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Kyle Russell

"Crystals for Life" is our motto, making the metaphysical relevant today. Kyle Russell - founder of the Crystal Concentrics paradigm - is always learning and sharing his knowledge. The Crystal Zone Podcast captures these explorations, client experiences, and the many thousands of Crystals he's worked with over course of more than three decades.

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Kyle parlays his decades-long love affair with Citrine into a comprehensive overview of real - and fake - varieties (see his blog on for an annotated version with photos)

Jul 19

23 min 25 sec

Kyle talks about how he stumbled on TikTok and which videos went viral - including his explanation of real vs. fake crystals - and some of the ways he's challenged the prevailing crystal lore.

May 24

22 min 42 sec

Kyle Russell talks about the process of writing his book, and some of the key elements in it, including differences he has with the prevailing Crystal Lore, practical applications for using crystals, and a reference listing he'll be including (by energy zone and also Quartz vs. non-Quartz).

Mar 1

26 min 34 sec

Kyle Russell’s retelling of his supernatural experience involving aliens and a sudden knowing about crystals.

Jul 2020

26 min 14 sec

What you need beforehand is different than what you need afterwards. Kyle lists 10 pre-Surgery and 8 post-Surgery stones. The latter are a bit softer, energetically. 

May 2020

26 min 29 sec

Kyle explores the anatomy of an actual Crystal Healing Meditation, from the Bio Med segment through a deeper grounding and assessment of people's needs, followed by pairs of stones specifically selected for each individual.

Apr 2020

27 min 40 sec

Kyle shares some history of the show, and explains 2020 as a breakthrough year, 'cause it's the first one he's been a vendor in Tucson. He paints you a picture of what goes into preparing for such an undertaking, how it snuck in just before the Corona Virus shutdown, and what made Crystal Concentrics stand out: his metaphysical approach, professional graphics and display, and some very outstanding product lines.

Apr 2020

26 min 14 sec

Kyle explains this unique opportunity to connect with the Crystal Concentrics community - through learning and experience - from anywhere on the planet. A curriculum call, online meditation, and interactive web video call - as well as social media groups - will be our points of connection. Practical goals include enhanced grounding, de-stressing, and easier connection with Spirit. Safety and shepherding our chemistry together are important priorities, as we make our way through the calendar with Crystals360!

Mar 2020

24 min 43 sec

Instead of seeking Crystal panaceas or drugs and medications to constantly modulate our state, Kyle Russell suggests going deeper, to do the spiritual work necessary to uncover the underlying dynamics of our state - without discounting the value of a new attitude, dietary changes, or needed medical interventions - which of course have their own limitations. Russell discusses five stones for healing to illustrate the multiple factors can be at work and/or helpful in impacting our situations. He does not make pseudo-Scientific claims or profess reliance on some ancient Native traditions. Karma is one of many (mostly unseen) factors impacting our lives, and bad things (unfortunately) happen to good people. Your destiny is not entirely in your control.

Dec 2019

27 min 4 sec

Kyle Russell gets right into it with a client story, mentions a recent YouTube video (on Stones for Grief and Loss), and touches on how he got into Crystals 30 years ago. Kyle dips into his childhood and his earlier retail career, how he got back into Crystals full time, plus details about his current store and wellness center: the Portal Crystal Gallery. He introduces his Crystal Concentrics paradigm and how it's unique from others' Crystal lore.

Nov 2019

26 min 46 sec