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The Sublime & Supernatural Podcast is hosted by Psychic Medium Jill Marie Morris. The podcast covers a variety of topics ranging from spirituality, to the paranormal and more.

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In this episode, Jill discusses tips to help deal with anxiety and stress caused by life's "dumpster fire" moments. From getting a good night's sleep, to re-framing your thoughts, listen and find out what you can do to help yourself manage stressful times.

Nov 28

37 min 52 sec

In this episode Jill explains the difference between premonition and precognition. What's the difference? Listen and learn.

Nov 14

30 min 23 sec

In this Halloween episode, Jill shares some seriously spooky stories related to her family in conjunction with shared psychic abilities. It's super woo-woo.

Oct 31

1 hr 12 min

In this episode: Jill shares background pertaining to a phrase her grandmother would mention, yet never explain, even when mentoring her psychic abilities. Did Marie not want to scare Jill, or was she recalling the ceremony her own grandmother may have performed as a Medicine Woman? Find out more about the "hole in the sky" and an uncanny connection to Jill's great-great-grandmother Gertrude, the stars, constellations, and an ancestral Native American ritual.

Oct 16

44 min 20 sec

Welcome back! Further discussion and additional anecdotes relative to Interdimensional Beings. Jill explains the difference in reading the energies of living and deceased (human spirit), animal spirit and other energy that appears to shift in and out of the Earthly plane.

Oct 1

20 min 19 sec

In this episode Jill discusses how the spirit of a Native American woman has become a Guide who watches over Jill, her family, and even some of Jill's clients. Visiting Jill via a small portal in her new home, as well as in dreams, the Spirit Guide has relayed powerful message and has even helped to rescue one client's family from a life and death situation.

Dec 2020

35 min 29 sec

In this episode, Jill shares two spirit sketches she drew based upon a recent reading she provided for someone experiencing possible paranormal activity. One spirit was that of a Civil War soldier, and the other, a nurse from the same time period. Learn how points of validation, common threads intertwining the two, synchronicity, and a spooky rendering of the nurse led to relevant and historical discoveries that could indicate the identity of one ghostly visitor.

Nov 2020

58 min 13 sec

In this episode Jill shares a paranormal experience shared by multiple family members after the death of her grandfather.

Oct 2020

47 min 40 sec

The spooky season is here! In this podcast, Jill shares details of a personal story that took place in the 1980's while babysitting on New Year's Eve. Ranked by Jill as one of the scariest moments of her live, she quickly learned that sometimes it isn't the dead who can create a huge fright.

Oct 2020

45 min 10 sec

In this episode Jill reaches out to the listeners and asks for help with a bewildering dream. After receiving a handwritten note from an unknown man, Jill travels between present day and the late 1950s Europe, only to be given a mysterious message from a priest near the Vatican. Listen and find out how you may be able to provide intuitive insight relative to this strange spirit communication.

Sep 2020

33 min 50 sec

In this episode, Jill shares insight as to why she thinks 2020 is part of a great spiritual awakening. The signs are there. What is going on in your life, and how are you dealing with all of the change? Regardless of approach, look within and seek the good that can come from this dumpster fire of a year, both personally, as well as universally.

Aug 2020

49 min 40 sec

In this week's episode, Jill shares her top, most frequently asked questions (and answers) she receives as a Psychic Medium. From cleansings, to Heaven and everything in between, some of her answers may not surprise you, while others certainly may.

Jul 2020

1 hr 4 min

In this episode, Jill describes her experiences involving a bright, white light since childhood. After a limited, first encounter during the summer of 1969, the light would return approximately four years later and continue throughout her life, to present day. What could this light be? What happens during her experiences? Find out more by listening to this intriguing episode of The Sublime & Supernatural Podcast.

Jul 2020

53 min 28 sec

In this episode, Jill discusses a history of dealings within the field of the paranormal that have painted an unsavory picture of the community. Does true collaboration exist to benefit the study of the paranormal, or is it all egos and agendas? Tune in and find out Jill's take on ParaUnity.

Jul 2020

1 hr 4 min

In this episode of The Sublime & Supernatural Podcast Jill shares intense spiritual experiences that took place while visiting the Scottsdale, Arizona area in 2016. From a Native American Spirit Guide, to her great-great grandmother Gertrude, to rocks and crystals, listen and learn why this set of events will forever hold a very special place in Jill's heart and soul.

Jul 2020

56 min 13 sec

In this episode, Jill shares her thoughts about the possibility that the living may be partially responsible for some hauntings. Could a past life be drawing the soul of the living via a dimensional shift, back to a place that was meaningful in a past life during sleep, or meditation? Is it possible that the living can leave energetic imprints on spaces during present life and revisit those locations during sleep? Find out more of Jill's perspective on this interesting topic by listening to this week's episode of The Sublime & Supernatural Podcast.

Jun 2020

43 min 5 sec

After a self-imposed hiatus, Jill discusses the importance of self care. Times are tough and certainly stressful, so take a beat and listen to ways you can help yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually, and even financially.

May 2020

37 min 25 sec

The next few episodes of The Sublime & Supernatural Podcast will feature Fractured Fairy Tales. What is a fractured fairy tale? It is a story, originally written by The Brother's Grimm, and uniquely twisted around by Jill to bring a bit of silly into such strange times many are experiencing as of late. This week's story: The Frog-Prince. Sit back, relax and enjoy this silly tale about a happenstance relationship between a frog and a fashionista.

Apr 2020

10 min 31 sec

The next few episodes of The Sublime & Supernatural Podcast will feature Fractured Fairy Tales. What is a fractured fairy tale? It is a story, originally written by The Brother's Grimm, and uniquely twisted around by Jill to bring a bit of silly into such strange times many are experiencing as of late. This week's story: Little Red Riding Hood. Sit back, relax and enjoy this tricky tale about a lost teen, a wild granny and a big, bad wolf.

Mar 2020

18 min 39 sec

In this episode, Jill discusses dealing with stress during the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak. Keep your fear in-check and listen to some ways to stay sane and healthy. Keeping a positive attitude is equally important as washing your hands during an epidemic.

Mar 2020

45 min 18 sec

In this episode, Jill shares her experiences as a psychic medium while visiting historic Salem, Massachusetts. Having made several trips to this location, Jill describes both known and little known areas of the city that left a lasting impression. Sites include: The Salem Jail, Witch House, The Turner Ingersoll Mansion and the Hawthorne Hotel. It's a great episode to listen to whether you're planning a future trip, or simply want to learn about this old New England city's rich history.

Mar 2020

41 min 33 sec

Based upon her opinion as a psychic medium, Jill continues discussion of the soul's transition after death. Whether crossing over immediately, or reconciling in transition, Jill believes that each soul's trajectory upon passing is unique, and dependent upon their energy throughout life, as well as at the time of death.

Mar 2020

44 min 49 sec

In this episode Jill explains the three stages of a soul's transition at the end of life. From giving up the will to live and preparing for the next part of the journey, to the final act of the physical body letting go of the soul, Jill offers her insight and unique perspective as a psychic medium.

Feb 2020

46 min 33 sec

In this week's episode, Jill shares updates regarding her mother and how caring for an ill parent can help with your spiritual journey. From the importance of compassion, love, patience and understanding, to practicing selfcare, the toughest of journeys can also end up being the most fulfilling.

Feb 2020

38 min 23 sec

In this podcast episode Jill shares how her opinion of demonic oppression and possession pertaining to her husband's suicide has evolved with time. From subjective thinking at the concern of her former priest, to research and a quest to objectively learn as much as she can, Jill suggests that everyone involved in the paranormal field should keep an open mind as to what goes on with cases involving darker entities. Also addressed: How "fractures" can lower the threshold and create issues with spiritual protection.

Feb 2020

57 min 57 sec

This is the fourth podcast in a series dedicated to children with psychic abilities. In this episode, Jill discusses spiritual protection and blocking ideas that parents can try with their psychic children. Not only is it important for the child to learn how to protect themselves, it is equally important for parents to learn how to do so, too.

Feb 2020

31 min 30 sec

This is the third podcast in a series dedicated to children with psychic abilities. In this episode, Jill discusses pre-teen and teenaged children with demonstrated psychic abilities. Also addressed: What a parent can do to help their psychic child, as well as what to avoid doing that could become harmful to the teen. As always; the focus should be on open door communication between parent and child.

Jan 2020

39 min 9 sec

This is the second podcast in a series dedicated to children with psychic abilities. In this episode, Jill discusses infants who track the unseen with their eyes, toddlers with imaginary friends and children who have nightmares. Also addressed: What happens when a child may be having a family, or mental health issue, rather than something paranormal or psychic gift-related.

Jan 2020

37 min 18 sec

This is the first part of a series of podcasts dedicated to children with psychic abilities. In this episode, Jill shares her journey as a psychic medium from a young age, mentored by her psychic grandmother. Insightful, personal anecdotes, experience and decades of work in the field as a psychic medium has led Jill on a path to helping other children who are (or may not be) gifted.

Jan 2020

41 min 44 sec

From resolutions, to intentions and goals, Jill Marie Morris discusses different approaches to help achieve what you set out to do in 2020. Finding yourself running into a trigger? Learn how to combat the stressors that can throw you off track. Whether it's behavior modification, or adjusting your goals, turn the new year, into a new you!

Jan 2020

39 min 52 sec

In this episode Jill Marie Morris discusses the mystery of The Spanish Kitchen. Originally opened in the early 1930's by John and Pearl Carreto, this Hollywood restaurant and hot spot for celebrities such as Bob Hope and Mary Pickford, came to an unforeseen and abrupt end when someone placed a sign stating "Closed For Vacation" on the door of 7373 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, late one night in late summer of 1961. Prepped for the next day of business, it never reopened, yet remained untouched for decades. Did John truly die from Parkinson's Disease, or at the hands of the Mob? Why was Pearl so secretive and reclusive after the sudden close of the restaurant? What apparitions and ghosts have been seen at the location? Jill lends her perspective as a psychic medium on this intriguing case.

Dec 2019

41 min 12 sec

In this episode Jill discusses some of the macabre history in one of Beverly Hills most exclusive areas known as Benedict Canyon. From multiple murders, mysterious suicides and unusual happenings, this hot spot may be the result of a negative vortex complex located on the property of Paul Bern and Jean Harlow's old home on Easton Drive. Some say the canyon is cursed. Jill says it is certainly creepy.

Dec 2019

40 min 1 sec

In this episode, Jill Marie Morris continues the discussion on the 5 stages of grief, based upon the Kubler-Ross model. Discussion centers around acceptance and reaching a point in grief whereas you understand and accept the reality that you will be living life without your loved one.

Nov 2019

35 min 45 sec

In this episode, Jill Marie Morris continues the discussion on the 5 stages of grief, based upon the Kubler-Ross model. Discussion centers around depression, and two, unique phases of depression after the loss of a loved one. Depression is silent, sneaky and deadly. Find out what symptoms may be indicative of clinical depression and warrant intervention from a medical/healthcare professional, and what realizations Jill had after the loss of her best friend.

Nov 2019

47 min 45 sec

In this episode, Jill Marie Morris shares an unsettling mystery that began with a series of guttural screams, deep in the woods of Upstate New York, in the Fall of 1980. Listen and find out what she, her brother, friends and a neighbor heard over a period of time and how that same sound would later be associated with her experiences at 207. In an eerie coincidence, learn how the sound of the mountain mystery would come back and manifest itself as an evil creature in 2015. What happened during mid June of that same year will have you sleeping with the lights on.

Oct 2019

46 min 29 sec

In this episode, Jill Marie Morris continues the discussion on the 5 stages of grief, based upon the Kubler-Ross model. Discussion centers around the stage of bargaining and what it encompasses, including the fact that this phase can even take place before a loved one passes. Find out what you can do to move from the "should have, could have, would have" moments, to finding purpose by reaching up and reaching out on your journey through grief.

Oct 2019

38 min 38 sec

In this episode, Psychic Medium Jill Marie Morris continues the narrative on the stages of grief based upon the Kubler-Ross model. Listen as Jill dives into the stage of denial, sharing personal anecdotes relative to the losses of her husband, grandmothers and best friend. From shock, to an altered sense of reality, denial is a tricky stage to navigate.

Oct 2019

34 min 59 sec

Jill Marie Morris continues the discussion about grief, with an emphasis on the stage of anger, sharing personal anecdotes on what triggered her anger after losing her husband, grandmother and best friend. With an emphasis on dealing with anger in a constructive manner rather than destructive, Jill provides helpful tips for those dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Oct 2019

48 min 44 sec

Psychic Medium Jill Marie Morris shares the history or this Los Angeles landmark, along with her impressions of what she considers to be one of the most haunted locations in the United States. Originally built to attract wealthy businessmen from around the world, the Cecil soon declined into darkness after the plunge of the Stock Market during the Great Depression. From its unusual architecture, to indications it may be steeped in mysticism, this hotel has remained one of the most active Jill has visited.

Sep 2019

50 min 59 sec

Join psychic medium Jill Marie Morris as she makes a stop at the iconic Alfred Rosenheim Mansion in Los Angeles, California for the latest installment of Hollywood Ever After Road Trip. Most American Horror Story fans and movie buffs will recognize this home, as it has been featured on many television shows, and in several famous movies. Watch and find out what spirits are active in this Los Angeles home and why Jill wants to go back for an investigation after this mystical experience!

Sep 2019

39 min 2 sec

Find out what happened when psychic medium Jill Marie Morris held a sold out, overnight event at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Inn, in Fall River, MA. This original home is the location of the infamous Borden axe murders, allegedly committed by Lizzie Borden on August 4th, 1892. Strange happenings abound during the event in this Victorian-preserved home. Listen and learn who came by to make this the most exciting, yet creepiest venue Jill Marie has ever visited.

Sep 2019

40 min 51 sec

In this episode Jill Marie Morris takes a look at some cases whereas reported activity was not paranormal in nature, but rather issues caused by the living. Jill Marie shares her experiences and opinions dealing these cases, as well as how to look at the entire picture and those involved. From asking personal questions, to being brutally honest with clients who may be impacted by human issues, psychics, mediums and paranormal investigators are in a unique and critical position to offer sound opinion and offer information to the client(s) to get help from other experts when ghosts and goblins are not to blame.

Sep 2019

42 min 52 sec

On August 9th, 2019, Jill Marie Morris performed during The Valley of the Dolls Dinner & Party at Raleigh Motion Picture Studios; one of Hollywood's longest running movie and production facilities. The event was a celebration of life for actress Sharon Tate, who was murdered 50 years prior. Listen and find out what departed celebrities came by to say hello. Included, Jill Marie shares a touching moment that took place during the event between a guest (and celebrity fan) and the celebrity whose grave she had recently visited.

Aug 2019

42 min 49 sec

It's a heavy episode as Jill Marie Morris discusses toxic, intimate relationships. What makes someone stay in a toxic relationship with their partner? How can one leave? All of these questions, and more, are answered in this podcast as Jill Marie shares her experiences and insight into a situation that affects many.

Aug 2019

43 min 10 sec

In this episode Jill Marie Morris shares her thoughts about the correlation between social media and the growing epidemic of gun violence. Taking a raw look at the evolution of the crisis, including the recent tragedies in El Paso, Texas, as well as Dayton, Ohio, Jill Marie discusses the darker side of social media and how lack of reprimand for certain behaviors on social media platforms can create a climate for mass tragedies offline.

Aug 2019

48 min 7 sec

In this episode: Jill Marie Morris takes a closer look at the differences between hostile and non-hostile Interdimensional Beings. Listen as she shares her most remarkable experiences after a visit to the Mayan Ruins in 2006, as well as some interesting occurrences in Florida. Most recently, learn why an IB came to warn her and some others of a situation unfolding in a different part of the country. Strange but true, this episode will shed some light on the mystery of Interdimensional Beings, including how they act, what they are here to do, and even what some look like.

Jul 2019

51 min 7 sec

Does the ghost of Kate Morgan haunt the beautiful Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, California? Opened in 1888, "The Del" has been the home to many ghostly encounters. A favorite destination for this podcast host, her first stay at the hotel turned into a night to remember. Listen as psychic medium Jill Marie Morris shares her unnerving experience while spending the night at this landmark location. Who was the woman standing at the foot of her bed? Why was Jill Marie making strange noises in her sleep that night, and did a group of kids on a freelance ghost hunt on the same night witness something go into Jill Marie's room? Tune-in and find out!

Jul 2019

53 min 28 sec

You've heard about sleepwalking, but what about sleep haunting? Ever wonder what could be happening when you sleep? Have you ever woken up from a dream feeling as though they've traveled through time and space, recalling intricate details of a place you've never been in the present? You could be visiting a place you were fond of in a past life. Listen to Jill Marie discuss astral projection, lucid dreaming, past lives and reincarnation, and the possible link to how the living may be responsible for a modern day haunting. It's a fascinating look at what may happen when the soul of the present goes in search of the past during sleep.

Jul 2019

56 min 31 sec

Psychic Medium Jill Marie Morris discusses why she stopped posting various types of predictions on social media. From cold cases, investigations and natural disasters, to murders and threats both domestic and foreign, learn how one person ultimately helped shape her decision to discontinue posting ominous predictions online. Also discussed: Celebrity gossip, the Kardashians, Prince and the murder of Vanessa Marcotte.

Jul 2019

48 min 43 sec

Ever wonder what factors come into play and contribute to a haunting, or hot spot for paranormal activity? Psychic medium Jill Marie Morris discusses some of the most important aspects that contribute to a haunting. From portals, to architectural design, history and geology, you won't want to miss this enlightening podcast. Think outside of the box! It can add up to the perfect paranormal storm!

Jul 2019

48 min 44 sec