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Feminie Energy Feminist is the podcast for soul-centered professional women who don't want to have to choose between their personal and professional goals. The problem today is many high-achieving women have pushed aside so much of themselves

in order to get where they are in their careers. And it’s impacted them physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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In this episode, discover how it is possible and beneficial for women to tap into their feminine energy at work. I share why so many of us are passionate about our careers and still fantasize about quitting. There are two radical shifts in your thinking that I’ll teach you which will allow you to overcome the frustrations and disappointments in your career so you can feel calmer and more confident. For full show notes and more information: https://lawyergoddess.com/1

Oct 28

25 min 25 sec

Hi, I’m SaraEllen Hutchison, I’m a life coach and a practicing lawyer on a mission to help professional women embrace our feminine energy. If you’ve been listening to me, you might have noticed that this used to be the Inner Peace for Busy Lawyers podcast. Well, things are changing around here. The mission is bigger – to help all professional women working in what, for lack of a better phrase, we might call the “male dominated” fields. This podcast is designed to help you embrace what makes you uniquely powerful as a woman. It’s time to reclaim and redefine what a professional woman is. Be sure to subscribe/follow so you don’t miss an episode.

Oct 22

1 min 30 sec

Sometimes in life and in our careers we have to change. In today’s episode, I share how I have changed my solo law practice through the years.    I also share how this podcast is changing, and why.   Change can be dramatic without being filled with “mind drama.” When you think about change as pivoting, rather than something cataclysmic or abrupt, you can avoid a lot of the pain people associate with change.   Inner Peace for Busy Lawyers is about to emerge from the chrysalis and become a butterfly: Feminine Energy Feminist.    Listen and learn the motivations behind this pivot, and my audacious vision for professional women in all fields.   Subscribe — and stay subscribed so you automatically are subscribed to Feminine Energy Feminist!

Oct 21

12 min 12 sec

People tend to think confidence comes from doing things or achieving things. While that can help, it's not the whole story.  Once you understand these three reasons, you will be primed to start to build your confidence from within.  To help you anchor in this process and celebrate Episode 50, I created a free workbook for you that you can access here: https://lawyergoddess.com/confidenceworkbook/   Enjoy!

Oct 14

15 min 53 sec

Stress, mindfulness and work-life balance.  These are buzzwords: words that people use so often that they don't really mean anything anymore.  When we use these words or consider these topics in an unexamined way, we make ourselves powerless to counteract stress, stick to a mindfulness practice, or create work-life balance.  We're basically letting other people define and shape these concepts for us, and then our life doesn't change.  Listen and get the inspiration you need to reframe your life and your work, even when you'd describe it as stressful or out of balance and you think you can't stick to a mindfulness routine.  And please subscribe/follow and leave a 5-star rating or review!  Interested in a powerful conversation that will get you unstuck?  Learn about coaching here. https://lawyergoddess.com/coaching/ And reach out if you want to discuss how we can help you.  https://lawyergoddess.com/contact

Oct 6

31 min 18 sec

Care passionately about your work, to the point of burnout?  The world has problems, yes.  But solving them is easier with a full night of sleep, and the three steps I outline here. Need help? Coaching might be just what you need right now. Reach out at https://lawyergoddess.com/coaching/

Sep 28

15 min 38 sec

What does a mythological creature from folklore have to teach us about how to be comfortable in our own skin, even when we feel like we don't fit in at the office -- or in a family -- or any other setting?  Quite a bit, actually!  And if you like creative writing, you'll love the homework!    Book mentioned in the episode: If Women Rose Rooted by Sharon Blackie  

Sep 22

17 min 34 sec

When we're impatient and react by overworking or overdoing, it can be just as problematic as procrastination and undergoing.   Today's episode will help you recognize this pattern and soften the edges of your impatience!  

Sep 15

10 min 28 sec

A lot of us live for years with unnecessary pain because we aren't going for what we want, or tell ourselves that we don't know what we want.  If that sounds like you, this episode is a timely message.  Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saraellen_hutchison/  Contact me here: lawyergoddess.com  

Sep 8

30 min 8 sec

Struggling to figure out if coaching is worth the investment?  This special bonus episode will shed light on that.  Resources mentioned in the episode: Women Lawyers: Therapy vs. Coaching  Coaching Success Story www.lawyergoddess.com

Sep 6

41 min 20 sec

This episode introduces you to a powerful tool to deal with your 3am anxiety thoughts, and any other negative thoughts you just can't seem to stop thinking.  Resources discussed in the episode:  Lawyer coaching: https://lawyergoddess.com/lawyer-coaching/  NLP:  John Grinder and Richard Bandler https://www.amazon.com/Books-John-Grinder-Richard-Bandler/s?rh=n%3A283155%2Cp_27%3AJohn+Grinder+Richard+Bandler  Krishnamurti's On Fear: https://www.amazon.com/Fear-Jiddu-Krishnamurti/dp/0062510142/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=krishnamurti+on+fear&qid=1630533818&s=books&sr=1-1

Sep 1

46 min 11 sec

Sarah Bernlohr ran her first marathon ever just about a year ago, and now she's training for a 50-mile race.  And she does this all while being a solo lawyer practicing in the area of dependency and neglect. How is she able to do it?  She shares how in this episode.  Even if you have no interest in running, I bet you have something you're interested in doing outside of your professional day job life.  A big goal in your life or career. A fitness goal.  A hobby or other passion.    It might be something that might feel impossible for you sitting here today.  But that feeling impossible doesn't matter. If you need inspiration today, this episode is a MUST-listen! You can follow Sarah on Instagram @bravelittlerunner

Aug 25

33 min 28 sec

Today's episode dismantles some of that old mental wiring that causes us to feel disconnected from the other women in our office, or struggle with feeling anxious, competitive or jealous when we think of them.  It's one of the dynamics that leads us to the people-pleasing that derails us from our best intentions in our relationships with people, and getting things done.  At the end of the episode, I give you some powerful coaching homework that can go a long way to help you dismantle this old wiring without dramatically turning your life upside down.   If you're listening to this podcast before 8/31/21, you have an amazing opportunity to score an Inner Peace for Busy Lawyers Podcast tank featuring the podcast logo! To get your very own tank, please leave me a 5-star review, and contact me through the website at: https://lawyergoddess.com/contact/. Let me know in your message that you left a review. I'll respond and then you can provide a screen shot of your review with your desired shirt size. (This process is a little clunky, but helps me to prevent spam.)

Aug 18

34 min 28 sec

Feeling unmotivated to get your billables done?  You're not alone.  If you're waiting for the feeling of motivation, you might be waiting for a long time.  That's why you need this episode. It will give you other emotions from the buffet of options that can help you get sh!t done.  Did you miss the Free Coaching Open House?  Do you want to hear about the latest, greatest free stuff?  Join my email list: https://lawyergoddess.com/contact/ And, if you're ready to put what you are learning in this podcast into action in your life and practice and transform from the inside out, join the Lawyergoddess Workshop. Learn more here: https://lawyergoddess.com/lawyer-coaching/

Aug 11

27 min 3 sec

Today's episode is an excerpt from a recent masterclass I did, Lawyergoddess Power.  I share what I believe is the missing piece for many women lawyers who struggle to balance the demands of their work with the desires (and demands) of their personal lives.  Want me to coach you live and for free?  On August 11, 2021 at 2:00pm Pacific Time I will be holding a Coaching Open House for women lawyers. It will be very similar to the group coaching call we have in the Lawyergoddess Workshop.  To join, you can sign up at this link: https://mailchi.mp/saraellenhutchison/21811-lawyergoddess-free-group-coaching-open-house-this-one Or you can DM me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saraellen_hutchison See you at the Open House!

Aug 5

13 min 22 sec

Several world-class women athletes have declined to compete in certain events, citing mental health needs, or simply a desire to conserve their energy for other events.  But we women lawyers don't always give ourselves the same grace.  We think we have to get the gold medal at lawyering (and everything else....) day in and day out, without a break.  This approach is unsustainable.  It leads to emotional and physical burnout.  We need to normalize taking a break as not just something you do when you are physically ill or experiencing an acute mental health issue.  It should not require a doctor's note.  Balance is a human right.  You need a full night of sleep if you want to go get the gold medal tomorrow (and five or 10 years from now).  Need help bouncing back from burnout?  Listen to this episode, and then jump into the Lawyergoddess Workshop, the three-month transformation for all things life and law.  Want to learn more? I'm taking applications now: https://lawyergoddess.com/lawyer-coaching/

Jul 28

25 min 53 sec

Fear, anxiety, and losing cases.  All lawyers deal with this stuff, but high-achieving women can take it especially hard.  Here's what I do, and what I recommend you try.  Listen now! *  *  *  Today's episode is sponsored by the Lawyergoddess Workshop.  The Lawyergoddess Workshop is a one-of-a-kind experience for women lawyers.  This is where you can transform your relationship with time, your thoughts, and your emotions, so you can create a fulfilling career and a fulfilling life outside of work.    If you like what's on this podcast, you will love the Lawyergoddess Workshop. This is a unique opportunity to be personally coached by me and get tailored strategies to solve your work-life balance and other personal and professional challenges in a supportive, fun small group of other women lawyers.  The Workshop runs for 3 months. Want to get into the next round that starts August 2? Go to https://saraellen.net/contact.html and mention that you heard about it on Inner Peace for Busy Lawyers!

Jul 21

28 min 32 sec

It's a myth that the high-achieving woman has to sacrifice her freedom and her interests outside of work in order to remain high-achieving.   That freedom starts with deciding to lead with your own energy, even if your current circumstances seem bureaucratic and stiff, or chaotic and dysfunctional.   Today's special guest is my coaching colleague Sarah Shiozawa, whose career in politics and government has evolved into coaching high-achieving women to become better leaders and happier in their lives.   I know you will learn so much from Sarah, so I let this be a long episode covering all the things!  Many, many gems!! If you resonate with Sarah and want to learn more about her coaching, you can reach her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarah.shiozawa / @sarah.shiozawa

Jul 14

45 min 30 sec

Lawyers are more than just warriors.  There are other soul paths and other archetypes we might embody, even if we are working in litigation and the surface-level job we have is to be the "fighter."  If you want some new, good reasons to be a lawyer that align with your soul, this is a must-listen.  Resources mentioned in the episode: The Four-Fold Way by Angeles Arrien  https://amzn.to/3hLzkB1 (Amazon affiliate link; I may receive a commission if you purchase after clicking this link). Lawyergoddess Power is my upcoming free masterclass, which will be live at noon Pacific time on July 13 via Zoom. To save your seat, go to https://saraellen.net/contact.html and indicate that you want to attend the masterclass! See you there! P.s. you can also save your seat by messaging me on IG .

Jul 8

21 min 52 sec

If you feel like you don't quite fit into the law because you're sensitive, or free-spirited, or just not as bossy and cutthroat as some of the other people around you, or if you are longing for your office and career to feel more supportive, this episode could be the beginning of a profound shift for you.   I see you. I hear you. I pick up on your vibe.   And today, I am here to validate all of how you are thinking and feeling, and give you a glimpse into a new way.   There's also a special announcement at the end about a free masterclass I'm going to be teaching, so listen until the end for details.   http://saraellen.net/contact

Jun 30

30 min 29 sec

Sometimes we have to eat the proverbial sh!t sandwich. Sometimes law and life are hard.  But too often, when we are going through it, the way we are going about it in our mind makes it feel worse than it has to.  Today's episode will help reorient your attitude toward the hard times.    Have questions about coaching?  I have answers at https://saraellen.net

Jun 29

16 min 19 sec

A lot of lawyers have an issue with what I call "Protestant Work Ethic on Crack."   That's the pressure to get ahead, and the fear that if we aren't achieving enough success, it means we are not worthy of more money.   Good intentions can lead to some real scarcity-driven decisions.   Today's episode discusses how we are indoctrinated to believe "work hard and you'll get ahead" and how we turn that against ourselves in a negative way.  It goes into the innocuous thoughts we think that are actually causing us to have negative feelings and drive us to overwork, yet underperform.   And finally, it goes into some powerful questions to ask yourself -- and some powerful ideas to consider -- to help you close the gap between where you are, and where you think you "should" be.   Grab some avocado toast and listen.  

Jun 23

31 min 32 sec

The title says it all.   When you feel overwhelmed by deadlines, it doesn't feel good.  Duh.   Here's how to make that feeling of too much to do in too little time....suck less.   This is intended to be a pick-me-up when love and light and gratitude are 100 miles from how you are feeling.   Hang in there.   And, if you enjoy the podcast, please share with a colleague and leave me a good review!  

Jun 16

19 min 1 sec

Lawyers do a lot of things that they don't always feel like doing. You know -- responding to or drafting discovery, or motions, or discovery motions....   And a lot of us procrastinate those things because we don't want to feel the unpleasant emotions we associate with doing the task.  That onerous, drudgery, scared, whiny feeling....yes, that.   So how do I get myself to do stuff anyway?   As a coach, I have a lot of mental tricks up my sleeve, and one of them is the power of desire.   Listen to find out how to harness the power of desire for yourself, and do the damn things you told yourself you were going to do!

Jun 9

23 min 31 sec

Are you curious about the benefits of coaching for your practice and your life? Today we have a very special guest, Leah Scott, who is one of my coaching clients.  We cover a wealth of topics in this episode -- from mental health to time management!  Leah shares how she has been able to grow her practice and improve her self-belief since joining the Lawyergoddess Workshop last October.  The phone is ringing off the hook with clients wanting her services -- and she's much better able to handle the increased workload (and popularity). And, she answers the question, "what's next?" after you've addressed an underlying mental health or medical condition but don't know how to take action. If you can relate, this is a must-listen!  Learn more about the Lawyergoddess Workshop and other coaching options here: https://saraellen.net/coaching.html

Jun 1

45 min 3 sec

One of the biggest low-grade anxieties for women lawyers is student loan debt.  Whether you just got out of law school, or you're ten years into your career and are still dutifully paying on them, I have some helpful perspectives today to help you raise your consciousness about this subject.  Want help with all the various stressors?  I coach on life, law and all the stuff.  Reach out to me at http://saraellen.net!

May 26

24 min 10 sec

Many women lawyers end up in therapy, but therapy isn't the right solution for everyone.  Many women lawyers think that there's something wrong with them because they are at odds with, or stressed about, their work.  I discuss what I personally think are the times when you should consider therapy, and when you should consider coaching.  And sometimes it is appropriate to do both.  I am not knocking therapy for medically significant issues such as trauma, grief, disabling anxiety or depression, and serious substance abuse.  If you are dealing with such an issue or even have an inkling you may be, call your doctor.  If you are thinking of hurting yourself, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. But if you don't have a clinically significant mental health issue and are just feeling out of place, stressed out, have "garden variety emotional distress" or have thoughts about quitting your job, or not getting the results you want in your career from what you've done in therapy, coaching may be the solution for you for these kinds of issues. I explain why in this episode. Interested in learning more? go to saraellen.net.

May 20

23 min

Ever see that meme that goes, "practicing law is like riding a bike...except the bike is on fire, the road is on fire, and you are on fire? etc. etc."  It often feels that way, doesn't it? That meme is funny, but when we think everything is on fire and equally mission-critical, it can paralyze us from taking action. And then, we usually end up with a much bigger fire to put out.  Today I share a recent Instagram Live where I shared a new way you can look at the fires you have to put out that will help you get you back on task, no matter how bad it seems.  This is a quick episode -- so, even YOU have time for it today!  Wondering if you have lawyer burnout? Learn more here: https://saraellen.net/lawyerburnout.html

May 12

3 min 43 sec

Are you too hard on yourself? Many women lawyers are. I don't know one who hasn't struggled with this from time to time.   Women lawyers unfortunately have a unique "trifecta" of attributes that are a setup for self-criticism and doubt.   And often, our valiant self-improvement efforts are counterproductive.   Today I share a useful exercise that you should do today to pull some of the crap out of your head and start seeing the evidence that you are just fine, just as you are, right now, today.   And if you want additional help with this, go to http://saraellen.net, take a look around, and reach out when you're ready!

May 5

18 min 33 sec

Some women lawyers feel like they have two parts to them. One is that logical part that is trained to think like a lawyer, in a linear, just-the-facts-ma'am way. That other part is creative. Spiritual. Wants to rely on God/Universe to help her manifest some stuff in ways logic can't explain. Today I share a recent Instagram live where I clear up the confusion that these are wholly separate ways of thinking. They're not! If you are feeling any kind of inner conflict about your life or your practice, that's precisely what I help you clear up! Check out all the many ways I help women lawyers at my website, https://saraellen.net/index.html. 

Apr 28

7 min 23 sec

What makes you feel like you don't fit in at your firm, in your practice area, or in the law itself may be exactly what makes you amazing, right now, today, just as you are.  Today's episode is full of practical exercises for you to figure out how to care less about "fitting in," or "getting more experience," or constantly thinking you need to improve. This is designed to get you focused on why you rock.   For anyone who has struggled with impostor syndrome, self doubt, or frustration that your job is not giving you the validation you expected, this episode will help you feel better.   You can make the law your own!   And, I'd love to hear from you and what happened for you when you did these exercises. https://saraellen.net/contact.html

Apr 21

18 min 9 sec

Ever feel like you don't fit in?   There are a number of external factors that can make one feel at odds with your office, your practice area, or the profession itself.   But the internal factors at play are the ones most within your immediate control.   If you want to find -- or deepen -- your purpose and place in this profession, listen to this and start asking yourself some powerful new questions.   This one is hands-on!  

Apr 14

13 min 33 sec

Have you ever looked at your to-do list or calendar and said to yourself, "I have too much I have to do! And I don't feel like doing it!"  If you have, today's episode is for you.  In reality, when we think we "have to" do something, we're making it so much harder for ourselves.    And then we usually beat ourselves up to make ourselves do it.  Today I give you a simple, but powerful process that takes the onerousness and self-judgment off the table.  Listen and find out how yes, even you can get yourself to do things that you don't want to do, even when you have "too much" of it to do! And if you need help sorting out how to plow through your to-do list or your calendar, go to saraellen.net/lawyergoddesscall to talk to me for free, and get some relief and new perspectives on being busy!

Apr 7

18 min

How many times have you thought things like: "I have to do this thing or else." "I don't know how to do this." "I have no idea how this is going to get done on time." "It's not fair!" "The world is going to end!" Such thoughts lead to some really unhelpful emotions.  And that makes the day-to-day of practicing law a grind, or a nightmare. When you catch yourself thinking thoughts like these, there are ways you can tinker with your self-talk so that you can access the most useful, helpful emotions for lawyers. I share what these emotions are, and how you can ease into them, in this episode. And if the law is too much of a grind or a nightmare for you, but you still want to keep at it, I can help you! Go to saraellen.net to learn more about what I do, and get a little free help too.

Mar 31

20 min 43 sec

The most challenging times in the life of a lawyer can cause many to want to quit -- but for those who keep going, it can reignite your passion for your work, and what you love outside of work. In today's episode,  I interview Yaida Ford, a dedicated civil rights lawyer based in Washington, D.C.  Not only is she trying cases on the front lines and advocating for justice, she makes music about it. Listen to this frank and inspiring episode, and then check out Yaida's music video, Boss King, and check out her petition to end sovereign immunity for Washington D.C. transit authority officers.   There is some adult language in this episode.

Mar 24

37 min 45 sec

Do you wish you had more passion for your work? Do you dream of serving clients you love, who share your values and interests? Well, then today's episode is for you!    Jessica is an equine lawyer. She has combined her lifelong passion for horses with her skills as a lawyer to serve the myriad needs of clients in the horse industry. And, she overcame doubt about her career choice and the fears of the unknown to go solo three years ago. She runs her practice primarily from the cloud, so she can go riding on a nice day, and work from her laptop at horse shows.  If you're curious about going solo and/or want more passion in your work life, you must listen to this -- there's lots of inspiration here. Check out Jessica at https://www.jessicaejohnsonpllc.com If you're solo curious, ready to change practice areas, or just want more time for what is important to you outside of law, I can help you! Go to saraellen.net/lawyergoddesscall to schedule a time to talk.

Mar 17

31 min 57 sec

Wondering why you can't get things done the way you'd like, or why you're unhappy with your work?   Your emotions you bring to the table are the key.  And, you can change the ones that aren't helping you.   Listen now to find out how!   And, if you need help, go to saraellen.net/lawyergoddesscall and we'll get to the heart of it, for free!

Mar 10

23 min 10 sec

You might have tried everything to overcome procrastination, self doubt, stress and a lack of work-life balance. But you haven't tried this: do the opposite of what most lawyers do.   The key to solving these seemingly insurmountable lawyer problems is to buck the cultural norms of the freaked-out, procrastinating, overworked lawyer answering emails at 3am.   Listen to this episode for some mind-opening suggestions on how you can be happier and healthier by doing the opposite of what most other lawyers are doing.   And if you want help *creating* time (spoiler alert, that's one of the tips) please go to www.saraellen.net/lawyergoddesscall and I'll help you find an hour in your day that you can use to be home in time for dinner.  The call is free, and the hour is yours to keep. ;-)

Mar 3

15 min 59 sec

Emotional self-sufficiency is the key to being a calmer, less reactive lawyer, who can get sh*t done even when everyone else is acting like their hair is on fire. Unfortunately, most lawyers haven't had the opportunity to develop emotional self-sufficiency beyond that of an average person. Today I give you four quick, simple steps to develop your emotional self-sufficiency. If you'd like to stop feeling like your hair's on fire every day practicing law, I can help you! go to www.saraellen.net/lawyergoddesscall and we'll get you on track to better peace of mind and self-control. There is one mention of "sh*t" in this episode, so listen with headphones or outside the earshot of young, impressionable minds.

Feb 24

12 min 50 sec

What lawyer hasn't at one time or another wanted to quit practicing law? The long hours, the difficult situations, the deadlines, the demanding people...all are cited as reasons to quit.   But before you go making a big move, there are four things you should consider. And if you really give these things some thought, you will feel better no matter what you ultimately decide to do.   And, if you want to talk to someone who really understands, that's me. I'll give you 45 minutes of my time for free. Click this link and you will be taken to my calendar. Pick a time slot that works for you, and I'll help you sort out whatever you're facing. saraellen.net/lawyergoddesscall

Feb 17

12 min 55 sec

Tired of trying really, really hard? Feel like they're never happy with your work performance? Burning out? Totally perplexed by this, because you've historically been a high achiever?  Today I'm going to open your eyes to where burnout often comes from.  If you're burned out and have tried everything to fix it, that's where I come in. In my life, I bounced back from burnout when I finally understood why I was burned out and unhappy. If you want help, go to saraellen.net/lawyergoddesscall and we can talk about your situation and how you can bounce back too. P.S. there is one F-bomb in this episode, so listen with earbuds or when there aren't young ones around.

Feb 11

15 min 2 sec

For many, 2020 and the first few months of 2021 have been a struggle. And for many of us, struggle is as familiar as a favorite pair of jeans or an old pair of shoes.  Many good lawyers want to stay humble by never forgetting how they struggled to get to where they are, but if you're not yet where you want to be in your life or career, could your past be dragging you down? Today's quick episode will have you thinking about your past struggles in a new light.

Feb 10

11 min 48 sec

Hasn’t every lawyer from time to time thought that if other people would just respect their boundaries, life would be easier?  It’s understandable. We can beg, plead, and scream all we want, but some people just keep annoying the ever-loving crap out of us, doing dumb stuff against our advice, and disrespecting us.  Today I dispel a common misconception about what "good boundaries" are, and how to set an effective boundary.  This is a must-listen.   If you'd like help with dealing with a difficult person or setting a boundary, go to saraellen.net/lawyergoddesscall for help. My goal with all of this is to help lawyers feel better about the challenges we face. Schedule a call!

Feb 4

14 min 2 sec

"I don't know how" is something all lawyers think from time to time...perhaps daily. Many young lawyers and even experienced lawyers doubt themselves, and hope that a mentor will help.  I have a slightly different perspective on how lawyers should be raised, but despite the problems in our industry, you still have a lot more power and wisdom within you than you may be giving yourself credit for. Today I share a personal story, and invite you to question whether "I don't know how" is true, and get really clear on what you are looking for in a mentor.

Jan 26

16 min 36 sec

Do you feel like your boss hates you, or is impossible to please? Do you fear that nothing you do is ever good enough? When we look at our employment relationship as needing to please the employer instead of delivering value to the employer, it can sabotage us, and make us feel like scared little kids! Today's episode invites you to reflect on the ways you might not be helping yourself, and the powerful shift you can make starting right now that takes your power back.

Jan 19

12 min 45 sec

"No" experience? Interviews feel like hazing or like an interrogation? Not sure how your experience translates into the jobs you're applying for?  When we focus on what we lack, it keeps our brain from seeing and creating opportunity. When we ask ourselves better questions, we ultimately get better results. Today I answer a question from a listener you might all be able to relate to. I share some powerful questions you can ask yourself too if you're in the job market, dealing with people of a different background or generation who don't seem to appreciate you, or solo and wondering where all the clients are. Got a question? I'd love to answer it on the podcast. Please contact me through my website at saraellen.net!

Jan 14

28 min 39 sec

Listen to this episode to learn the primary underlying reason why lawyers procrastinate, and the first thing you can do to stop. Prepare to be a little surprised....

Jan 10

14 min 29 sec

The law is supposed to be all about logic and reason, right? Wrong. The emotional life of a lawyer is not something to suppress or shun, because how you handle your emotions can make or break your career.  Tuning into your feelings is vital to managing yourself in the high-intensity legal profession. Avoiding emotions gets lawyers into trouble -- and unnecessary suffering. Listen to this episode for a simple, but powerful tool to make your emotions work for, instead of against you.

Jan 9

10 min 49 sec

Lawyers are trained to think analytically, but that can be counterproductive to being good at handling the ups and downs of the job. Along the way, many of us are trained out of the self-awareness we need in order to manage stress.   Today I share how simply you can begin to rekindle your self-awareness as a path to relief from worrisome thoughts and stress.

Jan 6

10 min 41 sec

Lawyer wellness, mindfulness, and work-life balance are finally getting more respect in our profession, but if you treat it like just a garnish on the edge of a very full plate, you're missing the point.  Your wellbeing is essential to a sustainable career! In today's podcast, I share what I call the Wellness Orientation, and the simple way you can begin to incorporate this, even if you are busy.

Jan 5

14 min 15 sec