By Javier Ideami

Explore the edges of knowledge and creativity from the perspective of Volandino’s spacecraft. Javier Ideami's alter ego, Volandino, debates with leading thinkers and explorers, in english and spanish, always trying to go "Beyond" in connection with the experiences and thoughts of these leading thinkers. The podcast combines editions in both English and Spanish, with a casual format that invites improvisation. "Beyond" is brought to you by Javier Ideami. Ideami is a multidisciplinary award winning creative director, engineer, artist and entrepreneur. From Silicon Valley to the jungles of Bali, Ideami has been leading innovative ventures and earning recognition in a wide diversity of fields over the last many years. Volandino González is Ideami’s alter ego. Volandino has won important awards like the Freixenet competition that had Volandino showcased in the main Spanish TV Channels during the christmas season. Volandino combines Ideami’s expertise and creativity with the unique world of this most peculiar astronaut, in order to look at the world and its mysteries from a fresh perspective. Javier Ideami takes you on a wild ride beyond our immediate horizons. Take a ride with his alter ego Volandino González and look at the world from a different pespective. Visit The Beyond Podcast Website on:

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