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Reclaim Social is a podcast powered by Lightful talking to people who make social media more inspiring. From big nonprofit organisations to individual acts of kindness, we can reclaim social media, for good. #ReclaimSocial started as a campaign on February 6 of 2018. Since then, it has reached 40 million people who want to focus on the positive

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Back by popular demand, we’ve invited Seyi Akiwowo on the podcast for the second time to continue the conversation on social media, activism, and self care. In the context of COVID-19, there has been an increase in online abuse, racism, and hateful content. Black women have 84% more chances to be harassed on Twitter. Are tech companies doing enough to protect them? Seyi is talking about the role of tech platforms in the current situation, how we can personally protect ourselves and how to hold everyone accountable. We’ve also talked about the importance of self-care for activism and how to set boundaries to protect our mental health during the lockdown.

Sep 1

41 min

We’ve talked to Dr. Amy Pollard, Director of Mental Health Collective, the hub for unlocking social and collective approaches to mental health. We asked her about her work, the social and collective dimension of mental health but also the new ways to come together during COVID-19. We’ve found out more about the initiative Kindness by Post, which is kind of like a secret Santa for kindness and we also discussed the role of social media and the sense of belonging we are craving more than ever.

Jul 27

22 min

We’re back with our second season! We’ve talked to Beth Kanter, nonprofit expert, master trainer and Lightful’s Senior Advisor, to hear her thoughts on the evolution of social networks and what it means for nonprofits. Beth is a pioneer in the nonprofit sector and she has followed closely all the big trends ever since Twitter was still a small community of people trying a new shiny toy. We’ve asked her about the future of social media, the impact of AI in our lives and also the things we need to focus on when building our digital skills. You don’t want to miss it if you are passionate about the charity sector and what’s coming next! PS. This episode was recorded before COVID-19 came into our lives, which means you get to enjoy an episode that is…COVID-free!

Jul 13

34 min

We’ve talked to Seyi Akiwowo, Executive Director of Glitch, to find out more about her experience setting up Glitch, the transition from politics to the charity sector and how we can end online abuse by championing digital citizenship. Glitch is about raising awareness for online abuse combining awareness, campaigning, and training to help fix the glitch, or else, make the Internet a better place. Seyi has shared with us her tips on how to be an active bystander online, how to practice digital self care based on everyone’s needs, and how to amplify the good stories on social media. We’ve also talked about the role of social media in activism, the secret to avoiding the activist’s burnout and the reasons we all need to have people in our lives that keep us accountable. This is the perfect way to end the first season of our podcast!

Feb 5

42 min

We’ve talked to Mark Williamson, co-founder and Director of Action for Happiness, to find out more about Action for Happiness and how it became a mass participation movement with hundreds of thousands of members and a wide range of activities. Mark Williamson has talked to us about the importance of meaningful work and a sense of purpose and how Action for Happiness has built a community of people who aim for a happier and kinder world. We’ve also discussed the importance of social media to build a community and how the ripple effect can lead to purposeful interactions. If you’re looking for inspiration, this episode is for you!

Feb 2

37 min

We’ve talked to Matt Navarra about the latest trends in social media marketing. What should we expect in 2020 and how will our strategies change? Social media is changing at a very fast pace. Every year bring new trends, channels and tactics. Is it better to focus on new trends or stick to the tactics that work best for us? How can social media managers adjust to every change? What’s the future of Facebook and all social media platforms? Is TikTok here to stay? What’s the difference in the strategy between Instagram and Facebook Stories? Matt Navarra, one of the most well-known social media experts is answering all our questions. Enjoy the social media geek out with Tereza Litsa from Lightful and Matt Navarra!

Jan 6

38 min

We've talked to Matt Navarra, Social Media Consultant and Expert, to find out more about his work, his favourite social media platforms and all the recent changes in the social media world. Matt Navarra is one of the most well-known social media experts among marketers for his experience and passion for social media. He is also known for all the latest updates and features coming from the big social platforms. We've talked to him about all of these and found out many things we didn't know about him. From his thoughts on having an edit button on Twitter to the changes in the social media landscape, we’ve had a great conversation!

Dec 2019

35 min

We’ve talked to Asha Curran, the CEO of #GivingTuesday, to find out more about the inspiring story of turning an idea into a massive movement of generosity. How do you go from a small group of friends and partners and limited resources in 2012 to a global movement that reaches more than 60 countries in 2019? Listen to this episode to find out more about the importance of collectivity and community building and how nonprofits and individuals can support a big day of generosity. We’re discussing the role of social media in growing a movement and we’ve also found out Asha’s favourite book of all time and how it affected her perspective growing up. If you’re interested in social good, making an impact or even supporting a movement of generosity, then you don’t want to miss this episode!

Nov 2019

34 min

We’ve talked to the storytelling expert Jude Habib, Founder of the digital storytelling organisation Sounddelivery, to find out more about her inspiring work. Jude has trained thousands of organisations and individuals in storytelling and she’s all about empowering people to tell their stories. We found out more about her background story, her recent projects, her practical tips on how charities can improve their storytelling skills but also her favourite Eurovision Song Contest act.

Oct 2019

34 min

We've talked to Shadille Estepan, Communications and Outreach Manager at Born This Way Foundation to find out more about her work and all the different ways we can be kinder both online and offline. We are also learning more about the #BeKind21 campaign, the power of communities on social media and also the story of Lady Gaga hiring her for this role.

Sep 2019

22 min

We’ve talked to Nicola Gee, Social Media Manager of WWF UK, to learn more about her use of social media to inspire people, how she’s creating engaging content on every channel and how they’ve grown their Instagram followers by 100k this year. We are also discussing the importance to be positive on social media, from big environmental campaigns to sending smiley emojis to your friends.

Aug 2019

30 min

We’ve talked to Joe Cassidy from the International Rescue Committee Europe to learn more about his work on social media, the challenges of talking about important topics such as the refugee crisis in a more inspiring way and how they’ve built a community that self-moderates the negative comments on Facebook.

Jul 2019

24 min

We’ve talked to Seb Baird from Time to Change to find out more about his inspiring work, his campaigns around mental health with Time to Change, their impressive engagement on social media and how he takes care of his own mental health.

May 2019

29 min

We've talked to Liam and John from OTR Bristol to learn more about their inspiring work, the experience of working with younger people at a mental health social movement, and how we can all be mindful with our social media posting.

Apr 2019

38 min

Vinay and Tereza are chatting to Mike Keating from Samaritans and Molly Clarke from CharityComms for the first episode of #ReclaimSocial. Mike and the Samaritans have run many successful digital campaigns knowing the importance of finding a balance between uplifting and motivational content when trying to reach people who are going through hard times. Molly and CharityComms are all about inspiring people working in charity comms and they certainly understand the power of social media. How can we make social media more positive? As our guests re-frame the question, how can we make social media more open to constructive criticism and inspiring conversations?

Mar 2019

48 min

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