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The FrameLab podcast returns. George and Gil discuss freedom, empathy and COVID-19 vaccines, as well as the differences between conservative and progressive definitions of freedom. Also: George answers questions from listeners.

Nov 2

45 min 44 sec

In Episode 18, George and Gil discuss Bloomberg's entry into the 2020 Democratic primary and what it means.

Feb 2020

23 min 31 sec

In Episode 17 of Framelab, George and Gil return to discuss the dangers, challenges and frames of impeachment.

Sep 2019

30 min 12 sec

In Episode 16 of FrameLab, George and Gil discuss Kamala 2020, AOC and framing, and Nancy Pelosi's sound defeat of Trump's wall of hate.

Feb 2019

31 min 42 sec

In Episode 15, George and Gil discuss some guiding principles that reporters, editors, politicians, social media influencers and citizens can use to protect the truth from lies and propaganda.

Dec 2018

30 min 8 sec

George and Gil discuss Trump's use of weaponized lies, and how to combat them by making Truth Sandwiches.

Dec 2018

29 min 1 sec

George and Gil return from a break to discuss the results of the 2018 midterm elections and the lessons for 2020. George reviews the role of metaphor in political worldview. George explains how hate speech differs from free speech -- and answers a reader's question about the difference between hate speech and a fist.

Nov 2018

38 min 50 sec

In Episode 12 of the FrameLab podcast, George and Gil discuss how Trump is embarked on a strategy to put himself above the law and escape justice by 1. Appointing Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and 2. Issuing symbolic pardons as a message to his incriminated cronies.

Aug 2018

28 min 8 sec

In Episode 10 of FrameLab, George and Gil propose four ways the press can adapt in order to counter Trump's propaganda tactics and protect democracy. The episode is based on an essay they wrote in The Guardian newspaper. Read it here:

Jun 2018

30 min 20 sec

In Episode 9 of the FrameLab Podcast, George and Gil discuss the origin of the viral 10-point list of rules for surviving the Trump era (often attributed to Robert Reich or Bernice King) that came out of a talk George gave in January 2017. George considers each point and gives updates for 2018.

May 2018

32 min 20 sec

In Episode 8, George and Gil discuss six cognitive illusions/effects used by advertisers, marketers, and propagandists to influence public opinion. These include: The Clustering Illusion: The Social Proof Principle: The Reciprocity Principle: The Authority Bias The Story Bias The Forer/Barnum Effect Works Referenced: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things: What Categories Reveal About the Mind by George Lakoff,_Fire,_and_Dangerous_Things

Apr 2018

55 min 9 sec

In Episode 7 of FrameLab, Dr. Lakoff and Gil discuss the central metaphor of Trump's presidency: "the President is the Nation." They also discuss Cambridge Analytica and how it represents a cognitive science approach to political communication. Plus: Audience Q&A. Referenced in this Episode: The President is the Nation: Cloak and Data:

Apr 2018

58 min 47 sec

In Episode 6, George and Gil talk with communications expert David Fenton, Founder and Chairman of Fenton Communications. The Topic: How to communicate effectively about global warming.

Mar 2018

51 min 42 sec

In Episode 5, Dr. Lakoff and Gil Duran answer listener questions. Topics include: Trump Evangelicals; Conservatism's #1 Rule; Fascism; Capitalism vs. Socialism; the American Idea; Biconceptualism; How the Government Frames Issues Like Torture, and more.

Mar 2018

58 min 59 sec

In Episode 4 of FrameLab, Dr. Lakoff and Gil Duran discuss mass-killing weapons and the Republican gun disease. They also explore the roles concepts like freedom, safety, and responsibility play in the debate.

Mar 2018

1 hr 6 min

In Episode 3 of FrameLab, Dr. Lakoff and Gil Duran discuss the core ideas behind progressive thought as explained in "The ALL NEW Don't Think of An Elephant." Plus, Dr. Lakoff shares 11 tips for going forward.

Jan 2018

52 min 11 sec

In Episode 2 of FrameLab, Dr. Lakoff and Gil Duran discuss how Trump uses Twitter to control the media narrative. And Dr. Lakoff answers your questions.

Jan 2018

45 min 55 sec

FrameLab Podcast Episode 1 with Dr. George Lakoff and Gil Duran. Episode 1 explores how Republicans really think (the conservative moral hierarchy).

Dec 2017

1 hr 3 min