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A podcast that will surely cheer up moms around the world. Real stories and genuine conversations with other moms about life, career, finances, relationships and family. New momshie guest every episode! Stay tuned!

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Once and for all, Victoria Dang will answer the question, “Are boobs going to be saggy after breastfeeding?”. Aside from telling you her personal experience about the topic, she will also share what she found out from her research about the factors that cause saggy breasts. She will also unveil the secrets on how to minimize or prevent your breasts from being saggy. So hop on to the conversation and make sure to say hello in the comment section below. Let’s stay connected: FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/gomomshie/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/gomomshie?utm_medium=copy_link https://instagram.com/momvictoriadang?utm_medium=copy_link Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/VictoriaDangOfficial

Nov 27

10 min 14 sec

Victoria Dang bravely touched on the topic of breastfeeding in public and the stigma surrounding it. In this podcast, she talked about how it feels to breastfeed your child in public while other people watch and judge you. She believes that normalizing breastfeeding is the way to go and hopes that by listening to this episode, people will understand and respect mothers who are breastfeeding in public. So, hop on and join the conversation now. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to send an email at gomomshie@gmail.com. Let's stay connected:   FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/gomomshie/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/gomomshie?utm_medium=copy_link  https://instagram.com/momvictoriadang?utm_medium=copy_link Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/VictoriaDangOfficial

Nov 20

10 min 21 sec

Season 2: All about Breastfeeding  Episode 1: Clogged Milk Ducts Victoria Dang, the host of the Go Momshie Podcast has decided to start a new season and talk about Breastfeeding. To start off, she talked about how to get rid of clogged milk ducts and how to prevent having them in the future. Take it from someone who experienced clogged milk ducts as many times as you can count sheep, like Victoria. So listen on and hop on to the conversation.

Nov 13

11 min 17 sec

Meet Jennifer Jones from Southampton. As a self-starting entrepreneur and a mom of a two-year-old boy, Jennifer has decided to share her story about styling and fashion while being a mom. She's a firm believer that making time for your self-care and feeling good in what you wear is so important.   Get her FREE Fashion video here:  https://jenniferjonesstyling.com/rediscover-you-videos  Schedule with her a FREE 30minutes Fashion consultation here: https://calendly.com/jenniferjonesstyling/discovery-call  Join her FB group here: MUMS WITH STYLE FREE FACEBOOK GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/477972262896637

Nov 6

31 min 37 sec

Meet Iva Perez from Singapore. She is a certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and a mom of two children.  She has decided to create a better world for women by acting as the catalyst for moms and mompreneurs to redefine their motherhood journey under their own terms while having fun. She talks about energy and flavors in this podcast and how to use them to help you prevent yelling at your kids, all the time. So hop on and enjoy our conversation.    Schedule your FREE Connection with Iva here: https://calendly.com/themomergymovement/30min

Oct 24

50 min 28 sec

Meet Helen, the leader of The Female Business Revolution. As a self-starting entrepreneur and a mom of a 27-year-old. Helen has decided to create a better world by helping moms to boost their bank balance with Intuition. Hop on and listen to our conversation!! Check her out here: linktr.ee/helenlouiseadams

Oct 9

17 min 51 sec

Meet Taina Pereenniemi from Finland. She is a business productivity coach from Finland, mother of two small children (0 and 2 yrs). She has previously built a corporate career in strategy and business development, helping large and global companies run their strategy and business processes effectively. Her first child inspired her to start my own company two years ago. Hop on and listen to our conversation! Get her FREE guide here: “6 Keys to Managing Your Time as a Parentpreneur” at https://www.tainapereenniemi.com/parentpreneur/

Sep 25

25 min 18 sec

Victoria Dang shared a topic in her book, Go Momshie (Motherhood, Keep it Real, Get it Done) on how to minimize MOM GUILT by INCLUDING YOURSELF. Hop on and listen to know more about mom guilt.   BUY YOUR BOOK HERE: www.victoriadang.com  SUBSCRIBE (it's free)

Sep 18

6 min 37 sec

Saying Goodbye to Endure Mindset is a subtopic of the Chapter 3 of the Go Momshie Book. It tackles some important reminders to new moms that having endure mindset might lead to dire consequences. Hop on, listen and watch to learn how to turn your mindset into proactive.   Grab yourself a copy of Go Momshie Book:  shopee.ph/vdbooks Amazon.com/GoMomshie   SUBSCRIBE (It's FREE)

Sep 4

4 min 39 sec

Are you into cosmetics? Do you plan to start a business connected with makeup or cosmetics? With the CEO/founder of CLEAN COSMETICS PH, we are making it happen and going behind the mompreneur scene. Marina Rimas believes that time is too precious not to follow your passion. So, she made it happen, and you can do it too. Watch or listen to our podcast and learn more tips and hacks on how you can start your cosmetic business.  Subscribe on my YT channel: https://youtu.be/DisHFmDQpXA You may reach Marina thru:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/766396667521433/

Aug 28

45 min 8 sec

Special Guest from Canada: Auntie Corina   In this podcast, we talked about some tips, strategies and hacks in order to build a positive approach towards motherhood while making a career or starting a business as a mom.    Believe me when I say that this podcast is worth listening to especially when you struggle to put your head together to simply answering an email because you feel unsure of what it is that needs to be done so your kids won't feel neglected. If you struggle to balance your career and your responsibilities as a mom, this podcast is for you.  Let's get real and talk about it. Don't forget to share and like.    About Auntie Corina:  A Parenting Support Coach, more affectionately known as Auntie Corina, I help overwhelmed, frustrated, stressed out  entrepreneurs learn to nurture the needs of their children to build strong, understanding, respectful and mutually beneficial relationships while building successful businesses from home, using  30 years of experience, education and success stories in my tool belt. I love seeing the transformation my clients have when they start to thrive right and their relationship with their children does too.  www.auntiecorina.ca FB page: @auntiecorinaparentcoach   Grab your Go Momshie Book NOW: https://www.amazon.com/Go-Momshie-Motherhood-Keep-Real/dp/1737389703/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=go%20momshie&qid=1626918177&sr=8-2&fbclid=IwAR38Q6_sk4rnS8lEN4-2KeewXtx5RY1Ckb4svLxHrb99jwOFIQEitMhVvP8

Jul 24

55 min 56 sec

For today’s episode, we celebrate single mothers who also play the role of being a father to their kids. They also deserve to be recognized and celebrated for their undying strength and love. So To all single moms out there pulling double duty, all hands down to you and Happy Father’s Day too!  I have invited an awesome momshie who shares a very inspiring story about her life and her secret in raising a grateful children while being a single momshie. Join us as we tackle and explore the world of a single mom!

Jun 26

46 min 23 sec

Sharing your duties and responsibilities with your husband or partner in life can definitely make your motherhood journey a little bit tolerable and more fun. In this podcast, Mr. & Mrs Camson talked about their wonderful experiences and their routine as first-time parents. Join us as we talk about teamwork in parenting and some useful tips to keep the love burning after having a baby.

Jun 24

54 min 26 sec

Coach Dee is a professional fitness coach and a mom who shared some useful tips and insights on how to handle body shaming and on how to stay fit as a mom. May this podcast serves as a fitspiration to all momshies out there! Just a disclaimer, each body is uniquely made and built to compliment our lifestyle. If you're a mom and you're struggling with body shaming, please know that you're beautiful and awesome whatever body shape you got! Listen to this podcast and you'll find some perspective that could ultimately modify the way you treat your awesome body!

May 23

58 min 45 sec

In this episode, I have invited my friend from Texas who's also a new mom like me. We talked about valuable experiences that taught us how to adjust and overcome first time moms' challenges as well as the joys that motherhood brought to our lives. Join us as we tackle more about the reality of motherhood for first time moms. 

May 8

36 min 37 sec