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Author: DeEvolution & Free Agent Lifestyle, available on Amazon (Kindle & Paperback). This weekly podcast(every Monday) is hosted by YouTube personality and Strength & Conditioning Specialist Greg Adams, as he highlights men's issues and chronicles the benefits of the Free Agent Lifestyle.

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WORSHIPING WOMEN: Emergence Of The Goddess & The Men Who Idolize Her

Sep 26

98 min

Women Don't Trust Each Other...But They Will Protect Each Other

Sep 25

110 min

Men Are Trained To Be Utilities, And Women Are Trained To Be...

Sep 24

114 min

Why Mia Khalifa's Life Reflects Today's Modern Woman

Sep 22

126 min

With Tik Tok Going Bye-Bye, What's Next For Attention Seeking? (Call In Show)

Sep 19

98 min

"Men Aren't Doing What We Say, Even If We Shame Them." Can The Impact Of The Male Space Be Measured?

Sep 18

103 min

How CARDI B Just Outsmarted & Finessed OFFSET - Ultimate Power Move

Sep 17

117 min

What "Getting The Bag" Means For Her...And For You? (LIVE)

Sep 15

118 min

The BAIT AND SWITCH Will Happen...It's Just A Matter Of When & How Bad (Call In Show)

Sep 12

103 min

She Says She's The Exception To The Rule...Which Actually Proves The Rule

Sep 11

87 min

The Jezebel Spirit Lives On - Can We Recognize Any Of These Traits Today?

Sep 10

74 min

How High Value Men Lost Their Way With Women (YouTube Livestream)

Sep 8

79 min

Nice Guys Rooooaaar Last (Or Not At All): No More Mr. Nice Guy (Call In Show)

Sep 5

87 min

Why Divorce Continues To Rise in 2020 (CGA & Sandman)

Sep 4

116 min

How S*mping And Tricking Provides A False Value And Affects SMV (LIVE)

Sep 3

81 min

Never Do These Four Things (Livestream)

Sep 1

113 min

The Perfect Women: Men Have Raised The Bar That Many Can't Meet (Call In Show)

Aug 29

115 min

Woman Confirms Than Men With OPTIONS Cannot Be MANipulated

Aug 28

96 min

Woman Confirms Than Men With OPTIONS Cannot Be MANipulated

Aug 28

96 min

Never Be The Man That SHE Wants You To Be

Aug 27

90 min

The SMV Sliderule: Her Value According To Men's Age

Aug 25

129 min

Bella Thorne Will Make $1M Monthly From Simps

Aug 22

84 min

Netflix Debuts A Sexualized Child Movie and Faces Backlash

Aug 21

151 min

Women Prefer To Be Objectified

Aug 20

117 min

No D*ck Control Makes You A Giant Target

Aug 20

88 min

Dating Double Standards

Aug 15

119 min

Manipulation by women

Aug 14

89 min

Monogamy For Men Is Betting Everything He Has Against His Nature...And Hers!

Aug 13

101 min

Toni Lahren Goes Full Feminist

Aug 12

98 min

Are Modern Women A Lost Cause?

Aug 11

138 min

Alpha vs. Masculinity with Guest: Dr. BOA

Aug 6

115 min

Transfer Of Wealth: From Marriage To Divorce To Losing Your Money

Aug 4

110 min

Love Her Or Understand Her

Jul 31

100 min

Non Sexual Attention In Dating Doesn't Work

Jul 30

110 min

Henpecked Husbands

Jul 28

116 min

Women Are Lost And Looking For Direction

Jul 27

41 min

Amber Heard: Any Woman Could Be Her

Jul 25

120 min

Kanye West & Kim Kardasian

Jul 23

82 min

Relationship BS Progression

Jul 22

84 min

How Simping Nearly Ruined My Life

Jul 21

117 min

The Marketplace Always Favors Men, But THESE Mindsets Flip The Favor To Women (YouTube Livestream)

Jul 15

66 min

Single Man's Guide To Surviving In 2020 and Beyond (Livestream)

Jul 14

101 min

Mia Khalifa Tries To Roll Back Her Sexual Mileage

Jul 13

53 min

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