Logistics Matters with DC VELOCITY

By AGiLE Business Media

The editors of DC VELOCITY magazine bring you weekly updates on logistics, material handling, and supply chain news.

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    Guest: Paul Beavers from PCS software on why touchless transactions are here to stay; An important supply chain commodity is experiencing shortages; Tight capacity will be with us for the foreseeable future
  2. 2.
    Guest: Matt Castle of C.H. Robinson on tight air capacity; Supply chain managers weigh in on infrastructure; California legislation redefines how truck drivers are classified in the workforce
  3. 3.
    Guest: Aaron Hageman on last-mile deliveries; Imports continue to surge; Supply chain companies celebrate Earth Day by sharing their sustainable initiatives.
  4. 4.
    Guest: Brandon Coats of MHS counters misconceptions about artificial intelligence; Highlights from ProMatDX 2021, looking at new technologies and trends in material handling and supply chain
  5. 5.
    Guest: Chris Jones of Decartes on supply chain vulnerabilities; Five risks businesses should avoid as they bounce back; Consumers are more aware of supply chain pain points than ever before
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    Guest: Johnathan Foster of Proxima on disruptions from Suez Canal shutdown; How microfulfillment can create greener last miles; Finding drivers to meet post-pandemic demand
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    Guest Hanko Kiessner on sustainable packaging; The USPS charts a new course to keep it financially afloat; Demand is not going away for warehouse and DC space
  8. 8.
    Guest: Peter Friedmann of the Agriculture Transportation Coalition on how the shortage of containers is creating a crisis for agriculture products exporters; Will a new infrastructure bill get done in Washington? How devastating were last month's storms?
  1. 9.
    Guest: Bindiya Vakil discusses President Biden's plan to fix America's broken supply chains; Freight continues to take a bumpy ride; Ocean ports continue to see congestion worldwide
  2. 10.
    Guest: Bill Brooks of Capgemini on bottlenecks for Covid-19 vaccine distribution; Logistics continues an economic expansion; Supply chain vendors make huge investments to meet consumer demands
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    Guest: Craig Hoskins from IFDA on pandemic challenges with food service distribution; Predictions for new technologies for trucking; Cargo theft shifts during the pandemic.
  4. 12.
    Guest: Shawn Winter of Descartes discusses handling Super Peaks; Driver shortages create challenges for food distributors; Planning e-commerce supply chains for a post-pandemic world.
  5. 13.
    Guest: Dwight Klappich of Gartner on robotic goods-to-person systems; How do business plan to spend their money this year? And new earnings reports show some reasons for optimism.
  6. 14.
    Guest: Tim Pajak of CSCMP on inspiring young people about supply chain; The pandemic's lasting effects on retail; New figures on warehouse availability
  7. 15.
    Guest: Melinda McLaughlin of Prologis on the industrial real estate market; Walmart commits to building microfulfillment centers inside its stores; Study shows increasing demand for good-to-person technologies
  8. 16.
    Guest: Joe Ruddy of the Port of Virginia on maritime issues; Will trade wars with China bring manufacturing home?; Truckload capacity expected to remain tight.
  9. 17.
    Guest: Tony Sciarrotta of the Reverse Logistics Association on handling returns; How to compete with industry disruptors; Changing the retail experience
  10. 18.
    Guest: Zac Rogers on logistics conditions in early 2021; Capacity remains tight for shippers; Assuring safety for container cargo
  11. 19.
    Guest: Kristi Montgomery of Kenco on the importance of innovation; Problems with our cold chains; New roads ahead for transportation.
  12. 20.
    Guest: Kevin Paramore from Yale on technologies for social distancing in facilities; Carriers reach their capacity breaking points; What emerging technologies will have a lasting impact in years to come?
  13. 21.
    Guest: Phil Rich of Sweetwater on his company's holiday season preparations; Transportation continues to be a volatile sector; and shippers prepare for the Brexit deadline.
  14. 22.
    Guest: Kevin Doucette of C.H. Robinson on Global Trade; Automation is spurring industrial real estate; Volatility continues in the truckload freight sector.
  15. 23.
    Guest: Colin Yankee of Tractor Supply on how his company has excelled during the pandemic; Some challenges await Covid-19 vaccine distribution; A new building boom for logistics facilities.
  16. 24.
    Guest: Rebecca Brewster of ATRI on what worries the trucking industry; Prop 22 passes in California and may impact gig deliveries; New logistics numbers show a surge in economic recovery
  17. 25.
    Guest: Steven Horwitz of Ball State University on a holiday retail season like no other; Warehouse availability tightens; Logistics firms invest in venture capital markets
  18. 26.
    Guest: Drew McElroy of Transfix on last-mile freight; Retailers prepare for peak; New options to handle returns
  19. 27.
    Guest: Dr. Yossi Sheffi of MIT discusses The New (Ab)Normal; The growing demand for warehouse automation; Who will work in our supply chains in the future?
  20. 28.
    Guest: Gillan Hawkes on robotics for distribution; A surge in logistics activities; How retailers use marketplaces to reach customers
  21. 29.
    Guest: Ron Dutt on lithium-ion battery technology; How Amazon's Prime Day may affect shippers; Moving toward sustainable supply chains
  22. 30.
    Editors' roundtable discussion on CSCMP EDGE; Social Responsibility and Diversity in the supply chain; Creating a more resilient supply chain; How Target became a major e-commerce player; Shippers find creative ways to get around a capacity crunch
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    Guest: Randy Guillot of ATA on National Truck Driver Appreciation Week; E-commerce shopping continues to surge; The nation's ocean ports see a solid rebound.
  24. 32.
    Guest: Chris Wolfe of PowerFleet on new sustainability standards; Risk mitigation gets a fresh look during the pandemic; Supply chains begin to brace for a vaccine rollout
  25. 33.
    Guest: Brian Thompson of SMC³ on the LTL market; Capacity remains tight; CSCMP EDGE goes virtual
  26. 34.
    Guest: Phil Evers of the University of Maryland discusses the difficulties facing the USPS; Hurricane Laura left destruction in its wake affecting supply chains; Interest in TMS is on the rise during the pandemic
  27. 35.
    Guest: Patrick Penfield of Syracuse University on Amazon moving into vacant mall space; Some shippers move toward smaller regional parcel carriers; New training initiatives assure a steady pipeline for frontline logistics workers
  28. 36.
    Guest: Dr. Tom Goldsby of the University of Tennessee on why PPE supply chains are still failing; Trucking rebounds in June and July; New solutions to aid social distancing within warehouses
  29. 37.
    Guest: Zac Rogers of Colorado State University shares what the Logistics Managers' Index measures; Lift truck firms turn to robotics partnerships to collaborate on new designs; Can supply chain investments save the commercial real estate market?
  30. 38.
    Guest: Dana Stiffler of Gartner on women in executive supply chain positions; Consumers love curbside pickup - retailers, not so much; A bumpy road ahead for the transportation industry.
  31. 39.
    Guest: Bill Van Amburg of CALSTART on the clean air initiative from U.S. states; Retailers convert stores to distribution hubs; Congress looks to help commercial food distributors affected by the pandemic.
  32. 40.
    Guest: Michael Zimmerman discusses the State of Logistics; Ports see declining volumes; Auburn University builds an autonomous vehicle research center
  33. 41.
    Guest: Rob McKeel, CEO of Fortna, on how retailers and other distributors are adjusting to the "new normal"; Freight companies change their business strategies in response to the pandemic; A surge in logistics activity
  34. 42.
    Guest: David Henry of GlobalTranz on the impact of USMCA; What it takes to be a Rainmaker; Sustainability in packaging
  35. 43.
    Guest: Ken Raycroft on keeping warehouse equipment safe for multiple users; Manufacturers leave China; Distributors without automation may find added stress this holiday season.
  36. 44.
    Guest: Dr. Terry Esper on racism faced by Black delivery drivers; USMCA; Investment firms love logistics
  37. 45.
    Guest: Brian Feehan of the Industrial Truck Association on National Forklift Safety Day; Logistics workers honor George Floyd and the need for equality; Covid-19 reveals problems in IT infrastructure
  38. 46.
    Guest: Mike Griswold of Gartner on companies with top supply chains; Amazon adds to its air capabilities; New Logistics Managers Index numbers show supply chains are beginning to normalize; Tools for social distancing in warehouses
  39. 47.
    Combilift's Martin McVicar on modifying a facility for social distancing and reaching customers during a pandemic; layoffs in the logistics sector; truckers earn higher pay
  40. 48.
    Creating a culture of safety; new truck and trailer sales are way down; monitoring the food supply chain
  41. 49.
    Interview with Jim Berlin of Logistics+ in Erie, PA: drones help in the virus fight: Retailers get creative with Dark Stores
  42. 50.
    Covid-19 and the food supply chain; Logistics Manager's Index; new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

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