National Health Insurance Podcast

By The Rainbow Movement Podcast

This podcast documents the body of knowledge and journey surrounding our mission: To establish a government-run (non-Medicare) National Health Insurance provider. Our country is faced with an extremely broken system that kills about 45,000 people per year. Will we stand by and do nothing? Or can we make an effort for real change? Harry Truman wanted this in 1945 to improve Americans' lives... But special interests persuaded Congress to kill his dream for America. Now we are doing everything we can to bring Truman’s dream back to life by pushing Congress to create a National Health Insurance agency that will solve America’s healthcare problems better than any Medicare for all plan, and without adding to government spending. Instead of looking for costly solutions to problems that don’t exist, National Health Insurance focuses on eliminating waste, inefficiency, and fraud to reduce business costs, which will increase incomes, profits, economic growth, and the health, wealth, and happiness of Americans.

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