Stop: 'going to meetings'

By The Facilitation Partnership

Can’t live with meetings and can’t live without them. What should you do? Stop ‘going to meetings’, the conversational-style podcast series that aims to help you bring about lasting, positive change for every meeting you’re involved with. Listen if you want to:Sharpen your perspective on meetingsSee meetings through a new lensUnderstand your own responsibility and impact in each conversationWork smarter and encourage others to do the same.So many of us are frustrated with the quality and quantity of meeting conversations these days, which means meetings inevitably ‘get the blame’. This is reinforced by any number of surveys reporting meetings that are too boring, they’re not productive or too many meetings spent planning other meetings. The accusations are a credible protest about time wasting, clogged-up diaries and little time to do the actual work.Hosted by Helen Chapman and co-hosted by Amy Webb, this pair are the perfect duo to blend experience and provocation with fresh-eyed curiosity on a subject they both share a passion for: getting the best from people and their meeting conversations. Together, they provide insight to help you make choices about the shifts you need to make. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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