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What is #StickAForkInIt? a show about the groundbreaking work being done in Tampa Bay and the influencers that elevate this top market to one of the most innovative and compassionate places to live, work and play. A 10-county region where hunger is addressed in a meaningful way, our neighbors are advocated for daily and our community’s most inspiring leaders align to lift our neighbors to a space of health and capability.

Hosted by just a few of the dynamic team at Feeding Tampa Bay, we invite you to listen in and find out how you can join the movement and please follow us for updates on our work or leave us a message on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube all @FeedingTampaBay. Talk at you soon!

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Author, comedian, and Executive Director of the Gracepoint Foundation, Ian Adair has spent 25 years managing communications in the non-profit world. He uses humor and human connection to introduce people to the reality that everyone has mental health that needs attending to, and that no one is completely alone in their struggles, even if it feels that way sometimes. On today's episode, he shares the work done by Gracepoint to bring self-care into the workplace, amidst anecdotes about his favorite tacos and his 11-year-old son's hilarious nickname for him.   If you're looking for additions to your own self-care routine, consider boosting spirits around you, and in turn your own, by giving back to your community with the gifts of time and talent. Visit our website,, to learn about opportunities to get involved with our mission of ending hunger in Tampa Bay -- and follow us on social media @FeedingTampaBay!

Dec 1

1 hr 2 min

Accessible housing, tax assistance, early childhood education -- United Way guides people through some of the most difficult trials that life serves up, and many of us have no idea of the help they offer, all over the world. Kari Goetz of our local affiliate, United Way Suncoast, joins us on this episode and in her theater-honed style explains how so many people who work full time can still fall through the cracks of society. Tune in for a phenomenal convo about safety nets, German food, and the Mouseketeers -- then take a look through our episode list to hear from our other great community partners like the Rays, St. Pete Distillery, and wrestlers from the WWE!   Want to get involved in making your community a healthier, happier place? Visit to donate or volunteer with us -- or if you're in need yourself, find food in your area that's fresh and free.

Nov 17

1 hr 5 min

Raising a family and growing a business on a resort overlooking the sandy shores of St. Pete Beach, MaryAnn Renfrow understands the importance of preserving the nature that guests and locals enjoy every day. That's why she joined the board of Tampa Bay Watch to help restore our waterways and teach the community about them. And when the beaches were empty last year, she dedicated her time and resources to standing with Feeding Tampa Bay in the fight against hunger, which had been made more difficult by the pandemic. Tune in to learn about MaryAnn's lifelong adventures in Pinellas county, how she got into the hospitality industry, and what it was like trying to run a hotel during a nationwide lockdown.   And follow us on your preferred social media platform @FeedingTampaBay to learn how you can get involved in the fight against hunger, too!

Nov 3

44 min 34 sec

One of our main goals here at Feeding Tampa Bay is to tell the stories of the people we serve each day, and we couldn't make that happen without the help of our friends in broadcast media. Local news icons like Gayle Guyardo, who has been reporting and anchoring for over 25 years, help shine a light on the needs and good deeds in our community, and we are incredibly grateful to each and every one of them. Tune into today's episode to learn how Gayle got into news media, and what it's like to be a reporter chasing down stories to share on TV!   And to stay up-to-date with FTB news, follow us on social media @FeedingTampaBay, or visit our website at!

Oct 20

29 min 43 sec

For the past 7 years Brian Auld has been president of the Tampa Bay Rays, and during that time he has helped foster a culture of community involvement that sports fans everywhere can be proud of. Listen in to learn how he transitioned from teaching 4th grade students to helping the Rays clinch 2 straight AL East championships, and how important it is for the team to be more than just baseball players. We're proud to be partnered with such a compassionate and innovative organization, and look forward to continuing our shared work of bettering our community in every way we can. Go Rays!   Follow FTB on social media at @FeedingTampaBay and visit our website at to learn more about our sports team partnerships -- as well as opportunities to win official swag from your local favorites!

Oct 6

36 min 11 sec

Math and science aren't the only things kids should be learning in school, as today's guest on the show will tell you. A food pantry orchestrated by neighborhood schools is an excellent opportunity for children to learn about serving their community, and who the people in that community really are. Tune in to learn how a small church pantry doubled in size after it was passed along to the care of Buck Johnson and his crew of large-hearted teachers and students, and how your community can easily participate in similar projects that lift spirits and fill bellies everywhere.   Follow us on social media @FeedingTampaBay and visit our website at for more information!

Sep 1

23 min 27 sec

In a year full of change-ups we've altered the formula of our annual Epic Chef event to be a pack even more excitement into a shorter run of shows. If you're not familiar, Epic Chef is our sponsor-supported competition between Tampa's top restaurants, hosted by The Epicurean Hotel in SoHo. This year over the course of three nights we invited the community to watch the head chefs of the top-rated eateries in our city go head to head creating dishes using surprise mystery ingredients from our very own warehouse!   Tune in as Matt and Shannon broadcast the festivities, interviewing special guests and sampling the top-tier cuisine being judged by the evening's contest participants. And be sure to keep an eye out for next year's Epic Chef event so that you can be a part of the party, while helping raise awareness and donation money to aid the food-insecure folks in your community.   Visit our website and follow us @FeedingTampaBay on social media to stay up to date on our most recent and upcoming events!

Aug 23

28 min 28 sec

On a special edition of Stick a Fork in It, Congresswoman Kathy Castor is interviewed by her daughter Chrissy Lewis, who just completed a multi-department internship with our organization learning about what we do! Then we get to talk in-depth with Chrissy about her experiences interning with us, as well as her own plans on how best to serve our community in the future.   And stick around for WTFB to meet Ronkevious Smalls, our Director of Employee Experience, and learn what it's like to actual work at one of the fasted growing food banks in the country. We place a premium on engaging and gratifying culture here at Feeding Tampa Bay, and go the extra mile to make sure that our employees feel like they fit in with the family!   Visit our website at to learn about career opportunities we currently have available, as well as other ways that you can get involved in your spare time!

Aug 18

37 min 44 sec

What if you could grow 3 whole acres of food in a box in your backyard? Well, Brick Street Farms has developed a way to do just that, using hydroponics and metal shipping containers. Their growing methods provide everything a plant needs to produce the healthiest, tastiest veggies it possible can, without a bunch of artificial modifying. Tune in to learn how the process works, and where you can buy some of their greens near you.   Learn more about our community partners by visiting our website at, and by following us on social media @FeedingTampaBay!

Aug 4

50 min 56 sec

General Mills is the company that produces many of your most favorite, most iconic cereals -- but they're also responsible for TONS of other beloved breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods that you can find in any grocery store. On today's episode we're grateful to have Scott Nevitt (Sr. Customer Mgr.) and Katie Fenech (Brand Experience Asst. Mgr.) join us to marvel at the lifelong impact foods like breakfast cereal have on each and every one of us. This year alone General Mills helped us collect over 2 MILLION meals worth of food during our annual Cereal for Summer campaign. Tune in to learn about all the foods in your fridge that you didn't even know came from General Mills, and stick around to meet Kathryn Burch from our news partner 10 Tampa Bay! Kathryn has been helping FTB spread the word about food relief for years, and she shares with us the importance of that message to her and to her media team.   Follow us on social media @FeedingTampaBay to stay up to date on our annual campaigns, and learn how you can get involved in feeding your community!

Jul 21

51 min 55 sec

The University of South Florida stands with Feeding Tampa Bay not only to feed struggling youth in our community, but to understand why they're struggling, and how best to help them. Their faculty and staff are uniquely capable of conducting the necessary research to understand and fight hunger in the demographics we serve, never missing an opportunity to collaborate with us on exciting new projects. We are, better together forming The Center for the Advancement of Food Insecurity and Healthy Communities.   On today's episode, meet Dr. Eric Eisenberg, the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, and learn how the three campuses USF has in the surrounding counties provide opportunities to their students and their communities to rise out of their collective struggles and live the lives that are the healthiest and most fulfilling possible.   Learn more about our partnerships with USF by following us on social media @FeedingTampaBay! And Go Bulls!

Jul 14

1 hr 4 min

It may take a village to raise a barn, but Rob Rozmeski, founder of construction contracting outfit the Zackary Group, did much more than that with far fewer people. Rob knows how incredibly essential it is to have support from your community of loved ones during hard times, and knows maybe better than anyone how important it is to have four walls and a roof for those loved ones to thrive under. So when he agreed to bring our dream of a Feeding Pinellas Community Center in Lealman, we were overjoyed -- and the result has been astonishing. Tune in to hear how Rob was called to give back to his community, through the skills he acquired growing a small business into a mighty one.   Then stick around to hear from FTB's own weather/handy man, Jim Carpenter, who has been holding our operation together with his own two hands for the better part of a decade. He explains how FTB acts as a first responder to cities all over the East coast of the country, and how our experience with hurricane aftermath prepared us to contend with the overwhelming need created by the Covid-19 pandemic.   Follow us on social media @FeedingTampaBay to stay up to date with our latest projects and programs, and to learn how you can get involved in building a better community for all of our families to grow in.

Jun 23

54 min 38 sec

You may know Tyson as "the chicken company" but they provide much more than just delicious wings and nuggets to your local grocery store -- they also provide thousands of pounds of food to food banks and veterans around our community. On today's episode Sales Lead Kevin Ordway shares the company's philosophy on philanthropy, and all of the important ways that people can help even when they don't have a massive tractor trailer of chicken to share!   Follow @Feedingtampabay on social media to stay up to date on all the ways that you can help too, and visit our website to donate or volunteer with us in your community!

Jun 9

47 min 16 sec

The people we serve come from all walks of life, and an array of cultures. We respect how important it is to meet them in their world -- providing foods and services that are meaningful to them, and to communicate in ways they can easily understand. On this week's episode, we're joined by Jaclyn Boland, CEO of the InterCultural Advocacy Institute, a wonderful organization that has helped us serve the Hispanic and Latinx community in their area. Jaclyn shares the story of her round-the-world journey into cultural philanthropy. Then on WTFB? meet our Community Partnerships Manager, Wilmarie Colon Alvarado, whose job is to ensure that we're serving our neighbors in the best way possible for them personally!   Browse our website in one of the multiple language options we provide, and sign up for our informational texting service by texting FTBFYI (for English), or FTBPARATI (for Spanish)to 833-530-3663. Don't miss direct alerts about available food and services in your area!

May 25

1 hr 7 min

Fans of the Tampa radio station Hot 101.5 have probably listened to the Miguel and Holly Show on their way to work. But for those who are out of range, our guest Miguel Fuller joins us on today's episode about living LIVE on-air, and accepting help in our own times of need. Follow Miguel's odyssey from Atlanta, GA to Tampa, FL, and hear how he came to live a life he never dreamed possible, and why it inspires him every day to give back (and pay it forward)!   Listen to Miguel and holly on 101.5 FM from 6-10am, and listen to more episodes of our podcast on your favorite platform (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and more). You can also find the episodes on our website, along with plenty of other information about our cause, and ways to get involved.

May 12

58 min 47 sec

Tampa Bay experienced another first this year with Wrestlemania37! WWE Superstar Big E made an impressive, surprise entrance rocking our brand from head to toe! On this episode we find out Big E's motivation and how many meals the auction of his gear will serve and how he's using his influence to help others as well. Plus! Don't miss a very special WTFB? guest who busts in! (hint: he ALSO might be known to most as WWE's Global Ambassador Titus O'Neil but around here, we call him Thad)   And as ever, follow us on social @FeedingTampaBay to stay up to speed on our mission of ending hunger in Tampa Bay by 2025!

May 4

47 min 31 sec

Few people understand the importance of showing up as well as players on a sports team. And Peter Masone, General Manager of the Tampa Bay Cannons, has been showing up every Saturday for over a year to help us feed his neighbors in Pinellas County. Tune in to learn how the Cannons moved to Tampa Bay, and adopted the community as their own in a time of great need.   Then stick around to learn about more amazing opportunities to help out from our Feeding Pinellas Volunteer Supervisor, Antoine Everett! Our newest Trinity Cafe location in St. Petersburg will provide hot food, frozen meals, showers, laundry, and more to folks that are struggling -- and we can't do it without you!   Visit to see what volunteer opportunities are available, and follow us @FeedingTampaBay on social to see what we do on a daily basis!

Apr 21

52 min 5 sec

YMCA's across the nation serve as community hubs where members can exercise, learn new skills, gather with fellow members of their faith, swim, dance, and more. And as CEO of the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA Matt Mitchell explains, the collective goal of the organization is to adapt to the needs of their individual communities. So when the pandemic began last year, and members were having difficulty finding child care and food, the YMCA stepped in to provide, at no small cost to themselves. Tune in to learn about all the ways your local "gym & swim" is really so much more than that.   And to find out about more of our community partners and ways you can get involved, visit and follow us on social media @FeedingTampaBay!

Apr 4

42 min 20 sec

It may come as a surprise to many that food banks exist in some of the more affluent areas around Tampa, let alone that residents actually visit it. But the Community Food Pantry in Carrollwood has been a life raft for hundreds of locals who have fallen on hard times, even before the pandemic. Their fearless director, Monica Wilson, joins us on the show to share how a single experience with her son drove her to take up the fight against hunger, and where that has lead her to today. Then join us for WTFB where our Director of Agency Relations, Catherine Godwin, explains where the heck all of this food comes from, and how a small team of drivers and volunteers get it where it's going.   To learn more about what we do, and the partners who help us do it, visit, and follow us on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn @FeedingTampaBay!

Mar 28

53 min 44 sec

The Covid pandemic has created lots of unlikely allies, like a food bank and an alcohol distillery, for example. When the city's hand-sanitizer supply dried up, the savvy engineers at St. Pete distillery converted their vats to brew their own version and supply it for free to frontline workers and neighbors in need. We talk (bottle) service with Skip Ragan and Matt Armstrong, before tackling relief contributions from the NFL with former Buccaneer Michael Clayton and Angela Smith of the NFL Off the Field Players' Wives Association!   View clips from our recording sessions on our Facebook and Instagram pages @FeedingTampaBay! And visit our website to listen to other episodes of Stick A Fork In It.

Mar 14

1 hr 30 min

For the past 16 years Ross Anderson has been raising the young men of Tampa Bay out of difficult circumstances and into leaders, thinkers, and achievers. His Men of Vision program has guided literally thousands of children deemed "problematic" by their schools to a place where they can actively choose what kind of successful future will suit them best. Tune in to learn how he has worked such incredible magic, and how the Men of Vision have been an invaluable resource to programs like our Trinity Cafe restaurants in North and Downtown Tampa.   Our partnerships spread far and wide, and need just as much support as we do here at FTB -- so follow our social pages @FeedingTampaBay to see the names and smiling faces of the community heroes we work with every week!

Feb 28

57 min 37 sec

A truly great man in both character and physical stature, local wrestling celebrity Thaddeus Bullard joins us on the show to talk hometown philanthropy. Not only has he established a groundbreaking adult learning center at Sligh Middle School in Seminole Heights, but he's partnering with Feeding Tampa Bay so that our FRESHforce culinary trainees can utilize the brand new, high quality kitchen inside! Tune in to learn how he grew from a destitute child into a symbol of strength and compassion for future generations. And on WTFB we're joined by FRESHforce leader Mike Perkins, who revels in the glory of the new facility, and what it means to the hopeful candidates that join our jobs training program.   Check out the other huge names from around the Bay that we get to partner with! Follow our social media pages @FeedingTampaBay and visit our website at

Feb 17

1 hr 17 min

We did it, Tampa! The Bucs are going to the Superbowl, and we're taking the opportunity to share some behind-the-scenes info about all of the phenomenal work the NFL is doing to feed struggling families in our community. Meet one of our Development Team all-stars, Ashley, who helps form partnerships like the one we have with the Bucs to make our mission possible.   Learn more about our mission and our partnerships by visiting, and following us on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn @FeedingTampaBay!

Feb 3

34 min 8 sec

Through a new partnership with our local Habitat for Humanity affiliate, we're helping to give our neighbors two of the most basic needs on Earth - food and shelter. Our friend Mike Sutton, CEO of Habitat Pinellas & West Pasco, joins us to explain how he and his team are helping families break the poverty cycle, and invest energy and pride into their brand new homes. Tune in to celebrate with us, and learn how you can help feed and house deserving parents and children in your area.   Follow us on social @feedingtampabay, and visit our website, as well as our partner's website!

Jan 31

52 min 8 sec

On this final (for now) episode of "Humans of the Food Bank" we learn all about our annual tradition of naming one employee as Food Banker of the Year. We speak with the previous title-holder from 2019, as well as the CO-winners of the title for 2020. Then on WTFB, our president and CEO explains how this tradition came to be, and what it means to be honored with the title.   See the fruits of our staff's collective labor on our social media platforms @FeedingTampaBay, and by checking out our website to find food or learn how you can help us feed the community! We know we're not alone in our passion for service, and every hand that adds some help brings us closer to our goal of a hunger-free Tampa Bay by 2025!

Jan 17

1 hr 36 min

The crew returns to share the stories of more of our incredible fellow food bankers -- from frontline warriors to behind the scenes miracle makers, the humans of FTB are inspirational, funny and kind. Tune in to meet more of our good friends, and as a treat, the mastermind behind the culture of our workplace that binds us all together behind a common cause -- Jayci Peters!   Visit our website at to learn about volunteer and career opportunities with our organization, and follow us on social media @FeedingTampaBay to see the work we're doing in your community every single day!

Jan 3

1 hr 19 min

A food banker can look like anyone, come from anywhere. But no matter the difference in our age, nationality, or job status, we are all connected by our intense drive to help our fellow human beings. In the first episode of this two-part series, we interview a handful of the incredible souls that make up our team - that share their talents with this mission on a daily basis to deliver TWO MILLION MEALS every single week to our community! Learn what we do, what our individual journeys are that bring us together to provide life-saving nourishment to strangers, and why we are driven to continue doing this work.   Visit our website at to learn about volunteer and career opportunities with our organization, and follow us on social media @FeedingTampaBay to see the work we're doing in your community every single day!

Dec 2020

1 hr 19 min

Fighting through poverty, cancer, and the loss of a dear friend, Colleen Chappell (co-founder of the ChappellRoberts Branding & Advertising Agency) has maintained her fiery spirit, and worked her way to the upper tiers of the marketing food chain in both locally and nationally. On today's episode she shares with us her journey from first college graduate in her family, to the dizzying heights of the corporate world, to a humbly powerful collection of creatives headquartered in Ybor City. And on WTFB, meet our Community Engagement Manager, Andrea Kitchen, who's self-defined role is to "bring some sexy" to all of our marketing materials and community events!   Be sure to follow @FeedingTampaBay on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to learn how you can get involved, and to hear about upcoming events Andrea is putting on for our partners, friends and families!

Dec 2020

1 hr 6 min

Feeding Tampa Bay is just one small part of a vast network of food banks feeding struggling American families. And we couldn't do it without the help of people like Robin Safley, Executive Director of Feeding Florida. On today's episode she compares her experiences in Iron Man triathlon competitions to the marathon that our country has experienced during the pandemic. But through it all, she maintains her trademark optimism: "We're not trying to house people on Mars ... we're trying to connect an asset that exists, with a person who needs it, when they need it, in the right proportion that they need it. Then stick around for WTFB with our own CEO, Thomas Mantz, as he explains the safety net our vast food bank network provides, how it works, and how it has been tested over the past 10 months. For more information and insight, follow @FeedingTampaBay on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

Nov 2020

58 min 19 sec

Imagine if instead of shaming you for your diet, your doctor sent you home with bags of delicious, healthy food. Well that's the reality at Tampa Family Health Centers, where their team of holistic health specialists recognize the importance of a healthy diet, and also the barriers that keep people from maintaining one. Whether you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or a high BMI, Darcy Klempner and her team can help you manage and reduce your symptoms, while teaching you tips and tricks to manage your own health and wellbeing on a daily basis!   And on today's WTFB, meet the unstoppable force behind our healthcare partnerships, Kelley Brickfield, and learn this New Englander came to Florida to lift our neighbors into a new life of nutrition and happiness.

Nov 2020

1 hr 9 min

Keri is an entrepreneur with a heart of gold, who for the past 11 years has been helping companies around Tampa Bay create an environment that their employees can feel comfortable in and proud of. In this episode she explains the philosophy that guided her to her role as an uplifter of human morale, and the many methods she's learned along her journey.   Then stay tuned for WTFB to learn how our own Chief Culture Officer, Jayci Peters, has introduced a "Grow Code" to Feeding Tampa Bay, to keep us grounded in our mission to make sure that no one in our 10-county area goes hungry on our watch!   Learn more about Trinity Cafe by following our shared social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @FeedingTampaBay!

Oct 2020

56 min 41 sec

Some people find a mission in life, and rather than waiting until everything falls into place, they start placing everything that's needed on their own. For years our guest and dear friend, Jeff Darrey, has been feeding a hot, healthy meal to people in our community without a single question as to why they might need it. And not long ago, his restaurant, Trinity Cafe, merged with Feeding Tampa Bay to combine our efforts and help our neighbors in ways we never before dreamed possible.   And stay tuned for WTFB to hear about the future of fresh meal delivery, being cooked up by our own innovative staff and partners!   Learn more about Trinity Cafe by following our shared social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @FeedingTampaBay!

Oct 2020

1 hr 7 min

As Summer becomes Fall, we're also moving into a new season on Stick A Fork In It! We're thrilled with the repertoire of exciting guests we've had on the show already, and looking forward to the insights and stories to come. If you missed any of our previous episodes, now is the perfect time to get caught up before a new lineup begins on Sunday, October 11th!   And follow @FeedingTampaBay on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn to catch up on all the other awesome things we're doing in the community as well!

Sep 2020

3 min 28 sec

We're so lucky to have amazing partners like Florida Blue, with wonderful folks like Rick Bennett who sit on our board. Rick joins us on this episode to discuss the ways that Florida Blue prioritizes the health of Floridians, by ensuring that they're not only well-fed, but fed the right foods to maintain their health. And our Chief Development Officer, Kelley Sims, joins us on "What The Food Bank?" to share the exciting details of our upcoming event, Epic Fork Fight! Visit our website FeedingTampaBay.Org to learn how you can tune in for a festive evening of food and fun this coming Thursday, September 17th!   And follow @FeedingTampaBay on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn to catch up on all the other awesome things we're doing in the community as well!

Sep 2020

48 min 47 sec

On this week's episode we welcome Chief Dan Slaughter of the Clearwater Police Department to the warehouse. We talk about all the ways that law enforcement helps us run our massive new "megapantries" as well as his department's "Park, Walk, and Talk" policy that helps them to better connect with the residents of their communities. Also, tune in to hear from our own Rhonda Gindlesperger, Chief Officer of Operations, and what it's been like delivering over 2 million meals into our communities EVERY SINGLE WEEK!   And follow @FeedingTampaBay on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn to catch up on all the other awesome things we're doing in the community as well!

Aug 2020

1 hr 1 min

What is a power couple? One that changes the lives of millions of people side by side with Feeding Tampa Bay. On today’s episode we introduce you to board member Marie Chinnici-Everitt and her husband Tom Everitt who stand with us every day, in some meaningful way. From warehouse funding to personal shopping in our Publix Community Market. Marie uses her marketing skills and corporate backing from DTCC to guide our job development programs and help expand our storage capacity, and Tim utilizes his experience as a former leader in the banking industry and current Marine Captain to facilitate our internal and external food distributions. Tune in to learn why we love these two so much, and why they choose to be family!    And follow @FeedingTampaBay on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn to catch up on all the other awesome things we're doing in the community as well!

Aug 2020

37 min 48 sec

The unsung heroes amidst the pandemic are our healthcare workers, many behind the scenes. Joining us is VP of Government and Community Relations for BayCare, Keri Eisenbeis, discussing Covid from the front line. We’ll also dive in to the EXCITING new opportunities arising out of the partnership between BayCare and Feeding Tampa Bay -- like home meal delivery for recovering Covid patients, and our "Food RX" program, wherein doctors will "prescribe" foods for ailing patients, and Feeding Tampa Bay will fill those prescriptions! Tune in to learn how food is medicine, and how healthy eating can not only prevent health problems, but help to cure them too!    Have you followed us on social yet? @FeedingTampaBay we really are EVERY where.

Aug 2020

1 hr 5 min

Let’s start with Rule #7 because it’s that time of year and EVERYbody's favorite meteorologist, Denis Phillips is here to talk hurricane season. With the country still struggling under the weight of the pandemic, storm season feels like more of a threat than ever. But don’t freak out! We got you! Tune in to hear from him, as well as our Director of Operations, Jim Carpenter, who keeps Feeding Tampa Bay running smooth and leads our disaster relief efforts when times get tough!    Visit Denis' online store to purchase some of his wonderful Rule #7 tumblers and wine glasses to raise money for Feeding Tampa Bay, and drink in style while you're quarantined at home: and don’t forget if you are in need of food, visit to learn about our programs and partners near you.   Keep up to date on all your weather needs by following Denis Phillips on Facebook.

Jul 2020

1 hr 1 min

One of our local faves and we know yours too, JJ Burton of ABC Action News joins us safely via Zoom to discuss reporting in a time of pandemic and protests, as well as how you can join us for “20 Days for Tampa Bay” all to help serve our struggling neighbors.   Follow JJ on Twitter @JJBurtonTV and our friends @abcactionnews too!   If you are in need of food don’t forget to visit to learn about our programs and partners near you.

Jun 2020

1 hr 13 min

With Florida Senator Jeff Brandes philanthropy is a family affair. Not only has he brought his kids to volunteer at our Pinellas mega pantry over the few past months but his wonderful and creative brood have dreamed up their own way to help fight hunger. Listen in as we ask about his experiences serving the community directly as well as in legislative sessions and hang tight for WTFB? where you get to meet the senator’s oldest daughter, Lottie, the very talented leader of the Brandes crew.   If you are in need of food, visit to learn about our programs and partners near you. Have an idea of who you might want to sit in the hot seat? Submit guest ideas to us through Facebook messenger @FeedingTampaBay

Jun 2020

45 min 9 sec

Can somebody explain where all the TP went? We have the guy. Brian West and Publix has been an avid supporter of Feeding Tampa Bay and the food banks in the states where their stores make ‘shopping a pleasure’. During the pandemic while many were complaining about paper products, Publix was making miracles happen connecting farmers with the people that needed them most. Listen in to learn how they continue to feed and supply their communities, both in their stores and in food lines where we serve with dignity every day. If you are in need of food, visit to learn about our programs and partners near you. Have you followed us on social? Why not? We’re everywhere! @FeedingTampaBay

May 2020

51 min 28 sec

After a short break we are back with our hosts Matt Spence and Shannon Hannon-Oliviero, filling you in on the exciting news and updates coming out of Feeding Tampa Bay. Learn about recent changes and additions to our mobile pantries, as well as the huge meal milestones we're so proud to have hit in the past week.  If you are in need of food, visit to learn about our programs and partners near you. Have you followed us on social? Why not? We’re everywhere! @FeedingTampaBay

May 2020

12 min 12 sec

If you don’t know Sean Daly, where have you been? Listen in and enjoy the lovefest because we’re not sure who appreciates who more. You’ll shed a tear or two, happy and meaningful due to the many stories Sean has already shared during our journey through this beast of a pandemic. There are moments with those that we serve and times with our team that leans in night and day to take care of our community.  Follow Sean on Insta and Facebook @seandalytv And know if you are in need of food, visit to learn about our programs and partners near you. Message us directly on any of our social platforms with questions or ideas @FeedingTampaBay we’d love to hear from you!

Apr 2020

58 min 42 sec

Founded by military veterans, Team Rubicon began working in disaster relief in 2010, and has been growing as an elite response team ever since. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, they have been essential to our effort in keeping the residents of Tampa Bay nourished and safe. Longtime servant leader Chris Brewer joins on the show between shifts in the warehouse, to enlighten us about the efforts of his team, and the ways that people can join the Team Rubicon effort themselves! If you are in need of food, visit to learn about our programs and partners near you. Message us directly on Facebook @FeedingTampaBay if you need any further assistance.

Apr 2020

41 min 39 sec

Cindy Stuart, the HCSB Member for District 3, fills us in on how students and families are handling the new virtual schooling program, and how schools are continuing to feed students during this uncertain time. Many students normally eat breakfast and lunch at school throughout most of the year, and hard-working administrators like Cindy are ensuring that they don't go hungry while schools are closed during the spring semester. If you are in need of food, visit to learn about our programs and partners near you. Message us directly on Facebook @FeedingTampaBay if you need any further assistance.

Apr 2020

56 min 20 sec

In this time of crisis sports teams are on the bench but they are knocking it out of the park to help the community! We are thrilled to introduce you to Jenn Tran (representing Rays Baseball and Rowdies Soccer) to thank her for the donation of over 1 MILLION MEALS to the families of Tampa Bay. Learn all about how the team is handling the cancellation of their season, and all about the loyal partnership between the Rays, Rowdies, and Feeding Tampa Bay is innovating to make sure that everyone in our 10-county region remains safe, healthy, and hunger-free now and well into the future.  Visit to find resources for yourself, or to donate to our mission! The Rays and Rowdies will match your donation to DOUBLE it and create up to 2 MILLION additional meals for our struggling neighbors.

Apr 2020

40 min 35 sec

It's important to check in on our friends now more than ever, so on this special edition episode we had a conference call with Chef Rachel Bennett of The Library St. Pete to see how she is holding up during the widespread closures of our favorite local eateries. Tune in to hear how she's staying optimistic and busy during this uncertain time, and how you can help our community stay healthy and happy without risking your own well-being! To hear our previous, full-length episode with Chef Rachel, just look for "Food & Fitness with Chef Rachel Bennett" on your favorite podcast platform! And follow @FeedingTampaBay on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn to catch up on all the other awesome things we're doing in the community as well!

Mar 2020

11 min 13 sec

Crisis has hit Tampa Bay, our country and world. On this special edition our President and CEO, Thomas Mantz, joins us to explain how we're continuing to serve our community. Not only are children home from school, where some of them get most of their daily meals, but our elderly neighbors are at the highest risk of infection and many of them depend on programs like ours to bring them food. Tune in to learn about the services we're continuing to provide to those that need assistance, and what you can do to help your community hold together during this global trial. We are incredibly grateful to all of our staff and volunteers that have continued to show up every day, despite the personal risk, to carry on our mission of ensuring that no one in our 10-county region goes without a meal on their family's table. Be safe, everyone and please connect with us through any of our social platforms and let us know if we can help you or please go to to find groceries closest to you.

Mar 2020

34 min 24 sec

Watching someone succeed is inspiring and motivating for many, and Roberto Torres is the man to watch in Tampa Bay. An entrepreneur with a passion for giving his time, talent and treasure, Roberto has utilized his multiple growing businesses to improve the lives of those who need a lift. As a member of our board, he shares his talent as a businessman to help guide our mission along a successful path, and we couldn't be more grateful for his insights and his support.  Let us know what you think! Message Shannon on Facebook @FeedingTampaBay Follow Roberto on LinkedIn through his page Why Tampa Bay

Mar 2020

49 min 47 sec

Ernest Hooper was a reporter and columnist for the Tampa Bay Times for 27 years, he now sits at the communications helm for the American Cancer Society. “Hoop” is a name that still resonates as a staple in Tampa Bay, covering everything from food festivals to sports and everything in between. A master storyteller, Ernest captures the hearts and imaginations of his readers and listeners, and both Feeding Tampa Bay and Trinity Café have had the privilege to have him alongside us in our mission to fight hunger and address our neighbors with dignity and respect. You won’t want to miss a moment of this storyteller’s interview that includes a very meaningful family interaction with Barak Obama  – listen in, “that’s all we’re sayin’”. Let us know what you think! Message Shannon directly on any of our social profiles @FeedingTampaBay Follow Ernest on Twitter @hoop4you

Mar 2020

1 hr 16 min