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We are women and we aim to inspire. Deep dialogues, thought-provoking topics and extraordinary energy exchange all await for you every week on the I AM WOMAN Project podcast, presented by Catherine Plano. Our special guests - who were born to lead by thought, instigate change, break rules and inspire creativity - will empower you through their life lessons learned and their success stories shared. Join our tribe to be inspired!

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Shannon Kaiser is the bestselling author of five books on the psychology of happiness and fulfillment, including The Self-Love Experiment, Adventures for Your Soul, and Return to Me as well as the creator and writer of the NEW Unshakable Inner Peace Oracle deck that helps us stay calm amid the chaos. The post Episode 291: Unshakable Inner Peace with Shannon Kaiser appeared on Catherine Plano.

Nov 30

51 min 55 sec

Did you know that whatever you hold in your mind will tend to occur in your life? If you continue to believe as you have always believed, you will continue to act as you have always acted, and you will continue to get what you have always gotten. Therefore … If you want different results Read More The post Episode 290: Mind Over Matter … It’s All in Your Mind!! appeared on Catherine Plano.

Nov 23

18 min 28 sec

Martha is a passionate and engaging speaker, known for her unique combination of science, humour, and spirituality. For over two decades she has been, in the words of NPR and USA Today, “the best-known life coach in America.” The post Episode 289: The Way of Integrity with Dr. Martha Beck appeared on Catherine Plano.

Nov 16

1 hr 14 min

Through her best-selling book - Now Is Your Chance - Niyc is helping you help yourself by equipping you with the proven strategies, tangible tools, and personal learnings that can really help you make a positive difference in your life. The post Episode 288: Positive Psychology in Sales with Niyc Pidgeon appeared on Catherine Plano.

Nov 9

1 hr 1 min

Growing up super religious, she found that a large part of her life didn’t align with her own identity because as a child, she was having a host of spiritual experiences she couldn’t explain that made her feel ashamed of her sensitivities. The post Episode 287: Spiritual Shit with Alea Lovely appeared on Catherine Plano.


Nov 2

1 hr 1 min

That little voice ... the soft whisper with a well-known twisted gut feeling telling you that something is not right and yet for some unknown reason you ignore its very message ... only to find out later that you were 100% correct!! The post Episode 286: Never Argue with A Hunch, A Gut Feeling or Instincts with Catherine Plano appeared on Catherine Plano.

Oct 26

13 min 37 sec

Dana dives deep into how to implement strategies through her books, blogs, and videos no matter the reader's clutter level or emotional resistance to decluttering. She helps identify procrasticlutter—the stuff that will get done eventually so it doesn't seem urgent—as well as how to make progress when there's no time to declutter. The post Episode 285: The Container Concept with Dana White appeared on Catherine Plano.

Oct 19

51 min 54 sec

he has worked on product collaborations with artists such as Kenny Scharf, Erik Parker, Katherine Bernhardt, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Nir Hod and many more. In 2016, Maria curated “Greek Gotham” presented at Dio Horia, Mykonos with the participation of sixteen New York-based artists including KAWS, Austin Lee, Nina Chanel Abney and Raul de Nieves. The post Episode 284: Disruptive Thinking with Maria Brito appeared on Catherine Plano.

Oct 12

53 min 28 sec

Dr Maya realized that this was exactly what had been missing all along in her training and travelled all over the world and learned from plants, teachers, elders, and indigenous communities from Ecuador and Mexico to Australia and Africa. The post Episode 283: The Dirt Cure with Dr Maya Shetreat appeared on Catherine Plano.

Oct 5

56 min 35 sec

The more you repress your emotions, the more they build up, just like a pressure cooker ... eventually they will explode and land all over your kitchen walls only to be sliding down those walls telling you ‘I told you so ... I told you I would be making a mess of this if you didn’t listen to me’.... The post Episode 282: Colour Your Emotions and Give Them a Voice with Catherine Plano appeared on Catherine Plano.

Sep 28

24 min 28 sec

Meryl has been teaching corporate, private & group meditation classes since 2010, and co-created Sacred Chill {West}, the first meditation and yoga studio in Atlanta offering regular, independent meditation classes. The post Episode 281: The Breath Is Your Anchor with Meryl Arnett appeared on Catherine Plano.

Sep 21

1 hr 10 min

Previously, she was the CCO of goop, the lifestyle and e-commerce company established by Gwyneth Paltrow in 2008. While at goop, Elise co-hosted The goop Podcast and The goop Lab on Netflix, and led the brand’s content strategy and programming, including the launch of a magazine with Condé Nast and a book imprint. The post Episode 280: Pulling the Thread with Elise Loehnen appeared on Catherine Plano.

Sep 14

58 min 30 sec

With her three cornerstones of psychology, mindset, and spirituality, she supports clients in connecting to and embodying their authentic selves, making space to explore the deepest facets of who they are in an effort to cultivate meaningful and rich inner lives. The post Episode 279: Reframe Your Nonserving Thoughts with Tallia Deljou appeared on Catherine Plano.

Sep 7

43 min 17 sec

Tris’ insightful wisdom and proactive approach transforms every audience. With over two decades of experience, she helps others fully release negative emotions, limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns, enabling them to make quantum leaps into the life they were made for. The post Episode 278: Rewrite Your Story with Tris Thorp appeared on Catherine Plano.

Aug 31

1 hr 9 min

Anne’s popular blog Modern Mrs Darcy, which derives its name from a Jane Austen book, is a lifestyle blog for nerds who appreciate Anne’s modus operandi of approaching old, familiar ideas from new and fresh angles. While Modern Mrs Darcy isn’t strictly a book blog, Anne writes frequently about books and reading. The post Episode 277: Modern Mrs Darcy with Anne Bogel appeared on Catherine Plano.

Aug 24

46 min 39 sec

When she’s not juggling her full coaching practice or writing books, Andrea is busy riding her Peloton bike, chasing her two school-aged children, or making out with her husband, Jason. She is also a retired roller derby player having skated under the name “Veronica Vain”. The post Episode 276: Your Kick Ass Life with Andrea Owen appeared on Catherine Plano.

Aug 17

56 min 53 sec

Maria has spent the past three decades playing at the intersection of sustainability, capacity building and creative problem solving and now combines creativity, the arts, and sciences to provide vibrant and energising approaches to social change. The post Episode 275: The Creative Catalyst with Maria Simonelli appeared on Catherine Plano.

Aug 10

1 hr 8 min

Jeralyn Glass is an internationally known Singer, Professor, Meditation Leader, Sound Healing Practitioner, and Crystal Singing Bowl Master Alchemist. She has a unique presence with her personal alchemy of classical music, meditation, and high vibrational sound. The post Episode 274: Crystal Alchemy with Jeralyn Glass appeared on Catherine Plano.

Aug 3

53 min 21 sec

Valorie’s coaching success can be attributed to her extraordinary leadership and mentorship of young student-athletes, and the way in which she used gymnastics as an avenue through which to teach valuable life lessons, while encouraging individuality and joy. The post Episode 273: Life is Short Don’t Wait to Dance with Valorie Kondos Field appeared on Catherine Plano.

Jul 27

50 min 4 sec

Unapologetically feminine, joyful, and down to earth in her way of being, Miranda is dedicated to loving people all the way back into the freedom and wholeness of our true nature. The post Episode 272: The Way of Grace with Miranda Macpherson appeared on Catherine Plano.

Jul 20

44 min 6 sec

Whether you are sitting in her audience, watching her YouTube channel, or reading her new book (You’re not dying, you’re just waking up), the insights channelled through her will leave you feeling in tune with limitless possibilities! The post Episode 271: Raise Your Vibrations with Elizabeth April appeared on Catherine Plano.

Jul 13

54 min 45 sec

Nicky has lived and experienced everything she teaches. Nicky guides people through powerful processes to break free from the stories and wounds that are confining them from their past to embody their authentic self and live with a deeper sense of alignment, wholeness and freedom. The post Episode 270: Surrender with Nicky Clinch appeared on Catherine Plano.

Jul 6

1 hr 4 min

As a Psychic Medium, Jessica can facilitate conversations between you and those that have crossed over and can also communicate with animal friends as an Animal Communicator. Working extensively with the Tarot since 1999, she uses this method for unveiling more nuanced dynamics to complement her other tools. The post Episode 269: Astrology for Real Relationships with Jessica Lanyadoo appeared on Catherine Plano.

Jun 29

1 hr 2 min

Jennifer Racioppi is a certified Duke Integrative Medicine Health Coach, a holistic health counsellor, a Positive Psychology coach, an astrologer and author of Cosmic Health, unlock your healing magic with astrology, positive psychology and integrative wellness. The post Episode 268: Cosmic Health with Jennifer Racioppi appeared on Catherine Plano.

Jun 22

1 hr 16 min

She is visionary for the future of healthcare and left her position as a board-certified, internal medicine hospitalist to pursue Functional Medicine in order to better serve her patients. By getting to the real, root cause answers for WHY the body might be malfunctioning. The post Episode 267: Be Your Best Doctor with Dr. Jessica Peatross appeared on Catherine Plano.

Jun 15

48 min 23 sec

Susy is the founder of the Sound Healer's Academy, an innovative Crystal Alchemy Sound Healing and Spiritual Business Mentorship training, leads a 7-week program for radical transformation called The Vessel, is a self-love advocate for brands, has created custom product lines, and offers deeply restorative crystal alchemy sound bath ceremonies and healing rituals both in person and online. The post Episode 266: Healing Through Harmony with Susy Markoe Schieffelin appeared on Catherine Plano.

Jun 8

42 min 42 sec

She has won the St Andrews Prize for the Environment and Future for Nature Award for her work. A member of IUCN's African Elephant Specialist Group she has been working hard to spread ideas for coexistence between elephants and people, helped by her TEDWomen talk that was listed 4th in the top 10 TED talks for 2020 with a reach of 2.4 million views. The post Episode 265: Elephants and Bees with Dr. Lucy King appeared on Catherine Plano.

Jun 1

54 min 14 sec

Her work appears in publications from TIME and The Florida Review to Design Sponge and Good Company. Released by HarperOne in August 2020, her memoir in essays, Sitting Pretty: The View from My Ordinary Resilient Disabled Body provides a nuanced portrait of a body that looks and moves differently than most. The post Episode 264: Sitting Pretty with Rebekah Taussig appeared on Catherine Plano.

May 25

55 min 18 sec

As an expert in the integration of purpose and success, Sigrid bridges ancient wisdom and modern leadership to help those who are ready to up-level their game in life, leadership and entrepreneurship, through looking at the person behind the business and aligning with a higher version of themselves. The post Episode 263: Self-Care Is the New Hustle with Sigrid Tasies appeared on Catherine Plano.

May 18

47 min 37 sec

She’s an internationally recognized speaker who takes on dozens of stages every year around the globe, and has spoken at some of the world's most innovative companies and conferences, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, MAKERS, SXSW. The post Episode 262: Professional Troublemaker with Luvvie Ajayi Jones appeared on Catherine Plano.

May 11

41 min 39 sec

Annie Botticelli is a spiritual spark, igniting new perspectives and inspiring solutions to transcend the challenges and limitations of the polarized experience of duality. The post Episode 261: Astro Kisses with Annie Botticelli appeared on Catherine Plano.

May 4

1 hr 29 min

She has worked on the design and strategy of over 200 of the world’s biggest brands and is currently Chair of the Board of Directors for Law & Order SVU actor and activist Mariska Hargitay’s Joyful Heart Foundation. The post Episode 260: Design Matters with Debbie Millman appeared on Catherine Plano.

Apr 27

40 min 7 sec

Dr. Alison's mission is to support the next higher evolution of the collective and create change for the health of this planet and those who are ready to unleash every part of the magic within them. The post Episode 259: Your Next Vibrational Evolution with Dr. Alison J Kay appeared on Catherine Plano.

Apr 20

1 hr

Hailed by the New York Times as “The Queen of Change,” Julia Cameron is credited with starting a movement in 1992 that has brought creativity into the mainstream conversation— in the arts, in business, and in everyday life. She is the best-selling author of more than forty books, fiction and nonfiction; a poet, songwriter, filmmaker and playwright. The post Episode 258: The Artist Way with Julia Cameron appeared on Catherine Plano.

Apr 13

43 min 35 sec

Dr. Orloff has been called “the godmother of the empath movement.” She specializes in treating empaths and highly sensitive people in her private practice. She passionately believes that the future of medicine involves integrating all this wisdom to achieve total wellness. The post Episode 257: The Power of Empathy with Dr. Judith Orloff appeared on Catherine Plano.

Apr 6

37 min 4 sec

Rebecca’s journey as a medium started with personal readings for family and friends, which were uncannily accurate. These experiences were shared with friends, and then friends of friends. The post Episode 256: Getting Spiritually Dressed with Rebecca Rosen appeared on Catherine Plano.

Mar 30

45 min 56 sec

Searching for her place in the world lead Candace to a higher understanding of herself and the Universe. We are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The post Episode 255: Get Real About How You Feel with Candace van Dell appeared on Catherine Plano.

Mar 23

50 min 30 sec

When the Government in her native Venezuela started shutting down television stations, Mariana came to the United States on a scholarship to study at Columbia University’s Journalism School, which she credits as the foundation that catapulted her to success. The post Episode 254: Perfectly You with Mariana Atencio appeared on Catherine Plano.

Mar 16

49 min 50 sec

Catherine is here today with Dr. Nicole LePera. Dr. Nicole LePera was trained in clinical psychology at Cornell University and the New School for Social Research. She also studied at the Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis. As a clinical psychologist in private practice, Dr. LePera often found herself frustrated by the limitations of traditional psychotherapy. Wanting more Read More The post Episode 253: How to Do the Work with Dr. Nicole LePera appeared on Catherine Plano.

Mar 9

55 min 5 sec

Marie is a Founding Member of the Global Transformational Leadership Council and is both Founder and President of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe. Marie has established a world-class reputation for transforming the success, health, relationships, and spiritual wisdom for millions of people. She is someone that thousands of entrepreneurs, businesses, and corporations turn to for unique insights and guidance with branding, marketing, and business decisions. The post Episode 252: The Secret with Marie Diamond appeared on Catherine Plano.

Mar 2

1 hr 6 min

Liana overcame many health issues including a tumour, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, and weight loss with nutrition, and believes that food is medicine. Liana is the Resident Health and Nutrition Coach at Complete Wellness NYC, providing eating plans to patients where she works alongside a team of expert providers. The post Episode 251: Anxiety Free with Food by Liana Werner-Gray appeared on Catherine Plano.

Feb 23

54 min 43 sec

Ana Paula is an expert in getting to the root cause of your patterns so that you can create a life that is designed for you... with excitement, deep connection and sensuality. Ana Paula is continuously creating divine design personalized retreats with sacred activations virtually and around the world. The post Episode 250: Respond vs React with Ana Paula Munoz appeared on Catherine Plano.

Feb 16

47 min 1 sec

At a younger age Juliana went down a darker route full of partying, eating disorders and a lot of unauthentic living. A few years back an episode marked her life and she realised that she was looking for divinity in all the wrong places. The post Episode 249: Transform Through Ascension with Juliana Calle appeared on Catherine Plano.

Feb 9

57 min 37 sec

As a Sagittarius Rising she loves to explore the world, not only physically, but mentally. Her Leo heart believes in the greatest potential of every human on this planet. We are all here for a reason and it's the fire in her soul to bring awareness to all of us, so we can live more consciously and meaningful. The post Episode 248: Fear Is an Illusion with Magic Kathi appeared on Catherine Plano.

Feb 2

48 min 40 sec

As a feminine leadership mentor and credentialed spiritual counsellor, Anahita Joon activates the sacred leadership of women who are ready to awaken and unleash the force of nature within, leaving no stone unturned. She holds transformational communities of women leading women doing the most cutting-edge work for full expression, pivoting and levelling-up. The post Episode 247: Ditch Your Inner Critic with Anahita Joon appeared on Catherine Plano.


Jan 26

59 min 42 sec

Through her courses, private sessions, and live events, Sunny has grown and cultivated a diverse global community. Whether in-person or online, her strong mentorship encourages thousands of students to connect with their heart and the core of their being and guides them to experience life in a newer, more positive light. The post Flashback 2020: Invoking the Archangels with Sunny Dawn Johnston appeared on Catherine Plano.

Jan 19

47 min 1 sec

With spectacular flair, beautiful pearls of wisdom, and life-changing stories of unexpected triumph, Gina DeVee shares the steps, exercises, meditations, prayers and journal prompts to release all forms of self-doubt and self-sabotage so you can discover the best version of you. The post Flashback 2020: Wealth Consciousness with Gina Devee appeared on Catherine Plano.

Jan 12

46 min 2 sec

In the past decade, her company, Empowered Media, has become a monumental wellness empire dedicated to total-life solutions comprising all aspects of living well, including nutrition, fitness, self-help and overall lifestyle. The post Flashback 2020: Move A Little Bit Every Day with Jillian Michaels appeared on Catherine Plano.

Jan 5

56 min 17 sec

Kim is a motivational speaker and business coach. The author of Remodel Your Reality™; Seven Steps to Rebalance Your Life and Reclaim Your Passion, and the producer of Get Your Groove Back ™ an on-demand coaching program for women. The post Flashback 2020: Get Your Groove Back with Kimberly Fulcher appeared on Catherine Plano.

Dec 2020

1 hr 2 min

She has helped thousands of people to overcome profound personal issues and has been voted best speaker at numerous conferences, including The Mastermind Group London, the Women in Business Super conference, the Royal Society of Medicine, and Awesomeness Fest. The post Flashback 2020: I AM Enough with Marisa Peer appeared on Catherine Plano.

Dec 2020

1 hr 1 min