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Inside Construction takes listeners on an unfiltered journey inside the challenges facing BCs’ industrial, commercial, and institutional construction sector. Hear firsthand from general and trade contractors on crucial issues like prompt payment, public sector procurement best practises, and finding and keeping talent. With Host Chris Atchison, BCCA President.

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Compulsory trades are coming to BC. Are you informed and ready to adapt? If you’re a tradesperson in BC’s electrical, mechanical or automotive trades, you may be in the first wave of tradespeople to be impacted by the new regulations. In this episode we look at what’s coming, when, how and why, and hear from … Continue reading "No Ticket, No Ride."

Nov 8

29 min 10 sec

An inside look at the evolution of BC’s construction culture In this episode we look at how this traditionally “tough guy” industry is redefining safety to protect against psychological as well as physical hazards. As more employers adopt the Builders Code and its baseline conduct standard banning all forms of hazing, bullying, and harassment, they’re … Continue reading "Not Too Tough To Change"

Jul 12

24 min 2 sec

In this episode we look at the corrosion of public sector procurement standards, explore why today’s procurement practitioners may be bending the rules, and explain how ignoring best practises puts projects at risk. Host Chris Atchison gives the low-down on the issue that’s becoming a top concern for BC’s ICI industry, and talks with experts … Continue reading "Fear, Open and Transparent"

May 3

20 min 19 sec

In this episode we get into the chronic problem of late payments in construction and how this issue puts contractors across the industry at risk, regardless of their business size, location, role, or labour affiliation. Host Chris Atchision gives the low-down on the issue that costs BC owners an estimated $4BN per year, and talks with … Continue reading "Prompt Payment or Bust"

Apr 1

33 min 10 sec

Welcome to Inside Construction, hosted by BCCA president Chris Atchison. The construction industry is vital to the health of BC’s economy. It is also enormously complex. This show takes a hard and honest look at the issues within the industry, including payment flow, procurement best practices and diversification of the workforce. Hear from respected contractors … Continue reading "Welcome to Inside Construction"

Mar 25

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