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At Springwise our mission is to source, analyse and curate emerging innovations from around the globe. In every episode of The Source, we invite technology experts, entrepreneurs and business leaders to explore the real-life challenges and opportunities across sector and tech. Join the Springwise conversation and take away practical insights to grow your business, empower your team and reset your strategy.

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The latest Springwise podcast, in partnership with New West End Company, the leading business voice for London's West End, explores the future of retail through the consumer's lens. On this episode, James Bidwell, the owner of Springwise, is joined by Jace Tyrrell, Chief Executive of New West End Company and Oliver Wayman, cofounder of Bottletop, discuss the latest trends, challenges, and innovation opportunities for brick-and-mortar retailers to attract, retain and engage consumers in a disrupted market. We have seen many trends of disruption in the retail sector, but what do they actually mean, how easy are they to implement and what impact they might have? For more information: Download the brand new Springwise Innovation app — Subscribe to our weekly innovation newsletter —

Oct 2019

25 min 10 sec

Our first Springwise podcast focusing on immersive technology in partnership with Digital Catapult, UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre. In this episode, we invite an expert panel to explore opportunities and challenges in the immersive sector with an overview of the game changers driving the adoption of the technology in the UK and worldwide. Offering global insight from the Springwise database, our Managing Editor, Linda Ligios is joined by Digital Catapult’s Head of Technology, Immersive (VR/AR) Rebecca Gregory-Clarke, who helps to answer some of the tricky questions around the tech and explores how startups can scale and grow. We also hear first-hand advice from two startup founders in the sector - Janosch Amstutz (HoloMe) and Alexandre Kitching (Lume), talking about their journeys, challenges and future plans in AR and VR. The discussion is hosted by our Springspotter and contributor Camilla Royce. For more information download our report: Subscribe to our weekly newsletter:

Nov 2018

36 min 22 sec