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Our mission: • To stimulate lifelong learning and the appreciation of arts among parents • To promote a creative and happier parenting style through living with arts • To support local mother artists and mumpreneur businesses

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If you are like me, living near to the neighbourhood of Jurong East, you probably have encountered their beautifully articulated classroom located at the Jurong Regional Library. Art and mumpreneur Lynn Teo seeks her purpose in educating and nurturing the minds lives of young children. ‘In my experiences, I have witnessed my students change and progress through each lesson.’ Together with her husband Nick, the family wants to turn Muzart into a household brand in Singapore that advocates the important of art education in a child’s growing up year.Being a mum is hard, a mum of two is harder, a mum of two cum a founder to a regional business with over 12 art enrichment centres towards over 5000 students are hard to imagine. How did she start and what are some of the challenging periods she experienced along her journey? What are the lessons we can take away from the growth of an art education business?Carry these questions with you and tune into this episode of Mama on Palette Podcast.

Nov 30

21 min 37 sec

Richa was born and bought up in India, and have been living in Singapore happily with her little one in the past three and a half years.A dentist by education, she took the leap of faith to follow her passion and became a full time watercolor artist, educator and eBook author. ‘Entering the world of art makes me complete,’ Richa admitted. Now she’s on a mission to help hobbyist to paint like a pro and follow their dreams and live life to the fullest!Listen to this episode to know more about Richa’s story to switch from being a dentist to an artist, and what makes her to carry on with her dream.

Nov 30

18 min 22 sec

Are you a fan of ‘Sex and the City’? If the answer is yes, you will be familiar with this quote, ‘The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.’No matter how much we wouldn’t want to admit, sex is often a taboo topic in the Asian environment we live in, let alone talking openly about female’s own sexual happiness. We are very proud of mama Jingjin, a mother of one and the CEO of FemTech platform ZaZaZu, who took a leap of faith to build the first sexual wellbeing hub in ASEAN. Her community synchronizes education, consultation and curation of products to empower women to own their sexual wellbeing. Jingjin admits that art is an important element that bonds her and her partner. ‘We go for art flow activities twice a month. It truly helps with mental rest and tightens our relationship!’ Curious to know more?Tune into this episode of Mama on Palette podcast as we dialogued with Jingjin on her entrepreneurial journey as well as creative ways of bonding with her partner.Visit our website and social media channels to join over 500 mothers to live a happier parenting life with art!Website: https://www.mamaonpalette.comInstagram: group:

Oct 5

32 min 39 sec

Mama Rebecca was a social worker turned art instructor. She conducts process art workshops and create resources to inspire individuals and families to make art a part of their home and lifestyle, which is just in sync with Mama on Palette's motto ‘make arts happen in mamas’ lives’. Not only that, but both of us also believe in the power of art healing, as we tap onto art creation to fight against postnatal depression and miscarriage blues respectively. In this very first Mama on Palette Podcast, we are bringing real mummies’ dialogues to a new level. Watch on as we talk about all things about art, motherhood, and mental wellness. Visit our website and social media channels to join over 500 mothers to live a happier parenting life with art! Website: Instagram: Facebook: Facebook group:

Sep 1

19 min 57 sec