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Track and Food Podcast

By Jamie Mah / Mickey Mcleod

Jamie Mah is a writer, bartender and sommelier in beautiful Vancouver B.C. With his co- host Mickey Mcleod they take a comprehensive deep dive into everything food and culture in the city and around the globe. Born and raised in Saskatoon, Jamie is the fellow behind the food and culture blog, Track and Food. He's also a contributing writer for Scout Magazine.

  1. 1.
    Parkside Brewery Co- Owner Sam Payne on Canada's Craft Beer Landscape, Running a Booming Brewery and Basketball Opinions 06/09/2019
  2. 2.
    Kurtis Kolt of Top Drop on Terroir Focused wines, Wine Journalism and Running Vancouver's Coolest Trades Festival05/19/2019
  3. 3.
    Group Chat: Ron Oliver and Mike Shum on Canada's Top 100 Restaurants, VanMag and The Georgia Straight Golden Plate Awards05/13/2019
  4. 4.
    Pedro Villalon of O5 Rare Tea Bar on quality farming, Running a Business in Vancouver and Eastern Philosophies 05/01/2019
  5. 5.
    Chef Daniel Williams of Dachi on cooking Seasonal, Vibrant Restaurant Communities and The Healthy Chef Life04/15/2019
  6. 6.
    Book Club #2: Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals Plus Bonus Documentary and The Rise Of Plant and Cell Based Meats03/30/2019
  7. 7.
    Grant Sceney on Competing in Diageo World Class, Influences / Mentors and Travel Stories From Around The Globe03/18/2019
  8. 8.
    Andrew Morrison of Scout Magazine on The Death Of Traditional Journalism, Media Today and Vancouver's Food Landscape02/13/2019
  1. 9.
    BCL and LDB Shenanigans, The State Of Vancouver's Dining Scene In 2019 and NBA Basketball!? 01/26/2019
  2. 10.
    Group Chat: Mackenzie Chilton and Shoel Davidson of Vancouver's Mind The Bar and Industry Mental Health12/29/2018
  3. 11.
    Tracy Giesz-Ramsay on Everything Addiction, What Causes It, How We Deal With It and Things That bother us About It12/14/2018
  4. 12.
    Sommelier Jayton Paul of Hawksworth Restaurant, Fun Industry Stories and So Much Wine Talk11/23/2018
  5. 13.
    Altruism for the Wine Industry, Subscription Services for the Restaurant Industry and Fancy Pants Elitism 11/06/2018
  6. 14.
    Book Club: Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential10/16/2018
  7. 15.
    Group Chat: Ono Vancouver's Bruce Nollert and Tj Conwi, The 2nd Annual Chefs in the Hood event and Dan's Legacy09/29/2018
  8. 16.
    Chef Jeff Koop of Farmer’s Apprentice, making the leap from line cook to head chef and the great back of house shortage09/22/2018
  9. 17.
    Shaun Layton of Como Taperia, travels in Spain and opening a new concept in Vancouver09/05/2018
  10. 18.
    Veganism and Carnism: why we make the choices we do with animals and where we are going08/23/2018
  11. 19.
    Group Chat: Nick Black of Strange Fellows Brewing, Patryk Drozd of Good Company Lager, Beer Company chit chat and "Making It" in the Craft Beer Industry07/31/2018
  12. 20.
    Group Chat: Max Borrowman of Juniper, Mike Shum of the Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver’s Curious Dining Culture and Favorite Hidden Gems07/17/2018
  13. 21.
    Tristan Young of The Oakwood, Restaurant Industry Chit Chat and Management philosopy07/06/2018
  14. 22.
    Tales from Portland, Diner Misperception and Anthony Bourdain 06/24/2018
  15. 23.
    Bruce Nollert of Ono, Food Industry Problems and Meal Delivery Services 06/06/2018
  16. 24.
    Sean McGuigan of the Fairmont Pacific Rim, Rum / Amari, Cocktail Competitions and the Why of Brunch 05/19/2018
  17. 25.
    Chris Enns of the Fairmont Pacific Rim, Cocktails, Bourbon and the Dave Chang Podcast05/08/2018
  18. 26.
    Ron Oliver of Mamie Taylor's, Canada's 100 Best Restaurants / 50 Best Bars and the California wine expo04/28/2018
  19. 27.
    Diageo World Class, The lost Airport Cocktail Bar and Great Cocktail Experiences04/14/2018
  20. 28.
    Chef Hours, Stuffy Granville Island and David Chang's "Ugly Delicious"04/05/2018

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