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Gerry Griffin

Welcome to E-learning Exposed! The podcast about the ever-developing world of E-learning. Our host, Gerry Griffin, will be talking all about digital learning and its challenges. Gerry Griffin is the founder of Skill Pill, a digital agency specialising in the production and distribution of digital learning content. He is a former director of the London Business School and author of multiple business books and has lectured in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Africa and is passionate about the impact technology can have on workplace learning and productivity. He will be addressing the big questions facing the E-learning industry, including topics such as digital transformation and the challenges of learning and development. Join him in understanding how technology is revolutionising the world of workplace learning!

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In this episode of E-Learning Exposed, Gerry Griffin and Mirjam Neelen talk about Evidence-Informed Learning and how it can be applied to Learning and Development.Including a discussion of Mirjam’s new book: Evidence-Informed Learning Design. As well as thoughts on:The importance of an evidence-informed approach to learning.A look at three key parts of the evidence-informed approach: Direct Instruction, Judging Information, and Feedback.Thoughts on how to improve the delivery of workplace training.To purchase Mirjam’s book visit www.koganpage.com and enter the code: AHR20 to receive a discount.To find out more about Skill Pill’s new learning content, created in association with Mirjam, contact Skill Pill here: http://skillpill.com/#contactSupport the show (https://twitter.com/ELearnExposed)

May 18

17 min 13 sec

In the first episode of 2021, Gerry Griffin (Skill Pill founder and CEO) and Cathy Hoy (Chief Learning Officer at The LPI - Learning and Performance Institute), sit down to discuss Diversity and Inclusion and its delivery through digital training.  Their discussion includes thoughts on: Insights and lessons learned from the creation of Skill Pill’s Diversity and Inclusion series. Whether diversity and inclusion can be taught and if so, how it can be effectively delivered. Creating contextualised, relevant and effective D&I learning content. Insights into tools and methods to create engaging and successful D&I content.  To find out more about Skill Pill’s Diversity and Inclusion series, contact Skill Pill here: http://skillpill.com/#contact Support the show (https://twitter.com/ELearnExposed)

Mar 11

12 min 15 sec

Live from the Excel Centre at Learning Technologies 2020, Craig and Gerry discuss the winners, losers, highs and lows of the annual exhibition, the rise of LXPs, and new arrivals on the eLearning scene!Support the show (https://twitter.com/ELearnExposed)

Feb 2020

20 min 15 sec

Support the show (https://twitter.com/ELearnExposed)

Oct 2019

28 min 52 sec

Craig and Gerry come again together once again to take a closer look into the world of E-Learning! This week, they discuss how to make sense out of the world of the LMS, LXP, SEP and DLP.Support the show (https://twitter.com/ELearnExposed)

Sep 2019

29 min 57 sec

Tune in to our very first episode, where Craig and Gerry discuss the challenges that the Learning and Development world is currently facing when it comes to compliance requirements.Support the show (https://twitter.com/ELearnExposed)

Aug 2019

25 min 35 sec