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Now celebrating its second year, Talking Architecture & Design is Australia’s first B2B architecture podcast that regularly talks about a range of issues that affect Australia’s architects, building designers and built environment professionals.Run by Australia’s most popular architecture magazine, Architecture & Design, the Talking Architecture & Design podcast gives a regular bite-sized dose of what is important and sometimes what is just plain old interesting to anyone and everyone in the business of building design.

  1. 1.
    Episode 74: Former AIA President Clare Cousins goes to war over the governments Anzac Hall rebuild
  2. 2.
    Episode 73: Damian Barker & Nik Dunoski from Jackson Teece Architects explain the design concepts behind Anglicare's Woolooware Shores Retirement Village
  3. 3.
    Episode 72: Tina Fox from Scott Carver on sustainability, organisational change and the changing nature of hotel design
  4. 4.
    Episode 71: Architect Ian Moore talks about the evolution & adaptation of the modern bathroom
  5. 5.
    Episode 70: Associate Professor Philip Russo talks about the importance infection control in aged & health care facilities
  6. 6.
    Episode 69: Elizabeth Farrelly talks about her new book, Killing Sydney and why architecture matters
  7. 7.
    Episode 68: Richard Harrison, National Business Development Manager at ALSPEC talks about Aluminium frames, cladding & standards
  8. 8.
    Episode 67: Michael Teys & Craig Penton talk about building safety issues as well as the future of cladding and what is happening with cladding rectification
  1. 9.
    Episode 66: Aidan Mullan, Sustainability and Lean Manager for Interface talks about the road to carbon negativity
  2. 10.
    Episode 65: Veena Sahajwalla from UNSW & Diana Sarcasmo from Mirvac explain how building new apartments from waste is the next big thing
  3. 11.
    Episode 64: Alexander Symes describes how a practical and poetic understanding of crafting a building is crucial
  4. 12.
    Episode 63: Chris McCue from Carr on New Brutalism, Biophilic design and his new project at Brunswick Yard
  5. 13.
    Episode 62: Dr. Steve Cummings from Caroma talks about the importance of designing for dignity in aged-care
  6. 14.
    Episode 61: Troy Creighton, MD of Stormtech on why lowering our water usage is now more crucial than its ever been
  7. 15.
    Episode 60: Tisha Lee, a director at K2LD explains how the design world is adapting to our new normal
  8. 16.
    Episode 59: William Chan talks about how architecture and the design sector are vital to tackling both climate and social change
  9. 17.
    Episode 58: Aidan Mullan from Interface talks about floors, floor design, building waste, sustainability and is there such a thing as smart flooring?
  10. 18.
    Episode 57: Christian Hampson, Co-founder and Director of Yerrabingin, on urban rooftop farms, Indigenous bushfire mitigation & sustainability
  11. 19.
    Episode 56: Nicci Leung from Lifepod Evolution on how data, automation and AI are influencing sustainability in the built environment
  12. 20.
    Episode 55: Tone Wheeler on social housing and do we need a housing crash to fix all our social housing woes?
  13. 21.
    Episode 54: Architect, lecturer, author and councilor Professor Philip Thalis talks about the design of Sydney, where its gone wrong & what we can do about it
  14. 22.
    Episode 53: Gerhana Waty, director of urban design at the Hansen Partnership on how humans and their space is more crucial than ever thanks to COVID-19
  15. 23.
    Episode 52: Koichi Takada talks about sustainable design and how COVID-19 has forever changed how we work, live and design our buildings
  16. 24.
    Episode 51: Peter Hogg talks about the challenges of teaching design, post-COVID architecture and why work will never be the same
  17. 25.
    Episode 50: Troy Creighton talks about the importance of making building materials in Australia, sustainability and smart drains
  18. 26.
    Episode 49: Steve Fox from BIM Consulting & Sydney University talks about the huge impact data is having on the design profession
  19. 27.
    Episode 48: How COVID-19 has changed the built industry, why moving to green buildings now makes sense and should building products be manufactured onshore
  20. 28.
    Episode 47: John Lorente discuses sustainability, the building industry, timber use in architecture and manufacturing building products in Australia
  21. 29.
    Episode 46: Kris Daff talks about why rent-with-the-option-to-buy is the smart way to address housing issues
  22. 30.
    Episode 45: Architect Jo Gillies on how social isolation will change who we are as people and as workers
  23. 31.
    Episode 44: Architect and lecturer Sandra Furtado surveys our new work / life lockdown paradigm
  24. 32.
    Episode 43: Caroma's Dr. Peter Sweatman talks toilet design, water usage, automation and why toilet paper is on the way out
  25. 33.
    Episode 42: Gensler’s Sustainable Design Leader for A/PAC Nermine Zahran and her journey of architectural discovery
  26. 34.
    Episode 41: Architectus Principal Studio Leader, Ruth Wilson on the design and management of large and complex projects
  27. 35.
    Episode 40: We talk with landscape architects Kate Luckraft and Bianca Pineda about urban designs, gender roles in design & trees
  28. 36.
    Episode 39: We talk with Penny Fuller, a recent recipient of the AIA’s Emerging Architect Prize, which she was awarded for her first built project in Australia
  29. 37.
    Episode 38: Architect and lecturer Tone Wheeler dispels the myths over the reasons for our bushfire crisis
  30. 38.
    Episode 37: Bushfires and how to negate them. We talk with sustainable building designer and rural fire fighter Dick Clarke
  31. 39.
    Episode 36: JMP's John McAslan & Troy Uleman talk about the Central Station redesign, urban planning and the process of design
  32. 40.
    Episode 35: Tone Wheeler talks about designers, ecology, education, Bali and how Australia became a hotbed of sustainable design
  33. 41.
    Episode 34: Talking Architecture & Design talks to Speckel software co-developer Darren O'Dea
  34. 42.
    Episode 33: Amanda Stanaway from Woods Bagot talks about workplace design and the changing workplace
  35. 43.
    Episode 32: Talking Architecture & Design speaks with PTW Architects director Diane Jones
  36. 44.
    Episode 31: Ros Moriarty talks about the increasing understanding and appreciation of Indigenous design
  37. 45.
    Episode 30: Koos de Keijzer gives an insight into urban design, what architects should be designing and the future of urban planing
  38. 46.
    Episode 29: Talking Architecture & Design speaks with Jodie Taylor, International Towers' head of Marketing & Stakeholder Engagement
  39. 47.
    Episode 28: Talking Architecture & Design speaks with David Kaunitz on disaster architecture and urban design
  40. 48.
    Episode 27: Talking Architecture & Design talks with Simone Oliver from Architectus about the future of workplace design
  41. 49.
    Episode 26: Talking Architecture & Design talks with Dyson's Will Darvill & Associate Professor Sean Cain from Monash University
  42. 50.
    Episode 25: Robyn Lindsey, Geyer's innovation and thought leader talks retail & urban design, generational change & wellness

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