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This podcast aims to provide you with valuable insights and inspire you to find your why by learning from other peoples' reasons for doing what they do. In other words, it focuses on helping you reflect and consider a new purpose for whatever it is that you do or even confirm the one you have already found for yourself. Along with the interviews, you'll be given interesting facts about human behaviour and life in general, which will contribute to making you a well-informed individual on topics that may not be discussed on a regular basis.

The Reason Why - Douglas Oliveira
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In this episode, you'll learn about Michael's what, how, and why. Michael is British and teaches English and gives many valuable tips on his Youtube channel, Instagram account, as well as his own - and really insightful - Podcast called Level Up English ( You can also enter his website for info on his classes: I really hope this conversation inspires you to think about your Why and if it's the case, change careers and fulfill the role you're most cut out for.  If you want to take your English to the next level by having really interesting debates on human behavior, relationships, procrastination, hobbies, and games, among others, join our international community, the 4Reason Academy. It will be the most fun and relaxed experience you'll have while learning skills for life and improving your English. To find out more and get a FREE SESSION, send a Message on WhatsApp +55 11 99612-5759 or @english4reason - via direct message. Say: "I want my free Academy session". Enjoy the show. Cheers!

Oct 18

34 min 10 sec

Here we go again after a hiatus. I got to say that I missed recording and editing new episodes for you guys. It's better late than never, after all. In this episode, André Katz will walk us through the nuts and bolts of his routine as an HR analyst and the daily duties he has to cope with. Not only that, but you'll also learn how Andre's benefited from his time away from traffic, working from home, and being able to be with his family and 5-month-old daughter. There's no doubt that pandemic times have brought not only suffering but opportunities for us to appreciate precious moments and people in our lives. Before this gets too emotional, let's dive into this discussion with hopes you feel compelled to reflect on your why in life and in your career. Don't forget to let me know your thoughts on the show by messaging me on Instagram at @english4reason or emailing I'll see you inside. Cheers

Jul 14

23 min 47 sec

Resilience was probably the word of the year 2020. Due to the pandemic, we've been kindly invited to consider, adopt this concept and make changes in our lives accordingly. The question at hand is: what is resilience and how can we actually benefit from it in tough times? Can it make us better individuals? Are you applying it in your daily routine or should you? Join me while I share my points of view and some research regarding this so acclaimed concept. I truly hope this episode can shed some light on the matter of living a quality life by using resilience principles. Bear in mind that I'm no expert on the matter nor am I here to convince you my opinions should be similar to yours. It's always good to grow together and if that's how you feel after listening to this episode, please send me an email at Enjoy the show.

Feb 18

13 min 41 sec

In this episode of The Reason Why you'll learn about some of the reasons why we lie. Is it to protect ourselves or someone else? Is it motivated by fear of being embarrassed publicly? Maybe it's just because we believe the lie or want to be seen as better individuals? Whatever the reason or reasons are, you're up for a treat here. I really hope you enjoy these drops as they are shorter and allow me to make content available more regularly. Let me know your thoughts on the show by emailing me at and share the podcast with the ones you like best. Cheers. Research Source:

Nov 2020

6 min 10 sec

Do you consider yourself an optimistic or pessimistic person? What are some of their pros and cons? Learn more about it by checking this episode's quick facts. I'm joined by Dana Clemencon, a Canadian who lives in Switzerland, is married to a Brazilian and teaches English with a Canadian twist. Most of her students study English with hopes to immigrate to Canada. She produces lots of content on Youtube, Instagram, Podcast Platforms as well as a membership site, The Can Learn English, where she has a community of students who are practicing and improving their English. Join me as we learn exactly what she does, how she does it and the reason why she does it. You might be inspired by our talk and reflect about your why.  Check her outstanding free content and membership site by looking up canlearnenglish on all social media and podcast platforms. Don't forget to send an email to and tell us what, how and why you do what you do or simply mention how this episode has been useful to you.

Oct 2020

20 min 51 sec

In this pilot episode I share the reason why I started this podcast as well as my reason why. Many interviews are going to be available and I strongly believe they will inspire you to learn more about other people's reasons as well as your reason for waking up every morning and do what you do best and love to do. I hope you enjoy the content of the show, have fun and can be inspired to be the best version of yourself.

Sep 2020

3 min 29 sec