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Writing, blogging, branding and cat-belly-cuddling. Oh yeah! We're gonna save the world while we're at it.

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Productivity advice and modern “self-help” gurus who shame you into motivation to act - are NOT helping you to create your masterpiece. Let’s talk about how we should look at creating differently.

Sep 2019

12 min 44 sec

I share my 5 best tips and resources to use when you’re building your own Writing Routine.

Mar 2019

16 min 2 sec

We’re talking about the writer’s space today, and why it’s important. But! You don’t need a loft in NYC to make it work for you. Find the blog post at

Nov 2018

6 min 15 sec

As we get ready to tackle the #30DaysWithaK free-writing challenge again, let’s talk about some assumptions that might stop you from doing this lovely, lovely thing for you. The blog post (and sign up for the challenge) can be found at

Nov 2018

13 min 55 sec

Let's talk about it: Impostor Syndrome • It's really up to you to kick this thing, but I'm here to help.

Aug 2017

6 min 27 sec

Don't screw up your me. • 2 • 3 • 4 • Website Redesign Mistake #1 • Website Redesign Mistake #2 • Website Redesign mistake #3 • Website Redesign mistake #4 • Website Redesign mistake #5

Aug 2017

15 min 6 sec