A Little Bit Of Hope + Abs

Hope Bullen

Slightly sweary ramblings of two 20 something year old women tackling the creative world, mental health and every day life. Attempting to normalise the normal🖤

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Hope + Abs having a waffle about adulthood - rando bits thrown in like skincare, timeline expectations and more🧡

Mar 24

39 min 59 sec

We look at our fave inspirational women in the media, closer to home, books, TV series + podcasts 💖

Mar 8

34 min 51 sec

Me and Abs haven’t ever sat down and quizzed each other on different aspects of our life, and tbh we (probs mainly me) can be pretty shit at staying in contact when life gets cray cray - because adult life init. Just us having a good ol’ natter + loling about random stuff. Much love x

Mar 4

47 min 45 sec

I've had a bit of a shit day, so just want to make it known that you're not alone if you feel rubbish - talk to someone about it! Don't go on social media when you're feeling like poo + it's okay to have a bad day/s, dust yourself off when you're ready and do things that make you feel content💖

Feb 24

22 min 11 sec

I've entered a new stage of adulthood - recommending "boring" Things that have changed my day to day lil life (they're not boring, but if you're below a certain age they probs will be🤪)

Feb 11

25 min 21 sec

A wee window into my self-employment journey so far - a roller coaster ride of emotion + discovery.

Feb 6

36 min 36 sec

Me and Abi touched on topics that we dealt with as teens, including our most dramatic moments, body worries and how it helped us become the people we are today. *being a teenager is hella hard - so if you're still in your teens/are just getting out of them, don't be hard on yourself! You got this🥳*

Jan 18

1 hr

Let bad experiences shape you, maybe don't call your best friend's boyfriend a cunt and change your windscreen wipers because it WILL change your life.

Jan 14

20 min 3 sec

*Touching on things like imposter syndrome, comparison vs inspiration + art subjectivity. *With general life shit mixed in between

Jan 8

19 min 52 sec

How my mind and body respond to stress, and what I do to cope with it (with me going off on a tangent about being fashion conscious at the end - woops🥴)

Jan 5

17 min 15 sec

Just a cheeky intro as to why I've started a podcast, and what "resolutions" I'm bringing to the table in 2021.

Jan 1

17 min 9 sec