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Advent Christian Village in Dowling Park

This monthly podcast hosts experts on aging, supporters, and members of the North Florida Retirement Community: Advent Christian Village. The interview-style podcast is a space to share their knowledge and wisdom on topics not only related to senior living, but health, ministry, and all areas in between. These significant people offer insight, hope, and meaningful reflection on timely topics to offer useful information to senior adults and their families.

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ACV member, Millie Griswold, and archivist shares about how she ended up at Advent Christian Village and the impact it had on her life. Playing a significant role in the establishment of the ACV Archive, Millie continues to run the department through volunteering and preserving the history of Advent Christian Village and Dowling Park.

Jun 29

30 min 49 sec

ACV members and lifelong friends of the village, Charles and Jenelle Moore, share a small piece of their testimony. When Charles' eyesight began to fail, he thought his unspoken dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail was over. After retirement early and undergoing several procedures, his eyesight took a turn for the better. Charles' eyesight was regained and he immediately shared his lifelong dream with his wife, Jenelle. With her support, they began to strategically map out his adventure. This episode holds lots of laughs and a few things we can take away, so grab a good cup of coffee and listen in on the stories of Charles' nearly 6-month journey hiking over 2,000 miles the same year he turned 60 years old. 

May 18

1 hr 12 min

Have you ever wondered where to start when trying to create an exercise routine? Listen in as David offers helpful tips on how to establish a safe exercise routine. These tips do not only apply to seniors, either. The benefits to exercise are endless, and with the right routine, you will be on your way to enjoying a safe and active lifestyle no matter the stage of life you are in!

Mar 31

22 min 39 sec

Join in on the conversation surrounding spiritual health. Pastor Sam Worley, the senior pastor at The Village Church in Dowling Park, FL, answers questions such as: What is spiritual health? How can I maintain it during this time of social distancing? How do I find a new church home when relocated? Why should I be concerned with this task? and so much more. 

Feb 23

33 min 32 sec

Cheryl Collins, one of ACV's medical providers, offers insight on the differences between a Physician, Physician's Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, etc. Join in on the conversation to learn the benefits of receiving care from a Nurse Practitioner. 

Jan 28

17 min 15 sec

Jim Rainsberger is a retired pilot mechanic missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARs member, and current ACV Membership Association President and ACV Board Member. Listen as he shares life experiences that will keep you saying "WOW." As he reflects on these memories, he shares some wisdom on learning the lesson of accepting the Lord is in control of all things.

Dec 2020

53 min 5 sec

Transitioning from independence to receiving care is a difficult part of aging. Learn the benefits of receiving care through a home health care agency versus a typical in-patient setting, and how to get started in seeking that care. 

Nov 2020

22 min 53 sec

The Advent Christian Village Podcast interviews ACV member Dottie Cook about her life in missions. Listen in on Ms. Dottie's experiences during her 32 years in Columbia and 14 years in Arizona, where she served as a linguistics expert aiding in translation, writing, and distribution of The New Testament. She also shares about how and why she still finds ways to find purpose during her retirement years.

Oct 2020

1 hr 6 min

CEO/President, Craig Carter, joins The Advent Christian Village Podcast host, Denver Jernigan, to introduce Advent Christian Village (ACV). The interview dives into topics such as ministry, senior support services, experts on staff, and so much more. Join the conversation and learn something new about what ACV has to offer. 

Sep 2020

45 min 17 sec

Enjoy this short trailer and be on the lookout for new episodes in October! 

Sep 2020

2 min 7 sec