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Brian Sansing

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What are we thankful for?

Nov 21

37 min 26 sec

What does your witness show to others? Are we willing to be a witness for Christ in all areas of our lives?

Nov 14

49 min 48 sec

Will you be obedient to His teachings?

Nov 7

45 min 33 sec

Could someone else be pointed to Christ if they followed you?

Oct 31

44 min 10 sec

What does your fruit show to others?

Oct 24

45 min 29 sec

Sunday night revival service

Oct 18

1 hr 15 min

Saturday night revival service.

Oct 18

1 hr 6 min

Sunday morning revival

Oct 18

53 min 3 sec

Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise.

Oct 10

46 min 39 sec

God is always there to pick us back up no matter where we are.

Oct 3

43 min 30 sec

Keep going!!

Sep 26

41 min 42 sec

Who/what do you worship?

Sep 19

50 min 55 sec

Learning to work out your salvation night service.

Sep 12

55 min 53 sec

One day revival with Brian Tyndall of Uttermost Evangelism.

Sep 12

55 min 29 sec

What is your life showing?

Sep 5

45 min 5 sec

Are we willing to let God make us live again?

Aug 29

44 min 23 sec

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways.." Are your thoughts reflecting Jesus?

Aug 22

45 min 54 sec

Powerful message from our friend RV Brown.

Aug 15

54 min 23 sec

"Try something new", a powerful message from our friend RV Brown.

Aug 15

44 min 35 sec

We must live Godly lives! Is the desire to serve the Lord still your one true desire?

Aug 8

49 min 42 sec

What will you choose to do with the words you hear spoken to you from God?

Aug 1

42 min 10 sec

Are you walking on the edge of fully committed to Christ or one step in/one step out?

Jul 25

53 min 10 sec

Will you choose to turn your eyes on Jesus?

Jul 18

42 min 7 sec

Looking into our lives, what occupies our thoughts, our time, our energy, and our emotions?

Jul 11

45 min 33 sec

How do we respond once we hear the truth of God's Word?

Jul 4

40 min 35 sec

Jun 27

38 min 55 sec

Jun 20

37 min 44 sec

What results does our growth in Christ show?

Jun 13

37 min 49 sec

Are we growing?

Jun 6

48 min 15 sec

Honoring the Lord's supper

May 30

46 min 35 sec

One Body + Christ as the Head = Healthy Church

May 23

45 min 41 sec

2021 Senior Sunday

May 16

32 min 27 sec

Today, would you dare to commit to the uncommon life, seek first the Kingdom even before family, serving the Lord in an uncommonly body of believers that is the church.

May 9

43 min 19 sec

Have you drifted away?

May 2

48 min 38 sec

Have you turned your battle over to the Lord?

Apr 25

53 min 53 sec

Apr 18

50 min 22 sec

Where is He leading you? Will you follow?

Apr 11

45 min 17 sec

Our Easter 2021 service.

Apr 4

1 hr 6 min

Will you CHOOSE to obey God about whatever He is dealing with you about in your life?

Mar 28

48 min 11 sec

Are we clinging to the binders that often hold our eyes shut from seeing the bigger picture God has planned for us?

Mar 21

44 min 55 sec

Are you living under the umbrella of God's covenant in your marriage?

Mar 14

49 min 6 sec

Gideon Sunday 2021

Mar 7

56 min 44 sec

Has what you learned in the huddle, stayed in the huddle?

Feb 28

56 min 31 sec

Today more than every Christian character is being looked at it, what does your character show to others that are watching?

Feb 21

43 min 33 sec

Dnow Sunday morning message by Paul Cunningham on what determines your joy.

Feb 7

29 min 38 sec

What is your perspective in this temporary home of ours?

Jan 31

40 min 20 sec

God delights in those that reflect His character.

Jan 24

45 min 12 sec

Do you have living hope?

Jan 17

43 min 43 sec

Will you be in, barely in, or will you make a grand entrance into Heaven?

Jan 10

43 min 44 sec

What are your 'these'?

Jan 3

44 min 54 sec