Houston Healthcare Initiative's Podcast

By Harold Nicoll

The Houston Healthcare Initiative (HHI) is a member owned, non-profit medical co-op. Led by Houston based neurologist Dr. Steven Goldstein, the HHI will replace traditional health insurance for qualified individuals and families and provide incentives for members to adopt healthier lifestyle habits. HHI will provide affordable medical coverage through a combination of negotiated rates, low monthly payments, personal accountability and lifestyle incentives. The medical co-op promises to save qualifying individuals and families money on health insurance. At the same time, HHI will help uphold quality care by asking members to bear some responsibility and individual accountability for maintaining their personal health.

  1. 1.
    Covid 19 Pandemic Stress and Overeating
  2. 2.
    Patient Centered Healthcare
  3. 3.
    Healthcare By The Numbers
  4. 4.
    Job & Health Insurance Loss Come and Go Together; How To Find Affordable Coverage
  5. 5.
    Why Haven Failed To Fix Healthcare
  6. 6.
    Why Did Haven Healthcare Fail?
  7. 7.
    The Case for Healthcare Reform in Unsettled Times
  8. 8.
    November Health Insurance Selection; Which One Is Best?

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