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With the way we work — and learn — transforming at an unprecedented pace, building Agile learning programs is more important than ever. However, creating adaptive and flexible programs that can shift alongside business priorities isn't easy. We spoke with  Marjorie Van Roon, a Certified Professional in Training Management and senior manager of learning and development at Best Buy Canada, to learn how learning leaders can build Agile learning programs that set their organizations up for success ... no matter what roadblocks lie ahead.  Listen now to learn more on: The skills training professionals need to drive Agile learning processes. How Agile learning benefits individual learners and the business at large. Why Agile learning should remain a top priority for businesses today.

Nov 22

15 min 49 sec

Training measurement is a notoriously difficult aspect of the training manager role. However, measuring the impact of training is essential for proving learning and development (L&D)'s impact on the business — and your own. In this special episode of The Business of Learning, sponsored by GP Strategies, Bonnie Beresford, director of performance and learning analytics at GP Strategies, answers our most pressing questions about training measurement.

Oct 25

37 min 35 sec

COVID-19 accelerated the rise of virtual learning, with many companies shifting to hybrid or remote work, they looked to remote learning as a way to upskill and train their workforce with the tools and skills they needed to thrive. We also know that remote and hybrid work isn’t going away any time soon, which means virtual training is here to stay.  We spoke with Jeb Blount, chief executive officer of Sales Gravy, to learn more about virtual training.  Listen now to learn more on: How to shift in-person training programs online. What makes virtual training successful, and what doesn't. How to engage learners in a virtual environment.

Oct 18

46 min 3 sec

Learning and development leaders are also business leaders responsible for delivering training that drives results. However, most of us aren’t born business-savvy. Fortunately, business acumen is a skill that can be learned. We spoke with Emily Ricco, senior manager of learning design in global enablement at Salesforce and Micah Jacobson, director of learning design in global enablement at Salesforce, to learn how training professionals can build their business acumen and improve the impact of training as a result.  Listen Now to Learn More On: Why it's important for learning leaders to understand business processes and plans. How to improve your financial literacy. How training and development can help improve business acumen across the enterprise.

Sep 27

15 min 56 sec

Resilience is an invaluable trait in both our personal and professional lives. It arms us with the strength and agility we need to overcome obstacles and thrive in the face of change. We spoke with  Gavin Sutton, head of learning and development at Ogilvy, and Tricia Inderhees, learning and development consultant leader at the Cincinnati Insurance Companies and an Agile-certified HR and L&D professional, to learn more about training's role in building resilience.  Listen now to learn more on: Tips and best practices for resilience training. How resilience can help leaders overcome obstacles. How to create a resilient work, and learning, environment.

Aug 30

36 min 49 sec

We spoke with Susan Kish, an education and training advocate for The Superior Group, and De’Lisa Stringer, a project manager and diversity and inclusion practitioner, to learn how L&D leaders can build internal consulting skills and become trusted business partners. 

Jul 26

28 min

Dr. Amy Edmondson first introduced the idea of psychological safety while conducting research as a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard Business School. Now, businesses across industries strive to build psychological safety on their teams, which is proven to drive innovation and business outcomes as a result. In this episode of  "The Business of Learning," we spoke with Dr. Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School and author of “The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth,” to learn more about psychological safety as it relates to learning and development. 

Jun 28

25 min 26 sec

 Although the concept of adaptive learning isn’t new, it’s perhaps more relevant than ever. After all, we live in a world of automation, where everything from the TV shows we watch to the products we buy are personally recommended based on our unique needs and preferences. And the corporate training world is no different.  In this episode of The Business of Learning, sponsored by Realizeit, we spoke with Manoj Kulkarni, chief executive officer at Realizeit, to learn more about adaptive learning. 

May 24

37 min 33 sec

Today’s workforce is dynamic, and there’s no one-size-fits-all training approach that will work for every organization and for every learner. Blended learning helps overcome the challenges of meeting the many different needs of many different learners, engaging a wide group of employees and giving them the training they need, when they need it. In this episode of "The Business of Learning," we spoke with Jamie Breshears, senior manager in Deloitte Consulting’s learning and leadership practice, and Lynn Leadley, a certified professional in training management and senior vice president at Pax8 University, to learn how blended learning can drive engagement and, as a result, business outcomes.

May 17

34 min 14 sec

In the modern workplace, social learning is in full swing, with digital collaboration tools and social networks driving a culture of peer-to-peer learning. We spoke with Kacie Walters, head of global professional development at Northern Trust Corporation, Linda Cai, an experienced learning and talent executive and author of “Share: How Organizations Can Thrive in an Age of Networked Knowledge, Power and Relationships,” and Nicole Lembo, manager of academic programs at JetBlue Airways, to find out how learning leaders can enable social learning in the workplace. 

Apr 26

46 min 45 sec

Effective leaders do more than manage performance: They inspire. They innovate. They listen, and they go out of their way to help their team members succeed. To learn more about modern leadership, we spoke with Laura Smith Dunaief, an experienced learning leader and an instructor for Training Industry’s continuing professional development programs, and Mark Herschberg, a chief technical officer, professor and author of “The Career Toolkit, Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You.” 

Mar 29

45 min 46 sec

2020 accelerated the adoption of virtual meeting and collaboration tools, as companies looked to keep their employees connected and engaged as they worked remotely during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s also become clear that remote work and learning are here to stay. We spoke with Matt Giegerich, chief executive officer of The Inception Company, and Shaun Urban, president of The Inception Company, for expert insights on engaging virtual learners in 2021 and beyond.  Listen to this new episode, sponsored by The Inception Company, to learn more on:  Virtual engagement lessons we learned in 2020.  How to combat virtual meeting fatigue in an increasingly digital workplace.  Tips for successful virtual meeting and training facilitation. 

Mar 8

32 min 45 sec

Learning and development (L&D) leaders worldwide are finding new and innovative ways to immerse their learners in training that drives business results. To learn more about experiential learning, we spoke with Meghan Castillo principal learning experience designer at HubSpot, and Hasti Mehta, learning and development operations specialist at HubSpot. Listen now to learn more on: Creating immersive training experiences in a virtual environment. Leveraging experiential learning for increased learner engagement. The business benefits of experiential learning.

Feb 22

30 min 24 sec

As we recorded this episode in January 2021, the future of work has perhaps never been more uncertain. The coronavirus pandemic has shifted both how many businesses operate and how many employees do their job. To learn more about what the future workforce will look like, and training’s role in developing it, we spoke with Keith Keating, senior director and global learning strategist at GP Strategies.  Listen to this new episode, sponsored by GP Strategies, to learn more on: How COVID-19 has impacted the future workforce. The skills the future workforce needs to thrive. Future training trends to look out for.

Feb 15

27 min 52 sec

The measurement challenge is a common one in the training industry. While we know that L&D plays a key role in helping organizations reach their goals, learning leaders have long struggled to prove the business impact of training. To learn more and uncover the secrets behind effective training measurement and evaluation, we spoke with Asha Pandey, founder and chief learning strategist at EI Design. Listen to this episode, sponsored by EI Design, to learn more on: Common oversights learning leaders make when measuring the impact of training. How to identify which key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure. Popular measurement models and methods.

Feb 3

29 min 35 sec

2020 was a whirlwind. L&D was hard at work helping organizations navigate the coronavirus’ impact on businesses across industries, whether by rolling out a new health and safety course or shifting in-person programs online. As we begin a new year, we spoke with Tiffany Poeppelman, director of LinkedIn’s business leadership program, and Amy Contreras, head of L&D at Uber Freight, to reflect on the learning trends we saw in 2020 and what to expect in 2021.    Listen now to learn more on:  The rise of remote learning.  2020 L&D trends that are here to stay.  The skills leaders need to develop successful teams in 2021.

Jan 25

39 min 21 sec

2020 has been a year marked by change, with the coronavirus pandemic disrupting both our personal and professional lives. To keep pace, organizations have had to shift many business operations on the fly, and learning leaders have proved paramount in helping them do so. To learn more about learning and development (L&D)’s role in change management, we spoke with Loren Sanders, enterprise manager of L&D at CVS Health, and Scott Nutter, who retired last month after working with Delta Airlines for 22 years managing its pilot training programs, and who now owns Touch ‘n Go Solutions. Listen now to learn: What it looks like when an organization can navigate change well. How L&D can leverage what it already does well to support change management. How to train successful change leaders.

Dec 2020

27 min 42 sec

With the rise of online collaboration tools, video meeting platforms and even mobile coaching apps, it’s safe to say that the future of work is digital. To learn more about digital leadership, we’re speaking with Anja Emonds expert research manager at CrossKnowledge. 

Dec 2020

29 min 46 sec

The learning and development (L&D) field moves at a fast pace, as societal shifts and emerging technologies continue to impact the business of learning. In honor of Training Industry’s 15-year anniversary, we spoke with Ken Taylor, president and editor-in-chief at Training Industry, to reflect on what’s changed over the last decade and a half and what to expect in the future of the corporate training.

Nov 2020

25 min 8 sec

While remote work has its perks, including increased flexibility during such a turbulent time, L&D must ensure leaders have the tools they need to set their remote employees, and their organizations, up for success. We spoke with Sergey Gorbatov and Angela Lane, human performance thought leaders and co-authors of “Fair Talk: Three Steps to Powerful Feedback,” to learn more about giving feedback in a remote workplace. 

Nov 2020

30 min 18 sec

Our recently launched research report, “What Makes a Training Organization Great?”, identifies strategic alignment as the most important process capability. With that in mind, today, we spoke with Maggie Redling, manager of learning and development at AvidXchange, Inc., and Coleman Williams, senior manager of human resources and talent operations at AvidXchange, Inc., to learn more about strategic alignment. 

Sep 2020

38 min 55 sec

Many businesses are still operating with a remote workforce due to COVID-19, and the sales force is no different. To learn how virtual sales training and coaching can set remote salespeople up for success, we spoke with Mark Magnacca, co-founder and president of Allego. 

Sep 2020

35 min 9 sec

Design thinking is all the rage in the training industry lately, as it can help training managers improve learning solutions and make a greater impact. To learn more about how training managers can develop a design mindset — and leverage it for more effective and innovative training solutions — we spoke with Danny Seals, director of design and experience at GP Strategies.

Sep 2020

25 min 39 sec

Leadership can make or break organizational success. In a crisis, this is even more true. Companies need leaders who can guide them through these turbulent times and into the future. To learn more about leading during a crisis, we spoke with Maureen Metcalf, chief executive officer of the Innovative Leadership Institute and host of the podcast “Innovative Leadership, Co-Creating Our Future.” Listen now to learn more on:  Best practices for effective crisis leadership training.  The skills leaders need to not only survive but thrive during a crisis.  How leaders can remain agile during times of crisis.

Sep 2020

30 min 59 sec

On-the-job coaching has become a popular topic across the learning and development field and business at large. But what does effective on-the-job coaching look like? And what does training have to do with it?  To find out, we spoke with Ronda Bowman, global learning and development leader with HPE Financial Services, and Carolon Donnally, an executive coach with the Internal Revenue Service.

Aug 2020

34 min 35 sec

As we recorded this episode, the coronavirus pandemic was impacting nearly all industries — and employees. To find out how learning and development (L&D) can support employee wellness and well-being, we spoke with Celeste Headlee, award-winning journalist, speaker, and bestselling author of “We Need to Talk: How to Have Conversations That Matter” and “Do Nothing: How to Break Away from Overworking, Overdoing, and Underliving.”

Jul 2020

23 min 15 sec

The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor sparked outrage over the systemic racism Black people continue to face in their daily lives and has brought racial injustice to the forefront of conversations among individuals, communities and organizations. To learn more about what learning and development (L&D) leaders can do to help eliminate racism in the workplace, we spoke with Dr. Theresa Horne and Dr. Russell Robinson, senior training professionals at government agencies, and Valerie Jackson, senior director of global inclusion and diversity at Procore Technologies. More resources at

Jul 2020

57 min 56 sec

When we recorded this episode in April 2020, many, if not most, organizations had implemented remote work policies in light of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, many training managers were working to convert their in-person courses and programs into virtual training. Cindy Huggett, a consultant, facilitator and author of several books on virtual training, and Heather Schultes, CPTM, the director of global training at TransPerfect, share tips on making this transition.

May 2020

23 min 18 sec

For an organization to be truly inclusive, supporting all employees and becoming more supportive and effective, leaders must have certain traits and skills.

Mar 2020

42 min 41 sec

Forget everything you know about virtual meetings. Imagine being able to engage with others, from anywhere across the globe, just like you would if you were sitting across the room from them. New technologies can make this happen.

Mar 2020

22 min 41 sec

To learn more about what makes an effective performance review, what doesn’t, and how to train managers on giving performance reviews, we’re here with Roberta Matuson, president of Matuson Consulting, and Jared Narlock, MPA, SHRM-SCP, a talent development and engagement consultant for Nemours Children’s Health System.

Feb 2020

33 min 32 sec

As we enter the 2020s, it’s a good time to consider what the future of work looks like — and to make sure it brings equal opportunity to everyone.

Jan 2020

35 min 57 sec

Developing a global training program that has the power to improve business results presents a new set of challenges for learning leaders.

Dec 2019

36 min 31 sec

Learning technologies have continued to evolve across the learning and development field. Effectively managing these technologies can be a challenge.

Nov 2019

18 min 1 sec

More and more, we hear that soft skills are the key to success even, or maybe especially, in an increasingly automated world. But what do we mean when we say soft skills, and why are they the key to success? How do you know if your organization has a workforce with strong soft skills, and how can you develop them in your employees? In this episode of The Business of Learning, Shelley Osborne, head of learning and development at Udemy, and G. Riley Mills, co-founder and chief operating officer of Pinnacle Performance Company and author of “The Bullseye Principle,” share their insights.

Oct 2019

37 min 49 sec

In this episode of The Business of Learning, Melissa White, director of business operations at The Kool Source, and Nina Redding, senior learning resource consultant at Alberta Motor Association, share their insights on

Sep 2019

26 min 26 sec

One of the most well-known and popular models in L&D is 70-20-10. Recent research by Training Industry updated the model to the 55-25-20 model and reinforced the importance of social interactions and collaborations as a part of an employee’s learning experience. How can you balance the benefits of social learning with the need to have content appropriately vetted and curated? To answer this question, we spoke with Lauren Harris, CPTM, of the University of Colorado Boulder and Juliana Stancampiano of Oxygen Learning.

Aug 2019

34 min 23 sec

Training Industry research has found that one of the biggest challenges facing learning leaders is measuring the effectiveness of their training. On this episode of The Business of Learning, Kevin M. Yates discusses this challenge and shares tips.

Jul 2019

32 min 42 sec

Safety training experts Bridgette Wilder (City of Memphis) and Fred Stawitz share their tips on making safety training engaging, the role of training in risk management and mitigation, and emerging technologies such as VR/AR and artificial intelligence.

Jun 2019

37 min 23 sec

Dr. Kristal Walker, CPTM, director of organizational development at Guitar Center, and Alycia Angle, senior talent management consultant at Ochsner Health System, share their career journeys so far, with takeaways for training professionals.

May 2019

27 min 43 sec

Many companies bring in external coaching consultants, but internal coaching programs are a great way to introduce coaching to an organization’s culture and to support the practice within a company. Matt Becker, coaching and mentoring manager at CareSource, shares more.

Apr 2019

27 min 47 sec

Dr. Sam Shriver, executive vice president of The Center for Leadership Studies, and Doug Harward, founder and CEO of Training Industry, discuss a new model for sustaining the impact of leadership training: the Four Moments of Truth.

Apr 2019

29 min 47 sec

Doug Harward, founder and CEO of Training Industry, discusses how to approach decisions about when to outsource and how to manage and develop requests for proposals (RFPs) for training products and services.

Mar 2019

26 min 6 sec

In the opener to season 2 of “The Business of Learning,” we talk to Scott Farley, group director of talent management at Komatsu, and Dave Fogleman, chief learning officer at SkillPath, about the process of managing change and merging training functions after an acquisition.

Feb 2019

37 min 8 sec

In the season 1 finale of "The Business of Learning," we talk to industry leaders about training market trends in 2018 and predictions for 2019.

Jan 2019

28 min 55 sec

Vidya Krishnan, global chief learning officer at Ericsson, shares her thoughts on training technical employees, the "soft skills versus technical skills" debate, and the need for continuous learning.

Nov 2018

35 min 39 sec

For National Distance Learning Week, Ken Conn (past president and chairman of the board, U.S. Distance Learning Association) and Melissa Loble (senior vice president of customer success and partnerships, Instructure) share their thoughts on distance learning, what the future of online training looks like, and what corporate L&D leaders can learn from K-12 and university education.

Nov 2018

27 min 11 sec

The Business of Learning, Episode 10. Amy DuVernet, CPTM, Ph.D., shares insights on what learners want, why we should care, and how to deliver engaging and effective training.

Oct 2018

11 min 58 sec

The Business of Learning Episode, Episode 9. Tom Whelan, Ph.D., describes how executives see corporate training and shares strategies for L&D leaders to work with executives to develop and implement training strategy.

Oct 2018

16 min 19 sec

The Business of Learning Episode, Episode 8. We speak to Larry Boyer, consultant, speaker and author of the new book “The Robot in the Next Cubicle: What You Need to Know to Adapt and Succeed in the Automation Age.”

Oct 2018

23 min 21 sec