Kalyn Ponga and Connor Watson. Chatting all things fresh, living together, footy and more... Special guests pop in from time to time. Coming to you from across the kitchen table.

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Nov 16

1 hr 10 min

That time again.

Nov 9

1 hr 2 min

All the usuals. Vlog on Youtube. Produced by Crokes.

Nov 3

1 hr 4 min


Oct 27

52 min 14 sec

that time again.

Oct 19

57 min 54 sec

Connor took us to the Grand Final

Oct 5

1 hr 3 min

We back.

Sep 28

58 min 42 sec

Weekly drop

Aug 17

1 hr 6 min


Jul 28

1 hr 2 min

Brewed a bit longer this week... Enjoy it

Jul 21

57 min 50 sec

Plenty on this week. Get around it.

Jul 13

54 min 17 sec

Weekly, available on all the usuals. Check out 257.podcast playlist now on Spotify and Apple Music - updated each week

Jul 6

49 min 5 sec

Back from bye week and into it. 5 stars.

Jun 29

46 min 33 sec

Letsss go

Jun 22

54 min 46 sec

Listen. Enjoy. Sub.

Jun 15

48 min 14 sec

On this episode of the podcast we are joined by controversial comedian and Knights fan Issac Butterfield. We discuss his life, the highs and lows of being a comedian and he even joins in on some of our segments, delivering the greatest roast of all time

Jun 8

56 min 24 sec

Weekly drop on all the usuals

Jun 1

54 min 14 sec

That time of the week. 257

May 25

50 min 34 sec

KP and CW. Produced by Crokes. New Intro.

May 18

51 min 38 sec

Intro back.

May 11

59 min 37 sec

Weekly drop - on all the usual channels. Grateful.

May 4

1 hr

Weekly Drop. VLog on YouTube Channel. Hit that Sub

Apr 27

1 hr

Kalyn and Connor - 257. Produced by Crokes ft Jack Johns. Enjoy.

Apr 20

59 min 14 sec

Consistency is Key

Apr 13

54 min 41 sec

Weekly podcast with Kalyn and Connor

Apr 6

57 min 17 sec

Failed DMs, Top 3 Songs, Love at First Sight and The Art of Being Grateful. Full Runsheet @257.collective on insta

Mar 30

45 min 20 sec

Cuddle Season

Mar 23

48 min 9 sec

Its a weird rule, but he's got a point

Mar 16

54 min 45 sec

Bit of help from Tex and Jae on this one

Mar 9

40 min 16 sec

Back into it. Indepth chat with Mitchell Pearce.

Nov 2020

52 min 39 sec

CW and KP close out S1, give a bit as to whats coming for S2 and discuss whats on soon as they get out of the bubble.

Oct 2020

38 min 27 sec

KP and Connor sit down with a good mate for a chat. Wrapping the season up with the man, the legend - Chris Heighington

Jun 2020

48 min 46 sec

We added a Tex. A bit of house feedback for him after week 1. Connor updates the news and KPs short stint as a DJ

May 2020

49 min 56 sec

Lettsss go! We got a new bench seat and a room mate, iso interogation and footy is back... sorta.

May 2020

40 min 18 sec

UFO's are real. SBW is a beast. Connor loves Youtube. Fans ask questions. We got a sponsor.

May 2020

44 min 20 sec

Fears, Bucket Lists, Leap Years and Mum still paying for things

Apr 2020

45 min 21 sec

257.COLLECTIVE Episode 2 - Kalyn and Connor chat through the similarities in getting to the NRL - debuts, school footy and influences in their careers 'til now.

Apr 2020

51 min 48 sec

Episode 1 of our 257.COLLECTIVE podcast . Undefined and Unorgansied. Let us know what you want to hear next up @257.collective

Apr 2020

39 min 52 sec