PCI/PDI 360: Conversations in Crisis Management

Joe Bermudez

Conversations with illustrious personalities who specialize in Product Contamination and Product Defect Insurance and share their expertise, experience, and insights on the PCI/PDI Marketplace.

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Please join our conversation as we speak with one of the thought leaders in the PCI/PDI Marketplace, Bernie Steves, Aon’s Managing Director, Practice Leader, Commercial Risk Solutions - Crisis Management.

Apr 2020

23 min 13 sec

Please join a fascinating conversation with one of the elite brokers in the PCI/PDI Marketplace, Marsh’s Geoff Mills.

Apr 2020

22 min 25 sec

Eric MacDougall is one of the PCI/PDI Marketplace’s well-known and well-liked underwriters who has strong connections to the North American and London Markets.  Please join our conversation as Eric provides his unique perspectives on the Marketplace.

Mar 2020

21 min 59 sec

Kary Yates is one of the driving forces behind the PCI/PDI London Market.  Join our conversation as Kary shares her insights on the PCI/PDI Marketplace. 

Mar 2020

20 min 45 sec

A fantastic personality with a reputation as one of the best loss adjusters in the PCI/PDI Marketplace, join our PCI/PDI 360 conversation with John Turner as he discusses his insights on the PCI/PDI Marketplace.

Mar 2020

23 min 25 sec