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Pastor Nathan looks at the question, "why do we pray?" and finds Jesus' answer in Matthew 6.

Nov 26

19 min 26 sec

Hear how we can find joy and a meaningful life by discovering our "shape" and using this to do the things God as prepared in advance for us to do. Matthew 25:14-30  Pastor Dan Jetto #RiverRockChurchMN

Nov 7

25 min 38 sec

At some point in time, every single one of us asks the question:  What is the key to making our lives significant? Join us in opening up Scripture to find out how we can live lives that have eternal, positive, and lasting impact.

Oct 15

25 min 31 sec

Do This in Remembrance of MeAt the very first communion service Jesus said “Do this in remembrance of Me.”  Communion is a time of remembering. This Sunday as we gather come and learn about the importance of not only remembering but proclaiming what Jesus has done for us and in our lives.  We will share in communion, but we also want to have a time of sharing with each other How Jesus has impacted our lives.  Sharing our memories to encourage others as we live out our faith as testimony of His love for us.  Pastor Dan Jetto. #RiverRockChurchMN  

Aug 8

19 min 44 sec

In our world of instant everything, even the slightest delays, the least bit of waiting can cause people to lose it.  But in Acts chapter 1 – Jesus told his disciples to go to Jerusalem. . . and wait for the Father’s promise.  Waiting is sometimes necessary, it is sometimes therapeutic, it gives us time to listen, reflect, and grow.  Come and learn with us how we can find peace, joy and growth when God says “wait.” Pastor Dan Jetto. #RiverRockChurchMN

Aug 1

30 min 12 sec

Listen to  "A WELL Life is full of Faith, Friends and Farewells" Pastor Chris’ last message as the Pastor of River Rock Church. As we follow Jesus on the narrow road of life He leads us to various places to grow in faith, serve Him and to learn from the experiences. Some people live in the same place all their lives while others move around for new jobs, education, opportunities, or even better weather. Some feel forced to move because of circumstances beyond their control or to stay close to a loved one. One of the most stressful and most spiritually open times in someone’s life is when they move to a new place they are not familiar with. A W.E.L.L. Life centers around Worshiping, Encouraging. Learning and Loving. That kind of life is blessed by the Lord and can lead to great friendships and ministry opportunities. You may share life with a friend nearby for weeks, months or years but even when they must move away you can still stay connected. Farewells can be sad, sometimes they make others glad, but they do not all have to be bad. Pray for that person or family who God is sending out to a new place, on a new adventure, to serve Him in a new way, to possibly help some other people experience that same kind of friendship and a W.E.L.L. Life. Be encouraged to have faith to follow Jesus wherever He leads you or your friends. Pastor Chris Teien. #RiverRockChurchMN 

Jul 24

32 min 47 sec

The Apostle Paul ends his letter to the Philippians with some great promises for us to claim when we are in need. We love to claim Philippians 4:19, "And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus." If you look at the context of the paragraph it appears this is a conditional promise for those that have been faithful to give. What else does God's Word say to us when we are seeking His help to meet our needs? Listen to find out and be encouraged to remember the Five Keys to Getting your Needs Met. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

Jul 17

33 min 27 sec

Our days are full of opportunities, responsibilities and difficulties that can make life seem overwhelming. Maybe you struggle with work, health, relationships, kids, finances, faith or something else and you just feel you can’t overcome. Be encouraged with seven things you can do when life seems overwhelming. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

Jul 10

36 min 22 sec

True Freedom in Christ is based on what Jesus has already done and not only for the few who seem to do everything right. When we place our faith in the Savior we are adopted into God’s family with all the security and benefits that brings. Life is better when we live in His grace instead of religious legalism. We also remember the America’s ideal of a nation under God and the freedoms we still enjoy are worth celebrating. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

Jul 3

28 min 30 sec

We have just endured one of the most anxious years of our lives. Unfortunately, the world is still full of trouble and sickness. The Bible offers hope and help to enable you to overcome those helpless attitudes and paralyzing feelings anxiety brings. Listen and be encouraged with seven ways to overcome anxiety. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

Jun 26

39 min 4 sec

In the book of Daniel there is an event in which three men, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, are thrown into a fire because of their refusal to bow to the King’s demand to worship him.  The threat of a painful death at the hands of men did not deter their stand for God.  In fact their “faith” saved them.  Come join us as we learn about the power of faith in a believer’s life. Faith that can sustain us even in the fire. Pastor Dan Jetto #RiverRockChurchMN

Jun 20

37 min 36 sec

Everyone wants to belong and to be loved. Those who are loved want to know the opportunities and expectations of the relationship. Listen and be encouraged as we look at how believers are loved, called and chosen to belong to Jesus. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

Jun 12

32 min 45 sec

Life is like a rollercoaster full of unsettling ups and downs with plenty of frightening twists and turns. Covid or some other situation may be creating an anxious situation in your life right now. When you have no idea how you are going to move forward, take time to pray for help and wisdom. And make sure to recount all the ways God has shown up to help you in the past. Maybe you now have a chance to go on an unplanned and unexpected adventure and you need encouragement to have enough faith to show up. Let us encourage you to keep trusting God on the Adventure of life. #RiverRockChurchMN Pastor Chris Teien

Jun 5

30 min 55 sec

It’s Memorial Day weekend – a time to remember those who have given their lives fighting for our peace and freedom. The Bible says that Christians are to be like soldiers to accomplish Jesus our commander’s mission. We protect and fight with His power, armor and weapons. We sacrifice the temporary things of this world and may even give our lives in the battle but there are eternal rewards given to the faithful. Listen and be encouraged to keep pushing onward Christian soldier! Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

May 29

35 min 52 sec

We remember when the Holy Spirit showed up and empowered the people of the church to change the world and look into the purpose, power and presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Be encouraged to let the Holy Spirit fill you, teach you and work in you to accomplish wonderful things. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

May 23

42 min 21 sec

Jesus teaches His followers have been chosen to live fruitful lives that make a difference in the world. A productive life is a rewarding life. In John 15 we read how Jesus taught the secrets to living a fruitful life and we are going to look at seven of them in this message. Be encouraged to live an abiding life as you experience God’s purpose, provision and love. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

May 16

36 min 36 sec

Time. How are you spending the precious time you are allotted? Who has God put in your life to spend time with and care for? What does God Word teach us about investing our time wisely? How does God reward us when we prioritize time with Him? This is a great topic for Mother’s Day and we realize that while many of have been blessed by their mother’s time, some have never been given the opportunity to be that child or have children. Watch this message and be encouraged to value the different aspects and seasons of your life while making the most of your time. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

May 9

38 min 10 sec

When the blinders come off and we are able to see our lost and sinful condition in stark contrast to God’s purity and holiness we feel hopeless and helpless. There is nothing we can do on our own to fix our desperate condition, except cry out “Lord have Mercy!” Mercy is more than just God not treating us as our sins deserve. God in His mercy chooses not to keep record of our sin instead showing us love and helping us in our time of need. Be encouraged to experience and share God’s mercies which are new every morning. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

May 1

29 min 11 sec

God created us, We are God’s masterpiece, We are created anew in Christ Jesus to do good works. We are created with with different personalities, Spiritual gifts, talents, resources and experiences. As the body of Christ we need each other to accomplish His purposes. The Lord gives us the choice to grow in Him and use what He has equipped us with or to just let it sit on the shelf while we waste our days away. The Bible makes it clear that God chooses to use some people more than others. In this message we will look at what we should and should not do if we want to be significantly used by God. You will be encouraged to prepare for God to use you to make a difference. This message continues the 4/12 message “Why Don’t You Live so God can Use You?” Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

Apr 24

42 min 43 sec

Jesus said He would send His Holy Spirit to empower us to be His witnesses, locally, regionally and globally.  Do we feel empowered?  The simplicity of Jesus message is dwarfed by the scope of its effect.  Come and find out how living an authentic Christian life can impact not only our community but the world.  Learn how the Holy Spirit working through us can expand our reach. Pastor Dan Jetto #RiverRockChurchMN

Apr 17

35 min 28 sec

Last weekend we remembered all that Jesus did and now we get to focus on what we get to do to respond to His gift of Salvation to those who follow Him. We get to live in grace and live by faith and that sets us free to enjoy living with purpose in Christ. Even more exciting is knowing that we have been created to do good works – to accomplish Jesus purposes and make a difference in the world. Listen and be encouraged to live and serve the way God created you. Pastor Chris Teien Part 1 of 2. #RiverRockChurchMN

Apr 11

40 min 50 sec

The fact that Jesus has risen from the dead is the backbone of our faith, the truth that gives us eternal hope and the good news that we share. Repeatedly the Bible shows that to be saved from our sins and welcomed into God’s family that we must believe that Jesus is Lord and that He was raised from the dead. Jesus Resurrection Upheld is a perfect message to encourage you and for you to share with others. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN 

Apr 3

38 min 22 sec

It’s easy to forget when someone makes a life changing sacrifice for you. Listen to this 20 minute message to be reminded of Jesus sacrifice on the old rugged cross and be encouraged that when you are saved you become His beloved. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

Apr 2

18 min 13 sec

Many people go through life with a deep sense of regret over something they did or did not do. This Palm Sunday we remember those people with high expectations who praised Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem. Days later the mob would regretfully cry out for Jesus to be crucified. Peter swore he would not deny Jesus and but then regrettably swore three times that he didn't know Jesus. Peter was one of Jesus closest disciples but he went as far as saying "I never knew the man." Jesus came back and helped Peter undo that regret and He can do the same for us. Jesus offers forgiveness and a fresh start to those who want Him too. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

Mar 28

42 min 20 sec

Drawing from the imagery of Olympic running the writer of Hebrews in the Bible reminds us that, just like the other Christ-followers who have lived before we did, we are all in a spiritual race. Sin holds us back, Saints from the past are cheering us onward and our Savior is waiting to celebrate with us when we cross the finish line. This message will show you the strategy to run a better race and encourage you to not give up. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

Mar 20

36 min 38 sec

Jesus calls us to be disciples that grow disciples. Are you that kind of Christ-follower? Do you feel up to the task of sharing Jesus with the hope that you will be given the opportunity to help a new believer learn how to follow Jesus? If you are really good at this, then this message will encourage you. If you don’t know how to begin or what you would do to teach new believer or immature Christian this message will inspire you. We will share some easy-to-use tools to help you get started carrying out Jesus commission to make disciples and teach them to obey Jesus teaching. Matthew 28:19. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

Mar 13

37 min 21 sec

Some people are surprised to learn that worship is much more than just attending church or singing worship songs. In John 4:23 Jesus shares about true worship and tells us that God the Father is watching for this: “Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.” Listen and be encouraged to worship the way God desires and experience the power and joy that brings. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

Mar 6

36 min 44 sec

Why do we go to church? The Covid shutdowns showed us all that internet church can be inspiring and convenient. And that there are churches far away from home that have even better music and messages we can comfortably watch online so why do we need to be bothered with the authentic local church? Then again we have had TV Church available for over 50 years and that didn’t fully meet our needs. Is there more to church than being a spectator and downloading information? Watch or listen to be encouraged to see The Incredible Value of the Local Authentic Church. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

Feb 27

41 min 9 sec

Some people just get us so angry that we want to cause them to feel some of the pain and problems they have caused us. We might even stay awake at night planning what we are going to do to get our revenge.  I Corinthians 13:5-6 lists five reasons why Christians are to choose to forgive instead of retaliate because love: "... does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth."  And if vengeance is due - God says we are to leave that to Him to deal with. Mishandling your anger towards others can often harm you more than anyone else. That's what this weekends encouraging message topic is about. Listen and be encouraged to act in love and put aside the anger and hate. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

Feb 20

36 min 57 sec

Deep down we all really do want to be loved but often feel unworthy. I Corinthians 13:7 lists four things Christian love always does: “It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” How is that even possible? What does that look like? Watch or listen and be encouraged to see what Christian love is supposed to do. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

Feb 14

36 min 6 sec

Last week we saw in 1 Corinthians 13:4 that “Love is not Proud.” And this Super Bowl Sunday is a great weekend to focus on how pride can keep us from God’s best for our lives. Repeatedly the Bible shows that God hates sinful pride. 1 Peter 5:5 says, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” Humility honors God and makes us better team players. Humility is one of the most important qualities we need to model and teach kids in team sports. Watch or listen and be encouraged to see how Pride trips you up Humility leads you to Success. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

Feb 7

34 min 23 sec

God gives us instructions for the ways we should and should not show love in 1 Corinthians 13 and at least three things can mess that up. They are Boredom, Anger and Misunderstanding. That’s the focus of this Bible based, encouraging message this weekend at River Rock Church that you won’t want to miss. Pastor Chris Teien  #RiverRockChurchMN

Jan 30

37 min 42 sec

Matthew 6:33 is a verse that I have tried to build my life around.  A simple verse with profound implications that if lived out will affect every area of our lives.  In addition, this verse carries the promise from Jesus, who cannot lie, that He will supply all our needs.  Can we listen and together learn how to purposefully live in this promise from God? Pastor Dan Jetto  #RiverRockChurchMN

Jan 23

30 min 23 sec

Even when Life is Terrible True Love is Patient and Kind. Yes, there are a lot of problems in the world. Yes, you are probably hiding behind your mask. No, you don’t get to be unloving and unkind just because you are frustrated or even angry. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Apostle Paul gives us a list in 1 Corinthians 13 of what Christian love is supposed to look like: “Love is patient, love is kind....” 1 Corinthians 13:4a (NIV). And later reveals that patience is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Watch or listen this weekend to be encouraged to be patient and kind so God will bless you and be able to use you to accomplish his purposes. Pastor Chris Teien  #RiverRockChurchMN

Jan 17

41 min 42 sec

Seven things to consider when it comes to the great divide caused by politics, current issues and elected leaders. The world has turned its back on God and appears to be unravelling with our country angry, fearful, and divided. Watch or listen to be encouraged to learn Jesus desire for His church in these troubling times. Pastor Chris Teien  #RiverRockChurchMN

Jan 10

35 min 57 sec

While many of us may feel helpless to change our current circumstances, the one thing we can work on changing is ourselves. We’ve got a new year to fill in a blank calendar with obligations and opportunities that could help improve the quality and value of our lives. Hope, true success and real lasting change comes from the Lord. Jeremiah wrote in the book of Lamentations that our faith for today and hope for tomorrow is in the Lord who is merciful and faithful. Listen to this message to be encouraged to get ready for this New Year with plans for a New You. We will also have communion as part of this message. Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

Jan 2

36 min 15 sec

Many people would say 2020 has been the worst year of their entire lives. Others would say it has been challenging but God has been faithful and the pandemic has made them value life more. In the beginning of Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus he reminded them of how the Father, Son and Holy Spirit all give them hope. Watch or listen to this message to be encouraged to find hope for a New Year. #RiverRockChurchMN

Dec 2020

31 min 15 sec

River Rock Christmas - Online Church Service is perfect for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Watch together and share link with others. Wishing you a blessed a delightful Christmas! Includes Countdown Christmas Trivia. Sing-a-long Christmas songs. Animated Christmas story. Encouraging message. Music and videos used with permission/purchased rights. #RiverRockChurchMN   Video on Youtube and Facebook

Dec 2020

33 min 53 sec

Maybe you aren’t feeling the Christmas spirit yet since this year there aren’t many Christmas gatherings, nor programs to attend and there currently isn’t any snow on the ground. But we want to help you be filled with the Holy Spirit of Christmas. It is worthwhile to take notice of how the Holy Spirit was involved in the Christmas story, to see the ways the Holy Spirit is involved in your life story, and to enjoy the fruit He brings into your life. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to guide and empower our lives, so don’t treat Him like the Elf on the Shelf. Tune in this weekend by video or audio and be encouraged to see how the gift of the Holy Spirit is part of the package deal for all of us who have been adopted into God’s family and are living in Jesus. A great message to share this Sunday before Christmas. #RiverRockChurchMN

Dec 2020

38 min 44 sec

Most of us are very familiar with the narrative of the Biblical Christmas story. Have you ever considered how those in the story that God used greatly were busy doing things that pleased God and that they were willing to change their plans to answer God’s call in their lives? It may actually be easier this Covid Christmas to find time to ponder and worship Jesus since there are very few activities to attend. Tune in this weekend by video or audio and be encouraged to see the value of arranging your priorities to find joy this CHRISTmas season. Pastor Chris Teiein #RiverRockChurchMN

Dec 2020

32 min 25 sec

This Christmas what is it that we are expecting?  Is it gifts, a chance to relax with a couple extra days off?  With the pandemic many will be missing traditional gatherings, meals with extended families, but is there something more, something greater we should be expecting this year?  What would happen if instead of expecting these things, we looked for and expected to meet Jesus, how would that change us?  In this message we will look at some of the people who met the Baby Jesus and how they were blessed through those meetings.  Please join us as we watch, listen, and find how Jesus is waiting to bless you this Christmas season. Pastor Dan Jetto  #RiverRockChurchMN

Dec 2020

31 min 6 sec

We start the Christmas message series this weekend with the amazing story of Zechariah and Elizabeth (parents of John the Baptist) as God was preparing the stage for Jesus to be born into the world. While Zechariah and Elizabeth were in the middle of God’s important plans they were also inconvenienced and left wondering what was God up to. Listen as Pastor Chris from River Rock Church shares “When God’s Plans Leave You Speechless” with the goal of encouraging you to be faithful during these uncertain times.

Nov 2020

43 min 1 sec

The calendar says we are scheduled to have a day to gather and be full of thanksgiving but the medical experts want us to keep to ourselves. In many ways this year has been full of disappointment and while we may not feel thankful, we can find hope and encouragement through the Scriptures. Listen to Pastor Chris’ message this Sunday from Psalm 116 to hear how God can help you walk with the Lord even when you are faced with sickness and death. #RiverRockChurchMN

Nov 2020

32 min 47 sec

 There is so much discouragement these days. Fear of sickness, job insecurity, political chaos, relationship troubles, social isolation, boredom, disappointment, ungodliness and so many other things can make us feel discouraged. With God’s help, when we turn our focus from our own trials and look toward the people and priorities God cares about we will often feel encouraged and become encouragers. This week Pastor Chris Teien from River Rock Church shares insight on how to experience victory over discouragement. There is a special parable dramatization story at the end about parachutes you won’t want to miss.  #RiverRockChurchMN Who I am in Christ resource mentioned https://ficm.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Truth-Statements1.pdf

Nov 2020

38 min 52 sec

Some people never fail at anything because they avoid trying everything. Experiencing failure can help train you to be more successful. When we learn from our mistakes it can give us wisdom and confidence to succeed in the future. Sometimes our failures are inconvenient or embarrassing and other times our failures can destroy relationships and affect our careers. Jesus can help us find forgiveness and healing from past failures. God’s Word can give us inspiration and guidance to experience victory and success. Listen as Pastor Chris Teien from River Rock Church shares insights on experiencing victory over failure so you can enjoy the life God desires you to have. #RiverRockChurchMN 11.08.20

Nov 2020

37 min 29 sec

Every moment of every day we make choices that can affect our future and our satisfaction with life. Sometimes the temptation comes from our own self will and sometimes our evil adversary the devil tempts us to sin. The good news is that those who are in Christ Jesus will never face a temptation they can’t escape, and that God is pleased with us when we pass the test and make the right choices. Listen as Pastor Chris Teien from River Rock Church shares insights on overcoming temptations so you can enjoy life without regrets and be prepared for God to use you to accomplish His plans. Message also includes a short communion time. #RiverRockChurchMN

Oct 2020

40 min 50 sec

Can you really find victory over fear on your own? How often do you try to convince yourself to face your fears and rise, only to still feel the terror in your life? People are afraid of getting sick, going broke, living under bad leaders, being harmed, missing out and so much more. The Bible is full of encouraging promises to help us through these scary times. Listen to Pastor Chris Teien share ways to transform your fear into faith and experience peace instead of panic.

Oct 2020

40 min 47 sec

Jesus, in Matthew chapter 7, makes a rather sobering statement about people who appeared to be doing wonderful things in His name, but when it comes time for judgment He says they will never enter the kingdom of heaven, because He never “knew them.”  Watch and learn how we can be known by Jesus and share eternity with Him, how we can truly be known by God. Pastor Dan Jetto  River Rock Church Belle Plaine, MN

Oct 2020

27 min 11 sec

People are so angry today. While the emotions that lead us to get angry are not always sinful, angry actions may lead us into sin, pain and regret. The Bible says, “In your anger do not sin” and even Jesus expressed his anger at time. Get some help with what to do when we get angry, why we get angry and ways to stop being angry. Pastor Chris Teien. 

Oct 2020

37 min 29 sec

We all make many mistakes and sometimes that leads to regret and a lifetime of guilt. The Bible shows us example of King David: a man after God’s own heart, who fell into sin and eventually was overwhelmed with guilt. Jesus can help us find victory over guilt and live with more compassion for others. Pastor Chris Teien

Oct 2020

36 min 47 sec