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Ed Blakely has served in different capacities under a succession of presidential administrations, has guided government policy on urban planning and is a widely cited academic. My name is Sean Britten, and each week, Ed and I have a chat about what’s the latest news out of the United States, talking everything politics, planning and policy from sea to shining sea. US of Ed typically talks issues on a week by week basis, but check out some of our more timeless specials: SPECIAL: MLK's legacy and the issues of Black America: US of Ed on Guns in America: Part One: US of Ed on Guns in America: Part Two: SPECIAL: South of the Border: SPECIAL: Crafting Innovative Places: SPECIAL: Who Killed the American Dream?: SPECIAL: Climate Emergency: SPECIAL: The Impeachment Process: SPECIAL: Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

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"No one knows how severe it could get but it doesn't sound like it's deadly if you are vaccinated."Omicron, an ominous sounding new variant of COVID is starting to spring up around the globe but what do we really know about its potential? And how will it reflect back on Joe Biden's handling of the pandemic? Plus former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has agreed to produce documents and testify for the House investigation into January 6th, could others follow suit? Also talking Ghislaine Maxwell, the Oxford High School shooting, Steve Bannon, and midterms.

Dec 1

11 min 3 sec

"This is a plague bigger than COVID, more vicious and more random."The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse has brought in fresh fears of further political violence, but could another couple of high profile cases reassure Americans of the role of the justice system? And contrary to claims made by some big businesses, Americans do want to work but they won't do it for peanuts, with unemployment claims falling to their lowest levels since 1969. Also talking private prisons, China and Taiwan, and bridging the political divide over Thanksgiving dinner.

Nov 25

17 min 38 sec

"You cannot let this beast continue to be fed."COP26 and an international virtual summit between the US and China have come away with a lot of sweet sounding promises, but will the world see real action? And can the United States really work with China with its current abuses of human rights? Although the United States has plenty of problems at home as well, with Steve Bannon, Kyle Rittenhouse, and persisting belief in election fraud fuelling discontent and a thirst for more political violence.

Nov 17

19 min 26 sec

"What the Dems are doing is putting the kitchen sink in there."Just as things were looking dark for Biden, the president has come through with a couple of big wins that have grabbed headlines this week. Firstly, a win on infrastructure with the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, although not everyone is happy, and a diplomatic coup with China at COP26. Also talking about Russia massing troops on the Ukrainian border, continuing AUKUS fallout, putting a man, or woman, on the moon, and Donald Trump's January 6th papers.

Nov 11

17 min 25 sec

"Democrats need to start running on something, not against Trump but for X, Y and Z."A devastating loss in the gubernatorial race for Democrats in Virginia reflects poorly on the delayed and discounted Biden agenda, and could provide a sobering look ahead to the 2022 midterms. Meanwhile, some big promises coming out of COP26 but also some awkward moments, particularly for Aussie PM Scott Morrison, over the AUKUS deal. Plus the latest on Joe Manchin, vaccines and vaccine mandates, Brexit, and Trump's day in court.

Nov 4

19 min 56 sec

"Now we're in the situation where half a loaf is better than no loaf."Joe Biden getting out of town for COP26, as negotiations for his much reduced infrastructure finally seem to be reaching a penultimate stage but are sure to leave some who voted Biden unhappy. And while yet another climate summit may not be what the world needs, Los Angeles is setting strides with an attempt to be the US' first carbon free city by 2035. Also talking immigration arrests, Iran, a judicial inquiry into the death of Eric Garner, and latest on January 6th.

Oct 28

17 min 14 sec

"The momentum for these bills is gone now, the desire is still there but the momentum is gone."Joe Biden's signature infrastructure bill continues to struggle and has been pared down considerably thanks to the influence of centrist Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, and the Democrats own razor thin majority in the Senate. And the passing of former Secretary of State Colin Powell has left a notable hole in American politics, but what sort of legacy does the man leave behind? Also talking voting rights, gerrymandering, Steve Bannon, and Biden's pick to head the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency.

Oct 21

14 min 15 sec

"The debate is really over, the question is how do we implement?"85% of people around the world have already suffered adverse weather conditions brought on by climate change, according to a report this week. It comes as Nancy Pelosi signals the Biden infrastructure plans, which in part address climate change adaptations, will need to be cut back in order to pass. And COVID has given American workers more power to be selective about how and when they work, as big companies cry foul. Also talking vaccinations for 5-11 year olds, American troops in Taiwan, and Trump trying to invoke executive privilege over the January 6th Committee.

Oct 14

19 min 42 sec

"This is Biden's agenda, if he fails here he fails."Joe Biden spinning his wheels on infrastructure, and coming to the brink of a massive default on US debt as Republicans continue to obstruct any and all bills put before them. Meanwhile, the leak of the Pandora Papers has once again shone a light on the shady dealings of the world's elite and uber-rich but is anything likely to come of it? Also talking calls for Facebook reform, North Korea, and oil spilled off the coast of California.

Oct 7

12 min 58 sec

"For the very first time in my memory, the so-called progressives have the upper hand."At time of recording, fears of a government shutdown are still looming with a bill to resolve the government's funding and debt ceiling yet to be resolved. But Joe Biden's toughest negotiations right now aren't with Republicans but instead with his own party over his signature infrastructure bill. Meanwhile, vaccine deadlines close in on American workers in some states leaving some with no jab, no job. Also talking the Quad, India's economic outlook, the UK fuel shortage, and the circus of the Arizona recount.

Sep 30

18 min 20 sec

"This is a counter against the Chinese moves... more diplomatic than military."Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and... that fella from Down Under have all signed a pact this week to defend the future security of the Indo-Pacific, against actors that many seem afraid to name (It's China, guys), so what are the benefits for those involved? Also, fears of a government shutdown and a first ever default on US debt loom, which could cause shockwaves through the entire world economy. Also talking child COVID deaths, Haiti, Roe v. Wade, and Trump's campaign against Mitch McConnell.

Sep 23

19 min 30 sec

"People's hope is based on this nostalgia of the past that is not coming back, and they have to place their hope and their confidence in something new."Twenty years since 9/11 and while reminiscences went ahead New York was reeling from another major tragedy, Hurricane Ida, which coincidentally made landfall over Louisiana the same day as Hurricane Katrina did in 2005. In this US of Ed Special, Ed and Sean discuss the impacts of these disasters, old and new, natural and manmade, how they have reshaped both the cities of New Orleans and New York, and how their changing communities may serve as a guide for future cities around the globe.

Sep 15

29 min 16 sec

"The strength of it, the ferocity of it, the horror of it, is something that is all too common now."Hurricane Ida has left a devastating toll as expected but while the levees of New Orleans held it was dramatic scenes and deaths in New York and New Jersey that really stunned the nation. Looking at the continuing fallout plus warnings the US government could blow out its debt ceiling and leave the economy holding the bag. Also talking the Texas abortion battle, Afghanistan, Brazil, and the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Sep 9

19 min 21 sec

"It is sad to see people trying to move back the clock, rather than move it forward."Discussing the withdrawal from Afghanistan and last week's bombing, plus landfall for Hurricane Ida. And in the latest news, Texas has all but overturned Roe v. Wade in a massive blow for abortion rights in the state, outlawing terminations after six weeks and turning citizens into anti-choice bounty hunters. Plus we're talking January 6th hearings, kids returning to schools unvaccinated, student debt, and the California recall election.

Sep 2

22 min 53 sec

"If you tell the citizens you're going to fix the potholes in front of their house and clean the streets, you'll win the election. Joe Biden is fixing the potholes."The 3.5 trillion dollars worth of budget resolution passed in the House is another win for Biden and avoids Republican debate, but some of the measures are yet to be worked out with Democratic centrists. And Pfizer's vaunted COVID vaccine has finally been granted FDA approval but it doesn't seem likely to swing many holdouts as Republicans come to regret siding with the anti-vaccination movement. Plus Afghanistan, China, the Arizona recount, Paralympics and more.

Aug 26

20 min 28 sec

'I think the Taliban learned a big lesson from last time, if you're governing you have to act like a government."Fatalism hangs over the return of the Taliban to Kabul as a terrified population attempts to flee, but the speed at which Afghanistan has fallen has still shocked observers and the blame game has begun. Meanwhile the Colorado River supplying water to millions faces its first ever federally declared water shortages just days after IPCC dropped a damning report on the effects of climate change. Also talking fears of fresh MAGA violence, COVID, Canada, Haiti, and Hunter Biden.

Aug 19

21 min 7 sec

"Does this mean the gridlock is over? No, it just moves to another stage."Biden's bipartisan infrastructure bill has flown through the Senate with ease to give the president a major win this week, but given it only forms part of the overall agenda what's next for the Democrats? Plus census data shows that all population growth in the US is coming from so-called minority groups, so what does this mean for the future of the two parties? Also talking the IPCC's damning climate remote, Florida's COVID problem, Andrew Cuomo, Afghanistan, and is the Big Lie grift finally on the way out?

Aug 12

22 min 50 sec

"He already had some conversations with members of Congress about this event."Fresh revelations this week about Trump's willingness to subvert the electoral process to keep himself in power in 2020, and while a return by the former president looks less and less likely there are other Republicans it seems may be willing and able to follow the same playbook in future elections. Plus the Biden administration scrambles to put together a new plan for renters and landlords following the lapsing of the CDC's eviction moratorium of the last eleven months. Also talking, infrastructure bill, carbon emissions, federal judge nominees, vaccine supply distraction, Kim Jong-un and Andrew Cuomo.

Aug 5

18 min 18 sec

"Someone needs to be held to account here."Fingers pointing at hearings into just what happened in the US Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021, but in spite of damning and at times visceral testimony is what comes out of this really going to change any hearts and minds? Meanwhile, in spite of high vaccination numbers it's two steps forward one step back on COVID thanks to the highly infectious Delta strain. Also, Olympics, infrastructure, David Chipman's bid for ATF head and what it means for gun control, Israel, the UK and more.

Jul 29

22 min 26 sec

"[Republicans] cannot go into elections in two years and have Democrats take praise for all the infrastructure work, for all the new jobs."Republicans testing resolve on infrastructure this week, before moving on with Biden's big plans. Meanwhile, COVID is already testing the facilities at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, leading to the question as to whether the games can safely continue. Also talking billionaires in space, Taliban on the march, hacking, and COVID cases among the unvaccinated.

Jul 22

22 min 56 sec

"It sounds like this bipartisanship is hanging by a very slim thread, so nobody wants to say anything."Joe Biden and Democrats have gotten together this week on a massive $3.5 trillion budget blueprint to push forward with the Biden agenda on education, healthcare, climate change and more, but will it be enough? Chaotic scenes in Haiti and Cuba paint a tumultuous picture of the region's future, and look to make an impact on US immigration. Also chatting about anti-competitive practices in big business, Texas voting rights, the UK's abandonment of COVID restrictions, and Olympics.

Jul 15

25 min 13 sec

"The way you solve a problem in the United States is to kill it, here you might go fishing."Joe Biden has promised Americans have emerged from their darkest days in a Fourth of July address largely concerned with the COVID-19 pandemic, but for some dark days continue with at least 233 gun-related deaths over the holiday weekend. Meanwhile, Israel's new many-headed hydra of a coalition government appears to have failed its first big test with a split on family unification. Plus Afghanistan, ransomware attacks, Brazil, and the spectre of more indictments in the Trump Organization case.

Jul 8

13 min 31 sec

"This infrastructure bill, as I've said before, is a jobs bill, pure and simple."Joe Biden has announced in glowing terms this week a bipartisan agreement on infrastructure with Republicans, but given the reduced price tag and threats of a veto if he doesn't get his way on a separate reconciliation bill for other measures is the deal all it's cracked up to be? Meanwhile, Critical Race Theory has entered the mainstream as a new front in the culture wars. Also talking the Jan 6th committee, Afghanistan withdrawal, heat wave, charges for the Trump organisation, and Donald Rumsfeld.

Jul 1

19 min 20 sec

"This is unheard of in the march toward democracy. The notion is, the right to vote is extended, not retracted."Republicans have blocked the Democrats' first attempt at a bipartisan voting rights bill, with zero dissent on party lines from within the GOP. Meanwhile, Biden has signally a potential breakthrough on infrastructure talks but compromise with Republicans could see him losing support from the left. Also talking American Rescue Plan, missing the target on COVID vaccinations, Texas power, and the race to be New York’s next mayor.

Jun 24

21 min 2 sec

"America's back, and people are loving it."Rubbing elbows with other world leaders, Joe Biden's trip to the G7 Summit appears a diplomatic success but we look to see if there are any real answers on climate change and China, as well as what's come out of a quiet summit with Vladimir Putin. On the home front, however, fresh revelations about Donald Trump's use of the Justice Department to spy on political enemies reminds us of the long road ahead to stabilising American democracy, if such a thing can be done. Also talking student debt, Lina Khan, Israel, India, and Juneteenth.

Jun 17

23 min 17 sec

"Notions of power run deep in some people, and being powerful is more important than anything including justice."Voting rights faces stiff opposition and talks with Republicans over infrastructure have unsurprisingly fallen apart, forcing Dems to go it alone, but Joe Biden faces dissent from his own party in the shape of Joe Manchin. What's the Manchin angle? Tech innovation finds bipartisan support though as the US looks to take on China. Also discussing Biden's first trip abroad, Kamala Harris and Mexico, taxing the 1%, Israel, and Anthony Fauci.

Jun 10

24 min 14 sec

"This is the chance for the United States to reestablish economically, socially... and of course Biden is hoping political corrections and improvements will follow on from this."Biden's big spending budget looking to vastly expand America's social safety net and fix up crumbling infrastructure, being called “the most substantial expansion of the federal government’s spending powers since World War II". We look at the latest additions, plus where to next on the January 6th Commission. Plus Arctic drilling, voting rights in Texas, China, Israel, and the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre.

Jun 3

20 min 58 sec

"What he's doing is facing reality, there's good debt and bad debt."Biden's first budget is due to be announced at the end of this week, we look at what's anticipated and whether it stacks up to promises made on the campaign trail. And a year on from the killing of George Floyd the policing reforms in his name are yet to become reality, what needs to happen? Also, Biden to meet with Putin in Geneva, COVID conspiracies gaining cred, and Belarus participating in 'state-sponsored hijacking'.

May 27

19 min 21 sec

"They are trying to disown it. The more they do that, the more they own it."The bill for a commission looking into the events of the Capitol Invasion on January 6th, 2021 has passed through Congress this morning against strong Republican opposition but with much of the narrative already settled, will anything actually be learned assuming it also gets through the Senate? Plus Roe v. Wade facing a potential new challenge in the Supreme Court, as the conservative majority considers Mississippi's harsh new abortion bill. Also talking infrastructure, Gaza, and the GOP trifecta of Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz.

May 20

18 min 20 sec

"We've come to recognise bad jobs don't lead to good jobs."Businesses across the States are short on staff and being forced to stay shut, and Republicans blame unemployment benefits which some states are now cutting. We take a deeper look at the lack of wage growth and decent employment opportunities, and how they've led to this outcome. Plus Israel and Palestine bordering on outright war as the right wing Israeli government distracts from its own issues - can American continue to support their longtime ally? Also looking at gas shortages, the NRA, the Arizona recount and Liz Cheney fallout.

May 13

24 min 36 sec

"We've got to get out in front of this using our technology, our people."A new goal on American vaccinations and setting their sights on waiving patents for COVID vaccines, the latest on the rollout from the Biden administration. Meanwhile, the Republican party acting like a spurned lover when it comes to big business and stuck in their ways, looking to oust Liz Cheney for not bending the knee to Donald Trump. Also talking an increase to the refugee cap, Florida, Israel, and China's big moves on electric car production.

May 6

14 min 40 sec

"Everything was there that he's promised, not just with another promise but with a course of action."American jobs, climate change, global leadership and gun control all on the agenda for Joe Biden's speech covering his first one hundred days in office and his administration's upcoming agenda. Ed and Sean unpack what was said, and how it relates back to real policies announced over the course of the week. Plus the Armenian Genocide acknowledgement, Russia, COVID cases in India, and Rudy Giuliani's Manhattan raided in the Ukraine investigation.

Apr 29

25 min 20 sec

"[George Floyd] will be remembered for a very long time, not for the life he led but for the life he gave."Celebrations and a massive outpouring of relief this week as former police officer Derek Chauvin found guilty of both murder and manslaughter for the killing of George Floyd. Hopes that this will lead to real change for law enforcement and justice in the United States, but how? Meanwhile, Joe Biden is looking to pledge the United States to cut emissions by 50% by 2030, we look at plans to transition affected workers to new industries. Also talking 200 million COVID jabs, Russia, Israel and Syria exchanging missiles, and fallout from the royal funeral.

Apr 22

22 min 22 sec

"Biden wins more approval by doing it even if Afghanistan goes to hell in a hand basket."After almost two decades and over 2,300 dead US troops, President Joe Biden has given the order to withdraw all US forces from Afghanistan. What are the new threats the US will be dealing with and how will leaving the job half-finished affect US influence abroad? And while CEOs complain about the Biden corporate tax hikes, the love affair between big business and the GOP is also going stale. Also talking gun control, "election integrity", Russia massing troops on the Ukrainian border, and the death of Prince Philip.Check out the new podcast as well for in-depth discussions, Pacific Conversations. First episode with former Labor leader and ambassador Kim Beazley out now.

Apr 15

17 min 8 sec

"Where is the growing population? It's not older, white males."Corporations have come out swinging over new Republican voting restrictions, and Republicans are fighting back but don't want to hurt the money. And with bipartisanship now a distant memory, Biden is pushing ahead on infrastructure plans and likely another couple of big bills through conciliation. We discuss what those might look like, as well as news on Iran, Israel, a possible Guantanamo Bay closure, and Matt Gaetz.

Apr 8

15 min 38 sec

"You couldn't give Stacey Abrams a better platform for her next election."Voting rights are looking to become a key battle for the Biden administration, with Republicans in Georgia drawing widespread criticisms for their new restrictions and Democrats fighting back with the 'For the People' Act. Meanwhile, we have a better idea than ever about the price tag of Biden's upcoming infrastructure bill and where the money will be spent. Also talking about a surge in COVID cases, George Floyd, Suez Canal, and Baltimore to stop policing minor offenses.

Apr 1

15 min 13 sec

"These kinds of killings went way, way down, and then the National Rifle Association got rid of [the Brady Bill] and they've gone back up."Just as it seemed America was reopening and getting back on track, news of two mass shootings, one in Atlanta and one in Colorado, hit our screens, the Colorado shooting coming only days after the blocking of a state assault weapons ban in court by the NRA. But for some, the prospect of tax hikes and arrivals at the southern border were far more frightening. We also talk what we know about the $3 trillion infrastructure bill, Russia, and Israel.

Mar 25

16 min 37 sec

"What [Joe Biden is] doing is the same thing anyone does when they know they have the lead, and that is extending it."COVID vaccinations and relief, confirmations, and another big infrastructure bill on the way while the White House remains quiet and scandal free, it seems like everything is going Joe Biden's way. Trouble is brewing in the Asia region, however, with aggressive talk from North Korea and a humanitarian crisis in need of a response in China. Also discussing Merrick Garland, Michael Regan and Deb Haaland, and Republicans taking aim at voting rights and promising 'scorched earth' on filibusters.

Mar 18

19 min

"You get people up on their feet, in their homes, little money in their pocket, they need a job and that's where he's going after next."We're learning more all the time about the $1.9 Trillion COVID relief bill set to be passed by the Biden administration, with family payments, and provisions for native governments and black farmers outlining a new and liberal agenda. Not a single Republican voted for the bill, however, and it seems the GOP might be up to its Obama-era tricks of obstruction while doubling down on voter suppression. Also discussing anti-trans legislation, the latest front in the culture wars, and Donald Trump's attempts to ban the Republican Party from using his image.

Mar 11

17 min 28 sec

"The Republican Party, as the Trump Party, probably has one or two years left to live."Good news on COVID with Americans looking to receive the jab faster than previously though, but the real fight is over the $1.9 Trillion in COVID relief and a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill to come, that will determine if Biden can keep his campaign promises. Meanwhile, a golden calf of sorts made an appearance at this week's CPAC sending clear signals that Republicans intend to fully remain the Party of Trump. Also talking, Syria, Russia, Jamal Khashoggi, and March 4th threats to the capitol once again.

Mar 4

16 min 49 sec

"Ted Cruz is a cruise missile heading to oblivion."Fallout from the unprecedented cold front to hit the southern states has seen skyrocketing power bills for Texas residents and Ted Cruz forced to return from a family trip to Cancun with his tail between his legs. Meanwhile, the United States has surpassed a milestone that no one ever wanted to see, 500,000 deaths due to COVID, so how goes recovery efforts? Also talking about the minimum wage debate, Merrick Garland, Neera Tanden, ICE, and unpacking the crackdown on white nationalism in the US military.

Feb 25

17 min 2 sec

"For the past four years we've paid attention to politics rather than policy."Donald Trump's second impeachment trial ended this week in an unsurprising acquittal and some are looking to take justice in other ways, but at what point can we stop paying attention to this fiasco? Let's talk policy instead, with economists warning millions of jobs are unlikely even once the COVID pandemic is over, with attitudes to travel and working from home vastly changed, and that retraining is needed. Also talking Republican obstructionism, Texas power failures, China and Taiwan, and Rush Limbaugh.

Feb 18

22 min 25 sec

"Donald Trump's new lawyers, it looks like he went so deep in the barrel he got frogs, were not able to mount a decent opening set of arguments."Donald Trump's second impeachment trial underway at time of recording this week, a devastating case brought by Democrats to meagre defence but how much patience do we really have for proceedings? Meanwhile, debate over stimulus cheques, minimum wage and family security payments, should Biden go big or go bipartisan? Also touching on Georgia election interference and Trump's election fund sticky fingers, Iran, Julian Assange, and the Super Bowl.

Feb 11

18 min 44 sec

"Biden, as he said yesterday, I'm not doing any governing yet, I'm just trying to get to the point where I can."Analysing the latest executive orders to come across the desk of Joe Biden including a new direction on immigration and push for American manufacturing, plus shoving $1.9 trillion of COVID relief across the line without bipartisan debate. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is struggling to mount a legal team or defence when it comes to his second round of impeachment proceedings. Also talking Biden's phone call with Vladimir Putin, ending the filibuster, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Ted Cruz trying to be the new Trump, and six more weeks of winter according to Punxsutawney Phil.

Feb 4

21 min 48 sec

"There are a lot of systemic inequalities that exist in the US and I think even starting to chip away will mean tremendous progress."Ed and Sean are joined again by Dana Rawls and Stephanie Zuniga-Maher from Democrats Abroad this week in a supersized chat! One week in and the Biden Administration has hit the ground running, we discuss the latest cabinet appointees and what is on the agenda for the first 100 days, including COVID economic relief, unemployment, immigration and racial inequality. Plus what the result in Georgia means for Southern Democrats and the role of Kamala Harris in the new administration.

Jan 28

40 min 48 sec

"Talking about healing... Talking to the soul of America."Joe Biden has officially been sworn in as President of the United States of America, with Kamala Harris making history as his VP. Already the Biden administration is coming out swinging with a slew of executive orders looking at tackling the COVID crisis and breaking down the legacy of the Trump presidency. But it's not all good news coming back from the break over the new year, as Ed and Sean discuss the Trump insurrection and ongoing consequences of political violence becoming mainstream.

Jan 21

22 min 53 sec

"The battle's not over, but at least we all have the same direction now."2020 has been one for the history books, and most of us will be happy to see it consigned to history as well. Looking at the highs and lows of the year for the United States, including COVID-19 and the complete mismanagement that has led now to over 300,000 deaths. The ups and downs of the Black Lives Matter movement and need for change, and of course, the presidential campaign along with the utter depths of lows we've seen since the result in November.

Dec 2020

24 min 30 sec

"You cannot pardon yourself for the commission of a crime that was intended to interfere with the rules and rights of American citizens."While much of the world celebrates a COVID vaccine and looks toward recovery, the United States is registering single day highs in terms of COVID deaths. Meanwhile, Trump lawsuits are collapsing due to the weight of evidence in the 2020 election, and Trump, uninterested in governing, is collapsing as well. First though, talking new additions to the Biden cabinet, and we discuss William Barr, Rudy Giuliani, and unpack the Senate race in Georgia.Next week will be our final episode for 2020, discussing the highs and the (numerous) lows of the last year.

Dec 2020

20 min 39 sec

"You'd think they'd want to give people a Christmas present, a little turkey in the stocking or whatever."Looking at the latest Joe Biden cabinet picks and just how difficult the confirmation process is going to be, depending on the results in Georgia. And coming into Christmas, Mitch McConnell is more interested in playing Scrooge and leaving a mess for Biden than helping Americans through what could be a very lean Christmas. Plus surrender on COVID, Trump's pardon-for-pay, fundraising schemes, and threats against the $780 billion military funding bill.

Dec 2020

15 min 23 sec

"What [Biden is] trying to do is get people who know how to run the government, it's been mismanaged for four years."Taking a look at Joe Biden's picks so far for cabinet positions, and how they're likely to shape policy and foreign relations going forward. The transition preceding in earnest, yet it seems the Trump administration can't resist some more 'mischief' on the way out with Mike Pompeo reportedly in secret talks with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Also talking climate policy, a pardon for Michael Flynn, Georgia, and Thanksgiving - what are we most thankful for?

Nov 2020

15 min 47 sec