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Shaker Heights Schools

Welcome to Equity Unscripted, a podcast that showcases Shaker Heights Schools journey in seeking educational equity. This concept and the foundation of this show, is based on the principles of fairness and equity in allocating resources, opportunity treatment, and the creation of success for each student.

These conversations, which feature the challenges, successes, and goals of the district's efforts are intended to push our community to reflect deeper and to go further. Parents and students, staff, and policymakers, alumni, and community members are all included in this important dialogue. So join us for the stories and voices of a district committed to making a difference.

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Shaker Heights students Jaimee Martin and Carrington Hughes and parent Dr. Jenna Rehmer join us this week to discuss the importance of being an anti-racist and having tough conversations about race at the dinner table and beyond. Join us as we explore the challenges and growth that come from calling out racist behaviors, and the opportunities that await families who dare to tackle these sensitive topics. For more resources on talking with students of all ages, check out the DEI Resource Collection.

Nov 21

40 min 41 sec

The Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Center is an integral part of the DEI Department at Shaker Heights Schools. Listen in as Keith Langford talks about his role in the district, and the impact that has on families and educational equity with Shaker parent Heather Macks.  

Nov 7

26 min 24 sec

Our inaugural episode will introduce you to members of the Shaker Heights Schools DEI Department - what they do, how they do it, what their focus is and where they want their work to have the most impact. Hosted by Danielle Tall, our Shaker Heights High School student DEI intern, this inside look into our unique department will lay the groundwork for what’s to come on Equity Unscripted.

Oct 24

12 min 49 sec

A sneak peek at what's ahead on Equity Unscripted!

Oct 23

1 min 9 sec