The editorial team brings you a weekly look at some of the latest innovations in digital journalism, and speaks to industry experts on how newsrooms are approaching key challenges and opportunities in the industry.

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This special episode looks at why men must support their women colleagues who are facing torrents of online threats and abuse, sexual harassment and barriers to advance in the industry

Dec 2

30 min 1 sec

The media accelerator Velocidad launched in 2019 to help news startups grow and thrive. We look at its impact in a region where press freedom is under constant threat

Nov 25

32 min 6 sec

South Africa has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world and big news stories to tell. Despite hardship, one news outlet has the support of 17k paying members, aiming for 100k in the next five years

Nov 19

35 min 23 sec

The pandemic has made us think more closely about work-life balance and job satisfaction. How do you weigh up what is the next best move for you?

Nov 11

32 min 44 sec

Working from home has left many journalists feeling burnt out, isolated, and unable to contribute to meetings on Zoom. Learn how to change online conversations so everyone feels heard and valued

Nov 5

28 min 32 sec

Newsrooms rely on scholars for research on industry trends but they are often reluctant to work with academia. In the end, everybody misses out. But it does not have to be that way

Oct 28

22 min 43 sec

Journalists have the skills, contacts and opportunities to have a successful career but they do not always realise it. Unlock your potential with tips from a former Bloomberg anchor turned entrepreneur

Oct 21

21 min 46 sec

Data can be a newsroom's best friend to inform editorial strategy, but it can also put pressure on journalists to get clicks and conversions. So how much is too much (or too little)?

Oct 14

30 min 4 sec

The landmark UN conference is fast approaching and it presents a treasure trove of climate stories for journalists. Find out what developments to keep a close eye on

Oct 8

28 min 17 sec

In this special series, we talk to a solutions journalism outlet that covers local ideas to inspire better cities everywhere. Get practical tips on how you can adopt and monetise this approach

Sep 24

31 min 24 sec

In this special series, we talk about how texts can keep your readers in the loop with major news and help them tell you what they really need from their local news outlet

Sep 16

36 min 48 sec

In this new series, we talk about the local news organisation that raises millions of dollars through crowdfunding and philanthropy. We learn about the conversations they have with donors to make this possible

Sep 10

36 min 49 sec

In this new series, we talk about the hyperlocal news organisation from Ohio that sets up meetings with its readers to better cover local politics. Learn how you can do it too

Sep 3

36 min 40 sec

Last year, the Californian news site published a series of stories from reporters and the owner acknowledging and apologising for past failings around reporting on marginalised communities

Aug 20

31 min 53 sec

Newsletters convert three quarters of Quartz's members into paying subscribers. Now the publisher is upping the ante with four new member-exclusive emails

Aug 12

32 min 48 sec

The UK media industry is still way too posh, pale and privileged. But where is the problem in the pipeline? We discuss how BAME young journalists can shine, and how newsrooms can make the hiring process more inclusive

Aug 5

32 min 20 sec

Every business is soon going to be a tech business. Covering these changes is a great career opportunity for journalists from all backgrounds, as long as we make the industry truly inclusive

Jul 29

21 min 18 sec

Governments across the world are ramping up orchestrated attacks on women journalists to clamp down on press freedom. Who has the power to create change?

Jul 22

35 min 13 sec

The co-authors of a new MoJo manual share their top tips and takeaways for creating news content using smartphones, live video, social audio and vertical Stories

Jul 15

22 min 58 sec

Parachute journalism has long been criticised for covering crises from a Western perspective. One newsroom is aiming to put communities at the heart of news coverage

Jul 8

32 min 34 sec

How one media start-up is looking to gain the trust of Gen Z audiences by getting out of its big-city bubble and meeting readers in their hometowns

Jul 1

28 min 2 sec

A new in-house app allows local reporters to send soundbites from courts and sports matches to the newsroom to create richer content and pull the reader deeper into the story

Jun 18

25 min 22 sec

The business news publisher changed its live events strategy during the pandemic and managed to reach ten times as many delegates in the process. What does this mean as physical venues start opening back up?

Jun 9

26 min 55 sec

As he joins via the Refugee Journalism Project, our apprentice reporter recounts his story of taking part in the 2011 Egyptian uprisings, launching a dissident TV channel in Turkey and being exiled to the UK

Jun 3

28 min 20 sec

Just like journalists, the CIA agents deal with stress, deadlines and tasks, leaving little time for creative thinking. Get inspired by their four techniques that can increase your own solution-generating power

May 27

28 min 30 sec

Clubhouse, TikTok, Twitter Spaces and Instagram Reels are amongst the shiny new social platforms and features launched recently. Do they really matter to journalism or are they a passing fad?

May 21

23 min 21 sec

Two thirds of tech experts consider mainstream media coverage of online safety to be inaccurate and sensationalised. But how much do the nuances really matter when trying to get audiences interested in an often dull and complex topic?

May 13

27 min 30 sec

Environmentalism may well be the next big topic for audience engagement and growth but only if journalists find new ways to make it relevant to people's everyday lives

Apr 29

22 min 13 sec

The pandemic meant journalists swapped courtrooms for living rooms to cover legal hearings. Now new proposed legislation could make virtual reporting a permanent feature, which could be a game-changer for the industry

Apr 22

32 min 15 sec

The debate on racism in the media sparked by the Harry and Meghan interview gave the NCTJ's diversity scheme an unexpected boost

Apr 15

23 min 51 sec

The emergence of platforms like Substack and Patreon has made it easier for journalists to create premium content but the upper echelons of this industry are still heavily male-dominated. What stops women from rising through the ranks?

Mar 25

22 min 13 sec

How did this European media startup succeed to create a collaborative virtual newsroom in the space of a few months?

Mar 18

33 min 29 sec

The new podcast series Into The Grey Zone explores prominent cyberattacks and real-life violent crime orchestrated by murky international actors. Its host warns newsrooms to stay vigilant as anyone can become a propaganda tool

Mar 11

26 min 52 sec

A new website encourages journalists to open up about the stress and anxiety caused by the lockdown. We spoke to the founder about what newsroom leaders must do to better look after their staff

Mar 4

29 min 11 sec

When the country went into lockdown, the newspaper group furloughed and laid off hundreds of staff but it also launched three new local titles. How did it set priorities amid uncertainty?

Feb 25

27 min 29 sec

Digital journalists have a range of skills that are sought-after in wider trades. A journalist-turned-commercial writer explains how to find work writing for brands and businesses and what you must know before diving in

Feb 18

30 min 59 sec

The Overtake said 'thank you and farewell' to its supporters last week after a five-year stint. Its founder explains why she decided to call time on a growing business

Feb 11

33 min 53 sec

The African Women Journalism Project was launched in July last year to help women in East and West Africa rise through the ranks of their newsrooms and cover under-reported stories throughout covid-19. Project director reflects on the impact of this initiative

Feb 4

31 min 11 sec

In her spare time during the pandemic, the Evening Standard journalist has been working on a solutions-focused investigation into women being coerced into gangs. She talks about how to cover a tricky topic without an editorial team

Jan 28

23 min

Journalism graduates often feel that working in social media is a pipeline dream. An experienced social media journalist shares words of advice and encouragement for those wanting to break in

Jan 21

21 min 46 sec

The reporter behind Netflix show 'Inside the World's Toughest Prisons' shares his tips on getting an interviewee to open up and remaining calm under pressure

Jan 14

27 min 8 sec

Journalists practically live on Twitter but few have a YouTube channel. A US local TV reporter reveals how he thrives on the platform without seeking controversy that could compromise his reputation

Jan 7

28 min 41 sec

2020 has not been kind to our newsrooms. looks at what our community truly wants to see maintained or changed in the year ahead, from sustaining solutions journalism to preserving opportunities for young and diverse talent

Dec 2020

34 min 31 sec

This year, the New York Times added a 24/7 news team to its London office but the pandemic forced it to rethink the way journalists work. A desk editor shares her experience of breaking news across time zones and talks about the impact of working from home on mental health

Dec 2020

26 min 48 sec

2020 reminded us that anything can happen to our careers in the near or distant future. An expert media career coach helps you create an action plan if the worst case scenario was to unfold

Dec 2020

26 min 34 sec

Journalists are burnt out, newsrooms resources are stretched and disinformation is rife; 2020 has been a miserable year so let us put it behind us. Here are some ideas on how to make journalism thrive in 2021 inspired by a survey of more than 1,400 journalists, co-organised by ICFJ during the pandemic

Dec 2020

27 min 3 sec

Crowley's recent survey revealed that lockdown has been a mixed experience for journalists: some have enjoyed the comfort of their homes, while others have burned out. What can we learn from it to improve our newsrooms post-pandemic?

Nov 2020

24 min 33 sec

Covid-19 added pressure on newsroom directors and heads of departments who were already grappling with pre-pandemic problems like sustainability and digital transformation. We find out what the best newsroom leaders are doing now to start meaningful changes amidst uncertainty

Nov 2020

32 min 7 sec

Many news organisations turn to stories celebrating the black community during October, but how can we keep the momentum going all year round? The show known for motivating underserved audiences advises

Nov 2020

30 min 28 sec

Only a few months ago, the former LinkedIn international editor decided to start up her own podcasts, newsletter and a Patreon membership. She offers frank insight into being a 'one-woman band' and growing a niche audience

Nov 2020

34 min 13 sec