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Every day is a brand-new beginning for Lala Kent. Get to know the actress, singer, TV personality and entrepreneur, as she dives deep into relationships, sex, betrayal, mental health, personal life, and business. Lala’s top priority is to make her listeners feel heard, understood, and inspired. To give them honesty. Give them motivation. To Give Them Lala. 

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So much to be thankful for including this brand-new Give Them Lala pod! Lala is doing it solo, and shares some of the fun with assistant Jessica, and Jessica’s boyfriend, Kyle Lampi! Kyle is a fitness trainer and nutritionist and offers plenty of tips on how to eat your way through Thanksgiving and NOT pay for it later or feel guilty about it! They also talk love languages, the importance of quality time, and runaway shower heads! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Nov 24

50 min 53 sec

Introducing... Give Them Lala! It's Lala Kent's brand-new podcast, and it's loaded with fabulous guests, frank talk, laughs, and lots of tea! Plus, Lala wants to hear from you! So reach out directly at 1-866-LALA-POD! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Nov 22

1 min 10 sec

Sam Asghari just finished shooting his very first movie, “Hot Seat!” He talks about working with and learning from Mel Gibson, his love of action movies, stunt training, and his passion for drama and theater. Sam also shares his meet cute with Britney Spears, stories from their first date, thoughts on their wedding, and his hopes for their future! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Nov 17

33 min 22 sec

Lala’s assistant, Jessica, has lots and lots of questions about all things pregnancy and childbirth for Lala and her mom, Lisa! And these two do not hold anything back! They cover everything from morning sickness and puking to catheters and enemas to placenta and mucus plugs! They also get real about post-partum depression, post-baby bodies, adult diapers, the healing process down below, and sex after baby! Hear their takes on breastfeeding, formula, colicky babies, and cravings! Plus, Lala shares some thoughts on the most recent #PumpRules episode! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Nov 10

1 hr

Brittany went all out for Halloween! Hear what inspired her unique family themed costumes, and how she got baby Cruz to wear that adorable mustache! She also talks Jax’s mad daddy skills, being the parent that builds all the stuff, post-partem issues, breast feeding, and having a second baby. Lala & Brittany also discuss baby milestones, post-baby bodies, and mom-shaming. Plus, Lala gets real about staying strong in sobriety during this trying time in her life!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Nov 3

42 min 42 sec

Jesse Metcalfe returns with stories about his acting start in soaps, his love of “Basketball Diaries,” his role on “Desperate Housewives,” his great hair, and his new movie with Bruce Willis called, “Fortress.” Plus, Lala reveals the big acting tip she picked up from Jesse!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Oct 27

29 min 4 sec

Jodie Sweetin worked at a drug treatment facility between “Full House” and “Fuller House,” and recounts how her own battle with addiction led her down the path to helping others. She details her story as a rebellious teen struggling with fame and “normal life” all under the watchful eye of the media, and how that led to her issues with drugs and alcohol. Jodie also talks about the “Fuller House” reunion, and what that was like to reunite with a cast that’s stayed friends for 35 years. She shares stories from the set, and especially the bittersweet, last day of filming for “Fuller House’s” final season.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Oct 20

49 min 21 sec

Randall’s filming in Alabama so Katie Maloney steps up to co-host the pod with Lala, and you know what that means… they’re talking all things Vanderpump Rules, including their recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen”! They dish on the cast’s trip to Palm Springs, James & Raquel’s touching convo, and why they call this week’s episode “the calm before the storm.” They also discuss the “reality” of reality TV, why it’s so addicting, and how they handle the loss of anonymity. Plus, Lala answers fan questions submitted on Instagram and tik tok including her glam looks, beauty secrets, thoughts on her current #PumpRules cast members, and her biggest regret from season 4 of the show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Oct 13

55 min 43 sec

The Dad Pod is back and this time new daddy, Brock Davies, joins Randall and Beau Clark to talk about the joy of fatherhood! Brock talks about life with fiancée, Scheana Shay and baby Summer and what it’s been like dealing with in-laws, and baby toys. Beau has stories about baby-proofing the house as Hartford learns to walk, and navigating personal time amidst the baby chaos, and Randall weighs in on diaper-changing lessons and Ocean’s morning smiles! They also talk date nights, post-pregnancy sex, and the importance of having a strong partner relationship with their significant others. Plus, Jax Taylor makes a cameo appearance via phone to talk egg crates, sock drawers, and tent camping, and how it all relates to babies and fatherhood.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Oct 6

1 hr 8 min

Vanderpump Rules is back after a two-year pandemic-forced break, and Lala’s spilling the tea! She’s dishing about her on-screen moments with Scheana Shay, Raquel Lewis, and Ariana Madix, and what it was like to film without her usual crew. Plus, the Howard Stern of psychics, Chris Medina, reads for Lala, Randall, and Ocean (after setting a few ground rules), and reveals the origin of his psychic ability, the difference between a medium and a psychic, and the only time someone’s ever been able to read him.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Sep 29

54 min 34 sec

“Shahs of Sunset” star Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi knows a thing or two about fierce, independent women! She gets real about love and marriage, polyamory, dating, and doing motherhood solo! She has tales about her IVF process and experience, giving birth during COVID, mothering Elijah, and mom-shaming. And she speaks candidly about her drug issues, rehab, and living with an autoimmune disease. Plus, Lala reveals her new tattoo in celebration of daughter, Ocean, and recounts her trip home to Salt Lake City to introduce Ocean to her Salt Lake crew. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Sep 22

1 hr 4 min

Listen to a clip of The Just Enough Family, the story of the rise and fall of the Steinbergs—who were once one of the richest families in America—through the eyes of its most charismatic member, the fashion designer Liz Lange. Liz is the niece of the infamous corporate raider Saul Steinberg, who amassed a fortune before he was thirty, and brought his entire tight-knit Jewish family along for the ride.  Profound intimacy, over-the-top parties, staggering success, unexpected loss and shocking betrayals are woven together into a high-profile family-therapy session. The conversations the Steinbergs have with Ariel are startlingly frank and revealing, and will leave you dying to find out what happens next. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Sep 21

9 min 8 sec

“Million Dollar Listing’s” Josh Flagg spills the tea on everyone from RHONY’s Sonja Morgan to Candy and Tori Spelling to Fredrik Eklund! He talks about his start in LA real estate, the first property he ever sold, and his YouTube channel and celeb interview show. Plus, Lala dishes on RHOSLC’s Jen Shah! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Sep 15

48 min 27 sec

Lala celebrated her birthday in Miami with Randall, Ocean, the gusbands (Logan and Leo), and Jax and Brittany! She and Randall share highlights from the bash, and celebrate two big milestones for Ocean – first plane ride and first time in the ocean! Plus, Randall and Lala welcome their respective assistants to play a game of “How Well Do You Know Your Boss!” And you’ll hear the results of Lala’s impromptu Instagram poll! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Sep 8

54 min 15 sec

Randall and Lala have some stuff to get off their chests about parenting and body confidence. They also share Ocean’s recent milestones, and details about their upcoming trip to Miami to celebrate Lala’s 31st. Plus, another big pod announcement, and some answers to your burning voicemail questions! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Sep 1

35 min 32 sec

Lauryn and Michael Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential share their love story which started back in junior high! They talk about their initial connection, breakup, and what brought them back together. They reveal some of the secrets that make their marriage work, how they balance career and parenting, and the importance of intellectual stimulation. They also detail the start and growth of Lauryn’s The Skinny Confidential lifestyle blog, and how they grew that into an enormously successful multi-media company. Plus, Lauryn shares some beauty tips, and the foursome swap stories about tantrums, trolls, and legal names. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Aug 25

42 min 45 sec

Nicole Rose competed on “The Big Shot with Bethenny,” Bethenny Frankel’s new HBOMax reality show, and while she didn’t win the coveted second-in-command spot at Bethenny’s company, she did learn a lot about herself and entrepreneurship! Nicole dishes on her experience filming with Bethenny (including her meltdown at the fashion shoot), and how it’s impacted her own career decisions since. She also talks about her DJ career, the power of manifesting, role models and mentoring, and how her dad shaped and influenced her life philosophy. Plus, Randall and Lala answer more of your voicemails including questions about their wedding plans and upcoming live podcast tour!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Aug 18

1 hr 3 min

Randall shot the main titles for Vanderpump Rules with Lala for the first time, and shares his thoughts about the day. BravoCon 2021 has officially been cancelled in the interest of safety! Ocean gets her first boo boo! And Mike Burns, Randall’s childhood friend and the director of Lala’s movie “Out of Death,” joins to tell stories about directing a pregnant Lala, growing up with Randall, and his favorite parts of making movies. Plus, Lala and Randall answer your voicemails about Lala’s sobriety, relationships, and learning to fight. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Aug 11

58 min 2 sec

Katherine Power is a rock star entrepreneur, and co-founder and CEO of multiple companies including WhoWhatWear, JoyLab, MERIT Beauty, and Versed. She’s the co-founder of clean wine company, Avaline, with her close friend and business partner, actress Cameron Diaz. And in between running and building successful brands, she’s also mom to her four-year-old son, and cheerleader to her entrepreneur husband! Katherine shares her incredible and inspiring story that started in dance and wound its way through Hollywood and the nightclub industry, and Elle Magazine as the West Coast Editor. She speaks to taking risks, following your dreams, balancing motherhood and career, and learning to say no. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Aug 4

58 min 43 sec

Huge announcement about the upcoming “Give Them Lala… with Randall” live tour in the form of another special guest reveal! And then it’s storytelling with Randall and Lala as they share details from the big “Midnight In The Switchgrass” movie premiere, Randall’s surfing experience, Ocean’s latest milestones, and tidbits from the set of Vanderpump Rules. Plus, Lala gets real about balancing motherhood and career, and dealing with mom shamers online. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Jul 28

57 min 39 sec

This is it! THE LAST time that Nik is going to talk about his soon-to-be ex-wife, Shayne Lamas, and the circumstances surrounding their bitter divorce. It’s a therapy session that bares all the dirty details about the spectacular and shocking end of his 11-year marriage, and how Nik plans to start the healing process so he can move forward to a brighter future. He addresses the drama that’s played out on social media, his ex’s accusations that he’s a narcissist, how he feels about her new relationship, and some of his biggest regrets in life. He also speaks to his new “Celeb” app and business venture, the new “Girl Dad” podcast he does with his daughter, and the new reality series he’s in the middle of filming. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Jul 21

1 hr 5 min

Sistine and Sophia Stallone have plenty to say about their father, Sly, what makes him the perfect girl dad, and why they don’t actually call him “dad.” Sly’s the one who came up with the name of the girls’ podcast, “Unwaxed,” and they share a hilarious story about his listening experience. The sisters also talk serial quarantine zoom dating, bad dates, and dating apps. And you’ll hear how they celebrated their dad’s 75th birthday. Plus, Sistine explains how she went from being painfully shy as a child to auditioning and landing a big role in Randall’s upcoming movie, “Midnight In The Switchgrass.” She also reveals how her dad found out about her acting gig, and who in her family is best at assisting her with auditions and running lines. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Jul 14

50 min 16 sec

Drum roll please! Lala & Randall announce some very special VIP guests who will be joining them this Fall on the Give Them Lala Tour! And they demonstrate how EASY it’s going to be for you to win some dope prizes if you hit up one of the live shows! Plus, the new season of #PumpRules is almost done filming, and Lala’s spilling tea about what it was like to shoot without her BFFs, how she shed the stress of the day before coming home to Ocean, and what you can expect when the show returns later this year! And speaking of returning, GTL voicemails are back! You called 1-866 LALA POD, and Rand & Lala answered! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Jul 7

41 min 53 sec

“Queerified” podcast host, Gigi Gorgeous, and her husband, Nats Getty, celebrate Pride! They dish on mastering the Gram, their incredibly romantic love story, and expanding their family! Nats also speaks candidly about his transition, top surgery, the responsibility of living loud and proud, and the personal significance of this year’s Pride! Plus, extensions versus wigs, Strike Oil inspiration, closet contents, and leveling the p*ssy up! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Jun 30

1 hr 2 min

Comedian and “Juicy Scoop” podcast host, Heather McDonald, brings the laughs with some hilarious stories about fan encounters, airplane food, the start of her stand-up career and worst stage moments, and her time on Chelsea Lately. She also shares thoughts on “The Hustler and the Housewife,” and explains how and why she got involved in the documentary. Plus, HUGE NEWS! Give Them Lala is going on tour, and tickets go on sale this Friday, June 25th at 10am Pacific at  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Jun 23

1 hr 17 min

Lala celebrates Pride with her gusbands, Logan Noh and Leo DeMarsh, and of course that includes some serious Real Housewives talk too! They break down the new Hulu doc, “The Housewife and the Hustler,” dish on Kathy Hilton, comment on RHONY, and share their favorite Housewives taglines! Plus, they answer your questions including fav drag queens, dealing with haters, life changes since the arrival of Baby O, and fashion! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 16

42 min 49 sec

Katie Maloney is looking chic AF on the new season of #PumpRules! She shares what’s inspiring her style, and what it’s been like to film again with the whole crew! She talks pandemic cozy clothes, staying home, the launch of her podcast, “You’re Gonna Love Me,” and being thankful for TomTom’s reopening. Plus, it’s Katie versus Lala in Randall’s best-ever Vanderpump Trivia Contest!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 2

47 min 7 sec

Take a trip inside the delivery room for Brittany Cartwright’s 30-hour labor and the birth of Cruz Michael Cauchi, including the epidural, the long road to full dilation, the pushing, and the cameras. Jax Taylor and Brittany also recount their drive home from the hospital, and their first day at home with baby Cruz. Plus, Lala’s reaction to Brittany’s birth video, boob cults, Jax’s mad multi-tasking skills, Randall’s ultimate Baby Trivia Quiz, and what life looks like post #PumpRules for Jax & Brittany. And…two HUGE announcements from Lala!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

May 26

50 min 32 sec

Quavo is in the house, and talks about his influences, collab’ing with Justin Bieber and Jay-Z & Beyonce, creating with family, making movies with Randall, and the meaning of “grouped out.” And it’s the return of BravoCon this Fall in New York City, and Randall remembers his first-ever experience with the #PumpRules fans! Plus, congrats to James Kennedy & Raquel Leviss on their engagement! Lala and Rand were there and spill the tea on the magical night, and they give an update on their own rescheduled wedding plans (and is that a wedding band on Rand’s finger?). And Baby O rules the roost but not the swimming pool! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

May 19

43 min 41 sec

Vanderpump Rules season 9 is officially back filming and it’s a whole new world, vibe, and cast! There’s also a whole new vibe at Lala and Randall’s house with the arrival of baby Ocean. And Lala’s book, “Give Them Lala,” is finally out, and headed for the New York Times Best Seller’s list! Plus, discussion about proper etiquette for ending phone calls, Randall’s got a whole new “Would You Rather” game for Lala and Producer Tim, and the debate continues – you can be overwhelmed and underwhelmed, but can you just be whelmed? Weigh in! Lala and Randall want to hear from you: 866-LALA-POD Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

May 12

37 min 21 sec

Welcome to the world, Ocean Kent Emmett! And in honor of your eagerly-anticipated arrival, your proud parents are telling the story of your amazing birth! It’s an emotional episode filled with love and details about the last days of your mom’s pregnancy, the special gift she created for you before your grand entrance, the trip to the hospital, and the moment you were placed in your mother’s arms. Your parents share some of their favorite moments from this incredible journey, and what they hope for you and your future!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

May 5

54 min 29 sec

It’s the last episode of 2020, and Lala and Randall are ending this mostly-terrible year with a huge cash giveaway (check Lala’s Instagram), a baby update, and a big announcement for 2021!  They talk the latest on #PumpRules, Jax and Brittany, and share some of their favorite podcast moments and guests. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Dec 2020

38 min 25 sec

Randall and Lala will be back next week with a special episode to wrap up the year!  See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Dec 2020

36 sec

Jesse Metcalfe is the surprise guest and shares some very surprising details about his experience on “Dancing With The Stars”! He also talks quarantine hobbies and Friends-giving with Randall and Lala! And the new assistant explains what happened when he took Lala's car to the car wash! Plus, it’s Trivia Tuesday and it’s Lala vs Producer Alex in a test of their Serial Killer knowledge!  See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Dec 2020

42 min 26 sec

The dads return with a hilarious update on the road to baby!  Jax Taylor and Beau Clark join Randall to speak candidly about handling their partners’ fluctuating hormones and emotional states, navigating intimacy and sex during pregnancy, and the art of complimenting baby mamas!  They also discuss the state of their respective nurseries (including details about Stassi & Beau’s Harry Potter theme), night nurses, ear piercing, first dad & baby activities (egg crate camping trip, anyone?), dealing with internet trolls, and whether their babies will be on social media. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Nov 2020

1 hr 2 min

Lala and Randall are podcasting together, and have stories from their location in Puerto Rico, where Lala is shooting a movie!!  They share a baby update, reveal some name stories, and answer a few fan questions, including whether the birth of Baby Girl Emmett will be featured on “Vanderpump Rules” (should the show resume filming soon). See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Nov 2020

41 min 40 sec

It’s the girls turn, and first things first, Brittany Cartwright responds to Stassi and Lala’s daughters not being able to date her & Jax Taylor’s son!  The gals get real about pregnancy symptoms and morning sickness, conception stories, and the reality of a #PumpRules pregnancy pact. They speak to their biggest fears about childbirth, motherhood, and what they’re especially loving about their baby daddies during this time! They also put internet trolls on notice, and share plans for the future! See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Nov 2020

54 min 34 sec

It's Election Day! Please vote!  And Lala & Randall will see here next week for a brand new episode with the Baby Mamas - Lala, Stassi, and Brittany. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Nov 2020

47 sec

Randall, Jax Taylor, and Beau Clark - The Baby Daddys - take over the show with hilarious stories about their respective pregnancy reveals and surprises, dealing with the first trimester changes, and preparing for baby. They also quiz each other on who will be strictest, who will be allowed to date Jax’s son, and which Vanderpump Rules castmembers will make the best (and worst) babysitters. There are stories on parenting styles, biggest worries and fears, open door policies, extra-curricular activities, filming the birth, and fashion dos & don’ts. And yes, the gals will be rebutting next week! See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Oct 2020

58 min 25 sec

Braunwyn Windham-Burke from the Real Housewives of Orange County gets real about her sobriety, and how much life has changed in the 9 months since she got sober. She talks about the effect her drinking had on her marriage, her children, and what finally made her ask for help. She also shares her detox story, coming clean on TV, and dealing with cameras along her journey. Plus, Beau Clark is the surprise guest, and regales everyone with Halloween tales, music, and an oh-so-creepy laugh! See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Oct 2020

40 min 56 sec

Three-time Oscar nominated producer Emma Tillinger Koskoff is the surprise guest, and shares what it was like to have two “Best Picture” nominations last year (for “The Irishman” and “Joker”), and why it’s the cast of #PumpRules that gets her so starstruck! Plus, Randall’s mom checks in from Miami, and Lala has a baby update, talks bump shaming, and answers more of your voicemails! And if you have something to share with Lala and Rand, call them! 1-866-LALA-POD See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Oct 2020

42 min 54 sec

Lala’s gusbands, Logan and Leo, grab the mic and bring the party to the podcast complete with leap frogs, Beyonce moves, and dancing for dollars! Hear the stories from the foursome’s recent Palm Springs vacay, Lala’s first intro to Logan and Leo, their wild Disneyland adventure, and who is going to be in charge of Baby Girl Emmett when the daytime adventure trio expands to four! Plus, Lala gets real about pregnancy hormones and acne, epidurals and sobriety, the sale of her childhood home, and Scheana Shay. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Oct 2020

49 min 23 sec

There was another Vanderpump Rules gender reveal over the weekend, and it looks like Lala’s baby-girl-to-be may already have her future first boyfriend! Brittany and Jax are having a boy, and due 8 days after Lala and Randall! Hear the details from the party, and how the other mom-to-be (and surprise guest) feels about being a Boy Mom!  Plus, Lala and Randall talk to a family member who’s taken to wearing hazmat suits to travel, dish on Teddi Mellencamp’s departure from RHOBH, and reveal the winner of the big $1,000 IG contest! See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Sep 2020

41 min 34 sec

As if there weren’t enough surprises over the weekend, there are two more in this episode, and both are phone calls with a couple of special guests (one of whom has some exciting news of their own to announce). Lala and Randall also recount the big gender reveal, how it went down behind-the-scenes, Lala’s initial reaction, and why everyone but Lala seemed to know she was having a girl! They answer some voicemails, listen to the stories shared about fans’ pregnancy experiences, and reveal the details about the $1,000 instagram contest that Randall’s running this week! See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Sep 2020

40 min 51 sec

It’s gonna be a huge weekend for Lala & Randall!  The big gender reveal of Baby Emmett is happening in Santa Barbara on Saturday, and Lala’s sharing all the juicy details! She and Rand are also voting on some names (and you’re invited to weigh in), and giving an update on everything baby. Plus, Lala’s spillin’ the tea on Denise Richards' exit from RHOBH and speculating on a new season of Vanderpump Rules! See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Sep 2020

30 min 51 sec

“Orange Is The New Black” star Jackie Cruz got married during COVID19 lockdown! She spills the tea on the intimate ceremony that took place in a very special location in Mexico! She dishes on her hubby’s incredibly romantic gesture, their original vows, and celebrating with a handful of close friends and family. Jackie also talks about her acting start, waiting tables at Sur, pursuing music in her 20s, her Dominican roots, and finding her way back to acting. Plus, Lala & Randall have a baby update! See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Sep 2020

45 min 18 sec

Lala and Randall have some very big news to share with the world and Lisa Vanderpump! Hear what Lisa has to say about the surprise announcement, and the advice she gives Lala. Lisa also dishes on her upcoming new podcast, her new TV show, "Vanderpump Dogs," what she's been doing during the pandemic, and when she hopes to reopen her restaurants. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Sep 2020

54 min 19 sec

Gizelle Bryant from the “Real Housewives of the Potomac” is telling it like it is when it comes to show drama, the real-life friendships of the cast, and how they got started on Bravo. She’s also detailing her love story with ex-hubby, Jamal Bryant, with whom she’s reconciled and plans to grow old! She shares what that’s been like for her personally, for them as a couple, and for her three daughters as a family. Plus, Lala & Randall talk wedding plans, and shout out Jessica Simpson for her sobriety! See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Aug 2020

48 min 3 sec

Teddi Mellencamp is a working mom who runs her own successful business while also starring on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”  She shares her secrets to living a happy, healthy balanced life! Teddi also chronicles her fitness and nutrition journey, reveals the results of the love language test she took with her husband, and explains what life was like growing up with dad, singer John Mellencamp. Plus, Randall and Lala have some funny stories from the recent Lake Mead houseboat vacay they took with Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright, and some of their other #PumpRules friends, and Lala sets the record straight about designer Michael Costello. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Aug 2020

37 min 29 sec

Sylvester Stallone shares some great stories about the “Rocky” movie franchise, and explains what inspired him to create the character and write the screenplay himself. He reveals the battle he fought to land the role, the moment he knew he had a hit on his hands, and what the late, great Frank Sinatra said to him after the “Rocky” premiere. Sly also talks “Rambo,” believing in yourself, following your dreams, and why his daughter, Sistine’s, appearance in Randall’s upcoming movie, “Midnight In The Switchgrass,” was such a surprise to him! See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Aug 2020

39 min 42 sec