Catholic Church Reform Int'l

By Rene Reid

This series is intended to reach out to Christians searching for new and creative ways to live their faith. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for something more than Sunday Mass or whether you've left the institutional church all together. We welcome you if you are appalled with the clerical sex abuse crisis, or perhaps feeling excluded due to being divorced and remarried, maybe a young adult who feels your life experiences in today's world are not being addressed, or you're simply seeking a more personal community.

  1. 1.
    Interview with Sr. Simone Campbell regarding voting as a Catholic Christian
  2. 2.
    Interview with Dr. Anthony Massimini
  3. 3.
    Interview with Sr. Simone Campbell, executive director of the Catholic social justice group NETWORK
  4. 4.
    Interview with Virginia Saldanha about the issue of women in the church today
  5. 5.
    Love, Sex, and the Joy of Amoris Laetitia
  6. 6.
    Interview with Reverend Tony Flannery
  7. 7.
    Interview with Tina Beattie regarding women's struggle for equality in the Church
  8. 8.
    Interview with Dr. William D'Antonio who has been a professor of sociology and anthroology and author of numerous books including American Catholic Today: New Realities of Their Faith and Their Church

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