Google Ads For Service Businesses

By Ajay Dhunna

The Google Ads For Service Businesses Podcast is just that. Creating Podcasts to help Service Businesses to generate leads, booking, enquiries, quotation requests, by using Google Ads. Google Ads, Formally known as Google Adwords) has over 3.2 Billion Searches Per Day. Who ever searches on Google, maybe looking for products and services which your business provides. Each week, I will be covering various topics, starting off with the basics of how to getup your Google Ads account, to creating your first campaign, and optimizing your Google Ads like a pro. If you are planning on using Google Ads to generate Leads for your business, or maybe you already have a Google Ads campaign running, but are not getting the amount of sales you deserve, or you are spending far too much in comparison to how many leads you are getting, or maybe the quality of the leads you are getting is not good, then this is the podcast to help you. On some weeks I will also be covering other topics such as SEO, Facebook etc. Though most shows will be hosted by myself, I will occasionally also bring in guests, who specialize in other various forms of marketing. Feel free to check out my website on or my linkedIn profile on

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