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Doctor's Dilemma Season #2

By Dr. Adil Manzoor D.O.

Medicine bridges the gap that exists between our society and the world of science. However, it is more than the sum of our knowledge about disease. Medicine concerns the experiences, feelings, and interpretations of human beings in often extraordinary moments of fear, anxiety, and doubt. However, the exercise of medical professionalism is hampered by the political and cultural environment of health, which many doctors consider disabling. The doctor character has undergone significant changes, evolving from caring but infallible supermen with smoldering good looks and impeccable bedside manners to drug-addicted, sex-obsessed antiheroes. The line between Physicians and other healthcare professionals has become blurred. Those with little to no knowledge of the complexity of the human body and disease, are given equal rights as physicians to provide health to the general population, not in the name of true health for people, but the ease at which they can maximize their profits, while all along convincing the masses that it is appropriate to do so. This podcast series will not focus on the mountain of knowledge physicians must internalize to provide health, but rather the challenges physicians undergo to have the privilege to be able to provide care. It will relay to you that physicians aren’t ordinary people, but rather extraordinary, whose abilities, unfortunately, have become lost in this macrocosm of what health has become today.

  1. 1.
    Entrepreneur/ Neurology Specialist: Dr. Saima Ali Working Her Passions Together09/15/2020
  2. 2.
    Sudden Change of Career Path: from Communications to Medicine - How Dr. Isha Butler D.O. fell in love with Medicine by a Challenge09/02/2020
  3. 3.
    A Doctor of Color, An Open Conversation About Racism in the Medical Field with Dr. Delicia M. Haynes07/27/2020
  4. 4.
    From Corporate to Medicine, Discovering what inspires you to Medical School with Dr. Andrea Wadley M.D.06/29/2020
  5. 5.
    Overcoming Depression and Anxiety among Physicians + Rediscovering your "Why" with TEDxDetroit speaker, Dr. Paul Thomas06/22/2020
  6. 6.
    Internship & Residency Adventures + Key Knowledge about Insurance-based Healthcare with the Founder of Desert Mobile Medical Concierge Physicians, Dr. Paresh Goel06/22/2020
  7. 7.
    The status of American Healthcare and Hospital's response during the COVID-19 pandemic with Founder and CEO of Rivertown Paediatrics, Dr. Nitin Gupta06/22/2020
  8. 8.
    Shaping the Future of Medicine and Health Care System with the Founder of Resource Optimization Network, Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng06/22/2020
  1. 9.
    He's the Chief for the VA Eastern Colorado Health, Primary Care Innovation Awardee & Thought Leader. Now He's On Track To Start The First Technology Health Medical School Curriculum.What Can He Not Do? He's Cole Zanetti DO09/04/2019
  2. 10.
    Overcoming Physicians Burn-out with Dr. Robert Sehgel DO08/15/2019
  3. 11.
    He Lost A Bet & Became A Physician. He's Your Atypical Doc, Who Has Committed To Making His Patients Stronger, Both Physically & Psychologically! He's Dr. Dante Paredes D.O.07/31/2019
  4. 12.
    From The Streets Of Pakistan To The Pursuit Of Internal Medicine In the United States! - Dr. Chohan MD07/24/2019
  5. 13.
    She's A Medical Student. She's An NIH Scholar. She's A Scientist. She's A Fighter. Soon, She's To Become A Pediatrician Near You!07/17/2019
  6. 14.
    She's a Full-Time Mother, Farm Girl, Entrepreneur, and is Practicing Medicine in Her Own Terms. She's Dr. Errin Weisman DO07/12/2019
  7. 15.
    From the streets of New York to Chemical Engineering to starting his own mobile Osteopathic Manipulative Medical Business! - Dr. Mukarram Razvi DO07/04/2019
  8. 16.
    From the Streets of Pakistan to the Olympics to Cardiology! - Dr. Kakhwani MD06/25/2019
  9. 17.
    From the Streets of Ghana to the footsteps of the Mayo Clinic! - Dr. Okoh MD06/19/2019
  10. 18.
    He Comes From Maryland & Goes Onto Do A Global Mission of Bringing Nearly Half a Million Dollars Worth Of Medical Equipment To The Caribbean! - Dr. Carlson MD06/12/2019
  11. 19.
    From Being Robbed At The Streets Of Willingboro To Running A Medical Camp In India! - Dr. Singh MD06/03/2019
  12. 20.
    From Rural Oklahoma To Starting His Direct Primary Care Practice, Remedy Health! - Dr. Chris Sudduth MD06/03/2019

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