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Lucien Engelen

Conversations about innovation, technology and (upcoming) change in health. A podcast by Lucien Engelen: Guiding toward a soft landing in the future of health(care). CEO Transform, Health, Edge Fellow Deloitte Center for the Edge; Global Strategist Digital Health, Faculty Exponential Medicine; Singularity University USA and NL. (You can also find a Dutch version of this podcast : Toekomstige Zorg)

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Tjeerd Bosklopper was appointed CEO Netherlands Non-life, Banking & Technology on 1 June 2020. In this role, Tjeerd is responsible for the Dutch Non-life, Banking business segments, and Customer & Commerce. He also remains responsible for innovation, digital transformation, and IT in the Netherlands.#virtualcoffee: Dialogues about the Future of Health including innovation, the new era of digital-first, physical next, and reflections from outside of healthcare. Brief conversations, as if it were in a barista-café, always realistic but with a positive outlook. There are enough pessimistic channels out there already.I’m your host, my name is Lucien Engelen: Assisting organizations, corporates, and governments worldwide to make a soft landing into the future. 40 years of healthcare experience: in Ambulance-services, dispatch centers, University Medical Center, and Singularity University. All mainly on the innovation intersection of technology and patient empowerment. As a global keynote speaker and as an Edge fellow for Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, I support healthcare organizations, governments, corporates, and healthcare professionals in my role as a Global Strategist Digital Health, next to being faculty at SingularityU's Exponential Medicine. I started during the COVID pandemic, checking in with friends, colleagues, and experts about topics that matter to them, and to me.Distributed through Linkedin Live, Youtube, and Facebook with video and through Spotify, Apple podcast and other audio platforms or via my website www.transform.health https://lucienengelen.com/category/podcast/virtual-coffee/ 

Jun 2020

25 min 16 sec

I had a great #virtualcoffee with Jarno Duursma, who wanted to interview me for his podcast. We combined our mission to share knowledge and did a podcast and a #virtualcoffee on Linkedin LIVE into one session.

Jun 2020

35 min 44 sec

#VirtualCoffee with Dominique van Seggelen and Randy Jagt about oppertunities on the intersection of the Future of Food and the Future of Health

May 2020

18 min 54 sec

Audio version Virtual Coffee with Dave de Bronkhart aka ePatientDave

Apr 2020

19 min 45 sec

Virtual Coffee with Daniel Kraft about the impact of COVID-19 on innovation in healthcare and beyond. Video of this LinkedIn LIVE session on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obzmr5blbp4&t=13s

Apr 2020

16 min 20 sec

Exploring the issue of fighting both cyber and biological viruses: what are the points of connection and similarities?Sir Rob Wainwright and Lucien EngelenIn this episode, we talk about how responsible businesses can think through rare or unusual incidents in the healthcare space by drawing analogies. Are there similarities in the challenges faced in healthcare on the one hand, and in cybersecurity on the other?Our host, Sir Rob Wainwright, has decades of experience dealing with international global cyberattacks as the former head of Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency. He led the establishment of the European Cybercrime Centre, which has become the focal point for all major cybercrime investigations across Europe. Our guest is Lucien Engelen. He brings years of insightful experience in healthcare. He advised the Board of Directors at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, he’s lead some of Singularity University’s initiatives on innovation in healthcare & medicine, Edge Fellow for the Deloitte Centre for the Edge. And has published the book “Augmented Health(care): the end of the Beginning”.  "Social distancing is similar to network isolation techniques in the cyber world". Lucien Engelen —

Apr 2020

22 min 3 sec

Virtual Coffee with Steven van Belleghem about user experience, and how "digital'  is changing society during this COVID pandemic for customers and for patients and professionals. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/cup-coffee-becomes-virtual-lucien-engelen/

Apr 2020

24 min 35 sec

Innovation Talks with Lucien Engelen (EN)In this podcast for Deloitte's GOV-lab podcast, we talk with Lucien Engelen about innovation in health. Lucien worked the past 11 years as an innovator for Radboud Medical Center in Nijmegen and is now Edge Fellow Digital Health. Daniel Charité interviewed Lucien 

Mar 2020

37 min 13 sec

Dr Louise Schaper is an innovator and a change agent who doesn’t sit still and whose passion and enthusiasm for health informatics is shaping a new future for HISA (the Australian Digital Health Community). Her appointment as CEO came on the back of 10 years of experience in, and applied passion for, health informatics. With a background as an occupational therapist and a PhD on technology acceptance amongst healthcare professionals, Louise is a world leader in allied health informatics and is intimately connected to Australia’s substantial health reform efforts, where e-health is a key enabler to achieving high quality, safe, sustainable and patient-centred care. I sat down with her prior to her HIC19 conference in Melbourne Australia, see twitter hashtag #hic19 for a flavour of the 3-day conference.  

Aug 2019

27 min 26 sec

40 degrees celsius, sitting outside with my long friend Deepak Kaura in an awesome coffee-bar in Scheveningen (The Hague) hé actually pointed mé out to (he’s a coffee-freak) talking about innovation,and recording my next episode for my Future of Health podcast. From his role as chair within the CMA (Canadian Medical Association) of the innovation-department Joule, about his role as CMO of 1Qbit (advanced computation including quantum-inspired and quantum computing) and about why frontline staff in healthcare (physicians and nurses) should claim and take on their role in innovation. Deepak on twitter.A pediatric radiologist who has started several technology companies, Deepak Kaura brings a range of experience and leadership skills to the role of Board Chair. Passionate about improving health through the use of technology balanced with personalized human touch, Deepak is dedicated to innovation, building teams and has a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence.Deepak has recently returned to Canada from five years in Qatar to join 1QBit, a quantum computing software company, as its Chief Medical Officer. In Qatar, as Executive Chair of Sidra’s Foundational Clinical Services Management Group, he played a critical role in setting up and establishing new standards in patient care at a 400-bed children and women’s hospital and creating Imagine, an innovation framework that produces intellectual property by crowdsourcing ideas. Prior to this he was the Head of Diagnostic Imaging at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.Deepak earned his medical degree at the University of Manitoba, is a Diplomat of the American Board of Radiology, a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Certification of Canada and has a Master of Business Administration from HEC Paris.   Listen and subcribe via Apple Podcast (NL & ENG) , Spotify (NL & ENG) and many other platforms. 

Jul 2019

30 min 18 sec

A conversation with Aimee (in a crowded lobby) about how training an AI could impact the carbon footprint, how we need to think about the difference between a human touch of a doctor versus a robot, and why we need to talk NOW in stead of waiting till we have the problems in our backyard. Aimee van Wynsberghe has been working in ICT and robotics since 2004. She is Assistant Professor in Ethics and Technology at TU Delft in the Netherlands. She co-founded the Foundation for Responsible Robotics and on the board of the Institute for Accountability in a Digital Age.  She is author of the book Healthcare Robots: Ethics, Design, and Implementation. More to read on Wikipedia. She is a colleague of mine as Edge fellow at the center for the edge @deloitte

Jul 2019

19 min 22 sec

Conversations about innovation, technology and (upcoming) change in health. A podcast by Lucien Engelen: Guiding toward a soft landing in the future of health(care). CEO Transform, Health, Edge Fellow Deloitte Center for the Edge; Global Strategist Digital Health, Faculty Exponential Medicine; Singularity University USA and NL.

Jul 2019

2 min 55 sec