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The Leadership Vision Podcast is about sharing our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of StrengthsFinder. Leadership Vision uses StrengthsFinder to work with people, teams, and culture. We believe that knowing your top 5 Strengths is only the beginning. A person's greatest potential lies in their ongoing exploration of talents. It is our objective to shape a culture that intentionally aligns people around a Strengths philosophy. We believe that ultimately it is on a team where people gain insight into others while sharpening their own Strengths potential, capacity, and influence.

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Our team discusses how our Strengths show up during the Holiday's and what we can learn about them in other situations.

Dec 6

23 min 26 sec

In this episode of the Leadership Vision Podcast,  Melissa Hiatt and Dr. Linda Schubring recap their experience and share their biggest takeaways from the Women & Power Conference.

Nov 29

34 min 37 sec

Be the FIRST to know when we launch our next training! CLICK HEREIn this episode, Nathan sits down with Leadership Vision’s executive assistant, Amy, to discuss her recent experiences in our Strengths Communicator Training. We discuss her personal and professional takeaways from the training and what she’s learned about herself and her loved ones. Tune in to learn how you can benefit from the Strengths Communicator Training and how to sign up for our next session this winter. Enjoy!

Nov 1

33 min 23 sec

Oct 11

21 min 29 sec

In this episode of the Leadership Vision Podcast, we take the idea of dominant domains to help us better understand the composition of team culture and how teams get work done.

Oct 4

21 min 18 sec

In this episode, we discuss the concept of the SFD. The SFD is a tool to utilize after something hard happens, when there's a difficult fall, or if something didn't go the way you thought it would. It allows us to analyze the stories we tell ourselves and to understand them better. 

Sep 20

21 min 3 sec

Melissa Hiatt and Nathan Freeburg talk about how to recognize when we’re telling ourselves stories that probably aren't true, how to correct them, and where to go from there. We will share a few examples from our own lives, and then give you a couple of tools to help you stay true in the moment in order to have better emotional health.

Sep 13

23 min 16 sec

Today on the podcast, Brian, Linda, and I kick around this idea and discuss the ways in which all of the work we do on ourselves often goes unseen by the majority of people, but we still need to do the work. For a variety of reasons we discuss, all of the time, money, and energy we put in are worth it in the long run.

Aug 30

13 min 53 sec

Today on the podcast, we will be talking about four things to consider when doing self-reflection. We invite you to consider your perspective of attitude, acceptance, alternative, and action each time you pause to reflect. These simple things can open our minds to different ways of reflecting to influence and change our perspectives. Enjoy!

Aug 9

17 min 37 sec

The way we understand how we navigate change is a multilayered process. It's always evolving and being informed by many other factors. It can be hard to unpack those various factors and layers when reflecting, growing, and improving the various instances of change we face regularly.And so, we've created a tool to establish consistency in reflecting on our various experiences of change. Today on the podcast, we walk you through our "Change Pyramid" tool, which will help guide you through a recent change experience and use that knowledge to navigate your next life change.The Change PyramidCHANGETRIGGER | RESPONSESAFETY | SIGNIFICANCE | SECURITYCLARITY | CERTAINTY | CONSISTENCY | CONNECTIONThere are more notes in the accompanying blog post if you want to see more definitions.

Aug 2

41 min 33 sec

We live in a world where we’re always navigating change on one level or another. As people, our capacity and the ability to navigate change vary from person to person. When facing change, our instinctive responses could be to run and hide or rise to the challenge. We may experience feelings of vulnerability, empowerment, isolation, or relational connection. When working to help clients successfully navigate change, we start by asking them to reflect on an experience from their lives when they have successfully navigated a change experience.In this episode of the Leadership Vision Podcast, we will be asking you that same question: “When have YOU successfully navigated change?”This is part of our multi-episode series walking through our team engagement process, simulating a client engagement for you while providing some tools and examples to help your team.Today our conversation around change will focus on personal stories of change. Specifically, a change all of us can relate to changing schools. No matter who we are, all of us have, at some level, navigated a change in schools at some point in our lives. Be that due to a physical house move, or moving from elementary, to middle, high school, and beyond. Why Focus on Changing Schools?Everyone has successfully navigated change at one point in their life. Changing schools is one experience that everyone can identify with.When working with clients, we really want to focus on the reality of what happens when we face change and to remind ourselves that we have, at one point, successfully navigated it. When we’re faced with a significant change event, it creates a neurological response where we perceive it as a threat. Be that physically, psychologically, or emotionally. This can shut us down and close us to the opportunity that this change can bring us. So when we think about a positive change we’ve already navigated, we can look at some of the triggers and responses differently. Brian, Linda, and I each share an experience of changing school. Brian shares a graduate school experience, Linda shares a college experience, and I share what it was like moving school in middle school.As you listen, think about your own story of change, then answer this prompt: what’s important to know about me in the change process is. Share your answer in the comments, social media, or with your friends, colleagues, or anyone who will listen.Next week, we will give you some very practical tools to help you understand your unique needs and capacities for successfully navigating change.

Jul 26

41 min 21 sec

Today in the leadership vision podcast, we are talking about conflict again, but unlike the last episode where it was more about the personal conflict styles of Brian, Linda, and myself today, we're going to give you some tools, some things that can help you navigate conflict in relationships, on your team, and honestly, really anywhere else.

Jul 12

36 min 32 sec

In this episode, we take a simple idea, attach it to a story, and ask you to reflect as it relates to your own leadership context. This leadership thought came to me on a morning run, and it has to do with stepping back and examining or re-examining, everything at your disposal when faced with a problem you can’t figure out. Enjoy!

Jul 5

4 min 55 sec

In this episode, we talk about conflict. Everyone has their own style of how they engage or disengage with conflict. In this episode, Brian, Linda, and I share a little bit about we navigate conflict, where our personal conflict styles come from, and how you can better understand your own conflict styles. Enjoy!

Jun 28

41 min 30 sec

In this episode, we share what teams have taught us about how they are building cultures where healthy communication patterns and preferences can take hold. We share some of our best takeaways, as well as some examples and ideas for how you might implement some of these best practices in your business, your organization, or even your family. Enjoy!

Jun 21

39 min 46 sec

In this episode, Melissa Hyatt, and I talk about courage and give you some tools to help you find a little courage of your own. We use five courage questions to help you think deeply and critically and lean into whatever challenges you’re facing. These versatile and helpful questions are designed to be used on a team with people you lead, with your family, or internally with yourself. Enjoy!

Jun 7

34 min 59 sec

In this episode, we take a moment to pause and reflect on the last year of pandemic life. What world are we entering into? What have we learned from this strange time? And can we pause long enough to figure out what we truly value so that we can go back to a world where our priorities are aligned with the things that we value most?Memorial Day 2020 Episode

May 31

4 min 53 sec

{NEW} 🎧In this episode of the Leadership Vision Podcast, Brian, Linda, and Nathan reflect on their communication patterns and preferences as leaders and give each other feedback to better understand how they actually communicate. They also model an activity you can do with your own team. Enjoy this episode and then try it for yourself!

May 24

36 min 9 sec

How does your team collaborate? We believe you never really know how a team collaborates until you understand each member as an individual collaborator. Sometimes, teams need greater alignment, agreement, or action to improve how the culture interacts with each other. In this episode of the Leadership Vision Podcast, we talk about what we’ve learned about collaboration in the context of who you are as a person, who you are on a team, and who you are within an organizational culture. We discuss our three-step process to help teams learn about their individual collaboration styles and how you and your team can become better collaborators together. LEARN MORE HERE!

May 17

25 min 3 sec

On this episode of the Leadership Vision Podcast, Brian, Linda, and Nathan reflect on some of their earliest memories of their collaborative experiences and talking about how these have helped shape and impact the way they each collaborate on teams today. 

May 10

33 min 29 sec

Have you ever had a moment to lead, and you were so excited with this opportunity that you stepped right into the situation, not looking to where you were stepping and soon realized you wished you would have waited?Leadership is an invitation for us to step in and do something for others that they cannot do for themselves. But before we respond, before we step in and lead, I would invite us to first step back, and ask ourselves: Would I benefit from asking someone for help and advice? Or, would I benefit from reflecting on my own experience and expertise?  Today on the Leadership Vision Podcast, we will share with you two ways leaders can step back and reflect before they step in and act. 

May 3

34 min 24 sec

In this episode of the Leadership Vision Podcast, Brain and Linda lead Nathan through a 1 to 1 conversation and share how to lean into your Strengths with self-awareness. They share three ways you can grow in your leadership skills through an intrapersonal process, an interpersonal process, and a process of improvisation. Enjoy!

Apr 26

36 min 29 sec

Today on the Leadership Vision Podcast we talk with our newest colleague, Amy Rollinger, who joined Leadership Vision in November of 2020. We are going to talk about how she decided to look for a new job, and how the first few months have been as she’s onboarded into our company. We think this will be helpful to people who are either looking to make a job switch of their own or a manager-type person who wants to change the way they bring new people into their organizations. Enjoy!CONTACT US

Apr 19

19 min 19 sec

In this episode, Linda and Nathan reflect on recent trips they took over spring break and how they saw their Strengths show up in different situations and experiences. This exercise in reflection is an example of what we often do with clients. We ask them to use a recent event or activity or any life situation and reflect on how they saw their Strengths show up. It's not only a way to better understand your Strengths or the Strengths of those around you, but it can also be a way to process all of life's experiences. Enjoy!

Apr 5

30 min 14 sec

Today on the show, we're talking about our next Strengths Communicator Training. We have a new cohort starting summer of 2021 and we would love for you to join us! In this episode, we discuss what this training is all about and how you will grow in your personal understanding of Strengths, and how that can be implemented into your work, family, or another context.Learn more here!

Mar 29

25 min 21 sec

Brian and Linda Schubring share a brief update about how Leadership Vision has been adapting to meet the needs of our clients during these changing times. They talk about the three areas of greatest adaptation: investments, modifications, and greatest learnings.We have learned to embrace the different opportunities to connect virtually and encourage you to do the same!

Mar 22

20 min 9 sec

In this episode, we talk about the importance of leaders who listen. We define what listening is, why it’s so difficult, why it’s so incredibly important, and then share a few observations we’ve made about the impact we can ALL have when we listen for and with our Strengths.


Mar 15

40 min 21 sec

In this episode, Brian and Nathan share an unscripted conversation about current life challenges and adaptation. We take one simple idea and run with it. In short, we talk about adaptation and wellbeing. We discuss some ideas about how to figure out what your business looks like, what your leadership looks like, what your family, relationships, and all kinds of other things look like as they relate to change and taking care of yourself. We also dive into a number of tips for managing adaptations whether they are permanent or temporary. Enjoy!

Mar 8

35 min 13 sec

There is one question we seem to get a lot as it relates to the top 5 StrengthsFinder Theme report: Is there such a thing as Strengths Balance? At Leadership Vision, we believe there is no such thing as ‘Strengths Balance’ or having the ‘right’ set of Strengths for a given job or leadership role. In this episode, we discuss our understanding of balance as it pertains to Strengths and how to shift the conversation from balanced or unbalanced to becoming the best version of you.

Mar 1

14 min 39 sec

In this episode of the Leadership Vision Podcast, we investigate how the language of Strengths can be used to understand how our moral convictions develop, evolve, and are expressed to other people. So what are we talking about? Our objective is to demonstrate how the language of Strengths informs our behaviors and how convictions influence and shape others. When our convictions begin to influence what's right and wrong, we're practicing and forming a morality. Moral convictions can be a double-edged sword in our relationships and the good work we want to do. We think this is a helpful topic for anyone in a position of influence.

Feb 22

42 min 12 sec

In this episode of the Leadership Vision Podcast, we discuss our process of executive coaching and what we’ve been learning over the past 18 months. We outline our executive coaching process, share some examples of how we’re integrating Strengths, and share a few takeaways you might be able to use with your team.

Feb 15

37 min 26 sec

Today on the Leadership Vision Podcast, we’re revisiting an older episode where we talked with Melissa Hiatt about her work helping people and organizations become emotionally healthy. We dive into the four keys to courageous leadership based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown: vulnerability, values, trust, and learning to rise.We hope there is something of value here as we all wrestle with becoming emotionally healthy during this challenging time.

Feb 8

38 min 49 sec

In this episode of the Leadership Vision Podcast, we dive into a conversation from back in 2017 about images. We discuss the power of images, the power of finding objects, and how you can use them to get to know your Strengths and the Strengths of other people a little bit more. We also share a very helpful and practical "show & tell" activity that we encourage you to try with your team. It works great for teams in the same room, or even virtually. Enjoy!LINKS:

Jan 25

16 min 31 sec

In this episode of the Leadership Vision Podcast, Nathan and Brian revisit the topic of embracing StrengthsFinder Theme names and focus on five N's: Name, Narrative, Needs, Notice, and Neuroscience. It helps explain why people have a disproportionately negative response to their theme names. 

Jan 11

18 min 7 sec

In this episode of the Leadership Vision Podcast, Nathan and Brian discuss the domains of Strength in-depth, describing what each of them means, how to use them in a team setting, and what to do if you have too many or not enough of a certain domain represented on your team.

Jan 4

31 min 15 sec

2020 has been challenging for all of us and it's easy to focus on the things that we're missing, or have gone wrong. But that's not helpful as it's important to remember that there has been a lot of good things too... or at least we hope there has.Our team here at Leadership Vision has experienced a whole lot of small positive things and we have a hunch that perhaps you may have some small positives as well.We'd love to hear what those things are! Send us a voice memo and as succinctly as you can share one small positive experience or a source of joy from 2020. We believe that positivity begets positivity and perhaps if we're intentional about sharing those stories we can all learn something from one another and begin the new year on a high note. We hope to air this episode sometime in early 2021.Email those stories here!We look forward to hearing what 2020 has been like for you!

Dec 2020

1 min 11 sec

We just finished a five-week series about our company and team values. We hope you learned a little bit more about us and about the importance of having values that guide your decision making and inform your behavior.We're taking a short holiday break from new episodes of the podcast but want to hear from YOU! Share your values with us, or ask us a question about how personal or team values may help guide your team.You can submit your questions by using the voice memo app on your phone, and then emailing the file to or simply send us an email question or comment. We'll be pulling these questions and comments into a broader episode about values implementation to be released sometime in late January. 

Dec 2020

5 min 7 sec

On this episode of the Leadership Vision Podcast, we explore our value of fun! We discuss the meaning of fun and why we believe having fun is so important for building strong teams. We share examples of how we cultivate fun on the Leadership Vision team, and how the value of fun shows up in experiences with our clientsAt the end of the episode, we share key takeaways for cultivating 'fun' and building emotional safety on your team.

Dec 2020

27 min 28 sec

On this episode of the Leadership Vision Podcast, we explore our value of TEAM. We discuss the meaning of team, why it's such a core value to us, what makes strong teams, and how the value of team shows up in our Strengths and in experiences with our clients, peers, and loved ones. We also share key takeaways to help you start exploring the importance of teams in your life.

Nov 2020

25 min 53 sec

On this episode of the Leadership Vision Podcast, our team members reflect on the things that we're most thankful for in 2020 and how those things are informing us going forward. Our themes of gratitude unsurprisingly revolve a lot around the pandemic and what all of us are thankful for in spite of the many, many things we've lost this year, both the trivial things and the profound. Thanksgiving allows us an opportunity to pause and reflect on our hectic and hurried lives, to think about the things we are most thankful for in life, and appreciate the ways our lives are blessed. Enjoy!

Nov 2020

19 min 18 sec