Amplified Intelligence

Sarah Stumbo and Kathleen Byrne

Two friends, an engineer and an artist, join in conversation with creatives and tech industry experts to explore emerging technologies' influence on art, media, and entertainment.

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Jessica Outlaw is a behavioral scientist and the founder of The Extended Mind LLC, where she has designed, conducted, and published research on human usage of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence technology.  Episode Links: The Extended Mind Jessica's April 8 Event Jessica's Twitter: @theextendedmind A note on the smithy: The magical smithy who recreates his dead love is the Finnish inventor god Ilmarinen is a story about what we want to create (or just what we are capable of making) might not be what we truly need.  At the end of the tale, Ilmarinen goes back to only building things that benefit his community.    Show Links: Podcast Twitter: @amplified_pod Podcast Instagram: @amplified_pod

Apr 6

1 hr

Nicole Ruggiero is a 3D visual artist based in NYC. Her work concentrates on technology and the culture surrounding it.  Nicole has exhibited globally and collaborated with Lady Gaga, Calvin Harris, The Weeknd, Rico Nasty, Adult Swim, NYT, & Snapchat. She is currently active in the crypto art (NFT) space. Kathleen and Sarah chat with Nicole about how her upbringing with technology and the internet inspires her digital artwork in the form of social commentary, specifically about humans' relationship with technology.   Episode Links: Nicole's Website Nicole's Instagram: @nicoleruggiero Nicole's Twitter: @__nicoleruggiero Collect Nicole's Artwork!!   Show Links: Podcast website Podcast Instagram: @amplified_pod Podcast Twitter: @amplified_pod


Mar 30

50 min 59 sec

With continued growth of software development and machine learning research, algorithms are influencing our daily lives whether we like it or not. Algorithms play a pivotal role in the decisions we make, the content we consume, and even our creation processes. Sarah and Kathleen discuss the many ways algorithms affect the way we create and consume content.

Mar 23

1 hr 6 min

Omer Shapira is an Engineer, Researcher and Artist. His research spans Virtual and Augmented Reality, Computational Photography, Haptics, Human-Robot Interaction, and Film Technologies.   Episode Links: Omer's website Omer's twitter: @omershapira   Show Links: Podcast website Podcast twitter: @amplified_pod Podcast IG: @amplified_pod

Mar 16

58 min 34 sec

Maria Mishurenko is a simulated reality developer, artist and award-winning game designer based in Brooklyn, New York. She has co-founded Synesthetic Echo, a design studio focused on creating interactive experiences for emerging technology. Sarah and Kathleen chat with Maria about the VR game she recently released and her team’s production pipeline, specifically with procedural tools and procedurally generated content. Episode Links: Maria's Website: Maria's Twitter: Synesthetic Echo: Bizarre Barber (VR Game) Procedural Generation Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)   Show Links Podcast Website: Podcast Instagram: Podcast Twitter:

Mar 2

37 min 59 sec

Jenna Suhl is an artist and songwriter based in Los Angeles. She has directed and starred in several music videos and recently released a new complete album, Mantra. When she’s not making music, she works for Rihanna’s Savage by Fenty lingerie line on the creative team.  Sarah and Kathleen talk to Jenna about her life-long love for singing and how she got to where she is today as an artist, and how technology influenced that.  Episode Links Jenna's Spotify Jenna's Instagram Jenna's YouTube   Show Links Podcast Website: Podcast Instagram: Podcast Twitter:  


Feb 23

51 min 18 sec

Sarah and Kathleen reflect on their decade-long friendship, their career paths, and their experiences with art + technology. Also included: the story of their life-changing trip to the World Series!    Show Links Podcast Website: Podcast Instagram: Podcast Twitter:

Feb 16

52 min 48 sec

Ariane is a freelance video producer and editor in Portland, Oregon who is passionate about nonfiction visual storytelling. She is continually on a mission to produce work that provides viewers and storytellers with growth, a challenge to their opinions or the discovery of commonality in the world.  Sarah and Kathleen chat with Ariane about what it means to be a  storyteller in today’s technology filled, social media obsessed society. Episode Links: Ariane's Website & Portfolio: Ariane's Instagram: ZP Productions: Show Links Podcast Website: Podcast Instagram: Podcast Twitter:

Feb 9

52 min 11 sec

Estella Tse is a creative director and artist working in emerging technology. She is known for her 3D immersive artwork. Sarah and Kathleen chat with Estella about her work as a virtual and augmented reality artist, her background and the state of digital art tools.    Episode Links Estella's Website: Estella's Twitter: Estella's Instagram: Tiltbrush: KFC Gaming Console: XR:   Show Links Podcast Website: Podcast Instagram: Podcast Twitter:

Feb 2

1 hr 2 min

David Liu is an award-winning virtual and augmented creative director and executive. Sarah and Kathleen kick off their exploration of art + technology by chatting with David about his creative work, virtual music experiences, holograms and more.  Links David's website: David's twitter: Podcast website:


Jan 26

53 min 11 sec

Sarah and Kathleen introduce Amplified Intelligence, a podcast exploring the intersection of art and technology.

Jan 21

2 min 31 sec