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Inspiring Design... with Rashan Senanayake is the missing link where design and education meets. Our guests sharing their knowledge in design, design education, design thinking, teaching techniques, industry standards as well as the study of design, connects the knowledge gaps in the design industry from a secondary, tertiary and industry stand point.

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Anything and everything in the built environment and human civilisation have stemmed from mining & exploration of the earth and its natural resources. An essential, exciting and a fast-evolving industry and to lead this topic this episode features of the best experts in the mining and exploration industry - Kate Dickson (QLD Director of AMEC). Kate breaks down detailed responses to crucial learning areas all stemming from her interest in geological sciences evolving into leading the industry and its advisory & direction. Kate unveils answers to questions such as “what is the mining industry in the 21st century?”; “How technologies are driving mining and exploration with automation, AI, robotics integration?”; “What core skills are required to succeed in this industry now, and in the future?”. This is just the start! Tune into the episode to understand the direction of one of the largest industries and exciting future opportunities stemming into space exploration and mining… out of this world! The future is already here, tune in now!

Nov 1

32 min 56 sec

2 x defining technologies that underpin almost everything we do today - Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data. This episode features two bright young minds - Rahul Kota (Data Scientist) and Matthew Lakis (Mechatronics Engineer) from Athena AI. Both working with the utilisation of AI and integration of big data in a variety of fields. This tech talk features Rahul and Matthew both unveiling detailed and technical responses to questions such as “What exactly is AI & BigDATA? What are the capabilities of this technology? How have these technologies evolved and what to expect in the future? How does this play a role in automation and the evolution of humans - the future of work, the future of education? What are the new emerging careers that come with integration of these technologies? This was only the beginning! This must-listen episode then takes a humble turn when Rahul and Mathew go on to share their experiences, insights and advice for students/graduates as well as for educational institutions and professionals on the do’s and don’ts of harnessing the power and working with AI & Big Data. The future is here, tune in now!

Sep 27

42 min 42 sec

Building Information Modelling (BIM) – the way we design and construct is not what it used to be! BIM’s integration into the design and construction industry globally has revolutionised the way we build our cities. Today’s episode features one of the leading BIM experts - Nathan Love (Construction BIM Coordinator for Queens Wharf, Multiplex). Nathan, coming from his extensive experience with BIM and structural engineering, sheds light on to BIM knowledge by detailing responses to: What is BIM? What’s involved with it? What did the design and construction industry look like 20-30 years ago and in comparison, to now? How has data changed the way we work and integration of technologies such as VR/AR, AI? How is BIM utilised? What are the different career paths & employment opportunities possible with the use of BIM? As well as what are the key skills & attributes required for BIM. Nathan then concludes with some valuable advice for students as well as professionals interested in working with BIM. Tune into the 12th dimension episode!

Sep 6

36 min 1 sec

Robotics! How about Advanced Robotics? One of the leading technologies and tools within industry 4.0 and 5.0, specially within advanced manufacturing. In this episode, we feature one of the leading minds in this field Dr Cori Stewart (CEO & Founder of the ARM Hub) alongside our host to unwrap the details of advanced robotics. Cori talks tech with detailed answers to questions such as: What technologies are being used to transform manufacturers? AI, cobotics, robotics, design-led manufacturing, AR/VR, IoT, Cyber, Bigdata etc. as well as what technologies are coming in the near future. How does this industry compare to its evolution in the past 20-50 years? What about job losses due to automation? How has it evolved career paths and moving on to industry 5.0 technologies such as 5G telecommunications? Cori humbly follows on to sharing valuable advice for students, teachers, schools, universities and anyone interested in entering this Tony Stark-esque industry as well as what is takes to succeed alongside STEaM skills. Tune into this (video - YouTube) episode to learn the latest technologies within industry and advanced manufacturing.

Aug 16

38 min 18 sec

Food! The very sustenance of life. With the evolution of the human race, our production of food manufacturing has now involved into the largest sector within the various advanced manufacturing industries in Australia. In this episode, we showcase four leading experts within food manufacturing, food technology and food science! Jana Cameron (President of the Food Association of QLD), Lea Reid (Senior Development Technologist at Earlee Products), Trish Linderman (R&D Manager) and Juju Chen (Food Technologist) join forces to deep dive into a detailed discussion on this amzing industry. Each guest humbly shares their expertise on the various details of the food industry unravelling responses to questions such as: What is involved in the food industry and food sciences? How has it evolved? What are the technologies involved? Robotics, Data, IoT…, What are the different career paths & employment opportunities within the food industry? What are the key skills & attributes required? Following this knowledge share, each guest goes on to details advice for future food technologies and scientists as well as what 21st century educators now need to take on to align with the requirements of the industry. Tune into this delicious episode for all the ingredients required to understand exactly how to succeed within food industry.  

Jul 5

42 min 31 sec

Engineering - the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, structures and much more. In this technical episode featuring Gonvida Pandey (CEO of Rockfield and Co-founder of LiXiA),  we took a deep dive into a discussion to understand what 21st century engineering now involves alongside the heavy technologies’ integration. Govinda, from his extensive engineering experience and leadership in innovation, humbly details expert responses to questions such as - What did Engineering entail 50 years ago and how has it evolved into the 21st century in comparison? How does this technical industry fall within advanced manufacturing? What are the technologies – such as drones, sensors, IoT, BigData - and how do they play a role within engineering? Following the impeccable amount of detail for the above, Govinda goes on to share his advice for the future engineers (students/graduates) as well as what 21st century educators now need to take on to align with the requirements of 21st century engineering. This episode carefully unpacks exactly what key skills & attributes are required in engineering for the modern world. Tune into this episode and learn all the technical nuggets of gold shared within this exciting industry.

May 24

34 min 21 sec

Food. Agriculture. Farming. Words that are vital for a sustainable future and the survival of all living things. Rory Aronson (Social entrepreneur and Founder of FarmBot Inc.) and I unravel the details involved with Agriculture & Farming in the 21st century. Rory humbly shares his vast knowledge combining a unique experience in engineering, design and entrepreneurship in agriculture and tackles detailed responses to questions such as - What does 'agriculture & farming' look like 50 years ago and how does it look now in the 21st century in comparison? What are the key skills and attributes required to succeed - especially if someone is planning on entering the industry from school, tertiary? What are the technologies involved and how does drones, IoT, BigData, Smart Devices etc. play a crucial role in this sector? Is '21st education' aligned and suitable to facilitate a future in the modern-day agriculture and farming? Rory then concludes with timely advice for students as well as teachers and schools on how to pivot towards the future of this amazing industry within the 21st century. Tune into this episode and learn all the details required to succeed within agriculture and farming in the 21st century.

May 9

34 min 34 sec

Life. Health. Life Science. Biology. Biotechnology. These are words are now more important than ever before. Clare Blain (CEO of Life Sciences Queensland) and I dive into this timely topic, unpacking exactly the right details and discuss how this major health industry now falls within advanced manufacturing in the 21st century. Clare unravels detailed responses to important questions such as - What exactly is 'Life Science' and 'Biotech' and what do these look like in the 21st century? What factors qualify it as a part of advanced manufacturing? What are the key skills / attributes required - especially if someone is planning on entering the industry from school, tertiary? How does STEaM play a role? What technologies are now involved? VR? AR? AI? IoT? What does '21st education' need to do to align with the future life science / bio tech industry. What is the woman’s role in this industry? Tune into this video episode and learn all the details required to succeed within the future of Life Science and Biotechnologies in advanced manufacturing.

Apr 5

24 min 49 sec

On the back of a global outlook, Jules (Manager of QMI’s Gateway to Industry Schools Program (GISP) – Advanced Manufacturing) and I deep dive into the world of Advanced Manufacturing and how it works within schools and industry – interconnectedly. Jules skilfully breaks down detailed responses to questions such as what key skills and attributes are required within advanced manufacturing? How does this play a role in 21st century schools and education? How can it be integrated alongside the required skills? Advice for students as well as advice for schools and teachers. She expands on this information by outlining how QMI (Queensland Manufacturing Institute) as well as the Advanced Manufacturing GISP helps facilitate this transition from the education sector, through to the industry. Tune into this video episode and learn all the details required to succeed within the advanced manufacturing industry in Queensland, Australia.

Mar 21

39 min 54 sec

Advanced Manufacturing (AM) – What is it? In this episode Francisco Betti (Head of Shaping the Future of Advanced Manufacturing and Production within the World Economic Forum (WEF)) and I unwrap all the relevant details of AM within a global context. Francisco provides eloquent and detailed answers to questions such as: What is Advanced Manufacturing? Which industries fall within AM? What is the impact of this within Industry 4.0? What are the technological impacts / challenges of AM with VR/AR/AI etc.? What about employment opportunities - job loss / job creation - what are the impacts globally? What are the key skills required for the future work force for these sectors?  What is the role of design thinking, resilience and EQ within these industries? If that wasn’t already informative enough, Francisco wraps up the episode with some relevant and humble advice for our educators within schools and universities and our future work force – students and graduates. Tune into this international episode and all its merits, jam packed full of knowledge regarding Advanced Manufacturing. 

Mar 3

35 min 7 sec

SDGs. The United Nations Sustainable Develop Goals - 17 goals to transform the modern world towards positive and sustainable change. Joel Lindsay (The President of the United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA) Young Professionals, Queensland) and I join forces to discuss all the details of the 2030 United Nations SDG agenda, and the importance of its integration into 21st century education. This episode discusses – What is an SDG? What does each goal stand for? Why is it important in today’s society and 21st century education? How can it be integrated into 21st century education? Following which, Joel humbly shares valuable advice for educators on incorporating SDGs into the education system as well as for students to embed and align themselves with this global agenda. Tune in to this episode for global impact conversation.

Dec 2020

33 min 13 sec

Esports: A look at a fun, explosive & billion-dollar industry! Dan Martinez (Founder of The Fuse Cup) and I break down the world of competitive video gaming as a fast-growing international phenomenon with millions of fans – especially in the context of 21st century education. Streaming services and live events have turned casual gamers into serious stars – athletes - who can sometimes rake in seven-figure earnings and massive brand endorsements. Dan, as an esports, expert humbly unveils answers to questions such as, what is esports? What are the basic principles of esports? What are the skills required to succeed? How can it be incorporated in to 21st century education? Daniel tops it off with valuable advice for educators as well as students on exactly how to get into this trend of esports. Tune in this new-age conversation and all the fun involved in esports. 

Dec 2020

21 min 51 sec

“Investing” – a word that is closely associated with “property”, “share trading”, “bitcoin”, “assets”, “liabilities” etc. Nathan Birch (CEO of Binvested and a property investing entrepreneur with over 200 properties) and I speak about how investing is done in the 21st century. Nathan shares about his humble beginnings – starting out as a 19-year-old and how he became one of the leading property investors in Australia, alongside the valuable learnings gathered throughout his journey. Nathan outlines the basic principles of wealth and investing as well as how it applies to the 21st century, in comparison to the past. He outlines how these skills can be learned and what the required foundations are for designing an investment strategy in the 21st century. Alongside empowering advice for aspiring investors (students) as well as teachers in schools to harness these skills as a part of 21st century education. Tune in for the fundamentals of 21st century investing.

Nov 2020

48 min 22 sec

Shadé Zahrai - An Award-Winning Leadership Strategist, Harvard-trained coach and member of the esteemed Forbes Coaches Council, Shadé Zahrai is a specialist in building a success mindset, self-belief and self-mastery for business professionals - and I discuss a unique topic that subconsciously, constantly influences, shapes and ultimately designs our life – the 5 x inner critics. Shadé details exactly what these critics are and how they can be recognised and design your life towards success. Tune into the eye-opening episode - an episode that has the power to change your life.

Nov 2020

39 min 47 sec

The “Internet of Things” (IoT). In this episode, Michelle Howie (a Technology Evangelist from Telstra) and I discuss the various attributes and elements that involve IoT. This technologically advanced conversation unveils detailed responses to questions such as – What is IoT? Why is IoT important to the 21st century? How does this play a huge role in preparing the digital natives? What does IoT look like within schools? How is 5G going to impact IoT technologies? Michelle then moves on to share her advice on how the current education system can prepare students to harness the IoT as well as how professionals now can prepare and take control! She signs off with detailing exactly how students and educators can work with Telstra (using IoT) and other emerging tech initiatives to step into the 21st century. These are just some of the valuable insights uncovered in this 21st century conversation. Tune in for everything IoT.

Nov 2020

44 min 16 sec

In this episode, James Charnley (BuildingPoint Australia– Technical Consultant) and I unravel one of the most popular software applications in Design – SketchUp. Together we discuss how Sketchup helps design within the AEC, how it enhances the creativity and skills of designers, and how you can get the most out of its capabilities. James also provides some of his personal advice for design students, educators, and professionals. James also hints at what’s to come for the future of this amazing application and what to look out for! Tune into this episode for a sneak peek into the world of SketchUp!

Nov 2020

36 min 40 sec

Mindfulness. In this episode, Amy Lou Wilson and I discuss exactly what is involved in mindfulness and more specifically how its (should be!) integrated in to 21st century education. Understand the scientific implications and biochemistry benefits behind integrating mindfulness practices into the classroom. Amy and I unpack detailed answers to questions such as – What is mindfulness? How is this integrated into the classroom? How can 21st century educators / parents integrate into their everyday life, while benefiting their students / children, respectively? How can schools prepare for this shift? What is best practice in mindfulness? How does it impact early childhood development as well as young adolescents? These are just some of the valuable insights uncovered in today’s episode. Don’t forget to jump on to YouTube to watch the full episode and additional footage!

Oct 2020

34 min 31 sec

Ever watched the hit blockbusters - iRobot, Day After Tomorrow, Tron, Oblivion? Christopher Nichols (Director or Chaos Group – company that brings you VRay) outlines his amazing career in Computer Graphics, VFX and Visualisation coming from studying Arts and Maths through to an Architectural career and on to the movie sets of Hollywood. Chris’s leadership within Chaos Group to bring us VRay (one of the best and biggest rendering packages in the world!) has been an industry disruptor globally. Chris and I discuss through a detailed conversation on the various attributes of renderings and visualisation, within the various industries and how these skills can be developed, nurtured, and harnessed for successful careers within gaming, film & television and design industries. Chris also outlines the related attributes of combining the creative outlets such as photography and with design and visualisation to enhance your communication – even utilising VR! Chris’s advice for professionals, students, and graduates to harness these skills within the 21st century is simply the tip of the iceberg, not to mention the sneak peaks at the future of visualisation technology using real-time ray tracing. Tune in for a jam-packed episode, coming to you straight from Los Angeles, US.

Oct 2020

45 min 43 sec

Straight from Shark Tank Australia to the stage with the Wolf of Wall Street – Ryan Tuckwood (Co-founder of ISR Training) and I discuss quite an underrated topic – ethical communication. More accurately, how to design your ethical communication. In this episode, Ryan humbly shares his story of evolving from a systematic thinking engineer to developing a debilitating fear for sales and ultimately becoming the one of the most sought after sales trainers in Australia using the SWISH (Sell With Integrity Sell With Honesty) approach. This episode uncovers details on how ethical communication is designed through integrity, authenticity, honesty, and a good morality. Ryan then goes on to explain how this type of communication is vital for any industry within the 21st century. Not to mention how these skills can be nurtured, learned, and developed, as he did himself. Alongside some incredible advice applicable to professionals and students in any industry. 

Sep 2020

43 min 58 sec

Autodesk. One brand, one mission, many tools. In this episode I speak with Adam Walmsley (Senior Civil Infrastructure Technical Specialist at Autodesk) to uncover Autodesk’s amazing products and services as well as deep dive into understanding how these tools (such as Revit, Dynamo, Navisworks, Inventor, Fusion360, Python to name a few) enable the enhanced and connected workflows within the Australian Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Adam outlines various Building Information Modelling (BIM) solutions and how Autodesk technology has enabled the AEC to transition into the 21st Century. Additionally, the conversation details Generative Design and valuable advice for practicing industry professionals, students and graduates while uncovering what to expect from Autodesk in the future – not to mention some hidden gems of knowledge. If you love learning about Computational Design, Generative Design, BIM, tune into this conversation and learn directly from Autodesk.

Sep 2020

40 min 2 sec

Critical & Creative Problem Solving to the Rescue : A Pandemic Story with Daniel Davison In this unique episode, I speak with Daniel Davison (HOD Design and Innovation at Iona College) to discuss the amazing story responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this amazing collaboration, Daniel responded to Herston Bio Fabrication Institute ‘call to arms’ for people with 3D printers to print face shields. 9 printers ready to go, assembled 6 more, borrowed 6, purchased 10 more. Produced 6,500 disposable masks and 2,000+ reusable masks 24/7 since April 4th. We also discuss the details behind this amazing feat as well as the educator’s mindset to ‘lead by example’ for  their students. As well as outlining the various 21st century technology tools and skills embedded into the educational practice by Daniel. This story, amid a global pandemic truly showcases the power of the right mindset, skills and education. 

Aug 2020

34 min 27 sec

Samantha Reynolds (HOD Arts and Applied Technology and Business at Saint Stephen’s College) and I discussed how innovation is facilitated through ‘Enterprise Skills’ within 21st century education. This insightful and new-age approach to education follows best practice techniques from around the world. The conversation uncovers answers to questions such as - What are enterprise skills? (hint: design thinking, collaboration, resilience, presentation… to name a few!). Why are they imperative within 21st century education? How can it be effectively be facilitated in the classroom? As well as advice for educators and schools on embedding these vital skills into their delivery. This insightful episode full of useful knowledge is perfect for 21st century educators in finding a roadmap on how to lead, best practice in their classroom. 

Aug 2020

37 min 2 sec

In the recent climate, the stress on the education sector has been immense. All deliveries moving online, raises many questions and concerns, especially with creative subjects such as ‘Design’. So how do educators overcome these challenges? Madeline Taylor (QUT Lecturer and design maverick) and I uncover details, insights, challenges and learnings through the delivery of the ‘Design Intensive’ for over 600+ first year tertiary design students. Questions such as - how was the teaching and learning experience quality managed? What were the challenges/outcomes and learnings? How will this evolve the way design is taught? As well as take away, actionable advice and tips for educators, schools and universities to effectively teach online. Tune in for the latest online education information within 21st century design education. 

Jul 2020

35 min 16 sec

Artificial Intelligence (AI). An industry 4.0 technology that is disrupting almost every industry around the planet. Alex Ferguson (Redd Digital) aerospace engineer and project manager shares valuable insights into the impacts of AI within the AEC (Australia Engineering and Construction industry). We uncover detailed responses to questions such as – What is AI? What is its role within the AEC within the next 5-years? 10-years? 20-years? How does this disrupt and evolve the various roles of an Engineer? Designer? Architect? Builder? Project Manager? What can AEC professionals do right now to adapt and stay ahead of the game? What can schools and universities to do prepare the future job force? As well as the relevance of STEM knowledge. This was topped was beautifully framed advice for students and graduates in working towards industry 4.0. Tune into find out how concepts in MARVEL movies are now a reality within the AEC!

Jul 2020

43 min 13 sec

2019 Varkey Foundation’s $1M Global Teacher Prize Finalist Yasodai Selvakumaran and I deep dive into understand all things education! Yasodai humble shares her amazing journey as a teacher at Rooty Hill State high School in Sydney West, to the stage as a Top 10 Global Teacher Prize Finalist (not to mention meeting Hugh Jackman!) and her fellowship from Western Sydney University. We deep-dive into answering questions such as – what does effective teaching look like? What are the best practice methods for the future of education and 21st century? How can these skills be embedded into practice as well as linking the Harvard visible thinking model within teaching practise for effective education? Yasodai, then goes to share her advice for teaching vs. facilitation as well as learnings from her experience traveling to many countries and elevating her teaching experience. It is literally, all things education, so tune into for a wealth of knowledge.

Jun 2020

38 min 28 sec

One word – Success. In this riveting episode, Michael Lane (Managing Director of Success Resources) and I discuss the foundational principles of success. We go on to detail the definition of success as well as relevant philosophies and practices that can be learned from the best thought leaders of the current generation. These practices are meticulously broken down into foundational skills and detailed how these can be cultivated, nurtured and integrated through personal development and lifelong learning as well as through formal education. Most importantly, we go on to discuss the importance of these principles within the 21st century and how they play a major role in the current and future of work. Tune into learn from one of the best entrepreneurs of the world!

Jun 2020

33 min 25 sec

Agile, lean, design thinking. These are terms that go hand-in-hand and in today’s insightful episode. Sarah Rose (Agile coach from Elabor8) and I unveil details on how Agile principles fit into 21st century education, as well as its importance for the future generations of tomorrow. We uncover details defining agile and lean as well as a case study on how agile has heavily benefited 21st century education. We connect the dots with design thinking and discuss its importance of it within any industry 4 sector. Sarah and I then go onto detail how these skills can be learned and cultivated within education practice so that the future leaders are moulded with integrated enterprise skills. Tune in for a fast, yet agile conversation.

May 2020

29 min 32 sec

World Class! In this video episode Adam Hudson (serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Reliable Education) and I deep-drive into the details regarding creativity and innovation within 21st century education. Adam as one of the sought-after entrepreneurs at a global scale, humbly shares his story from a local Domino’s delivery boy to sharing the stage with Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and other thought leaders – all through the entrepreneurial intuition led by creativity and innovation. We go onto discuss how these skills are placed in a global market and how they can be cultivated within the current education system. Not to mention, how the future generations can be guided to becoming successful in the 21st century. World class conversation – so tune in and join us to gain the insights into the importance of creativity and innovation in education.

May 2020

39 min

In this technology themed episode Sue Keay (Research Director of CSIRO/Data 61) and I discuss details on a variety of key 21st Century Tech Tools – AI (Artificial Intelligence), Robotics, Mechatronics and Cyber Physical Systems. We unveil insights and answers to questions such as how will these technologies play a role in the future of work? How does AI impact job losses as well as job creations? What are its applications in automation within various industries? How can educators of today, better prepare the future leaders of tomorrow to utilise these technologies to enhance their skills currency? What are the key skill sets required to succeed in this field? How does design thinking and creative problem solving play a major role? These are just some of the insightful gems hidden within this episode.

May 2020

30 min 25 sec

Raw, Real and truly Inspiring! In this very first video episode (featured on YouTube), Michael Crossland and I discuss the topic of ‘resilience’ as an essential human quality, value and skill set for the 21st Century. This episode uncovers how to develop and foster resilience through the 3 x P’s – Patience, Perspective and Persistence. As well as how to transfer these values to our future leaders of tomorrow. Michael humbly shares his life with heartbreaking lows and life changing highs that is the rollercoaster journey of his life. Spending nearly 1/4 of his life in hospital how he has still managed to achieve remarkable success in both the corporate world and sporting arena. Audience numbers to date exceed 600,000 people around the world, he uncovers the importance of meditation, exercise as well as relationship building. This episode is the pure essence of humanity and all about dedicating our lives to serving others - an episode made for inspiring human success!

Apr 2020

37 min 10 sec

Yet another international episode, Lavinia Iosub (Managing Partner of Livit International) and I talk about one of the hottest topics of today (from Bali!) – The future of work and what it takes to succeed. Lavinia (being a future of work enthusiast), passionately shares her knowledge and expertise to questions such as – What does the future of work look like in the next 5, 10 and 20 years? How does industry 4.0 and 21st century learning skills play a role? What are the key skills essential to succeed in the future for current and future professionals? How can young professionals and students prepare for this? What and how does ‘holocracy’ be engaged in your workplace? What is the ‘laptop lifestyle’? What is more attractive to employers when recruiting new team members? We then follow on to discuss how does design thinking/creative problem solving play a role with the importance of collaboration, empathy and experimentation – this is just the tip of the iceberg! This episode is relevant for every professional out there, as well as for tertiary and secondary students, teachers and parents – this is it - an episode made for your success!

Apr 2020

48 min 31 sec

In this episode, David Basulto (Founder and Editor in Chief of ArchDaily) and I unpack details regarding the world’s most visited architecture website – ArchDaily. David humbly shares his journey from the School of Architecture through to the beginning and establishment of ArchDaily taking us step-by-step through the evolution of his entrepreneurial journey and creative thinking. We go on to explore the real value and mission behind ArchDaily as well as it’s application towards the industry and education. From here, David and I began a deep-dive discussion regarding the various attributes of architecture, design and how the changes of industry 4.0 and technology (VR/AR/AI etc.) is transforming architecture in the 21st century. We then follow on to discuss the important attributes of creative thinking as well as the architect’s role in the 21st century. If you are a design enthusiast, educator or professional – this is the episode for you! Tune in for the unpacking of ArchDaily and Architecture in the 21st Century.

Mar 2020

39 min 26 sec

In this episode, Michael Warr (Product Manager Aus/NZ) and I unpack all the BIM/CAD and technical details of one of the biggest technology companies in the design and construction industries – Graphisoft. We were able to unpack the latest information and answer questions such as – Who is Graphisoft? What are the company capabilities including BIM Authoring, as a design tool? Details and understanding the capabilities of powerful software packages such as ArchiCAD, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, BlueBeam and TwinMotion etc. Also, what does the future of these software packages hold? How it plays a role in design, documentation and the construction industry as well as using VR, AR and AI alongside design. Not to mention, how students/educators and professionals should embed these (essential) skill sets within their portfolio? Tune in for more details!

Mar 2020

38 min 8 sec

In this episode, Dr. Tim Kitchen (Senior Education Specialist) and I unpack the powerful tools of Adobe relating to the importance of creativity in education and design. Tim and I detail answers to questions such as – Who is Adobe? What is the company legacy and story? What are the Adobe Capabilities and Applications as well as and understanding the creator’s insights behind the powerful applications in Creative Cloud (CC) such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Premier Pro, Premier Rush, Spark, AfterEffect, LightRoom, XD, Character Animator, Audition and more. Following which we delve into detailing what the future of Adobe holds with the incorporation of AI through Adobe Sensei and VR/AR through applications such as Adobe Dimension. Finally, we discuss how students/educators and professionals can harness the power of these tools within their portfolio of 21st century skill sets. Incredibly informative – tune in to learn more.

Feb 2020

50 min 49 sec

In this episode we wrap up season 2, with a unique conversation with Shelby Parkes (a Year 11 student from Hillcrest Christian College). Shelby humbly shares his perspective on overcoming the mindset of ‘failing’ and ‘flearning’ as a part of his school’s embedded and facilitated pedagogy. Shelby humbly shares how his approach to ‘fail forward’ is paving the pathway for him to overcome perfectionism as well as how to approach his learning with a growth mindset. We discuss the various challenges from a student’s point of view of walking through this journey of failing forward, towards success. This unique episode is full of insights and answers to questions such as – the definition of failing forward, how and why is it an important ingredient towards future success and tailored advice for educators and students walking through the same journey!

Feb 2020

25 min 34 sec

In this episode we get international! Victor, a Vietnamese International Student of Architecture shares his incredible journey into design. We deep-drive into the mindset and point of view of an international student, finding insights and answers to questions such as – What is the journey of an international student going to study design? What are the obstacles and challenges as an international student? What was the effect of the language barrier as an ESL (English As a Second Language) student? Were personal qualities aided in the success – Resilience? Grit? Motivation? Determination? Self-awareness? Self-learning? How is work-life balance affected studying as an International student? How was it managed and overcome? What was the impact on the studies? Following an extensive conversation, Victor humbly shares valuable insights and advice to universities and schools on how to help students succeed as well as advice for other international students. These are just some of invaluable gems found within this episode.

Jan 2020

40 min 29 sec

In this episode we kick off 2020 with a unique individual who has self-taught himself to now be an expert in a long list of design tools, while engaged in full time studies and work. These tools range from: Adobe - Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier Pro, After Effects, Illustrator; Autodesk – Revit, AutoCAD, Inventor, 3DS Max; Cinema4D, Lumoin and many more. Elvin humbly shares his journey and experience, the do’s and don’ts the pitfalls, the learnings and answers to questions such as: What was the techniques used to learn these tools? Was it the same method for all applications? How long did it take to master each tool? How was this managed while studying full time? Did it affect your grades/other commitments and work-life balance? Was this supplemented and supported through your secondary and tertiary education? Elvin then continues to share his incredibly achievements by passionately sharing some valuable advice for universities and school as well as students who are traveling on his same path. These are just some of the gems presented within this episode. If you are wanting to learn how to be intrinsically motivated to self-teach through ‘play’ – this is the episode for you!

Jan 2020

45 min 51 sec

This is a unique episode with Kaitlin Sells – one of my past students and the very person who was essential to the main purpose behind Inspired Education Australia. Today we unpack some amazing insights into how Kaitlin was able to apply design thinking principles to business development and leadership through her own journey. This is a transferable skill across every industry and useful key towards industry 4 and 21st century career development. We were able to find answers to questions such how did business development manifest itself in your architectural career? Did the learnings in creative problem solving (design thinking) play a role in your success within the BD role? If so, how? Do you think this can be applied in other industries? How is this relevant in the 21st century? What about advice for universities/schools? Is it important to make this thinking approach apparent for student success and career flexibility? These are just some of the gems presented within this episode. If you are wanting to learn how to be successful in the 21st century, this episode is designed for you.

Dec 2019

33 min 53 sec

In this episode I had the privilege to speak to the young aviation & aerospace prodigy – Megha Wijewardane. Megha shares his incredible story in becoming NASA’s one and only ambassador for Australia at the age of 9, alongside his journey from his humble beginnings. We unpack insightful information, about his involvement with NASA as well as how he learned (almost self-taught himself) about aviation, aerospace and physics (just to name a few topics!). Megha and I follow on to speak about how to build knowledge from as early as year 4 and the tips and tricks that have led to Megha’s success. Megha humbly shares his career aspirations for his future and how he plans to contribute towards the aviation and aerospace industries, alongside NASA. This inspiring episode was capped off with some valuable advice and wise words from Megha’s experience towards teachers and parents, as well as his own friends, peers and students. Highly engaging and simply awe-striking. This episode is a once in a lifetime, in inspiring design.

Dec 2019

23 min 41 sec

In this episode I am able to understand the student’s mindset, experience and insights into their own journey in entering the industry. We unpack insightful information, the tips and tricks, the do’s and don’ts of what to do, when looking to transition from tertiary into the practicing industry. How to overcome the various challenges and obstacles as well as sharing the learnings along the way. Is it different to male graduates vs. female graduates? What about cultural prejudice – does it exist? What does ‘networking’ really mean? What about if your personality type is an introvert – how do you ‘put yourself out there’? Does sending out mass applications work? Are there better ways to engage companies? These are just some of the useful goodies hidden in this episode! If you are a tertiary student and looking to enter the industry, this episode should not be missed! If you are an educator – these are the challenges of your students, tune into the being able to empathise and learn how to guide and develop the future leaders of tomorrow.

Nov 2019

38 min 8 sec

In this episode – things get interesting! While the design thinking research continues, I spoke with Alma Yulianisa who has achieved something incredible by being able to design and construct (D&C) a residential project and a villa project (in Bali Indonesia), while working in Brisbane as a student! This episode is full of useful insights into the importance of real-world applications during your early career stage as a designer but also being mindful of the pitfalls challenges and learnings. We unpack answers to questions such as how to manage your time to engage real world projects while studying/working. What are the do’s and don’t’s? Should students jump into real world projects during their studies? As well as the mindset to succeed when such opportunities present themselves. Tune-in for an insightful conversation, useful for any secondary or tertiary design student, educator or design professional.

Nov 2019

23 min 20 sec

In this episode I continue the design thinking research approach by digging more into the minds of our future leaders! This episode is jam packed full of useful insights into the importance of traveling during studies and how it plays a crucial role in shaping a designer’s mind. Natasha (having travelled to over 34 countries!) detail her own journey, experiences and shared her valuable insights in the importance of exchange programs (to Oxford), how it has shaped her design abilities to be more aware and design through a holistic viewpoint for more socially and environmentally sustainable designs. How it has given her an edge and to stand-out in entering the industry as well as the tips and tricks on how to ‘make it happen’ and committing to traveling to learn, grown and develop. This was an eye-opening conversation for any secondary or tertiary student, educator or design professional.

Oct 2019

39 min 28 sec

In this episode I kick off Season 2 and the Design Thinking research process with 2 x amazing Creative Industries students of QUT – Cameron Topping and Shannen Roe. This is a unique conversation uncovering the student’s mindset detailing their own journey, experiences and answers to questions such as their career aspirations, career progression choices – how this was formed, influenced and guided, What was their transition into tertiary education like, from a secondary system – what worked well, what didn’t? How they felt about the tertiary education system aligning and preparing them for the industry and making them future-ready. Not to mention understanding the student’s point of view on how the current education system can be improved and what educators of today need to pay attention to. If you are an educator of today, this is exactly the conversation for you to tune into.

Oct 2019

33 min 35 sec

In this episode, Selena Griffith (Senior Lecturer in Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship and Innovation) - and I passionately speak about ‘Skills Currency’ and how this forms the foundation of 21st century career success. We discussed and unpacked detailed answers on questions such as what is Design Thinking? What is the impact of this in any given industry? How does this facilitate innovation? How does it create and manifest itself with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship? How and why this is important for the next generation of future leaders as well as how the education system should align to facilitate the design thinking approach and mindset? Tune into this episode for one of the most eye-opening topics from a social impact point of view from one of the leading design thinking experts and educators in Australia.

Sep 2019

29 min 51 sec

In this episode, Leanne Kemp – The Chief Entrepreneur of QLD - and I passionately speak about ‘Skills Currency’ and how this forms the foundation of 21st century career success. We discussed and unpacked detailed answers on defining exactly what ‘Skills Currency’ is alongside answers to other transformative and challenging questions such as – How does skills currency play a role in education today? What do educators need to do to facilitate the development of skills currency for the future leaders of tomorrow? What should the students of this current generation (whether in secondary or tertiary) to do expand and establish their skills portfolio and increase the value of their skills currency? What about the mindset required for this? Tune into one of the most engaging conversations of the 21st century from one of the leading entrepreneurs of Australia.

Sep 2019

36 min 15 sec

In this episode, Fredrico (Fred) Fialho (Co-Founder of F-Flat) and I unravel all the technical details in one of the hottest topics at a global scale – VR! Strap yourselves in… this one is is heavy! We were able to unpack the latest information and answer questions such as – What is VR? What is AR? What abou the VR tools involved? (The best brands, how to use it, the equipment needed) What are the applications of VR right now? In contrast, what does the future hold in VR? What is the impact of these technologies on design and education? What should students/educators and professionals do to embed these (essential) skill sets within their portfolio? Tune in for some of the best VR related stories, case studies and a thoroughly “technology made easy” conversation with one of the leading VR experts!

Aug 2019

47 min 21 sec

In this episode, Sherman Powell (National BIM Manager at Urbis) and I unpack the technical details of the ‘BIM’ or ‘Building Information Modelling’. We unveil detailed answers to questions such as – What is BIM? What are the BIM Software applications? What are the different capabilities of BIM? How does it fit within the AEC and what industries does BIM integrate itself into? Is BIM a design tool or…? What is the BIM learning curve? As well as, what does the future of BIM hold with the technology changes such as VR/AR/AI? A thoroughly informative conversation with one of the leading BIM experts on a technology that is here to stay and evolve!

Aug 2019

34 min 3 sec

In this episode, Sarah Pretorius (Founding Partner and Fashion Designer of Carlyle the label) and I discuss the details of the ‘Fashion Design’ industry. We carefully outline detailed answers to questions such as – What is Fashion Design? How does one become a Fashion Designer? What skills do you need to succeed in this creative industry? How do you employ Design Thinking within the design process and how does it come into play? How does the technology changes such as VR/AR and Artificial Intelligence affect the future of this under-rated industry? An engaging conversation on a relevant topic for everyone one us!

Jul 2019

29 min 6 sec

In this episode, Ryan Grose (Founding Partner and Director at MR Designs) and I discuss the details of the ‘Building Design’ industry. We unpack detailed answers to questions such as – What is Building Design? How does it differ from Architecture? What is the difference between a Building Designer and an Architect? What is the formal process to practice as a Building Design in Australia? What skills do you need to succeed? How do you employ Design Thinking within the design process? How does the technology changes such as VR/AR and Artificial Intelligence affect the future of this under-rated industry? A highly detailed discussion on an important industry – one that directly affects our human scale!

Jul 2019

31 min 50 sec

In this episode, Emma Ridings (Senior Associate at Buchan) and I discuss the details of the ‘Interior Design’ industry. We unveil answers to questions such as – What is Interior Design? What is the difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator? How does one become an Interior Designer? What skills do you need? How do you employ Design Thinking within the design process? What does the future of Interior Design look like? How does the technology changes such as VR/AR and Artificial Intelligence affect the future of this detailed industry? An informative discussion on a unique design discipline that engages the user at a human scale.

Jun 2019

34 min 21 sec