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Ordinary is a podcast that aims to help Christians live for Christ in everyday life. Each week Josh Bannister talks with Graham Nicholls and Mark Ventham, pastors at Christ Church Haywards Heath, in West Sussex, England.

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This week Isaac stepped in to talk with Graham and Glen Scrivener, all about Glen's upcoming book 'The Air We Breathe'. The guys talk about the hidden Christian values that guide us all in western society, as well as how they're changing and what it means for evangelism.https://speaklife.org.uk/Glen - @glenscrivenerMusic - Bloom & Day One by Shopan and Blue WednesdayIn the Space Between (Feat. Joseph Whettam) By Sxxnt.

Dec 3

41 min 46 sec

Dan strange features on this week's episode of Ordinary, the guys talk in depth about culture, it's hidden themes and how to navigate it as a Christian. Dan strange is the former director of Oak Hill Theological College London, now working with Crosslands training as part of Crosslands Forum. Dan's book 'Making Faith Magnetic' is available online at The Good Book company, Eden Books and more.Twitter - @DrDanStrangeMusic - Bloom & Day One by Shopan and Blue WednesdayIn the Space Between (Feat. Joseph Whettam) By Sxxnt.

Nov 26

37 min 15 sec

Climate change, the hot topic of the moment. Today the Ordinary guys (sans Josh) sit down to talk COP 26, climate change and Christianity.

Nov 19

32 min 38 sec

This week the guys sat down with special guest Andy Bannister to talk about atheism, apologetics and evangelism in the 2020s, as well as other topics. Andy Bannister is the director of Solas: Center For Public Christianity as well as the author of 'The Atheist Who Didn't Exist' & 'Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?'.https://www.solas-cpc.org/Twitter: @andygbannisterFollow Ordinary on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialordinarypodcast/Music: In the Space Between (feat. Joseph Whettam) by sxxnt.Bloom and Day One by Blue Wednesday & Shopan

Nov 8

41 min 25 sec

In this week's episode the guys talk about how and why they choose the music they do for Church services and also a little bit about the Christian music scene and it's commercial nature.Music: In the Space Between (feat. Joseph Whettam) by sxxntDay One by Blue Wednesday and ShopanBloom by Blue Wednesday and Shopan

Oct 29

36 min 44 sec

This week the guys sat down to talk about halloween. What is halloween? Where did it come from? And could it be a good opportunity to share the gospel?Music: In the Space Between (feat. Joseph Whettam) by sxxnt.Day One by Blue Wednesday & Shopan

Oct 22

30 min

This week on Ordinary the guys are revisiting apologetics, but this time they're firing through the big questions: Isn't God immoral? Isn't God intolerant? The guys focused on giving explanations for how to answer these questions as an ordinary believer, so that you're confident in defending the faith.Music:In the Space Between (feat. Joseph Whettam) by sxxnt.Day One by Blue Wednesday & Shopan Bloom by Blue Wednesday & ShopanWatch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/taTwvR4gCSY

Oct 15

33 min 30 sec

This week on the podcast the guys talk about expertise, how should we view the opinions and research of experts in their respective fields and what does that mean for how we do church and Bible reading?Music:In the Space Between (feat. Joseph Whettam) by sxxnt.Day One by Blue Wednesday & Shopan Bloom by Blue Wednesday & Shopan Subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9K3kHeIj26_OBiB5sqLbTw

Oct 8

40 min 38 sec

This week: the local church, should attending and serving at church be a priority for the ordinary Christian? Can you be devoted to God and not to a church? Josh sat down with Graham & Mark discuss all this and more this week, so sit back and enjoy!Music:In the Space Between (feat. Joseph Whettam) by sxxnt.Subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9K3kHeIj26_OBiB5sqLbTw

Oct 1

35 min 28 sec

This week Isaac sat down to cover for Josh while he was on holiday, and had a chat with Graham and Mark about prayer. Prayer is a central part to the christian faith, but that doesn't mean it's not hard or confusing. The guys talked about what a biblical view of prayer is, as well as some practical tips on how to get into a good habit with prayer.Music:In the Space Between (feat. Joseph Whettam) by sxxnt.Day One by Blue Wednesday & ShopanSubscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9K3kHeIj26_OBiB5sqLbTw

Sep 24

40 min 30 sec

This week Graham Nicholls sat down with Ollie Land & Amy Nicholls to discuss their relationships before their marriage, and how rushing intimacy can affect your walk with Christ. Ollie is the pastor of FIEC Church Elmstead Baptist Church in the UK and is married with four children. Amy is also married with 4 children. Want to watch this episode? Just search for 'Ordinary Podcast' on YouTube where you can watch this conversation & others.Music: In the Space Between (feat. Joseph Whettam) by sxxnt.Murmuration by Blue Wednesday & Shopan

Sep 17

41 min 12 sec

In this brand new first episode of Season 4 the guys sit down to answer your questions. Music:In the Space Between (Feat Joseph Whettam) by sxxnt.Murmuration by Blue Wednesday & ShopanDid you know we're now on YouTube? You can now watch while you listen! Just search 'Ordinary Podcast'.

Sep 10

34 min 12 sec

Welcome to Season 4 of Ordinary: The podcast that aims to help christians live for Christ in every day life. We're really excited for an all new season, with new topics, new guests and an all new look. Oh, and we're on YouTube now too!Song: In the Space Between (feat. Joseph Whettam) By sxxnt.

Sep 7

1 min 12 sec

Final episode of season 3 before the Ordinary boys head off for a little break. Reflecting on the mixed emotions of freedom day, and some thoughts on how to best use your time off over the summer. We have book recommendations, podcast recommendations and bunch of other helpful thoughts.

Jul 23

38 min 16 sec

It’s not Josh Bannister! Josh normally hosts Ordinary and chats to Mark and Graham each week, but this week is a little bit different. Abi Hateley, a member at Christ Church, is taking over the podcast with Sarah McQuaker and Keturah Adshead. A couple of weeks ago the guys did a podcast on purity before […]

Jul 16

39 min 48 sec

We’re talking about friends on the podcast today. Not the 90’s sitcom – more the idea of friendship. Maybe you haven’t put a lot of thought into friendship from a Biblical point of view, but it turns out the Bible has a lot to say about friendship and it’s significance and importance Before that we […]

Jul 9

39 min 45 sec

We’re getting literal on the podcast today. We’re discussing literary genre, how it applies to the Bible and to what extent it’s important to recognise what genre we’re reading when we’re reading it. We also have the Sunday roundup, and some mandatory football chat.

Jul 3

48 min 15 sec

We’re a bit longer in today’s episode but that’s because stuffed wall-to-wall with great quality content for your earholes. First we start with a little catchup to do with Josh’s newborn baby. Then we have the Sunday roundup, then news, and then in the main section it’s all about whether sexual purity before marriage is […]

Jun 25

51 min 52 sec

Paul is a massive historical figure in the history of the church, maybe second only to Jesus. This is undeiable both in the church and to secular historians. When Paul’s writings make up such as massive part of the new Testament it’s hard not to think deeply about Paul himself, and how to view his […]

Jun 18

37 min 50 sec

Josh is on paternity leave, so this week Isaac Bannister has stepped in to talk to Graham Nicholls and Mark Ventham about Catholicism. For the Ordinary Christian, not brought up in the Catholic Church, Catholicism can be confusing. We share so many similarities with the Catholic Church, but we disagree on a lot too. In […]

Jun 11

43 min 24 sec

What must I do to be saved? This is the theme of today’s main section. We’ll be talking about what is required to gain salvation – what things must I believe in order to be saved? It’s a really interesting question – how would you answer? But before the main bit we have a Sunday […]

May 28

43 min 28 sec

A little bit of a throwback to the days of Ordinary Apologetics in our main section today – we’re going to be talking about the absurdity of life without God, arguing that if God does not exist then life is ultimately meaningless and without value. Before that we have the good old Sunday roundup, and […]

May 21

37 min 3 sec

Some serious issues on the podcast today as we talk about assisted dying. It seems that this debate will flare up in the not-too-distant future, and so as Josh didn’t have particularly clear thoughts on the subject, he thought we should do a podcast on it. It was helpful for him, and hopefully it will […]

May 14

42 min 18 sec

In today’s episode we talk about the problem of pornography in the context of last Sunday’s sermon on Matthew 5 v27, a passage about adultery and divorce. We reflect on those themes as well in the Sunday roundup, but before that a bit of lunch talk, and some news.

May 7

32 min 26 sec

We’re talking about gifting in the main section today – how we can discern and use our gifts in the church. Graham will give us a roundup on anger which was the topic on Sunday morning at Christ Church and in the news section we reflect on the Covid situation in India.

Apr 30

24 min 30 sec

We’re feeling fresh after an Easter break and today we’re talking about environmentalism in the main section. To what extent should Christians be involved in this discussion? Is it our duty as those commanded to care for our world and for our neighbours, to be leading the way on environmental issues. Lots more conversation on […]

Apr 23

36 min 53 sec

We’re talking about the doctrine of inerrancy on the podcast today – whether or not the Bible contains any errors. We talk about the words of Jesus in the Bible, whether they are verbatim or more of a summary, some of the seemingly contradictory texts in the New Testament, and why inerrancy matters at all. […]

Apr 2

41 min 16 sec

On the menu today is a little Sunday roundup focusing on the beatitudes. That will be followed up by a portion of news where we consider the court ruling in favour of churches in Scotland. And finally we’ll serve up a hearty main section on the reality of heaven and how it affects the now.

Mar 26

36 min 44 sec

Great episode today! In fact the conversation was so good today that we went on for a bit longer than normal. Usually when we have guests on we record the intro to the podcast once the guest has left but in order to bring you this conversation in it’s entirety and not make the episode […]

Mar 19

49 min 46 sec

Legalism is something we tend to associate with New Testament religious leaders, but of course legalism can very easily creep into our Christian mindset, and begin to unconsciously shape our attitude towards our behaviours and acts of service. Or, on the flip side, we can use grace as a permit to gain the freedom to […]

Mar 12

34 min 49 sec

Last week we dealt with one of the great universals, doubt, and this week we’re tackling another, temptation. This one may be truly universal in the human experience, because even Jesus was tempted. Today we look at the biblical view of temptation – what is it, what it isn’t, whether it is unavoidable or irresistible, […]

Mar 5

35 min 37 sec

Fear is one of those universals when it comes to human experience. We all feel fear – fear for our lives or the lives of others, fear of suffering, fear of embarrassment, fear of loneliness, the list goes on. How does our relationship with Jesus affect our feelings of fear? How should our relationship with […]

Feb 26

39 min 51 sec

The Christian experience doesn’t always feel binary – there may be times where we struggle and wrestle with doubt. Is it ok to have doubts? Is it normal? Is it sinful to doubt? And how does doubt interact with the certainty we spoke about in episode 19? All this in the main section of the […]

Feb 19

39 min 26 sec

What is your relationship with certainty? That’s the focus of our main section today, but we also cover the opening of a new series at Christ Church, and question our relationship with risk as we head towards the end of lockdown (hopefully!).

Feb 12

43 min 8 sec

Often we see missionaries as different to ourselves. We can silently caricature their personalities and circumstances in such a way as to distance ourselves from the possibility of a mission calling on our own lives. But missionaries are just people, normal people with normal lives who make a decision for God. Today we talk to […]

Feb 5

35 min 29 sec

A whole bunch of talking today! We go long on our main topic – Is there a threat of Violence at the centre of the Gospel? But that’s not all – we also have the roundup, and the news.

Jan 29

39 min 9 sec

Wall to wall features on the episode today! It’s a great episode, we’re starting with thoughts on race and class as we had the second in our new series on Sunday at Christ Church. We think about the handover of power that has happened this week in the US and issues that faced the evangelical […]

Jan 22

35 min 58 sec

Today we’re joined by Pedro Barbosa who is a church leader in Lisbon, Portugal. He shares his experiences and the challenges of Evangelicalism in a nominally Catholic and in many ways secular country. In our Sunday roundup Josh gives Graham some grief over his use of terms and we’re talking about The Minimalists in our […]

Jan 15

41 min 24 sec

We’ve made it to the New Year! A year that’s starting off with more of a whimper than a bang, but nevertheless we’re back with Ordinary delivered direct into your ears every Friday. New Year – new Verse of the Year. Probably most churches have a Verse of the Year that they wheel out in […]

Jan 8

33 min 26 sec

Last time we thought about different religions and how they compare with Christianity in a number of different ways. Today we wanted to add to that conversation by beginning to talk about how we can open up conversations with people of different beliefs. It’s Kebabgate in the Sunday roundup, and we reflect a little bit […]

Dec 2020

33 min 58 sec

If someone asked you if you were a religious person or now, what would you say? It’s a complicated question because religion can mean different things to different people. Today we take a look at some of the major world religions to compare and contrast them with Christianity, as well asking questions about the validity […]

Dec 2020

36 min 49 sec

Today we are joined in the main section by Bekah Legg who is director of Restored UK and we have a really illuminating and important discussion about abuse, violence against women and how Restored UK and the church can support and protect in abusive scenarios.

Dec 2020

38 min 23 sec

Today we’re talking about the world of Christians in sport. What does it mean to see sport as a mission field, and how can we have a gospel influence in local sports clubs, and on teams? We also have a great discussion on the theology of sport.

Nov 2020

41 min 34 sec

Chances are, you probably enjoy some form of true crime entertainment, whether it’s books or podcasts, films or documentaries. Our culture has become quite obsessed with these stories over recent years, and in today’s main bit, we ask: Why? We’ll ask talk about the ending of Job in our Sunday roundup, and about churches breaking […]

Nov 2020

30 min 58 sec

What do you think about when you think of the book of Job? Well, Graham thinks its a bundle of laughs, and he wants to talk about that today in the main section. But before that we’re going to talk about the new Covid-19 vaccine that’s been in the news this week, and answer a […]

Nov 2020

33 min 49 sec

Today we’re talking about the US presidential election, the second national lockdown in the UK, and in the main bit Mark has three principals to help us get through the next month, making sure we’re caring for those who are especially isolated and lonely at the moment.

Nov 2020

33 min 5 sec

Today we’re talking about David Attenborough’s latest film on climate change, our thoughts on the film itself and on the points it was making. And then in the main section we’re going to brighten your day with an in-depth chat about death…

Oct 2020

34 min 10 sec

An amazing and encouraging baptism and an equally amazing and encouraging sermon on wisdom – that’s our Sunday roundup this week, and then in the main section we have such a good and helpful chat with Duncan Forbes, a London pastor seeking to reach people around the Alton Estate, London with the Gospel. Duncan helps […]

Oct 2020

33 min 44 sec

Today we discuss some questions on undeserved suffering and anger, relating to this past Sunday’s teaching and in the main section we talk about Satan – who he is, what he main purposes are, and aren’t, and some misconceptions which have become common in our western Christian worldview.

Oct 2020

40 min 54 sec

We’re getting a little bit political today on the podcast as we reflect on this week’s presidential debates in the USA, how they went, whether it was in any sense useful to watch and the difficult decision facing Christian voters across the pond at the moment. And in the main bit we chat about conspiracy […]

Oct 2020

37 min 36 sec