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This is a fun, fast-paced show that delivers hard-fought advice that you can implement today to improve your performance. In each episode, a leader shares his or her WINS and LOSSES and WTF moments. I want to know how great leaders keep going when others quit. How leaders inspire their employees to go above and beyond the call of duty? How leaders build a powerful culture within their organization? How leaders grow their revenue faster than the competition? Find more at

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Lamonte Gwynn is the owner of Lamonte G Photography. He believes that being photogenic starts within. He uses his branded Expression Coaching™ approach to help his clients capture and create images that reveal their inner photogenic magnetism.     Over the past 13 years, Lamonte has helped hundreds of people step into their confidence to attract their target audience. Whether it’s photos or videos, Lamonte is a master at bringing out the very best in his clients.   Contact Lamonte: Website Instagram Facebook LinkedIn

Dec 2

21 min 5 sec

Shampa Bagchi is the Founder and CEO of ConvergeHub (, a powerful Customer Relationship Management software that powers business growth and has been recognized as one of the top 10 CRMs in the world by ZDNet ( ConvergeHub is a unified CRM platform with Sales, Marketing, Support and Billing that manages all customer data and activities and puts your business growth on autopilot. It helps you look at your customer and prospects as a whole person by giving you a complete 360 degree view throughout every stage the customer lifecycle.     Shampa lives in that intersection between technology, business and people, and is passionate about helping businesses grow quickly by utilizing technology to solve complex challenges and take ideas from concept to reality. Recognized as a leader in the small business community, Shampa counsels businesses on how to use technology to accelerate their business growth. She is also the co-founder of Corelynx (, a boutique software development and technology strategy agency providing innovative business solutions to growing organizations. Shampa is the founder of the Business Growth Community on LinkedIn ( to help entrepreneurs and business leaders succeed by using technology as a catalyst in their business.   Contact Shampa: Website Blog LinkedIn Twitter Business Growth Community

Nov 24

28 min 47 sec

My name is Chris Audette, I am the founder of The Group at Remax First, a top producing real estate team that helps builders, buyers and sellers.     Were best known for our brokerage which is the #1 Re/Max office Worldwide (for closed transactions for the past 2 years), our international award winning marketing (which helps build perceived value for home sales) and 2 popular and well known listing websites, and (which helps build awareness with buyers, and helps buyers connect with potential homes in an easy to use format). Although not known for this, the most important part is that we do this through a very process driven approach.   Contact Chris: Website LinkedIn Instagram Facebook YouTube

Nov 17

24 min 25 sec

Tim Riesterer (@TRiesterer) helps companies develop, deploy and deliver customer conversations that win! Organizations work with Corporate Visions when they want to develop more compelling messages that break through the status quo and differentiate their organization from the competitors; deploy those messages in powerful self-service and sales-directed customer conversation tools that are more remarkable and memorable than everyone else’s content; and finally, enable your salespeople to deliver this content with skills training for creating, elevating and capturing more value in your customer conversations.     Podcast Highlights: It's your job to make sense of the marketplace It's your job to make your message understandable and memorable It's your job to create and elevate value in your prospect's mind   Contact Tim: LinkedIn Website Free Resources

Nov 16

29 min 57 sec

Rao Wu has started his professional B2B sales career in the mid 1990’s, and has been in a variety of mid-level and senior-level executive management roles since 2003.     He has been a key member and sales leader that has contributed to over $400 Million in total acquisitions, and has been part of a successful IPO. Today, many of his former sales personnel, are themselves managers, Directors, VP’s and even company founders; and Rao himself is now a pioneer in the Digital identity industry.     Contact Rao: LinkedIn

Nov 9

22 min 12 sec

Joe Cerra is the founder of Evergreen Ventures Corporation After serving in the US Navy, he received an M.B.A. in Operations Management and was hired as a sales trainee by IBM. He has been in sales and sales management in the computer software and hardware industry ever since.     In 1987 he published The Sales Associate, a book about how to use a personal computer in sales, one of the first books ever published about computerized contact management and sales automation. In 2012 he released a second book called Make More Sales And Make More Money a kindle book available from Amazon. You can order the book here: He is currently the National Sales Manager at STI Computer Services, Inc., a medical software development and Revenue Cycle Management company in Eagleville, PA. He has over 30 years of sales experience in data processing sales and has worked for both large and small sales organizations in the computer industry. Joe can be contacted by email at   Contact Joe: Website (Evergreen Ventures Corporation) Website (STI Computer Services, Inc.) LinkedIn

Nov 2

19 min 55 sec

Before I started coaching sales teams to set more sales appointments and discovery calls, and wrote three books on the topic (search "Scott Channell" on Amazon) I actually did it. Set 2,000+ C-Level meetings in diverse industries. Prioritizing targets, a solid call/outreach process and knowing how to craft responsive sales scripts, phone scripts and cold emails are key.     Many companies, once they started booking more meetings have engaged me to learn how to conduct those meetings, so that more go deeper into the pipeline toward a close. If your sales team has these challenges contact me re coaching, training and speaking. Reach me at 978-296-2700. Specialties: b2b sales acceleration, sales training, sales development, sales leadership, turnarounds, coaching for peak sales performance, b2b business development specialist   Contact Scott: Website LinkedIn

Oct 27

34 min 23 sec

Rick Barrera is known as the Revenue Accelerator for the work he does with entrepreneurs, small businesses and enterprise organizations to smooth the on-ramp and make them easier to do business with. He believes that you can generate any level of revenue you choose, whenever you choose to generate it.     Rick worked with Dave Zerfoss, CEO at Husqvarna to take the company from 29 million dollars to half a billion in just over 10 years. Rick is frequently called upon to turn around troubled companies, returning them to robust profitability. He has personally started many companies including a seed company, newspaper delivery, babysitting, landscaping, photo studio, restaurant, vitamin company, sales and customer service training, concierge services, financial services, real estate, an online training company and a professional speaking firm. He is currently engaged with two M&A companies doing consolidations in two different industries. His current passion project is, an online marketplace enabling entrepreneurs to find business partners and resources...without cash. His goal is to build the world’s largest online community for entrepreneurs of every stripe. As you will soon learn, he believes that entrepreneurship is the solution to many of the issues that we face as individuals, families and as a global community.   Rick is also the Head of Faculty for the Center for Heart Led Leadership in Denver, Colorado where he works with SEAL Team leaders, world class mountain climbers, Fortune 500 CEO’s, journalists, actors and astronauts to teach We Before Me, relationship focused leadership, to the next generation of leaders. His client list numbers in the thousands and includes Abbott Labs, American Airlines, Ameriprise, AT&T, AutoCrib, AutoZone, Bayer, Black and Decker, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Caterpillar, Chevron, Cigna, Conoco, Dairy Queen, eBay, EMC, Fidelity, Ford Motor Company, Four Seasons Hotels, GE, GlaxoSmithKline, Hallmark Cards, Harley-Davidson, Hilton, Honda, Honeywell, HP, Husqvarna, IBM, Intel, Intuit, John Hancock, Johnson Controls, Kaiser, Lenovo, Les Schwab Tires, Lexus, Marriott, Merrill Lynch, Monsanto, Nissan, REMAX, Ritz-Carlton, Time Warner, Verizon, Volvo, Weyerhaeuser and Wells Fargo. Rick is a well-known business thought leader having written 8 books on leadership, branding, customer service, sales, and personal development including two best-sellers, Non-Manipulative Selling & Overpromise and Overdeliver.   Contact Rick: Website Company Website LinkedIn YouTube Instagram

Oct 12

26 min 51 sec

Channing is a proven Go To Market leader, an early stage investor, and an advisor to scaling businesses. He has extensive experience developing and growing international teams, implementing processes & systems across global technology companies.     He has experience across both start-up and mature organizations. Developed inside sales and field sales teams and processes for multiple Saas companies. He effectively evolved processes to see consistent double-digit year over year growth, which resulted in market leading revenue growth. Built global sales teams through hiring and a defined personnel development plan. Designed international growth strategies that consistently overachieved by up to 200% of desired results. Channing currently works for Hubspot, a fast growing SaaS company that is transforming the way companies grow through a unified CRM, marketing and customer servicing solution. The company has been awarded the Best Places to Work over multiple years. Channing has a passion for developing high performing teams that lead to career growth and individual over-achievement. If you're interested in joining a fast-paced and dynamic environment please contact me!   Specialties: entrepreneurial manager, global sales leader, startup and scale-up experience, sales strategy, sales operations and planning, sales enablement, inside sales   Contact Channing: LinkedIn

Oct 8

27 min 42 sec

John is the Amazon bestselling author of Winning the Battle for Sales: Lessons on Closing Every Deal from the World's Greatest Military Victories and Social Upheaval: How to Win at Social Selling.     A globally acknowledged Sales & Marketing thought leader, speaker, and strategist, he has conducted over 850 video interviews of thought leaders for Sales POP! online sales magazine and has a podcast channel on iTunes with over 750 audio interviews. He is Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at Pipeliner CRM and was formerly CEO of Huthwaite and Omega Performance. In his spare time, John is an avid Martial Artist.   Contact John: Website LinkedIn Facebook YouTube Twitter

Oct 5

34 min 10 sec

Have you wondered what separates A-players from the B-players in a sales organization? A-players are few in number and they generate a lot of sales. B-players know how to sell but never achieve greatness. The question is what blocks B-players from being exceptional. It's Mindset.     Podcast Highlights We have anywhere from 50,000 – 100,000 beliefs that define who we are Our beliefs control our behaviors, So to change a behavior you have to change the underlying belief Mind training is the new frontier in sales enablement   Connect with Umar: LinkedIn Website

Sep 29

20 min 4 sec

Chris and Spyros are the founders of Men Of Style, the first self improvement company for Men in Greece, with a sole focus to help men enhance their relationship and communication skills and reach their true potential.     Men Of Style has been featured in all major media in Greece as an innovative implemented idea and a success story which thounsands so far, while at the same time successfully introduced the male self development industry in the Greek market!   They co authored the best selling book Andras Axias (Greek Title : Άνδρας Αξιας : Πώς να Βάλεις Τάξη στο Χάος του Σύγχρονου Φλερτ) and they are hosting Apla+Andrika, the first video podcast for men in Greece on YouTube and Spotify with thousands of followers in Greece and Cyprus!     Contact Men of Style: Website LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter

Sep 28

41 min 49 sec

Stan Phelps walks the walk. He stands out in the sea of sameness by modeling his own Differentiated  Experience (DX) message: Differentiation isn’t just about what you say, it’s about what you do and, more importantly, how and why you do it. Stan leverages his unique collection of 5,000+ case studies on customer, employee, and brand experience to engage audiences with informative learning-based experiences. He challenges audiences to think differently by exploring new opportunities to be more successful in tomorrow's changing world.     A show and tell speaker, Stan empowers audiences to take action that delivers bottom-line impact. He strives to change the paradigm of marketing by encouraging audiences to focus on experiences as the ultimate competitive differentiator. He believes purposeful DX wins the hearts of employees and customers, and differentiation ultimately boosts loyalty, retention, referrals, and results.   Stan is a Forbes Contributor, TEDx Speaker, IBM Futurist, Certified Speaking Professional™, and bestselling author of the 13-book Goldfish Series that begins with Purple Goldfish 2.0 - 10 Ways to Attract Raving Customers.   A masterful storyteller who quickly connects with audiences, Stan has delivered keynotes and workshops for Fortune 100 brands including IBM, Target, and more. He works directly with you to customize content that matches your audience and your goals to create a memorable and meaningful experience every time. Count on Stan to show up early, arrive prepared, and disrupt the all-work-and no-play methodology with his sharp wit and trademark showmanship. He makes it his mission to exceed expectations and inspire audiences in ways they just can’t help but talk about — and won’t soon forget.   Find Stan’s keynotes and workshops at   Contact Stan: Website LinkedIn Twitter

Sep 24

32 min 36 sec

Beginning in the field of computer science, Ray Leone was employed by The Atomic Energy Commission at Princeton University and later as program manager for Virginia Commonwealth University, RCA and UNISYS. Ray left that field to enter sales, becoming the top producer for two International corporations.     Ray combined his scientific background with practical field experience to develop his trademark selling program, the SALES FUNNEL®. Ray's system is taught on all five continents through licensees as well as Ray himself. Thousands of salesmasters around the world have been "FUNNELED". He has been cited by Target Training International with its President's Award for his contributions to human development.    Corporations that have retained Ray as a consultant have had amazing results. They include AT&T, EDS, Lucent Technologies, Comcast, Oracle, Wachovia, Cox Communications, Sprint, Clemson University, Canteen Vending, Scansource, Prudential, Bank Of America, Teledyne, Adecco, Duke Energy, Kemet, Rexam, and BioLab.    Kurt Kimball, Chairman, World Sales Council, Compass Group said "Our closing average has increased from 14.6% to 59.7% since we implemented Ray's system. Signing him to an exclusive contract in our industry is one of the best moves I've ever made."  Ray is the author of the national best-selling, SUCCESS SECRETS OF THE SALES FUNNEL and is the host of the radio program "Winning the Game of Life". He is a 30 year member of The National Speakers Association and is past president of NSA/Carolinas.    As a businessman, Ray is President of The Leone Resource Group and SSS Publishing. He is a sought after international speaker and consultant to Fortune 500 companies as well as small business owners.   Contact Ray: The Sales Funnel® Online University LinkedIn Twitter

Sep 21

29 min 40 sec

Terri Levine is the founder of The Modern Coaching Method ( and the Heart-repreneur® Cause ( where she helps coaches and consultants create six and seven figure businesses.     She has been named one of the top ten coaching gurus in the world by and the top female coach in the world. Over her tenure she has received recognition from almost every major coaching organization and association worldwide. She has been mentoring business for over 3 decades and has helped over 6,000 business owners create the income they deserve, the impact they desire and the time freedom they long for. Dr. Levine is also a best-selling author of dozens of titles including her latest release, The Conversion Equation. As a keynote speaker, Terri has inspired hundreds of thousands of people through her high content, memorable, and motivational speeches.   Contact Dr. Terri: Heartrepreneurs - Facebook Group Facebook LinkedIn Instagram

Sep 16

23 min 50 sec

Travis Steffen, author of Viral Hero, is a serial entrepreneur with 7 successful exits to his name. As a growth engineer, he specializes in building products that grow themselves.      Travis currently lives in Los Angeles, and serves as the CEO of GrowFlow – an industry-leading, venture-backed suite of software products for cannabis companies. He is also an investor, advisor, and/or partner in several startups and venture funds. MANY STOPS ALONG THE JOURNEY Travis Steffen did not begin as an entrepreneur. An Iowa native, he started out as an athlete – first as a member of the football team at the University of Northern Iowa, and then as an MMA fighter. He also began playing professional online poker in 2008, before authoring his first book, Peak Performance Poker. It was around this same time that Travis began his fascination with entrepreneurship. After starting his first two businesses while attending grad school, Travis would go on to start over a dozen more – leading 7 of them to successful exits. In 2019, Travis published his second book, Viral Hero, which is available now wherever books are sold.   Contact Travis: Website LinkedIn Twitter

Sep 14

28 min 38 sec

Lisa McLeod is the global expert on purpose-driven business. She is the author of five books, including her bestseller: Selling with Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work That Makes You Proud.     Lisa helps leaders around the world increase competitive differentiation and emotional engagement. She developed the Noble Purpose methodology after her research revealed, salespeople who sell with Noble Purpose, outsell salespeople who focus on targets and quotas.   Lisa founded her own firm, McLeod & More, Inc. in 2001.  She works with teams at organizations like Sales Force, Cisco, Roche, Volvo, and Dave & Busters.  Lisa has keynoted in 25 countries and authored over 2,000 articles and is a regular contributor for The Harvard Business Review and Forbes.  She has made appearances on the Today show and the NBC Nightly News, and her firm’s work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, and NPR.   Contact Lisa: LinkedIn

Sep 9

29 min

Dean Emerick is an expert in digital communications, organic SEO and all facets of online marketing. His technical background in the Film & Television Industry made it an easy transition into Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing processes in the late 1990’s.     Dean is a thought leader and innovator in digital communications, quickly grasping the need to create audiences and give them what they require in order to move them through the sales funnel process. He uploaded his first video to YouTube in 2007 and shortly thereafter created The Shotgun Show, an engaging online interview series that took place in a car, years before Jerry Seinfeld launched his now famous online show. His results were equally impressive with over 500,000 views and 15,000 subscribers to his channel.   Since then, he has worked mostly with small and medium enterprises, helping them outperform their competition in local search. Dean currently is focused on using exciting new technologies to drive digital transformation within organizations on behalf of his clients. He is also teaching entrepreneurs how to leverage Optimization through his private Facebook group, Easy Traffic Tricks for Small Business Owners, where you can get a better understanding how search works.   Contact Dean: LinkedIn Facebook Facebook Group

Sep 7

23 min 32 sec

Lee Baucom, Ph.D. is a Thriveologist and Life Coach. For the past three decades, he has studied how people thrive, applying that information in his writing, teaching, and coaching.     He is the author of seven books, three focused on how to thrive. And he is the creator of the Thrive Journal, a daily process to steadily increase thriving in everyday life. Lee is also the host of the Thriveology Podcast, providing weekly lessons and interviews on thriving since 2013. As a teacher and speaker, Lee discusses the importance in finding meaning and living purpose, so that people create the impact desired in life. His focus is on taking responsibility, assuming personal control, and forgiving.  After a health scare in his mid-thirties, Lee believes that during his “bonus time,” his task is to teach others how to thrive in their lives and their relationships. In his spare time, Lee enjoys trail running, paddle boarding, scuba diving, and jiu jitsu.  He is married, with two adult children and two active dogs.   Contact Lee: Lee Baucom, Ph.D. - Website Thriveology - Website  

Sep 2

27 min 34 sec

Aaron Rian is one of the most well known and successful real estate agents in Oregon and Washington. Specializing in the Portland and SW Washington Luxury Housing Market. Aaron’s clientele consist mostly of athletes, corporate executives and high net worth individuals from around the world.     Aaron was born and raised in the Portland area, where he continues to live to this day. His extensive firsthand knowledge of the area gives him a powerful perspective on its most advantageous real estate opportunities, which brings immense value to his clients. That in turn has brought Aaron top-level recognition of the excellence of his work. In his five-plus years as a real estate agent, he has been a Top One Percent Portland Metro Realtor and a Multi-Million Dollar Sales Producer. Aaron also won back-to-back “Top Real Estate Agent” awards from the Portland Monthly magazine in 2011 and 2012, and was recently added to the “Registry of Business Excellence™” by America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals organization. Aaron has also begun to make his mark as a thought leader in the American real estate industry. He has appeared in such national publications as “USA Today” and “The Wall Street Journal,” and was recently featured in “Top Agent Magazine.” His first book, “Out Front: The Art of Closing a Deal,” was sold on and made the best selling authors list. Aaron and his team are on track to close over 199 transactions with a value of nearly 66 million dollars in volume in 2012.   Contact Aaron: LinkedIn Twitter

Aug 31

26 min 58 sec

Hi, my name is Mike Shelah, in December 1999, I began my technology sales career. I also started to build and develop my skills in: Emotional Intelligence, sales strategy, leadership, networking LinkedIn training, prospecting and public speaking.     In 2011, I began to share those experiences as a consultant and in January 2015 I launched my website. I spend my time with people, helping them become better. I start as a leader within to help others find the leader in them and develop greatness. September 2019 marked my beginning in full time IT sales and consulting for companies in the Maryland market, including, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and surrounding counties.   Contact Mike: Website YouTube Twitter

Aug 27

33 min 50 sec

New York Times bestselling author Chip Conley is the boutique hotel entrepreneur who helped Airbnb's founders turn their fast-growing tech start-up into a global hospitality brand. Chip is the founder of the Modern Elder Academy, where a new roadmap for midlife is offered at a beautiful oceanfront campus in Mexico. MEA will be opening up their first U.S. MEA Regenerative Community outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2023.     New York Times bestselling author Chip Conley is the hospitality maverick who helped Airbnb's founders turn their fast-growing tech start-up into a global hospitality brand. In Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder he shares his unexpected journey at midlife — from CEO to intern — learning about technology as Airbnb’s Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy, while also mentoring CEO Brian Chesky. Chip is the founder of the Modern Elder Academy, where a new roadmap for midlife is offered at a beautiful oceanfront campus in Baja California Sur, Mexico. He serves on the board of and the advisory board for the Stanford Center for Longevity.   Contact Chip: Modern Elder Academy Wisdom Well LinkedIn Facebook Twitter

Aug 24

23 min 16 sec

With over 30 years of executive leadership experience, Bob is a nationally-recognized Inside Sales innovator who is determined to take our profession to the next level of professionalism and performance.     Back in 2008 Bob formed a vision for the future state of Inside Sales, and from that, the AA-ISP was born. Having grown into a global community for like-minded Inside Sales professionals, the AA-ISP is our industry's leading resource for advancing sales reps, leaders and organizations.   Contact Bob: Website LinkedIn Twitter  

Aug 19

20 min 33 sec

Casey Brown, President, Boost Profits - During her career, Casey Brown has established a stellar reputation as both a pricing geek with a passion to see people paid well for their excellence and as a professional speaker, presenting at conferences, trade associations, and networking groups around the world.     Her 2015 TEDx talk has accumulated over 4M views to date.  As President of Boost Profits she leads a group of consultants who help companies sell more, with higher prices to increase profit.    Contact Casey: Website LinkedIn Twitter    

Aug 17

19 min 51 sec

Paul Katzoff (@PaulKatzoff) is the CEO of WhiteCanyon Software, a data erasure software firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. WhiteCanyon Software has been providing data security software since 1998. And all Sales, Support and Development is performed at their Utah headquarters.  Paul loves surfing, spaghetti, and Whittaker's Peanut Slabs.     Contact Paul: LinkedIn - WhiteCanyon Twitter - WhiteCanyon LinkedIn Twitter

Aug 12

25 min 51 sec

My name is JoBeth Hanak (she/they) and I love sales! Back in 2017, I graduated with honors from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Corporate Communications Studies and a Business Foundations Certification.     I started my sales career while in school and have now been in sales for 5+ years with 3+ of those years being in SaaS. Most of my experience is as a full cycle AE, but the past year I have been in sales development roles to learn how to sell software to enterprises. Currently, I am about to start as a Sr SDR at Chargeback, which was just acquired by Sift this week. I can’t wait to learn about the fraud detection and dispute management space! My interests outside of work include art (drawing and oil painting mostly), hardcore music, riding my motorcycle, and getting more tattoos. However, the most important thing to know about me is that I have a super adorable and slightly intelligent one-eyed rescue pup who keeps me constantly on my toes as she finds new, thrilling ways to get into trouble.   Contact JoBeth: Website LinkedIn  

Aug 10

21 min 9 sec

Jason Yelowitz is a Reno, NV based serial entrepreneur who has founded seven companies in the internet and real estate verticals.  As an advisor for Quiet Light, he has sold online businesses including FBA, ecommerce, SaaS, content websites, etc. for the past 11 years, and has generated tens of millions of dollars of completed M&A.  He enjoys travel, time with his family and chatting about business with entrepreneurs.  He volunteers for Jr. Achievement to teach financial literacy to kids, and is the author of The Bathrobe Millionaire.   Contact Jason: LinkedIn Testimonials Twitter

Aug 5

17 min 36 sec

A Real Estate Broker with Fortune 50 Company experience and a lifelong history of Entrepreneurship. In addition to earning his Broker designation, George has studied Business, Economics, and Philosophy whereby he earned two diplomas and an MBA.     Prior to becoming a Realtor, George acquired over 10 years of leadership development and professional experience working with many top companies, such as Johnson and Johnson, Microsoft, and Ford. George also acquired Entrepreneurial experience, launching, building, growing, and selling companies such as a Boutique Management Consultancy, Auto Collision Repair Shops, Online Retailing, and more. Additionally, George owns several rental properties, has served as President of Condo Corporations, and has successfully supervised the renovation, remodelling and resale of many real estate properties.    With a track record of achievement, George has now focused his drive, and aptitude for success, on growing and building the GT1 Realty Group team and brand. He now wants to share and nurture success with other like minded, positive, ambitious, professional real estate agents.   Contact George: Connection & Content LinkedIn Facebook Instagram

Aug 3

20 min 36 sec

The story behind CannedWater4kids (CW4K) CannedWater4kids (cW4k) was established on January 22, 2008, by Greg Stromberg, a 47-year veteran of the packaging industry focused on cans.   He was alarmed at the rate at which children worldwide were dying from waterborne diseases caused by the lack of clean, safe drinking water. It seemed odd that a world able to put men on the moon or create self-driving cars had not fixed the clean drinking water problem. With support from the Can industry, and a passion for wanting to save children and reverse this trend of water-borne diseases, our lean 501c3 E-charity was born. The aluminum can and aluminum bottle have become a billboard for broadcasting the charity’s purpose. Our canned water product also promotes the impressive sustainability attributes of the aluminum container which benefits the industry- and our environment. Best of all, we’re helping children today so they have a chance at tomorrow. A video detailing Greg’s motivation for cW4k can be seen here: Greg’s Grandfather was key inspiration for the nonprofit Greg’s Grandfather, Dr. Norvin Stromberg, was known for his kindness providing free dental care to those in need during the great depression. This selfless action became one of the things that fueled Greg’s passion and formation of CannedWater4kids. Times were tough. People needed dental care but couldn’t afford it because all of their money was for food. Norvin was there to help. This selfless action was always top of mind for Greg. Inspiration was also drawn from Newman’s Own Brand, where 100% of the royalties and profits that it receives from the sale of Newman’s Own products for charitable purposes.   Contact Greg: Website LinkedIn Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter

Jul 29

17 min 8 sec

I feel as though I was born and bred into the real estate industry. At a young age, I can remember spending time with my father who began his real estate career in 1974. Spending countless hours as a child listening to the way he conducted his business practices, I realize now that I was being given a gift;  building life skills that would prove to be priceless.     I started a small business when I was 12 years of age. “A 12 year old with a business?” one might say. Well, at the age of 12 I started cutting a few lawns in the summer. By my last year of high school, I was cutting over 75 lawns in a four day work week and doing odd jobs on weekends. All while playing quarterback at Lorne Park Secondary School and maintaining grades that eventually took me to the University of Toronto.   Selling real estate is a passion of mine. However, my real passion is the people. Clients that eventually become friends, I get to watch their families grow year after year. My approach to selling them a house is more like helping them build a strong foundation where their roots will eventually run deep, in a community that they are passionate about.   I’m not perfect. That is why I have a perfect team of professionals that surround me. I rely on them and trust their incredible and diverse skill set to help our clientele achieve their long and short-term goals.   In a real industry that has evolved with the times, it’s as though the mantra, “bigger is better,” seems to be today’s trend. Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe in a high-level of customer one-on-one service that is geared towards our clients’ everyday lives. Personal service to each and every client of ours is done through a small team of professionals. We are not about rankings and numbers. We are about getting the job done. Doing so in a way that getting to know our clients on a personal level will help to make their buying or selling experience a memorable one. There is no better feeling then being at the grocery store, at the hockey rink, or even on a walk when a past client comes up to you as a friend and asks how things are.   I like to say that opportunity is a gift. Opportunities come in many forms. I am reminded every day how blessed I am to live and work in a community that is filled with vibrant people. People from all walks of life, cultures, ethnicities and that share one thing in common, the dream and realization of owning a home is more than bricks and mortar. It’s realizing that they, too, have been given the gift of establishing their roots, raising families and building a community.   I look forward to the opportunity of one day serving you and your family, and building relationships that stem from client to friend.   Contact Matthew: Website Facebook Instagram

Jul 27

26 min 30 sec

As a professional sales performance consultant, trainer and coach for over 30 years, Terry has dedicated himself to the growth and development of consultative sales people, sales managers and their results.     Over half that time he resided in Chicago as VP Sales and Marketing for Holden, an premier international sales training company working with Top Fortune 50 sales organizations at EDS, Bell Canada, IBM, XEROX, HP, Sprint, Unisys, Ernst & Young and others. In the early 2000's Terry discovered Sandler’s unique training and consulting strategy proven to drive long term, sustainable sales improvement. Acknowledging the failure of traditional 1 – 3 day training bootcamps to deliver lasting quantifiable impact, he joined the global Sandler Training and Consulting team and adopted the model of incremental improvement over time, through shorter workshops at a higher frequency rate, spread over time. His Sandler no pressure conversational Selling System is a 180 degree pivot from traditional solution selling. It addresses the buyer pattern of withholding information from salespeople, stealing all their knowledge and expertise, lying about their intention to do business and then entering witness protection when it comes time for the decision. The Sandler trained sales pro gains the ability to control the Buyer – Seller Dance,  while applying principles from psychology and human dynamics to allow the buyer to feel comfortable, in control and honest. The Sandler Selling System takes the qualification process to a deeper level eliminating unintended waste of resources in generating quotes and proposals that will never close, best characterized as free solution consulting. Clients routinely see conversion rates from first contact to close rise between 30 – 170%. Terry lives in Ottawa, Canada and when not driving full out sales growth for his clients you’ll find him driving full out as a Certified Level II High Performance Driving Instructor and Coach around motorsports road courses like Circuit Mt. Tremblant, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Mosport) and Ottawa’s Calabogie Motorsports Park.   Contact Terry: Website LinkedIn Twitter

Jul 22

22 min 25 sec

Sam Johnson is a sales trainer at PayTrace, a SaaS payment gateway focused on making merchants happy. His training expertise empowers sales agents to develop knowledge and use influential tools throughout the B2B marketplace.     Prior to working with PayTrace, Sam was a sales leader in the NBA and Arena Football League. He serves as an advocate with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, volunteers at Partners for Pets in Spokane, Wash.   Contact Sam: Company Website Blog and Webinars LinkedIn

Jul 20

18 min 21 sec

Kyle teaches free online courses at HubSpot Academy. He has created certification courses on inbound sales, sales enablement, sales management, and HubSpot’s sales software. His videos have garnered a combined 2.2 million views in the past 12 months alone. He is a husband, father, and aspiring paperback novelist.     Contact Kyle: Website LinkedIn Twitter

Jul 15

24 min 54 sec

Roy Redd is an Internationally Recognized Speaker, Business Advisor and 4-time #1 Best Selling Author of The Unnoticed Advantage and The Success Magnet: Cultivate the 5 values that attract success, The Six-figure Trainer and The Little Book Of Mental Health.     Roy is a business performance coach who works with companies, organizations he works with groups to dramatically increase, tangible and measurable results. Sharing tips and strategies to greatly improve performance, reduce waste, and increase profit. Using principles learned in his years of working with professional athletes and CEO's, Roy will demonstrate the 4 keys to mind mastery and performance. You do not need to be an athlete or a CEO to take advantage of Roy's ideas to change your life.    Contact Roy: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter

Jul 13

20 min 9 sec

You can tell good stories to create memorable marketing that accelerates sales enablement in any industry, any economy, at any time to sell more, faster, at higher margin, with ease.     Get a free copy of how to establish a mutually agreed upon sales agenda at ✔ DID YOU KNOW? Only 7% of companies respond to leads within five minutes while 55% take 5+ days or do not even bother to respond to leads at all. I provide the tools, skills & automation to help you close more sales faster & overcome objections. ✔ HOW I SERVE SALES PROFESSIONALS: ➡ Keynote Speeches ➡ Make Every Sale Success System ➡ 90 Day Coaching Program ➡ Inner Circle Membership ➡ Books & Tools ✔ UNIQUE EXPERIENCE ➡ I am a ruthlessly pragmatic sales trainer, marketing consultant, keynote speaker, copywriter, & CRM automation expert ➡ Air Force Vet, Husband, Father of 7 ➡ My sole focus is helping professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners & entrepreneurs find the exact tools and programs they need to grow. ✔CLIENT RESULTS: ➡“Our due diligence retainers increased over $50,000 per month…Every hour spent under Wes’s tutelage was worth every single penny.” ~Zach Smith, CEO, Funded Today ➡ Greg & Julie Alexander converted 74% of the room after one session with Wes ➡ Tabitha Day Philen hosted a Facebook Live three days prior to her webinar. She answered their hidden objections & raised her prices 423%. ➡ Visit ✔ SPECIALTIES: HubSpot CRM ★ Sales Enablement ★ Infusionsoft ★ Lead Generation ★ Sales Training ★ Ontraport ★ Email Marketing Systems ★ Salesforce CRM ★ Internet Marketing ★ Copywriting ★ Zoho CRM ★ Sales Force Automation   Contact Wes: Make Every Sale Hire The Best Speaker HubSpot vs Infusionsoft Twitter

Jul 8

27 min 11 sec

Bruce Langford works full-time in the field of mindfulness as a consultant and life coach. He is the host and creator of the Mindfulness Mode Podcast where he interviews people from all walks of life who use mindfulness to stay centered and grounded.     At one time, Bruce lived with a high level of anxiety, but as he began to apply mindfulness strategies, his anxiety became minimal. Bruce’s extensive background for over a decade in bullying prevention equips him, through mindfulness, to inspire employees to replace self-bullying and judgmental behaviors, with a strong desire for cooperation and respect. Bruce is now hired by companies to improve corporate culture by replacing stress and anxiety with team spirit and self-respect. As a result of his trainings, employee sick time declines, general wellness improves, and profits increase. Bruce has delivered more than 1,700 live presentations and his writings have appeared in numerous publications.   Contact Bruce: Website LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter

Jul 6

21 min 47 sec

Entrepreneurs hire Jay Rooke as their coach when they want to harmonize their business, personal development and spiritual foundations.  Formerly a trial attorney for the City of New York, Jay spent a decade in the corporate world, and has one foot in each camp so that the spiritual work is grounded in practical solutions.       Jay's "why" is that he always wanted to follow his passion to be an entrepreneur, so years ago he opened a restaurant, which quickly turned into an “involuntary non-profit” and he lost everything.  While the experience nearly killed him, it inspired his evolution to serve first-time entrepreneurs by helping them launch their businesses without losing their savings and sanity. Jay is the host of Know Pain, Know Gain—Entrepreneurship Made Real, a podcast and nationally syndicated radio show.    Contact Jay: Website Gonzo Parenting LinkedIn Podcast

Jul 1

24 min 22 sec

Pete Ryan is the co-founder at CoSell. A network built for sales teams to discover new partners, surface prospect and customer overlaps, and drive the exchange of warm introductions into key accounts. Before CoSell, Pete co-founded CoSell, was the head of enterprise sales at Trello/Atlassian, one of the first sales reps at LinkedIn.      Contact Pete: LinkedIn Twitter

Jun 29

29 min 8 sec

Scott Mautz is a popular keynote speaker and three-time award-winning author, including the Amazon #1 bestseller, Leading from the Middle: A Playbook for Managers to Influence Up, Down, and Across the Organization.     He’s a former Procter & Gamble senior executive who successfully ran several of the company’s largest multi-billion-dollar businesses. Scott is Faculty at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business for Executive Education and a LinkedIn Learning instructor. He’s been named a “CEO Thought-leader” by The Chief Executives Guild and a "Top 50 Leadership Innovator" by, where his column drew nearly 2 million monthly readers. Scott’s the Founder/CEO of Profound Performance™, a keynote, training, and coaching company that helps you ignite profound performance.   Contact Scott: Website LinkedIn Facebook Twitter

Jun 24

30 min 6 sec

Mary Grothe is a former #1 MidMarket B2B SaaS Sales Rep who after selling millions in revenue and breaking multiple records, formed Sales BQ®, an outsourced RevOps firm of fractional VPs of Sales, Sales Ops, and CMO's who serve companies across the nation by profitably rebuilding their sales & marketing departments and growing their revenue by focusing on BQ, the behavioral quotient, and proven inbound + outbound strategies.     MORE ON MARY Mary began her professional career at age 22, working with a Fortune 1000 Payroll/HR company. Starting at just $13/hour in an admin role, she quickly acquired the skills, education, and training required to advance into mid-market sales. Mary found her sales success by listening to her clients and always solving their needs; putting their agenda before hers. Even in times when her sales approach was the direct inverse of what corporate was enforcing, she knew in her heart what was right, leveraging emotional, intellectual, and behavioral intelligence. With multiple TOP 10 finishes and millions in revenue sold, she left to pursue a journey understanding the Human Behavior Intelligence that drives high growth sales and is now dedicating her professional career to helping companies drive growth.   KEYNOTES WITH MARY Mary Grothe can speak to various topics that fall under executive leadership, sales success, motivational, and spiritual keynotes. Your attendees will thank you for booking Mary on the main stage or breakout session. She captures their attention immediately and keeps them engaged throughout. Mary has sat through dozens of poorly constructed sessions with nonengaging speakers and non-relevant topics with no actionable takeaways. She knows what NOT to do. She ensures your audience is engaged, participatory, and is able to implement several key takeaways immediately following the event. She conducts extensive pre-training interviews with your key stakeholders to learn your business inside and out, learn the key sales and revenue challenges that need attention, and delivers an easy-to-follow session that your attendees will rave about because it’s relevant to them, their market, their buyer, their competition, their product or service, and what they hope to achieve in the next coming months.   Contact Mary: House of Revenue - LinkedIn Mary Grothe - LinkedIn YouTube Instagram Twitter

Jun 22

28 min 7 sec

Rick Dhillon, known as the ultimate negotiator, went from humble beginnings to one of Canada's Top producers and owes it all to the world of real estate. Now he teaches real estate agents how to excel in creating financial freedom.      Quick tips: -Become the expert by mastering your craft -Set pillars to generate a true business -Leverage tools and people to buy your time back.  -Master the art of communication.   Contact Rick: Website LinkedIn YouTube Instagram Facebook

Jun 17

24 min 22 sec

Have you ever truly felt the heat of customer rejection? Have you ever wanted the sales process to be cool and relaxed each time?     Sam Wakefield has always believed in learning from the ground up and that was no different when he entered the world of HVAC. Starting on install crews and working in tight spaces, Sam knew he wanted to advance up the chain and so the next obvious step was sales but that came with fear, doubt and anxiety of rejection. Not one to be stopped he followed the advice of the great Jim Rohn that said “For things to be better, you have to get better. For things to change, you have to change”. Diving deep into his own growth and being willing to stand in the “HEAT” of self-development, Sam took control of the thermostat of sales. Breaking down the process, he was able to understand why customers get heated over sales pitches and give no’s to receiving cooler yeses with a 50+% closing rate. With his proven “Close It Now” sales system and Podcast working for him, Sam has not only sold millions of dollars in equipment he has gone on to win multiple sales awards while also becoming the lead sales trainer for companies in both small and large markets. If you truly want to raise the temperature of your results, contact Sam now and book a coaching session with him for yourself and your team.   Contact Sam: Website LinkedIn Facebook Podcast Spotify

Jun 15

24 min 46 sec

Antonio is a charismatic and experienced trainer, speaker, consultant and author in the areas of sales, management and strategic planning.     Using the proven Sandler techniques and methodologies, Antonio is well known for his expertise in developing and training powerful sales strategies and tactics – his clients learn how to win more sales, in less time, while creating a common sales language and dynamic prospecting culture.   Antonio’s Sandler Specialism: Questioning Strategies. He is known for his book Asking Questions The Sandler Way.   Antonio’s Overriding Management Principle: “For prospects to see you as better than your competitors, first they have to see you as different from them. If they ‘zig’, you should ‘zag’.”   In 2020, his latest book, The 21st Century Ride-Along, was released. Focusing on sales management, he discusses how to avoid the most common mistakes and deliver the greatest possible value by sitting in on sales calls, with proven strategies to dramatically improve sales teams productivity.   Antonio has over 20 years of experience in executive sales, business development and management. Prior to co-founding Absolute Sales Development, Antonio held a number of senior executive and directorship positions for some of the world’s best respected and trusted brands.

   Antonio is a fully qualified and certified Business Mentor with the IoEE – ‘Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs’, and was awarded the highly-regarded Institute of Personnel Development award for ‘Change Management’.   Contact Antonio: Antonio’s LinkedIn Sandler Miami’s LinkedIn Sandler Miami’s Facebook Sandler Miami’s Twitter Sandler Miami’s Instagram

Jun 10

35 min 41 sec

Helping Business owners convert virtual prospects into paying customers.       With over 3 decades of sales and marketing success under his belt, ]oe has doubled sales revenue for companies in the Automotive, Software, Chiropractic, Dentistry, Mortgage and Real Estate Industries. Joe can help any sales organization to maximize their lead to sales conversions by removing the "trust potholes" that are inherently damaging your road to the sale.   Contact Joe: Website LinkedIn Facebook Twitter

Jun 8

23 min 39 sec

Alex Bartholomaus started People Stretch Solutions, a DC-based management consulting firm, in 2009 to help CEOs scale their organizations.  Alex is a published author and professional speaker on the topics of OKR, Sales Effectiveness, Elite Business Performance and Emotional Intelligence.       Alex began his career at Billington Imports, a family business which he grew from $1MM to $37MM in revenue over a 15 year period before a successful exit in 2009.   Billington was a category leader in South American wines and during his tenure Alex started the Big Tattoo Wines project, donating over $1million to hospice and breast cancer research charities.   Contact Alex: Website LinkedIn People Stretch LinkedIn People Stretch Facebook Twitter

Jun 3

21 min 42 sec

Trevor has over 35 years of business experience at senior manager / director level. He combines his knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm to help his clients deliver better, more successful presentations that will ultimately help them win more sales.      Trevor also ‘fill’s a gap’ for businesses that don’t have a sales director, helping them grow their revenues by working with them and their teams virtually for the equivalent of two days a month.    Every Monday Trevor broadcasts the ‘Better Presentations More Sales Podcast’ - he also has a second podcast ‘Running 44@60’ which is tracking his progress to a 44 mile off road ultra marathon in May 2021.     Contact Trevor: Website LinkedIn YouTube

Jun 1

23 min 31 sec

Chris Michael Harris (CMH) is the founder of StartupU, Host of StartupU Podcast + StartupU TV, Speaker, and Performance Coach.     Having founded, bootstrapped and scaled multiple startups to 7+ Figures in his mid-to-late twenties, in both the on and offline space, Chris excels in taking concepts from idea stage to traction and growth in extremely rapid succession. In addition to being involved with several exciting endeavors ranging a variety of industries and serving as the Entrepreneur in Residence for Silicon Valley-Based Accelerator Program, Founder Institute, Chris is also the host of Entrepreneur Hour, a podcast that has trended as high as Top 5 worldwide on iTunes under Business, Health and Education. The show has featured many mainstream guests such as Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, Marie Forleo, Grant Cardone, Guy Kawasaki, Jack Canfield, Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss, Dr. Josh Axe and Dave Asprey (to name a few) in addition to over 40+ NYT's Best Selling Authors and Thought Leaders in their respective space. With his focus on leaving the world better off than he found it, Chris is passionate about service to others and creating empowering content to uplift his audience to take control of their own futures.   Contact Chris: Website LinkedIn YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter

May 27

28 min 25 sec

Jim Beach is a serial entrepreneur, McGraw-Hill bestselling author, speaker, and award-winning radio host. After starting as an entrepreneur at age 25 and growing his first company to over 700 employees without any capital infusions, Jim went on to be a #1 ranked business school professor.     Jim’s classes (that started a real business every semester) were noticed by a Bloomberg reporter and that lead to … 1) the McGraw-Hill bestselling book School For Startups, 2) the 4x global b-plan contest-winning School For Startups online entrepreneurial program, and 3) the SBA Media Award-winning School for Startup Radio on 25 AmFm stations. He has spoken for UPS (2 national tours), Wells Fargo (over 25 engagements), CitiCorp, Sam’s Club, First Data, Chic-fil-A, Toshiba, SunTrust, McKinsey, Edelmans, BBVA Compass Bank and countless others, and is known for upbeat, entertaining talks.  The School for Startups Radio show won the Small Business Association Media Award and it is featured on 25 AM/FM stations and several of the online platforms. Interviews include authors Brian Tracy, and Ken Blanchard, Ted star Simon Sinek, Shark Tank star Kevin Harrington, Astronaut Mae Jemison, Pixar CFO Lawrence Levy, Cisco CEO John Chambers, Entrepreneur Russel Brunson, and over 4,200 others. Jim’s McGraw Hill book School for Startups was published in June 2011 and reached #9 on all of Amazon and #1 on the business section. The book continues to be a best-seller after many years and received 4.8 stars from over 110 reviewers. It was excerpted by Entrepreneur magazine and the Wall Street Journal India. Jim was featured in a UPS commercial, was referred to as the “Simon Cowell of venture capital” by CNN, and has appeared on NPR, MBNBC, CNN, the New York Times, and many others. Jim has lead fundraising efforts for real estate apps, healthcare IT, and hospitality companies in the last several years. He and his clients have been invited to White House Christmas Parties (Jim has twice presented to White House officials) and he has appeared on shows like “Hannity.” At the age of 25, Jim started the American Computer Experience and grew the company with no capital infusion to $12 million in annual revenue and to over 700 employees. The company was the world’s largest technology training company for children and enjoyed tie-ins with Microsoft, Intel, Lego, NASA, and many others. After this business was sold, Jim taught at Georgia State University and was the top-ranked Business School professor 12 semesters in a row.   Contact Jim: Website LinkedIn Facebook Twitter 

May 25

28 min 50 sec

Martin Rutte is an international speaker and management consultant.  As President of Livelihood, a management consulting firm with offices in New Mexico, USA, and Prince Edward Island, Canada, he explores the deeper meaning of work and its contribution to society.       Martin has helped many organizations position themselves for the future: The World Bank, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Southern California Edison, Virgin Records, Esso Petroleum and London Life Insurance.  He was the first Canadian to address the Corporate Leadership & Ethics Forum of The Harvard Business School, returning for four consecutive years.  Martin is co-founder and past Chair of the Board of the Centre for Spirituality and the Workplace, Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada.   He is a co-author of The New York Times business bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work, with over one million copies sold.  His newest book, available on Amazon, is: Project Heaven on Earth:  The 3 simple questions that will help you change the world … easily explores the deep yearning for the kind of world you want and the simple, easy, concrete steps you can take to make that happen.  Martin calls that discovering what Heaven on Earth is for you and activating a simple plan to begin making it real.     Contact Martin: Website Project Heaven on Earth Homepage LinkedIn

May 20

21 min 49 sec

Jeremy Pope is a former clinical and stage hypnotist who now helps entrepreneurs build scalable high-ticket businesses. He’s been a top salesperson, sales manager, and sales trainer for international businesses, including the direct-marketing giant Guthy Renker. Now, he helps small business owners repair broken discovery calls. You can join the free facebook community at ​​.   Possible talking points/controversies -Why he hated marketing and resented sales for the first year of his entrepreneurial           career, and had to learn it the ‘non-talented’ way. -If you’re like most salespeople, you don’t know HOW to pay attention to your prospect.           Here’s what hypnosis can teach you about ‘sales mind-reading’ -Why ‘asking for help on price objections’ will seize up your sales engine every time -3 Commitments that will help you close 15% more sales tomorrow -How one prep mistake causes most business owners to lose great potential clients -What many salespeople do that’s like ‘putting on makeup without a mirror’ -How using the wrong credibility factors can squash your sales -Don’t know your numbers? You’re closing 15% lower than you think, maybe on every step -3 Simple factors to decrease your sales cycle time - awareness, call prep, and commitments -Why most people ignore the most effective changes to their sales processes: unsexy is your             secret weapon Giveaway/Bonus for your audience:​ Sales Console The Sales Call Overhaul live show is a weekly event in our free facebook group where we rebuild broken sales calls live on the air - this is our $1800 offering, and we give it away to one winner every Friday. All group members can participate!​ (9 different factors)   Contact Jeremy: Website LinkedIn Facebook

May 18

30 min 20 sec