Jon speaks to Hillsong Africa Senior Pastor Phil Dooley. Phil has grown a church of over 20,000 people and leads over 100 staff and hundreds of volunteers. Phil shares some fascinating insights in to how he and his team are still moving forwards in the midst of a global pandemic.

Jun 2020

21 min 39 sec

In 2020 the world was hit with a global pandemic, COVID-19. For many this is an uncertain season, a season which requires us to lift our heads and focus on leading with the vision. This episode will equip leaders to lead with the vision. It’s critical that through all seasons, not just challenging ones that vision keeps us focused and moving forwards.

May 2020

18 min 40 sec