Developer Dialogue

By Jean Marciniak

A Podcast Devoted to Discussing Games with their Developers. This unique show allows gamers to attend LIVE interviews with their favorite developers and ask the questions they always wanted answered.Visit our Website to see who we’re having on the show next and how you can participate.

  1. 1.
    17: Second Front - The Beginning Of A New Wargaming Series Featuring Jo Bader
  2. 2.
    Changes For A Brighter Future
  3. 3.
    16: WarPlan Pacific - The Perfect Hybrid Between Casual & Grognard Gaming Feat Alvaro Sousa
  4. 4.
    15: Star Trek Birth Of The Federation - The Game That Stood The Test of Time with Wella Lasola & Bill Chinn
  5. 5.
    14: Suzerain A Political Roleplaying Game Feat. Ata Sergey Nowak
  6. 6.
    13: A Game Changing Experience In Decisive Campaigns Ardennes Offensive Feat Victor Reijkersz
  7. 7.
    12. Run Your Own Space Agency in Mars Horizons Feat. Dr. Tomas Rawlings
  8. 8.
    11. From Silent Hunter to Close Quarter Combat in Doorkickers Feat. Dan Dimitrescu

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