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What happens when Jesus has a day full of interruptions? He does miraculous things, and he wants to do them in your life too. Listen as Daniel and Mike talk about a day when Jesus was regularly interrupted.

Oct 18

30 min 59 sec

What does sabbath and a day of rest look like for Christians? What did Jesus think about the sabbath practices of his day? Join Daniel and Mike as they explore Luke 6 and a day in the life of Jesus.

Oct 12

29 min 23 sec

Jesus was a carpenter but he had a lot to teach to some professional fishermen. Lets look at a day in the life of Jesus and see how it relates to our day to day lives.

Oct 4

27 min 7 sec

Have you ever felt like you were waiting for God to fulfill a promise? How can we find hope in God's promises, even in the mist of a global pandemic? We discuss all this and more! 

Sep 27

19 min 13 sec

As we consider carefully the ways God is leading us in our lives are we slowly drifting away from the things that are most important? Pastors Jay and Mike discuss what its like to not finish projects and how sometime we don't let God finish the work that he is doing in our lives or calling us to do because we become easily sidetracked.

Sep 20

21 min 29 sec

Do you have hope for what tomorrow is going to look like? Getting tired of the pandemic? We talk about way we are discovering hope.

Sep 13

25 min 14 sec

Fatima and Mike kick off the discussion on the book of Haggai and how it applies to returning to life post-pandemic. There is lots to learn from the Israelites who returned from Babylonian captivity and what is most important for our lives.

Sep 6

29 min 48 sec

Have you ever been treated unjustly or unfairly? Daniel and Mike discuss Pastor Jays message on seeking justice in our lives.

Aug 30

35 min 12 sec

Joe DiPenta and Mike recap the weekend and discuss Joe's powerful message on influence and comparing lifting the Stanley Cup to lifting up the name of Jesus.

Aug 23

35 min 12 sec

We all know finances are an important part of our life and work is a part of it. So how do we work and make money responsibly? Join Economist David Chaundy and Pastor Mike as they discuss David's message not the book of Proverbs and its insights Work and Finances.

Aug 16

31 min 9 sec

Ever struggle with making friends, or keeping close friends? Nathan Jollimore is interviewed by Pastor Mike about what true friendship is all about. 

Aug 9

25 min 8 sec

This weeks podcast is a discussion of Pastor Sharon's fantastic message on improving our families. If you missed the message, you can watch it here.

Aug 2

19 min 28 sec

The Bible has wisdom to share when it comes to have a healthy sex life. Pastor Jay and Mike share some thoughts from Sundays message as we continue through the book of Proverbs.  References Resources can be found here: https://www.todayschristianwoman.com/articles/2008/september/christian-sex-rules.html https://www.amazon.ca/Celebration-Sex-Enjoying-Sexual-Intimacy/dp/0785264671/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=a+celebration+of+sex&qid=1627314304&sr=8-1

Jul 26

28 min 24 sec

Do you have a bad attitude? Jess and Mike discuss how pride affects the attitude of our life.

Jul 19

21 min 52 sec

We all make plans, and all have had plans fall apart. What does it look like to make plans that we don't look like fools? Pastor Jay and Pastor Mike discuss Sunday's message on wise plans.

Jul 12

21 min 32 sec

"Our words create our worlds". What we say and how we say it are very important. We talk about how you can keep yourself from sounding like a fool when you speak.

Jul 5

29 min 34 sec

We all need a little wisdom in our lives. Daniel and Mike kick off the summer series talking about Proverbs and how we can gain wisdom. 

Jun 28

29 min 38 sec

The battle for your life comes down to who has a grip on you. Pastors Jay and Mike discuss the latest message on Jesus as the key to a life lived in victory.

Jun 21

15 min 36 sec

God makes some amazing promises that can really challenge and change your life and make you into a new person. Listen in as Pastors Jay and Mike talk about knowing what you know that you know!

Jun 14

18 min 48 sec

In this weeks episode Pastor Daniel and David Chaundy sit down to reflect on his message from Sunday. They discuss what it means to call God our Father, what it means to be a child of God, and how we need to balance our perception of God as both immanent and transcendent.  

Jun 7

26 min 36 sec

John says there are three that testify about Jesus: the water, the blood, and the Spirit. Join us as we explore what John means, how this applies to us in the 21st century, and how Jesus can give us a new story!

May 31

23 min 46 sec

Pastors Jay and Mike discuss the role and purpose of the Holy Spirit to bring and keep us in the truth about Jesus Christ. 

May 24

23 min 15 sec

As we continue the New You series from the letter of 1 John, Pastor's Jay and Mike discuss what it looks like to love the world the way Jesus did.

May 17

23 min 36 sec

Pastor Sharon and Pastor Mike discuss what it means to really love one another as the Apostle John instructs.

May 10

21 min 24 sec

As Pastor Jay kicks off the new series on a New You he and Mike chat about his message and what holiness and submission can look like in our own lives.

May 3

23 min 48 sec

Mike and Daniel talk about Sunday's message and the amazing opportunities God has provided over the last year to Connect People with Jesus.

Apr 26

31 min 18 sec

The mission of the church is to go and make disciples. Join Pastors Jay and Mike as they discuss what this looks like lived out through Hillside.

Apr 19

24 min 46 sec

There is so much we can learn from Jesus about how to connect with people. Join Pastor's Jay and Mike as they explore deeper how we as a church can go about connecting people.

Apr 12

30 min 8 sec

What does it matter that Jesus rose from the dead? There are four key realities of easter that only come about if Jesus is really alive.

Apr 5

19 min 18 sec

As we come to an end in our 7th and final podcast on the book of Revelation we discuss the new heaven and new earth and the hope of things to come.

Apr 1

53 min 41 sec

Pastor's Daniel and Mike go deeper into the backstory of who Jesus is and how he is the fulfillment of the greatest promises of our life!

Mar 29

23 min 32 sec

We dive into Revelation 17, 18 and 20 discussing what it means for Babylon to fall, the 1000 year reign of Christ, and when/will the rapture happen.

Mar 25

1 hr 10 min

As we ask questions around "Jesus Who?" Pastor Sharon and Pastor Mike discuss what it means to be the King's Kid and how that plays our in our daily lives.

Mar 22

32 min 30 sec

We get into the meat and heart of the book of Revelation as Daniel and Mike discuss the interpretations, understandings and importance of the 7 seals, 7 trumpets and 7 bowls.

Mar 18

1 hr 4 min

Jesus Who? Pastor Jay and Pastor Mike kick off the conversation around who Jesus is and the importance of his words, "this is my body broken for you." 

Mar 15

29 min 4 sec

Dr. Matt Walsh from Acadia Divinity College joins us to discuss the purpose of spiritual beings in the book of Revelation.  Resource: https://bibleproject.com/learn/spiritual-beings/

Mar 11

45 min 36 sec

Adventures and new methods. Pastors Jay and Mike discuss how God is calling us to do new things to share the message of Jesus with people in our culture and community.

Mar 8

27 min 30 sec

We discuss Jesus' letters to the 7 churches of Asia Minor and what they mean.    We apologize there is no video.   Resource: https://www.rightnowmedia.org/Content/Series/256364

Mar 4

1 hr 3 min

Join Pastor Jay and Pastor Daniel as they discuss the practice of meditation. They talk about how we are living in a hurried and hectic world, how meditation creates space for us to connect with God, and what separates Christian meditation from other forms of the practice. 

Mar 1

35 min 35 sec

The book of Revelation is full of symbols with some that have meanings easy to understand and others that are much more complicated. So how do you go about understanding what John is writing about? Join us as we explore interpreting and understanding symbols in the book of revelation.   Resources: https://sbts-wordpress-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/equip/uploads/2015/10/SBJT-V14-N.1-Bandy.pdf

Feb 25

1 hr 5 min

Pastor Sharon and Pastor Jay continue our series on Habits of Healthy People. The discussion revolves around the importance of confession and transparency in unveiling lies to help our spiritual growth.  Article mentioned this episode: https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20210202-how-mindfulness-can-blunt-your-feelings-and-spike-anxiety

Feb 22

32 min 31 sec

In our first podcast on the book of Revelation we will be discussing the different ways people perceive and interpret the book. Resources Bible Project Revelation Overview Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nvVVcYD-0w&ab_channel=BibleProject Bible Project Revelation Overview Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpnIrbq2bKo&ab_channel=BibleProject RightNow Media Revelation Series: https://www.rightnowmedia.org/Content/Series/338353

Feb 22

1 hr 7 min

We all face times of panic. A habit of healthy people is learning to incorporate prayer into our lives. Join Pastor's Jay and Mike as they discuss the importance of prayer as a healthy habit for our lives, especially when we are facing times of panic, fear and anxiety.

Feb 15

34 min 50 sec

We all have stress, and as we kick off this series on Habits of Healthy People Pastor Jay gives great insight into how speaking the Biblical Scriptures in our life can address our stress. Resources: YouVersion - https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/17408-stress-free-living RightNow Media Sign Up - www.wearehillside.church Tips for Stress - https://www.rightnowmedia.org/Content/Series/327582

Feb 8

27 min 14 sec

During this Pandemic, we may feel overwhelmed. We can feel like COVID-19 is taking first place. We have, however, the powerful opportunity put the pandemic in its place by PRAISE. Let’s activate praise to the Lord and keep it first, above all.

Feb 1

25 min 29 sec

We hear a lot in our culture about “the power of positive thinking” and how we can always choose joy, but is there ever a time when it's okay to simply grieve? Join Jay and Daniel as they have a conversation about grief. 

Jan 25

22 min 30 sec

The pandemic has caused us to ask a lot of questions. One question that seems to always be on the back of our mind, but is now brought to the fore-front is, "Are we in the end times?" Join Mike and Jay as they explore this question and what it means for our every day lives.

Jan 18

28 min 5 sec

Is COVID-19 a sign from God? If so, what does it mean and what does he want from us? Jay and Mike talk about signs and what might God be doing through COVID-19.

Jan 11

20 min 32 sec

As we kick-off 2021 we discuss God and the pandemic by asking the hard question, "Did God send the COVID-19?" Listen in a we explore deeper the implications the pandemic is having on our lives, and faith.

Jan 4

28 min 5 sec

Hillside staff share some of the insights they learned from living through a pandemic. Join us as we celebrate 2020 ending and a new year beginning!

Dec 2020

31 min 3 sec