The Armor Men's Health Hour

By Dr. Sandeep Mistry and Donna Lee

The Armor Men's Health Hour with hosts Dr. Sandeep Mistry and Donna Lee is a weekly show covering a multitude of medical topics important to men. Dr. Mistry is a Board Certified Urologist and will be discussing topics such as erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, testosterone therapy, fertility, kidney stones, vasectomies and so much more. Their holistic approach to men's health that includes nutrition, weight loss, sleep health, sex therapy and pelvic floor physical therapy will also be showcased. In addition, they have prominent and respected physicians and specialists throughout the Austin area who will give their views on important men's health topics such as orthopedics, cardiology, endocrinology, internal medicine and general wellness.

  1. 1.
    Calling All the Big Ballers: What Your Testicle Size Means and When You Should See Your Urologist
  2. 2.
    Under Pressure: Dr. Mistry and Dr. Kadir On The Risks of High Blood Pressure
  3. 3.
    Donna Lee and Dustin Fontenot, PA Discuss Where and When To Start With Testosterone Supplements
  4. 4.
    ED After A Vasectomy? Unlikely, And You Should Always Have ED Symptoms Evaluated
  5. 5.
    Never Too Old To Orgasm! Dr. Mistry Answers Listener's Question on Sex in His Seventies
  6. 6.
    Protecting Your Pelvic Floor With NAU Urology Specialists' Dr. Kendel Lipe
  7. 7.
    Donna Lee and Dr. Yang Ask Dr. Papendiek of Premier Family Physicians What Patients Should Expect From Their PCP
  8. 8.
    Interpreting Your Prostate Biopsy Results: Dr. Mistry Answers Listener Question About "Suspicious" Finding
  1. 9.
    Of Power Tools and Penises: A Cautionary Tale From the ER Told by Dr. Mistry and Dr. Jacomides
  2. 10.
    Dustin Fontenot on Interpreting Your PSA Results and Whether Spark Wave Could Treat Your ED
  3. 11.
    If You're Seeing Red (In Your Urine), Watch Out For Bladder Cancer: Dr. Jacomides Explains the Risk Factors and Warning Signs
  4. 12.
    The Lubrication Low-Down For Ladies With Low Libido: Dr. Mistry and River Place OB-GYN Talk (Sex) Life-Altering Treatments
  5. 13.
    Leaky Hose? Don't Call a Plumber--Call a Urologist TODAY! Dr. Mistry Explains Why Men Should Never Ignore Urinary Leakage
  6. 14.
    Vasectomies from A to Z With Dr. Lucas Jacomides: Why the Mistry Vasectomy Is "Vas-ly" Superior
  7. 15.
    What You Should Know About OB-GYNs (And Not Just For Pregnancy): Dr. Mistry Talks Crucial Women's Health With River Place OB-GYN
  8. 16.
    Low Sexual Desire? Re-light That Fire With a Holistic Approach and Low-T Supplements
  9. 17.
    Could Spark Wave Be The Spark You've Been Looking For? Dr. Mistry on Ultrasound Therapy For ED Treatment
  10. 18.
    Get It Up With A Prosthetic Upgrade: Why Choosing a Penile Prosthesis Doesn't Have to Be HARD With Expert Dr. Christopher Yang
  11. 19.
    The Story on Supplements: What You Should, Shouldn't Be Taking AND Doing To Improve Your Health
  12. 20.
    Become a Dad Again With a Vasectomy Reversal! Dr. Mistry Explains Fertility Odds and Why You Should Bet on NAU Urology Specialists
  13. 21.
    The Mystery of the "Mistry Vasectomy" Revealed!
  14. 22.
    Pelvic Pain, No Gain: Dr. Mistry Answers a Listener's Questions About Pelvic, Testicular, and Bladder Pain
  15. 23.
    Comedian's Corner: Dr. Mistry and Donna Lee Share Some Urology Humor and Answer a Listener's Question On Nutrition Supplements
  16. 24.
    Dazed and Confused: Dr. Mistry on Buried Penis and Orgasms That Have One Listener "Seeing Stars"
  17. 25.
    Not Your Father's Radical Prostatectomy: Dr. Mistry on Medical Advances and Why You Shouldn't Fear Prostate Removal
  18. 26.
    Colonoscopies: The Dirty Details and Why You Can't Procrastinate With Dr. Bowden-McKay of Capitol Gastro
  19. 27.
    Anti-Inflammatory Diets: Shefaly Ravula, PA-C, on Eating To Fight Illness
  20. 28.
    Have You Heard About Bio-TE? Dr. Mistry On Testosterone Pellets and Hormone Therapy
  21. 29.
    The Low-T Puzzle: Dr. Mistry Explains Why Treating Low-T Requires a Holistic Approach
  22. 30.
    Goodbye Testicle Pain: Let Dr. Treadway Get Your Tail(bone) Wagging Again With Pelvic Floor PT
  23. 31.
    Eat Like Your Life Depends On It (It Does): Shefaly Ravula on Anti-Inflammatory Diets and Healthy Eating
  24. 32.
    Flattening the Curve: Dr. Mistry on Surgical Treatments for Peyronie's Disease
  25. 33.
    Freakin' Leakin': Dr. Mistry On Axonics and Other Life-Changing Treatments for Urinary Incontinence
  26. 34.
    Add A Little "SparkWave" To Your Love Life: Dr. Mistry On SparkWave Treatment For ED and Painful Erections
  27. 35.
    Male Enhancement and Beautification: Accessible Options for Penis Plastic Surgery
  28. 36.
    Ask the Prostate Pros About Your Prostate Woes: HIFU Or PAE For An Enlarged Prostate?
  29. 37.
    All The Leaking Ladies: Dr. Mistry and Donna Lee On Treatments for Female Urinary Incontinence
  30. 38.
    Take A Stand Against Stinky Feet: Podiatrist Dr. Cassidy On Curing Foot and Toenail Fungus
  31. 39.
    Are "Urine" Control of Your Health? Dr. Mistry Talks Kidney Tumors and Holistic Urology
  32. 40.
    Fertility Struggles? Dr. Mistry on Semen Analysis and Boosting Sperm Health
  33. 41.
    Wet and Wild: Dr. Mistry Answers Listener Questions on "Female Ejaculation" and Holistic Urologic Care For Women
  34. 42.
    Oh, Nuts! Twisted Tales of Testicle Trauma and Torsion With Dr. Mistry and Donna Lee
  35. 43.
    Foundations of Foot Pain: Podiatrist Dr. Cassidy on Plantar Fasciitis, Neuromas, and Leg/Foot Swelling
  36. 44.
    State-of-the-Art Prostate Surgeries: Dr. Mistry Describes the Urolift, Rezum, Aquablation, and More!
  37. 45.
    Hole In One: What Golf Can Teach Us About the Sexual Desire/Performance Connection
  38. 46.
    Kicking Foot Pain To The Curb: Podiatrist Dr. Andrew Cassidy on Fighting Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain
  39. 47.
    It's All Connected: Dr. Jacomides and Donna Lee Talk Holistic Urology
  40. 48.
    Fasting For Your Health: Shefaly Ravula, PA-C, Gives Intro To Intermittent Fasting
  41. 49.
    Penis Plastic Surgery: Dr. Mistry and Dr. Dellinger Explain Surgical Enhancement Options For Your Penis
  42. 50.
    Preventative Men's Health: Holistic, Integrative Medicine With Shefaly Ravula PA-C

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