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We talk with Principal Curtis Slater about his upbringing and how it has helped him with empathy and motivating kids by positivity instead of pure punishments. And, positivity in a social media world while grappling with mental health issues in 1/3 of our population.

May 2019

23 min 38 sec

We talk with Craig McCalla of Anchor Elementary about being a kind person, being inclusive, and learning the names of your students.

May 2019

13 min 3 sec

We talk with Heather Burns.  Her story made news recently when the news broker she had to pay for her own substitute while on medical leave for cancer.

May 2019

10 min 29 sec

We talk with Principal Steve Verhoff about why removing the valedictorian slot from Tippecanoe High School was the right choice for his school.

May 2019

7 min 53 sec

Tyler Douthitt sits down and talks with Devin Jankowski of Swansea, IL.  Devin is the winner of this year's TFD Unlimited Award.  This award is given out each year to a local high school senior which shows excellence in entrepreneurship.  Devin has started a growing lumber delivery business.  We talk about his experience and future plans.

Jun 2019

7 min 13 sec

Tyler talks with Bryce Dunford, School Board President in Jordan, UT, about the Board's decision to use a Grant Pool to increase teacher pay.

Jun 2019

15 min 1 sec

Jul 2019

6 min 19 sec

Sep 2019

2 min 43 sec