Rethinking Retirement with Marvin Mitchell

Marvin Mitchell

Lost in the wilderness without a compass or a map… That’s how a lot of people feel as they approach retirement. Which direction do you go? What tools will you need? How can you find your way?

Welcome to the Rethinking Retirement Podcast with Marvin Mitchell, founder of Compass Retirement Solutions in St. Louis, Missouri. Marvin has dedicated his career to helping retirees and pre-retirees find their way through the financial wilderness.

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What kind of documents do you need prepared when it comes to estate planning? Is your estate set up in a way that makes sense for you? Find out what you should do from attorney Rudy Beck.   Read more and get additional financial resources here:   What we discuss on this episode:  0:49 - Introducing our special guest: Rudy Beck. 1:58 - What are the two most important documents to prepare? 5:59 - How can you avoid probate? 8:24 - How can a living trust be designed? 12:39 - How can you protect funds from a bad marriage? 13:55 - What benefits could veterans have available to them? 17:06 - What’s it like working with Rudy and his team?

Jan 21

23 min 20 sec

Too often, people will have more risk in their portfolio than they realize, and that can be a real problem. Today Marvin will tell you how to determine how much risk is appropriate for you, share an example of what can happen if you don’t plan properly, and explain the rule of 100.   Read more and get additional financial resources here:    What we discuss on this show: 1:30 – Background on this income conversation 3:06 – Should I reduce my risk? 3:59 – Client example of appropriate risk 6:06 – How much risk are you comfortable with? 7:54 – Rule of 100 9:05 – Get a stress test

Dec 2020

12 min 4 sec

On the first episode of Rethinking Retirement with Marvin Mitchell, Marvin will introduce you to the new podcast, tell you a little about his firm, and explore one of the central retirement planning questions about where you'll get your income. Show Notes & Resources: Timestamps: 1:00 - Who is Marvin Mitchell? 2:26 - Most people are not able to retire before age 65. 4:35 - Why did we start this podcast? 5:12 - Where will my income come from? 7:38 - Get clarity on how much you spend in retirement. 9:27 - You need to have a spending plan. Contact: 314.373.1598

Nov 2020

11 min 34 sec