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JAMA Editors' Summary

By JAMA Network

Weekly Editor's Audio Summary for JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association

  1. 1.
    Cardiovascular Medicine Theme Issue03/15/2019
  2. 2.
    Effects of a Peanut Patch on Allergy, Midlife Diet and Dementia Risk, Tramadol and All-Cause Mortality, Consensus Recommendations for Blood Product Management, and more03/12/2019
  3. 3.
    Diet and Depression Prevention in Obese Patients; "Best PEEP" for ARDS; Fauci on Ending HIV in the US, and more03/05/2019
  4. 4.
    Heart Failure Hospital Discharge, Overlapping Surgery Outcomes, Review of COPD Management, and more.02/26/2019
  5. 5.
    Targeted Sepsis Resuscitation, Preventing ICU PTSD, IV Acetaminophen for Postoperative Pain and Delirium, and more02/19/2019
  6. 6.
    SPRINT MIND Trial, Effect of APAP/NSAID on Morphine Use Post-THA, LVEF and Noncardiac Surgery Mortality, Dementia on Broadway, and more02/12/2019
  7. 7.
    MRI-Guided vs Clinical RA Treatment, EEG-Guided Anesthesia and Postop Delirium, Is This Patient Difficult to Intubate?, and more02/05/2019
  8. 8.
    Effect of Hydrocortisone on BPD Mortality, Triglycerides and CHD Risk, Insulin Switching and HbA1c Levels, and more.01/29/2019
  1. 9.
    Effect of Diet on NAFLD in Adolescents, HSCT for Sickle Cell Anemia, ASA for Primary Prevention and CVD, Review of Breast Cancer Treatment, and more01/22/2019
  2. 10.
    Effect of FMT on Ulcerative Colitis, HSCT for MS, Review of Penicillin Allergy, and more01/15/2019
  3. 11.
    Medical Marketing in the US, Effect of Antiplatelet Co-Pay Vouchers on CVD Outcomes, Linagliptin and CVD in T2DM, and more01/08/2019
  4. 12.
    Medicare's HRRP and Mortality, Knee Arthritis Pain Control, Management of In-Flight Medical Emergencies, Best of Graphic Medicine 2018, and more12/21/2018
  5. 13.
    Ondansetron and Congenital Defects, Cesarean Delivery and Pelvic Floor Disorders, Opioids for Noncancer Pain, and more12/18/2018
  6. 14.
    Vitamin D Receptor Agonists for Hemodialysis Patients, Titin Los-of-Function Variants and Atrial Fibrillation, COIs as Research Misconduct, and more12/11/2018
  7. 15.
    Hypothermia for Severe TBI, RAS Inhibitors After TAVR, OAC-PPI Therapy and UGIB, and more12/04/2018
  8. 16.
    ICU Decontamination Strategies, High-Flow Nasal Oxygen for Respiratory Failure, Child Maltreatment Screening Guidelines, and more11/27/2018
  9. 17.
    Physical Activity Guidelines, ICU Nursing Burnout, AKI and PCKD Therapy Trials, and more11/20/2018
  10. 18.
    ICU Ventilation Strategies, Deprescribing in Older Adults, Naloxone Availability, Alcohol Screening Guideline, and more11/13/2018
  11. 19.
    Global Hypertension Theme Issue11/06/2018
  12. 20.
    Myo-Inositol for ROP, Complications of Incontinence Surgery, Screening Guideline for IPV, and more10/23/2018
  13. 21.
    Theophylline and COPD Exacerbations, Bariatric Surgery and Macrovascular Events, Review of VTE Management, and more10/16/2018
  14. 22.
    Spontaneous vs Delayed Pushing During Labor, Polymyxin B Hemoperfusion for Septic Shock, Chronic Wound Management Review, and more10/09/2018
  15. 23.
    Surgery vs. Physical Therapy for Meniscal Tears, Treatment of Subclinical Hypothyroidism, Fauci on Tuberculosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis Review, and more10/02/2018
  16. 24.
    Staph Bacteremia Treatment Algorithm, Long-Term Outcomes of Antibiotics for Appendicitis, 2018 Lasker Awards, and more09/25/2018
  17. 25.
    Physician Burnout, PET Diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease, Weight Loss Interventions to Prevent Obesity-Related Illness, and more09/18/2018
  18. 26.
    Pip-Tazo vs Meropenem for GNR Bacteremia, Vessel Recanalization in Stroke, Ioannidis on Reforming Nutritional Research, and more09/11/2018
  19. 27.
    Reduced Nicotine Cigarettes and Smoke Exposure, Bundled Payment for Arthroplasty, Syphilis Screening Guideline, and more09/04/2018
  20. 28.
    Airway Management in Cardiac Arrest, Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder, Global Mortality from Firearms, and more08/28/2018
  21. 29.
    Brand vs Generic Drug Spending, CV Health and Dementia, Cervical Cancer Screening Guideline, and more08/21/2018
  22. 30.
    Cell-free DNA Prenatal Testing, Triple-Combination Hypertension Treatment, TBI and Suicide, and more08/14/2018
  23. 31.
    Genomic Sequencing and NSCLC Survival, Childhood Obesity Interventions, Atrial Fibrillation Screening Guidelines, and more08/07/2018
  24. 32.
    CV Outcomes After ACS with Depression Treatment, In-Bed Cycling for Critical Illness, 2018 HIV Treatment Guideline, and more07/24/2018
  25. 33.
    Digital Media Use and Adolescent ADHD, Trends in Site of Death 2000-2015, Normal-Weight Obesity, and more07/17/2018
  26. 34.
    Home ECG Patch for Afib Screening, Alteplase vs Aspirin for Minor Stroke, ABI Screening for PAD, and more.07/10/2018
  27. 35.
    HPV vs Pap Smear Screening for Cervical Cancer, Basal vs NPH Insulin For Type 2 Diabetes, Management of Infective Endocarditis, and more07/03/2018
  28. 36.
    Fruquintinib for Refractory Metastatic CRC, Abortion Facility Type and Procedural Complications, Screening for Osteoporosis, and more06/26/2018
  29. 37.
    Optimal Target HbA1c, Genetic Risks for Pancreatic Cancer, US Trends in Obesity, and more06/19/2018
  30. 38.
    Wound Management in LE Open Fractures, Medications That Cause Depression, Screening ECG Guideline, and more06/12/2018
  31. 39.
    Intubation Techniques for Difficult Airways, qSOFA Validity for Sepsis in Low-Resource Countries, Trachea Transplantation, and more.06/05/2018
  32. 40.
    PCI in 2018, Colon Cancer Surveillance and Recurrence, LAA Occlusion and Stroke, Vitamin D for Wheezing in Premature Infants, and more05/22/2018
  33. 41.
    Acupuncture in IVF, Fremanezumab for Migraine, Managing Bleeding on NOACs, and more05/15/2018
  34. 42.
    Water Intake and CKD Progression, Vasopressin and Afib in Shock, New Prostate Cancer Screening Guideline, and more05/08/2018
  35. 43.
    Glyburide vs Insulin for Gestational Diabetes, Chronic HBV Management, #MeToo in Medicine, and more05/01/2018
  36. 44.
    RCT Issue: Fitbit and Exercise for PAD, Effects of DAPT on Post-CABG SVG Patency, Lonafarnib for Progeria, and more04/24/2018
  37. 45.
    LDL-Lowering Benefit by Baseline LDL Levels, Comparative Efficacy of Newer Diabetes Drugs, Guideline on Vitamin D and Calcium to Prevent Fractures, and more04/17/2018
  38. 46.
    US Burden of Disease, LABAs and LAMAs for Asthma, Tumor DNA Sequencing to Guide Cancer Management, and more04/10/2018
  39. 47.
    Wealth Shock and Mortality, Atorvastatin for PCI, BP Targets in Diabetes, Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, and more04/03/2018
  40. 48.
    Trends in US Infectious Diseases, HIV PrEP Review, Mentoring in the #MeToo Era, Hazards of Order Sets, and more03/27/2018
  41. 49.
    Neurologic Syndrome in Cuban Diplomats, Behavioral Counseling to Prevent Skin Cancer, Hip-Hop Music Videos to Prevent Diabetes, and more03/20/2018
  42. 50.
    Trends in US Opioid and Injury Mortality, International Comparisons of Health Care Spending, Weaving Indigenous Art in Cardiac Devices, and more03/13/2018
  43. 51.
    Treating Back and Arthritis Pain With Opioids, Effects of 1-time PSA Screening on Prostate Cancer Mortality, Evidence for Using Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, Management of Thyroid Nodules, and more03/06/2018
  44. 52.
    Bag-Mask vs Mechanical Ventilation During CPR, Meropenem-Vaborbactam vs Pip-Tazo for Complicated UTI, Varicose Veins and VTE, and more02/27/2018
  45. 53.
    Low-Fat vs Low Carb Diet, Haloperidol in the ICU, ARDS review, and more02/20/2018
  46. 54.
    Excluding PE in Low-Risk ED Patients, Screening for Ovarian Cancer, COIs in Nutrition Research, and more02/13/2018
  47. 55.
    Preop PFO and Postop Stroke, NOACs and Mortality, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevalence, and more02/06/2018
  48. 56.
    Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion for Thromboembolism in Afib, Exposure Therapy for Military PTSD, Hysteroscopic Sterilization, and more01/23/2018
  49. 57.
    Obesity Theme Issue 201801/16/2018
  50. 58.
    Idalopirdine for Dementia, Anesthesia Handovers During Surgery, Screening for Scoliosis, and more01/09/2018
  51. 59.
    Comparison of Transcatheter Aortic Valves, Infant Formula and Type 1 Diabetes, Racial Disparities in Live Donor Kidney Transplantation, and more01/02/2018
  52. 60.
    Preop Antibiotics and SSIs, Air Pollution and Mortality, Calcium to Prevent Fractures, and more12/26/2017
  53. 61.
    Tumor-Treating Fields for Glioblastoma, Cervical Pessary for Preterm Birth, Graphic Medicine 2017, and more12/19/2017
  54. 62.
    Levothyroxine and miscarriage, AI detection of breast cancer mets and DM retinopathy, hormone therapy for chronic disease prevention, and more12/12/2017
  55. 63.
    GM-CSF for PAD, dialysis for myeloma cast nephropathy, safety of locum tenens physicians, the 2017 HTN guideline, and more12/05/2017
  56. 64.
    Oral vs c-scope fecal transplant for CDI, hip fracture surgery delay, internet SARMS, Geneva declaration, and more11/28/2017
  57. 65.
    Oral insulin to prevent T1DM, managing malignant pleural effusion, depression and CKD, and more11/21/2017
  58. 66.
    Surgical repair of tibial fractures, predicting CKD after AKI, diagnosing acute mountain sickness, and more.11/14/2017
  59. 67.
    Pain meds in the ED, TNF inhibitors and lymphoma, fall prevention, and more.11/07/2017
  60. 68.
    Robotic surgery benefits and costs, urinary incontinence review, Bayesian RCT analysis, and more.10/24/2017
  61. 69.
    Female RBC transfusions and mortality, semaglutide for T2DM, ICU admissions for the elderly, and more.10/17/2017
  62. 70.
    ARDS ventilation strategies, perioperative management of high-risk patients, predicting infertility, and more.10/10/2017
  63. 71.
    Sepsis Resuscitation and Epidemiology, Bleeding From NOACs for AFib, Liquid Biopsies, and more10/03/2017
  64. 72.
    Genotype-guided warfarin dosing after arthroplasty, oxygen for stroke, delirium diagnosis and treatment, and more09/26/2017
  65. 73.
    BP control in low income settings, antibiotics after c-section, trends in carotid artery interventions, and more09/19/2017
  66. 74.
    Axillary dissection for BCA with sentinel node metastasis, long-term WHI follow-up, minimally invasive GERD surgery, and more09/12/2017
  67. 75.
    Outreach for colon cancer screening, mutation detection in advanced cancer, vision screening in children, and more09/05/2017
  68. 76.
    BNP-Guided Heart Failure Treatment, Prednisolone for LRTI, Ganciclovir for CMV+ ICU Patients, and more08/22/2017
  69. 77.
    FDA High-Risk and Accelerated Approvals, Review of Celiac and Nonceliac Gluten Sensitivity, and more08/15/2017
  70. 78.
    Music therapy for autism, embolic protection during aortic valve replacement, preoperative lab testing guidelines, and more08/08/2017
  71. 79.
    Mechanical thrombectomy for stroke, methylprednisolone for IgA nephropathy, does this child have pneumonia?, and more08/01/2017
  72. 80.
    CTE in football players, hypothermia for cardiac arrest, genetic testing for dyslipidemia, and more.07/25/2017
  73. 81.
    Vitamin D to prevent RTIs in children, middle age weight gain and later life mortality, review of asthma management, and more07/18/2017
  74. 82.
    Managing antidepressants in treatment-refractory depression, CPAP and CVD in OSA, behavioral counseling to promote healthy lifestyle, and more07/11/2017
  75. 83.
    Effects of insulin degludec vs glargine U100 on hypoglycemia, trial of radiofrequency denervation for chronic low back pain, review of penicillin allergy, and more07/03/2017
  76. 84.
    Trials of acupuncture for stress urinary incontinence and infertility, diabetes epidemiology in China, prostate cancer management, and more06/27/2017
  77. 85.
    Cancer risk in BRCA carriers, effects of an internet-based weight loss program for low-income women, screening for obesity in children, and more06/20/2017
  78. 86.
    Ultrasound of torso trauma in kids, comparison of iron for anemia, brain amyloid and cognitive decline, and more.06/13/2017
  79. 87.
    Home ventilation for COPD, accuracy of physician survival predictions, HIV interventions in Africa, and more06/06/2017
  80. 88.
    TMP/SMX for cellulitis, VEGF inhibitors for macular edema, ferric carboymaltose for post-gastrectomy anemia, and more05/23/2017
  81. 89.
    Iron repletion for heart failure, triamcinolone injection for knee osteoarthritis, trends in CV mortality, and more05/16/2017
  82. 90.
    Selumetinib for lung cancer, postmarket drug safety, screening for thyroid cancer, and more05/09/2017
  83. 91.
    Conflict of Interest Theme Issue05/02/2017
  84. 92.
    C-scope delay after screening and CRC risk, postop troponin levels and mortality, trends in infective endocarditis, and more.04/25/2017
  85. 93.
    Effects on dexamethasone on sore throat symptoms, prenatal SSRI exposure and autism, comparison of lipid guidelines, and more04/18/2017
  86. 94.
    Norepinephrine shortage and sepsis mortality, vascular risk factors and dementia risk, spinal manipulation for acute low back pain, and more04/11/2017
  87. 95.
    Dexmedetomidine in the ICU, trends in thyroid cancer, OCD diagnosis and treatment, and more04/04/2017
  88. 96.
    Vitamin D and calcium for cancer prevention, screening for celiac disease, long-term outcomes of lead poisoning in children, and more03/28/2017
  89. 97.
    Choosing treatments for localized prostate cancer, low T advertising and testosterone Rx, what we know about NOACs, and more03/21/2017
  90. 98.
    Mouse management for preventing asthma in children, inpatient vs home-based rehab after TKA, predicting preterm birth, and more03/14/2017
  91. 99.
    Association between diet and mortality, maternal obesity and cerebral palsy, routine pelvic exams in healthy women, and more03/07/2017
  92. 100.
    Trends in secondary cancers after childhood cancer treatment, comparison of type 1 vs type 2 diabetes complications in childhood and adolescence, overuse of services as an adverse event, and more02/28/2017
  93. 101.
    Effects of testosterone on coronary plaque and cognitive function, treatment of subthreshold depression, a users' guide to adjusting for confounders in clinical research, and more02/21/2017
  94. 102.
    Scalp cooling to prevent chemotherapy-induced alopecia, sublingual grass pollen immunotherapy for seasonal allergic rhinitis, guideline recommendations for use of metabolic to manage type 2 diabetes02/14/2017
  95. 103.
    Trial of video laryngoscopy for tracheal intubation, outcomes after intubation during CPR, diagnosis and treatment of pituitary adenoma, and more02/07/2017
  96. 104.
    Continuous glucose monitoring in type 1 diabetes, disparities in cancer mortality, screening for COPD, and more01/24/2017
  97. 105.
    Asthma remission in adults, qSOFA score for predicting mortality in infection, management of latex allergy, and more01/17/2017
  98. 106.
    The global burden of hypertension, etelcalcetide for secondary hyperparathyroidism, folate for neural tube defect prevention, and more01/10/2017
  99. 107.
    Biosimilar therapy for breast cancer, zoledronic acid for bone metastases, the future of Obamacare under Donald Trump, and more01/03/2017
  100. 108.
    Mental health in resource-poor settings, management of new-onset seizures, intra-articular corticosteroids for knee OA, and more12/27/2016
  101. 109.
    Pritelivir vs valacyclovir for HSV, early activity and post-concussion syndrome in kids, guideline recommendations for genital herpes screening, and more12/20/2016
  102. 110.
    PCSK9 inhibitors in statin-treated patients, US trends in mortality, AI for diagnosing diabetic retinopathy, and more12/13/2016
  103. 111.
    Medical Education Theme Issue12/06/2016
  104. 112.
    Effects of palliative care on patient and caregiver outcomes, ED visits for adverse drug events, colorectal cancer screening review, and more11/22/2016
  105. 113.
    Statins and Cardiovascular Health Theme Issue11/13/2016
  106. 114.
    Cranberry capsules for UTI prevention, dose-dense vs standard chemotherapy for breast cancer, donor milk vs formula for low birthweight infants, and more11/08/2016
  107. 115.
    Trial of hydrocortisone for sepsis, psychotropics and prisoner violence, understanding confounding by indication, and more11/01/2016
  108. 116.
    The National Academy of Medicine's Vital Directions for Health Care initiative, primary care interventions to support breastfeeding, and more10/25/2016
  109. 117.
    Micafungin for ICU candidemia prevention, postextubation oxygen strategies, complications of hernia repair, and more10/18/2016
  110. 118.
    Casting vs surgery for unstable ankle fractures, trends in dietary supplement use, probiotics for prevention of diarrhea in kids, and more10/11/2016
  111. 119.
    Botox for urinary incontinence, hypothermia for cardiac arrest, management of hyperemesis gravidarum, and more10/04/2016
  112. 120.
    Time-to-thrombectomy and ischemic stroke outcomes, statins vs other LDL-lowering therapies for CV risk reduction, IV fluid resuscitation of shock, and more09/27/2016
  113. 121.
    Effects of wearable technology on weight, timing of infant food introduction and allergies, Fauci on antimicrobial resistance, and more09/20/2016
  114. 122.
    Noninvasive cardiac imaging and angiography, transitioning from volume to value in health care, endocarditis after TAVR, and more09/13/2016
  115. 123.
    Safety of MRI in pregnancy, TB screening guidelines, topical treatment of nosebleeds in HHT, and more09/06/2016
  116. 124.
    Distinguishing bacterial from viral infection in young children, team-based care and health care quality, managing prescription drug costs, and more08/23/2016
  117. 125.
    Abaloparatide for osteoporosis, cost-effectiveness of PCSK9 inhibitors, review of aortic dissection, and more08/16/2016
  118. 126.
    Stroke prevention during TAVR, lipid screening in children and adolescents, clinical manifestations of CKD in diabetes, and more08/09/2016
  119. 127.
    Liraglutide for heart failure, vasopressin for septic shock, President Barack Obama on US health care reform, and more08/02/2016
  120. 128.
    Radiotherapy for brain metastases, trends in C-sections and preterm birth, screening for skin cancer, and more07/26/2016
  121. 129.
    Burphenorphine for prevention of opioid relapse, gun law reform in Australia, cellulitis review, and more07/19/2016
  122. 130.
    HIV/AIDS Theme Issue07/12/2016
  123. 131.
    Who's practicing euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide?, clopidogrel for secondary prevention of stroke, a new treatment for Huntington disease, and more07/05/2016
  124. 132.
    SPRINT trial in older adults, escitalopram for depression in heart failure, post-critical care rehabilitation, diagnosis and management of diarrhea06/28/2016
  125. 133.
    A protein-based CVD risk score, trends in diet among US adults, herbal therapies for menopause, USPSTF colon cancer screening recommendations, and more06/21/2016
  126. 134.
    Aspirin for ARDS, comparative efficacy of weight loss drugs, review of temporal arteritis and polymyalgia rheumatica, and more06/14/2016
  127. 135.
    Trends in US adult and child obesity, selecting smokers to screen for lung cancer, screening for syphilis, and more06/07/2016
  128. 136.
    Endobronchial coils for COPD, timing of dialysis for AKI in the ICU, sodium excretion and CVD, neighborhood walkability, and more05/24/2016
  129. 137.
    Early EPO in preterm infants, esophageal changes with GERD, which oral anticoagulant for afib?, and more05/17/2016
  130. 138.
    Mammography reading order and breast cancer detection, treatment of adolescent ADHD, trial of macitentan for systemic sclerosis digital ulcers, and more05/10/2016
  131. 139.
    XRT for pancreatic cancer, web-based depression prevention, management of pancreatic cysts, and more05/03/2016
  132. 140.
    Sublingual immunotherapy for asthma, shift work and CVD, review of tick-borne illness, and more04/26/2016
  133. 141.
    PCSK9 inhibitors and statin intolerance, pembrolizumab for melanoma, CDC opioid prescribing guideline, and more04/19/2016
  134. 142.
    Managing agitation and infection in the ICU, does your patient have infectious mononucleosis?, and more04/12/2016
  135. 143.
    Noninvasive ventilation in the ICU, screening for COPD, Era3 for medicine and health care, and more04/05/2016
  136. 144.
    Non-drug treatment for back pain, child antibiotics and weight gain, requests for data sharing, and more03/22/2016
  137. 145.
    Inhaled xenon for neuroprotection after cardiac arrest, association between vaccine refusal and vaccine-preventable diseases, and more03/15/2016
  138. 146.
    Effects of naltrexone-buproprion on CV events in obese people, vitamin D for arthritis, predicting postconcussion syndrome in kids, and more03/08/2016
  139. 147.
    Perioperative statins for AKI, insulin glargine vs degludec/liraglutide for T2DM, visual acuity screening, and more03/01/2016
  140. 148.
    Evolving issues in Critical Care and Sepsis Theme Issue02/23/2016
  141. 149.
    Screening for autism, outcomes after hospital readmission, interstitial lung abnormalities and mortality, and more02/16/2016
  142. 150.
    Reducing inappropriate antibiotic prescribing in primary care, stroke rehabilitation, review of community-acquired pneumonia treatment, and more.02/09/2016
  143. 151.
    Dupilumab for chronic sinusitis, effects of acetazolamide on COPD ventilation duration, seafood intake and dementia, and more.02/02/2016
  144. 152.
    Trial of prenatal vitamin D for child asthma, welcoming the US Preventive Services Task Force to JAMA, screening for depression, and more.01/26/2016
  145. 153.
    Theme Issue: Death, Dying, and End of Life01/19/2016
  146. 154.
    Fecal transplant for C difficile infection, lung volume reduction coil treatment for severe emphysema, review of constipation, and more.01/12/2016
  147. 155.
    Lifestyle interventions for heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, safety of fluconazole during pregnency, new Innovations in Health Care Delivery series, and more.01/05/2016
  148. 156.
    Ovarian suppression during breast cancer chemotherapy, pain control for pleurodesis, neuroimaging for TBI, and more.12/22/2015
  149. 157.
    RBC storage duration, stem cell transplantation for Crohn disease, management of Graves disease, and more.12/15/2015
  150. 158.
    Theme Issue: Medical Education12/08/2015
  151. 159.
    Metformin for type 1 diabetes in obese adolescents, c-section deliveries and maternal-child outcomes, effect of OSA treatments on blood pressure, and more.12/01/2015
  152. 160.
    Photocoagulation vs VEGF inhibitor for diabetic retinopathy, ultrasound-guided PCI, global prevalence of low BMI in women, review of polyneuropathy, and more.11/24/2015
  153. 161.
    Prophylactic azithromycin for pediatric LRTI, PSA screening before and after USPSTF guideline recommendations, comparative risk of anaphylaxis with IV iron, and more.11/17/2015
  154. 162.
    Cardiovascular Disease Theme Issue11/08/2015
  155. 163.
    Endovascular thrombectomy for stroke, trends in prescription drug use in the US, HAART for HIV-infected children in South Africa, and more.11/03/2015
  156. 164.
    Tiotropium vs LABAs for asthma, comparison of IV fluids and noninvasive ventilation in the ICU, trends in US mortality, and more.10/27/2015
  157. 165.
    The American Cancer Society's 2015 Breast Cancer Screening guideline update, flexeril vs percocet for low back pain in the ED, safety of Tdap vaccination in pregnant women, and more.10/20/2015
  158. 166.
    RCT of physical therapy for low back pain, review of pericarditis, opioid use disorders in the US, and more.10/13/2015
  159. 167.
    Minimally invasive surgery for rectal cancer and diverticulitis, rehabilitation after immobilization for ankle fracture, long-term outcomes after carpal tunnel release, and more.10/06/2015
  160. 168.
    Treatment of agitation in Alzheimer disease, text messaging for CV risk modification, a newly approved PCSK9 inhibitor for dyslipidemia, and more.09/22/2015
  161. 169.
    Time Spent Outdoors and Development of Myopia in Children, Sex Differences in Academic Rank in US Medical Schools, Mortality After Hip Fracture vs Elective Hip Replacement, and more09/15/2015
  162. 170.
    Iron and malaria, advances in diabetes diagnosis and treatment, pushing the limits on neuroimaging, and more.09/08/2015
  163. 171.
    Aldosterone antagonism for diabetic nephropathy, genomic testing of children with autism and cancer, treatment of chronic sinusitis, and more.09/01/2015
  164. 172.
    Effects of exercise and supplements on cognition in older adults, mutation clearance and AML outcomes, and more.08/25/2015
  165. 173.
    LMWH for VTE in cancer, liraglutide for weight loss, e-cigarettes as a risk factor for smoking, advances in treating sepsis, and more!08/18/2015
  166. 174.
    Testosterone and subclinical atherosclerosis, CKD screening and definitions, postmarket surveillance of medical devices, and more.08/11/2015
  167. 175.
    Violence/Human Rights Theme Issue08/04/2015
  168. 176.
    Medicare and Medicaid 50th Anniversary Theme Issue07/28/2015
  169. 177.
    Avian flu vaccine adjuvants, bystander intervention for cardiac arrest, atrial fibrillation treatment, and more.07/21/2015
  170. 178.
    Guideline statin eligibility and coronary risk, cost-effectiveness of coronary risk thresholds, patiromer for hyperkalemia, managing polypharmacy, and more.07/14/2015
  171. 179.
    Diagnosis and treatment of venous thromboembolism, stroke and cognitive decline, mortality from combined CHD-stroke-diabetes, and more.07/07/2015
  172. 180.
    Cannabinoids for medical use, ICDs for patients with low ejection fraction after MI, PDE5 inhibitors and melanoma, early PDA screening and mortality in extremely preterm infants, and more.06/23/2015
  173. 181.
    Noninvasive ventilation for postoperative hypoxemia, antibiotics vs surgery for appendicitis, sources and areas of health development assistance, noninferiority trials, and more.06/16/2015
  174. 182.
    Americans With Disabilities Act 25th Anniversary Theme Issue06/09/2015
  175. 183.
    Preventing acute kidney injury with remote ischemic preconditioning, maternal antidepressant use and newborn pulmonary hypertension, a comparison of ACO and fee-for-service healthcare delivery models, and more.06/02/2015
  176. 184.
    Soy supplements for poorly controlled asthma, subclinical thyroid disease and fracture risk, copy number variations and cognitive phenotypes, and more.05/26/2015
  177. 185.
    Oral corticosteroids for disk herniation, amyloid in dementia, stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation, and more.05/19/2015
  178. 186.
    Medical Professionalism and Governance Theme Issue05/12/2015
  179. 187.
    Spores for prevention of recurrent C difficile infection; 2 studies of newer antivirals for HCV; and more.05/05/2015
  180. 188.
    Retrievable IVC filters for pulmonary embolism, ED-based suboxone for opioid dependence, genetic susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis, and more.04/28/2015
  181. 189.
    Child Health Theme Issue: Autism, diabetes prevention, gene therapy, and more.04/21/2015
  182. 190.
    Maternal diabetes and autism, survival with bioprosthetic vs mechanical mitral valve replacement, dabigatran adherence, treatment of stroke, and more.04/14/2015
  183. 191.
    Folate for stroke prevention, bivalirudin during PCI for myocardial infarction, cancer risk by BRCA type and location, and more.04/07/2015
  184. 192.
    Oral antivirals for HCV/HIV coinfection, stent vs medical treatment for intracranial stenosis, a preliminary postexposure Ebola vaccine, and more.03/24/2015
  185. 193.
    Efficacy of post-PCI dual antiplatelet therapy by stent type, concordance in breast biopsy readings, NSAIDs and colorectal cancer risk, early imaging for uncomplicated back pain, and more.03/17/2015
  186. 194.
    Spotlight on Cardiovascular Disease: Outcomes following TAVR, LDL receptor status and diabetes risk, statin intolerance, NOAC dosing, and more.03/10/2015
  187. 195.
    An intervention to improve housing stability for homeless adults with mental illness, lorazepam before general anesthesia, the natural history of benign thyroid nodules, review of irritable bowel syndrome, and more.03/03/2015
  188. 196.
    Risks of combination NSAIDs-antithrombotics in patients with MI, vincristine-related peripheral neuropathy in children with ALL, management of patients with anticoagulation-induced intracerebral hemorrhage, kidney disease staging, and more.02/24/2015
  189. 197.
    Corticosteroids for pneumonia, varenicline for smoking cessation, eliglustat for splenomegaly in Gaucher disease, and more.02/17/2015
  190. 198.
    Iron after blood donation, creatine for Parkinson disease, BP lowering in type 2 diabetes, screening for melanoma, and more.02/10/2015
  191. 199.
    Spotlight on Surgery: Transfusion ratios in severe trauma, reasons for and review of hospital readmissions, NSQIP participation and surgical outcomes, and more.02/03/2015
  192. 200.
    Chlorhexidine bathing in the ICU, protocolized sedation for children with respiratory failure, MRI for prostate biopsies, C difficile review, and more.01/27/2015

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