Track & Food Podcast

By Jamie Mah / Mickey Mcleod

Jamie Mah is a writer, bartender and sommelier in beautiful Vancouver B.C. With his co- host Mickey Mcleod they take a comprehensive deep dive into everything food and culture in the city and around the globe.

  1. 1.
    Alan Dickinson Of Synchromesh Winery, Richard Kanazawa Of Bench 1775 Winery And Christina Hartigan Of Annalena Restaurant On All Things BC Wine
  2. 2.
    TheraPsil CEO Spencer Hawkswell On Getting Psilocybin Legal In Canada And Giving Back To Those In Need
  3. 3.
    Bartenders James Grant and Jeff Savage Talking World Class Global Finals, Renewed Appreciation For Hospitality And Why You Should Cry More
  4. 4.
    UBC Professor Edward Slingerland On His New Book Drunk: How We Sipped, Danced And Stumbled Our Way To Civilization
  5. 5.
    Alex Black Of Blnd Tger Dumplings On Living His Best Life, Opening A Business During COVID-19 And Paying Homage To Mamie Taylor's
  6. 6.
    Tristan Jagger Of Vancouver Food Runners On Giving Back To The Community, Addressing Food Waste And Making Sure Kids Don't Go Hungry
  7. 7.
    Doug Stephen Of Downlow Chicken Shack And Phil Scarfone Of Savio Volpe/Pepino's On Life As Chefs During COVID-19, Collaborations And Loving The Industry
  8. 8.
    BCRFA CEO/President Ian Tostenson On Navigating COVID-19, Building A Stronger Restaurant Industry And Showing Empathy
  1. 9.
    Chef Alex Sandoval of Le Crocodile On Leaving Estela And New York City And Learning New Skills
  2. 10.
    Group Chat: Ron Oliver of PMA, Max Borrowman of Breakthrough, Kevin Brownlee of Bacardi And James Iranzad of Gooseneck Hospitality On New Restrictions And Seeing Things From The Other Side
  3. 11.
    Group Chat: Bar Manager Conner Joseph of The Diamond and Chef Brandon Frederick of 33 Acres Brewing On Industry Life One Year After COVID-19
  4. 12.
    Grace Kennedy Of Livlite Grocery Delivery On The Zero Waste Mindset And Opening A New Business In Our Trying Time Of Covid 19
  5. 13.
    Taylor Chobotiuk on Diversity In Restaurants, Rewarding Leadership And Meaningful Conversations
  6. 14.
    Giving Back To The Community With Bartender Max Curzon-Price Of The Diamond And Dallah El Chami of Superbaba
  7. 15.
    Dachi Co-Owner Miki Ellis On Navigating This Uncertain Time Of COVID-19, Supporting Independent Businesses And The Joys Of Sake
  8. 16.
    British Columbia's Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry On the Ongoing Challenges Of Covid-19, Vancouver's Restaurant Protocol Report Card And Moving Forward Together
  9. 17.
    General Manager Leticia Castro Of The Diamond Cocktail Bar On Re Opening Amid COVID-19, Keeping Momentum On Social Change And The Power Of Hugs
  10. 18.
    B.C. Attorney General David Eby On Expedited Restaurant Industry Legislation, The Role Of Government Policy In Canada And Phase Three Moving Forward
  11. 19.
    Emergency Podcast: Shaun Layton And Frankie Harrington Of Como Taperia On The Recent Patio And City Council Shenanigans
  12. 20.
    Andrew Morrison Of Scout Magazine On Our New Way Of Life, Historical Restaurant Industry Perspectives And The Things We're Looking Forward To The Most
  13. 21.
    Restaurant Industry Heavyweights Paul Grunberg and Romano Castillo Of Savio Volpe, Pepino's And Caffe La Tana On Transitioning Into Covid Phase Three, Some Fun Stories And Hopeful Silver Linings
  14. 22.
    Group Chat: Karri Green-Schuermans Of Chambar And James Iranzad Of Gooseneck Hospitality On The New Vancouver Food Coalition And The Ever Changing Challenges Of Our Restaurant Community
  15. 23.
    Restaurateur Brandon Grossutti Of Pidgin On His New Food Delivery App FROMTO, Breaking The Current Food Delivery Model And Mental Health
  16. 24.
    Abdallah El Chami Of Superbaba And The Vancouver Community Relief Fund On The Current Small Business Climate In B.C., Covid-19 And The Issues Facing The Future Of Our Restaurant Industry
  17. 25.
    Midrange Group Chat: Tristan Young, Jamie Mah, Mickey Mcleod And Daniel Williams Chat About Current Mood, Instagram, Music Playlists And Ideal Quarantine Dinner Guests
  18. 26.
    Special Covid-19 Episode With James Iranzad Of Gooseneck Hospitality On Vancouver's Restaurant Community And How We Are Coping
  19. 27.
    Chef Angus An On His New Cookbook 'Maenam, A Fresh Approach To Thai Cooking', Sustaining Success In Vancouver's Restaurant Market And Life Best Practices
  20. 28.
    Group Chat: Tyler Harlton of TH Wines and James Langford-Smith of Kissa Tanto/Bao Bei on B.C.'s Wine World, The Natural Wine Conundrum and Entrepreneurial Spirit
  21. 29.
    Peter Van de Reep of Campagnolo Upstairs on Being Crowned BC's Best Sommelier, Lifetime Academia and the Importance of Authentic Wines
  22. 30.
    Cody Dodds of The Mackenzie Room On Starting A New Concept, Maintaining Success And The Guest Experience
  23. 31.
    Bartender Max Curzon-Price Of Botanist On Cocktails, Bees, Sustainability And Giving Back To The Community
  24. 32.
    Como Taperia Co-Owner Shaun Layton On Restaurant Life, EnRoute Success And Why He Loves Hosting
  25. 33.
    Jeff Savage Of Botanist On Competing In Diageo World Class, Being Your Authentic Self And The Way Of The Samurai
  26. 34.
    Neal Mclennan Of Vancouver Magazine On Food Journalism, Pricing Misconceptions And The VanMag Restaurant Awards
  27. 35.
    James Iranzad of Gooseneck Hospitality on Running Successful Concepts, Restaurant Innovation And The Food Delivery Model
  28. 36.
    Max Borrowman on Restaurant Trends, Cocktail Culture and Vancouver Brunch
  29. 37.
    Group Chat: Josh Pape of Gooseneck Hospitality and Ron Oliver of Mamie Taylor’s on Vancouver's Cocktail Bar Scene, The Diamond's 10 Year Anniversary and Bar Stories
  30. 38.
    Reflecting on a Year and a Half of Podcasting, Vancouver Complaining and All The Shout Outs
  31. 39.
    Parkside Brewery Co- Owner Sam Payne on Canada's Craft Beer Landscape, Running a Booming Brewery and Basketball Opinions
  32. 40.
    Kurtis Kolt of Top Drop on Terroir Focused wines, Wine Journalism and Running Vancouver's Coolest Trades Festival
  33. 41.
    Group Chat: Ron Oliver and Mike Shum on Canada's Top 100 Restaurants, VanMag and The Georgia Straight Golden Plate Awards
  34. 42.
    Pedro Villalon of O5 Rare Tea Bar on quality farming, Running a Business in Vancouver and Eastern Philosophies
  35. 43.
    Chef Daniel Williams of Dachi on cooking Seasonal, Vibrant Restaurant Communities and The Healthy Chef Life
  36. 44.
    Book Club #2: Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals Plus Bonus Documentary and The Rise Of Plant and Cell Based Meats
  37. 45.
    Grant Sceney on Competing in Diageo World Class, Influences / Mentors and Travel Stories From Around The Globe
  38. 46.
    Andrew Morrison of Scout Magazine on The Death Of Traditional Journalism, Media Today and Vancouver's Food Landscape
  39. 47.
    BCL and LDB Shenanigans, The State Of Vancouver's Dining Scene In 2019 and NBA Basketball!?
  40. 48.
    Group Chat: Mackenzie Chilton and Shoel Davidson of Vancouver's Mind The Bar and Industry Mental Health
  41. 49.
    Tracy Giesz-Ramsay on Everything Addiction, What Causes It, How We Deal With It and Things That bother us About It
  42. 50.
    Sommelier Jayton Paul of Hawksworth Restaurant, Fun Industry Stories and So Much Wine Talk

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