How to Make a Video Go Viral

Joseph Wilkins & Parker Krynen

"How To Make A Video Go Viral" is a podcast where we interview business executives who have produced video campaigns that have transformed company sales. We discuss the steps they took to achieve this success with the goal of helping you do the same. We explore these video campaigns both from the creative process and the back end sales funnels used to turn views into sales. We begin each show with the disclaimer that making a video "go viral" shouldn't actually be your goal! Instead, we explore how to create repeatable sales conversion videos that are driven by paid ads to yield much higher returns on ad spend.

How To Make A Video Go Viral
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Today Joseph and Parker talk about how one hook led to a 4.1 ROAS and created an instantly profitable campaign. Check out Joseph's original LinkedIn post: LinkedIn PostThe full video:

Sep 14

25 min 23 sec

Today we chat with Tyler Allgaier, Founder and CEO of Pitted Labs, about the viability of video advertising on Amazon and what your strategy should be involving Amazon advertising in your digital strategy.  Check out Pitted Labs at:

Aug 20

26 min

Today we talk with Wes St. Amand, Owner of Dsrupt Media Marketing Consulting about his recent video campaign for Persona Vitamins that has had over 20 million views. We talk about testing hook variations, character development, and how to utilize a hero video to do more than just drive purchases. Check out the Persona video and Dsrupt Media Marketing at:

Aug 6

25 min 52 sec

34 million views and counting! Learn how Grill Rescue took an ad mostly shot on an iPhone to virality with trial and error. Grill Rescue was invented by firefighter Scott Mobley and his co-creator Anthony Tranchida as an alternative to the harmful wire brushes people use to clean their grills. They turned to the same heat-resistant fiber that’s used in firefighter gear to arrive at a new way to get those grates clean—with steam. No more rogue bristles, no more elbow grease.

Aug 2

25 min 43 sec

Kent Lloyd is a stuntman, actor, dancer, singer, director, producer, and editor working for Harmon Brothers, LLC the company behind the original Squatty Potty, Purple Mattress, Lume, and Chatbooks commercials. Kent has written 5 video courses teaching entrepreneurs how to make ads like the Harmon Brothers that are being used across America in Business Degree and MBA programs. Kent is also a Krav Maga instructor with Utah Valley Martial Arts under the instruction of Erik Tryon and Everest Pepper.

Jul 23

32 min 17 sec

Join us as we chat with Tom Breeze. Tom is a leading Video Advertising expert. He's an entrepreneur, speaker, author and founder of Viewability. Today we discuss how you should make videos differently for YouTube than Facebook.

Jul 9

42 min 52 sec

Join us as we chat with Chris Stoikos, former CEO of Dollar Bear Club (Now known simply as The Beard Club). Chris has generated hundreds of millions of views on his exciting YouTube videos. Listen in as he shares his thoughts about having company owners featured in the advertising, the formula to a great script, and how you can have him help you create your own "Viral" script. 

Jun 30

23 min 59 sec

In this episode learn the first steps you'll need to take on your path to 1 million views. How to find your best video version. Suggested budget, scaling and more!

May 29

26 min 33 sec

Learn how to test alternative versions of your video to make sure that potential customers are tuning in for the hook and staying around for a purchase. 

May 22

17 min 15 sec

In this episode, you'll learn how to cast your actors and direct them. Joseph & Parker talk about finding the right professional comedy actor, how to audition them, and where to find them.  

May 12

23 min 46 sec

Scripting is essential for a successful "viral" video. A powerful script will introduce the main problem that your product or service solves and then highlight how your product or service solves this problem. 

May 1

26 min 47 sec

In this episode, Joseph and Parker will talk about how to inject comedy into your script.  How to add jokes and comedic timing without coming across as cheesy. 

May 1

14 min 56 sec

Share the creative process with your team. In this episode, Joseph and Parker discuss how to actually come up with ideas for "viral" videos and how no idea is too crazy to share during the brainstorming stage. 

Apr 28

20 min 1 sec

In today's episode, Joseph and Parker discuss how to find your customer through market research. A customer avatar is essential for a hero video as you will want to establish who you are selling your product or service to well before production begins on a video advertisement. 

Apr 18

23 min 37 sec

Join Joseph and Parker as they chat with Ryan McKenzie, Co-Founder of Tru Earth about the two funny sales videos that have hit over 60 million views and paid off production costs within 24 hours of launch!Watch the first video here: the second video here:

Mar 25

24 min 14 sec

We talk with Bryan Ferre about the out of the box campaign ideas he's executed over his 30 year marketing career, including one that 5X'd company revenue and generated $35 million!

Mar 23

32 min 19 sec

Join Joseph and Parker as they chat with Chad, VP of marketing for Vivos Theuraputics. Learn how a funny sales video helped Vivos get $1 million in funding, $1 million in B2B sales, and $1 million in B2C sales resulting in $3 million from a single video.View the video here:

Mar 23

15 min 40 sec

Join Joseph and Parker as they chat with Sharik Peck, the Founder & CEO of the Rezzimax Pain Tuner Pro and how his small business doubled their revenue after launching a funny sales video and optimizing their website and email marketing. See the Rezzimax Funny Sales Video here:

Mar 23

24 min 27 sec

Joseph and Parker they discuss their expertise and experience in video content creation and advertising. Jump to the 20 minute mark to hear Joseph teach his 8 steps to create a funny sales video and download his free e-book here:

Mar 23

46 min 19 sec

Joseph introduces the "How To Make A Video Go Viral" show, and discusses our goals and reasons for producing this new marketing podcast. Check out examples of our work and download our free ebook at 

Mar 18

8 min 43 sec